[VLOG] Scarlet Slander – Scène ouverte au Forum de Vauréal

Jenny: We just arrived to the Forum Vauréal, here it is, with the nice Y&T concert’s poster that should be somewhere. It’s about one week later, so we’re going to – what time is it yet? it’s around 7:25pm or something.
Shinko: 20, 25. Jenny: So, we’re about to start our little show; for those who stay tuned about it, it’s at the Forum Vauréal (look about it on internet, you’ll find it easily). If you’re around, please come in! Anyway, we…
Shinko: [Unintelligible bullshit] Jenny: Bollocks! She’s saying silly stuff!=D So, we prepared our songs, and, yeah, there will be several artists so please yourself! And, so, anything else to add, beside you’ll rock on stage? Lucas: Yeah, that’s it!
Jenny: Actually, he’s stressed, he’s telling it, he’s genuinely in stress, sick and all! And for me, it’s the big mess – I brang a guitar because we never can tell, when we’re going on stage, we always have to plan a second guitar – and even a second bass sometimes (it should be alright here) but a guitar can have its strings broken on stage, we never can tell, so, one has to plan it; but everything should be alright this time! And you, how do you feel?
Lucas: Everything should be OK! Jenny: You OK? We had a hard time with the public transports but it should be OK! He’s followed by his girl too,
Shinko: I’m not his Jenny: Of course you’re not! *chuckles* But yeah, she’s really here, quiet! We’ll also have some videos to share and… … OH YEAH, THE LAST MEMBER TO INTRODUCE!!! We totally forgot! Here’s the member! It’s an USB key!
Shinko: He’s a penguin! There was a Linux Live USB inside before! Jenny: Yeah, so there are the drum samples that we saved in it so it’s convenient. We’re going to come in now, to please ourselves (they told us to come at 7.30pm so we take the chance to say it!). Ok, it’s about time; let’s go!
… Come in! People are already here! (It’s nice). There is people yelling already…
People: Good evening!
Jenny: Hi! Okay… It’s nice here, look! Even Mario-themed boards! Really cool! Yeah, noice!
Shinko: There is even a Super Mario board! Jenny: Finally we’re doing noice stuff! Playing on a good stage! It’s cool! So we’re going through, come with us! Organizer: You come for the open stage? Jenny: Yeah, that’s it! We’re Scarlet Slander!
Shinko: We’re on live, please be careful! Organizer: Do you know how it works? I’ll make a small recap’ for everyone, to simplify! It will begin at 8pm, you’ll be picked randomly, you’ll be drawed randomly, no order has been planned, it’s the lottery, We already checked the technical needs before you come on stage. Jenny: No problem! Organizer: We’ll check if anything is OK then you rock the hell out and make the audience scream! Also, we’ll give you a sandwich and a fruit juice. We noted all the diet plans.
[TdN: they gave us vegan-pate-sandwich, it was DELICIOUS!!!] That said… …if you want to eat it now, or later, come to me, I’ll give you a ticket for the drink and the sandwich, then you ask for it at the bat and they’ll give it to you. Jenny: I’ll take it later I think.
Lucas: Same, later! Organizer: Ok, so come to me then and I’ll give you the tickets. Jenny: So, it’s not bad already; 4 people are already here! [on the Facebook live] Noice! Lucas is happy, he’s happy! Look, he’s happy!: And, we’ll be drawn…! We’ll be drawn…! Yeah, no surprise to be honest! Yeah, we’ll be drawn!
Shinko: 100% of chances to win this lottery! Jenny: We’ll be drawn so we’re positive about playing on stage! It’s really nice here! If you don’t know the Forum Vauréal, a lot of rockstars usually come here Look, I’ll show you some: Ace Frehley from Kiss, People (in the background) : Wait, I didn’t get it.
Shinko (int he background): we’re live on Facebook, so be careful if you won’t appear online. Jenny: It’s nice! We’ll rock the casbah, there is a few people for now because we came before..; yeah, that’s it, it begins at 8pm and we came before… Organizer: It’s free, come if you want to! Jenny: Yeah, we’re telling them for a moment, so bring people, your family, Well, I don’t know if you can…
Shinko: They can bring their friends! We don’t have any but it’s no big deal! Jenny: Bollocks! We’re here *chuckles* look, it’s so pretty! Bring a lotta people here! Loo, at what awaits us! It’s nice! Shinko: […] Kickstarter! Jenny: Oh, yeah, don’t forget to support us on Kickstarter! Shinko: We got goodies, it’s not only about asking you money! We obviously have to… we have to live thanks to our music but yeah, we really prepared t-shirts, and… I already designed the pattern. Shinko: Posters, t-shirt, limited CDs, both of them, and the pre-order for the digital release of the EP. Jenny: Yeah, so there will be a lot of people the room is empty for now because it’s setting up for now, people come a few moment ago, to set up the sound and that’s it! You got things to tell? He’s not going to say anything! Lucas: That’s it! *laugh* I’ll tell more on stage! Jenny: Actually, he’s super stressed! BUT NO, IT’S OK! No, don’t worry, we’ll go through it! We’re going to share it directly with a good video quality, she [Lucile] is going to take care of the video! Jenny: LUCAS!!! SHINKO!!! And me, JENNY!!! Shinko: I want to remind that we began a Kickstarter campaign to fund our debut EP, like [jenny] said, we had a hard time with the badn, couldn’t make a lotta shows and thus couldn’t spare money. We live in [some low-rated department], you can assume it’s not the nice suburbs but the ghetto, *laughing audience* we cannot even afford to move from it! It’s worse for Lucas, he lives in the countryside! Yeah, it’s nice around his place, but not quite convenient! I count on you to hit the goal! We’re already at 10%! And I PROMISE, if we reach 100% at least, you’ll know my bra size and if I had a boobjob or not! I promise!!! Jenny: Thanks everybody, a lot of good vibes to you, a lotta courage! [Unintelligible]
And see ya, maybe! Feel free to chat with us! MC: Ladies and gentlemen, it was Scarlet Slander! MC: It’s near to a draw! We have to count! I counted right but it was tricky nonetheless! Ok, the second place… really close to the top, are… Plume de Lou, second place. Thank you! It’s only a favorite thing, it’s a challenge for fun! And the first place belong to… Scarlet Slander!!! *cheering audience* I would like you to join… [the interviewer] You’ll make the interwiew with…? You alone? Thank you very much! A new interview, [Untranslatable, it’s a joke about French Canadian language. It means “right now”] Thank you everybody to stay until the end! We were a few but most of you stayed! ‘Till the end! It warms our hearts, we’re pleased! Jenny: Jeez, a lot of emotions! Here’s a mug! Shinko: Your mug is pretty, and it’s white inside!
[Explanation: I drink a lot of tea in a black, Super Mario World-themed mug, and I can’t appreciate the liquor’s color.] Jenny: There also is some bowling inside! Not crawling, bowling! Shinko: Some lil’ bowling!
Jenny: It’s great! We had a whole package but… how did we get it? It’s quite simple: they asked questions during the live, there were plenty of artists – mostly rap singers. We were the only Glam Metal, Shinko (in the background): they were at least 5 rappers! Jenny: the only Glam band here! Shinko: 2 made some pop music and 5 were rappers! Jenny: That’s it! But there were good vibes, because people got blind spots, about the rap scene for instance, we were widely accepted, so well accepted that we won a contest that… eventually… we won an interview Shinko: We’ll share it on our social networks. By the way, you didn’t even vote for yourself! Jenny: [Yes, I voted for] Explicit who is a rapper, a rap artist, rather a political hip-hop artist, I thought “I’d rather vote for someone else than me” but… Shinko: To give the name of the contestants, there was Kobe, his medium-long-haired friend whom I forgot the name… [TdN: he’s Vova] Lucile: Simon “sans H”, too…
Shinko: Yeah, Simon sans H! Lucile: “La plume de Lou”!
Jenny: Yeah, you got it right! Shinko: Tripolaire too, he remind me about the floe!
[TdN: because polaire==>polar==>floe. Got it?] But it’s unrelated, perhaps a pun about “bipolar”. Lucas: Anyway, it was such a nice event!
Jenny: Indeed, a really nice ambiance! Lucas, go for it, tell us your impressions – you’re so shy, it’s the moment! Lucas: *chuckles* It was great! Like I said for the interview, I’m glad to have played at the Forum Vauréal, rockstars, musicians I really enjoy played here! My biggest influences played here! Jenny: You bet! We saw… Shinko: I even brang Band-Maid there! They played at the Forum! [On Youtube, lmao] Jenny: It was at the end! But for the feeling, it ain’t nothing! We knew… We performed at the Quartier General at Oberkampf [TdN: some shitty place], there were no audience, there were nothing, it wasn’t cool! But really, this time we lived an experience that was really great! There was a guessing question about Aerosmith, I yelled “Aerosmith” in no time and I won a mug! Then there was some Cindy Lauper, I yelled “CINDY LAUPER”! – yeah, another one did it, so I began to dance, then it was a dance contest! I danced like Cindy Lauper, I admit! It was fun! There was a lot of laugh at the time! A lot of energy too, and… a lot of feelings – I even shared some feelings (you’ll see in the video caption) I share a slice of my personal journey, I dedicaced the music to my late mother whom I thought about, to the late beings too – that’s why I discussed it on stage. And I sent a lot of energy for the others; those who live through some difficult stuff. A lot of energy… And finally, the energies were so good that… *car noises covering Jenny’s voice* vibes were so good that, finally… I was really surprised because there were no other Rock band beside us. We eventally won the contest! And we got… … the interview. Then, everybody won anyway because some people tried themselves on stage played on stage with a good sound enginer, Nice people were here! Lucas: I told, especially Explicit, the rapper who played for 20 years, who didn’t stand up yet even if he got really good lyrics…
Shinko: This guy perfectly closed the show! Lucas: Hmmm… yeah. Jenny: Yeah, he spoke about people that were too much on the phone, and forgot to live properly, they’re zombified. I really enjoyed his scene play! He left a mark on me! Shinko: He even is at the peak of technology., he can fax with his cellphone! Jenny: He didn’t get any vote but mine, I voted for him, I told him, Yeah, I did it, but… But anyway, I already told that everybody won at last because everybody went on stage! We shared some energies, that’s the goal! It’s the aim of this association, they set up an open stage where everybody goes on stage, but I never thought I’d get presents, I never thought… Lucas: the interview, too!
Jenny: Yeah, our band getting an interview, so it’s going faster for us whom try hard – I bet everybody has a hard time here but, yeah, as I said, to me – and for you as well, I don’t think I’d do something else than music -it’s really a whole expression, it’s life! Something more to add?
Shinko : It’s about Little Johnny in the cab They become cab drivers. *uneasy laugh* Lucas: Farewell…!
Jenny: Farewell, we’re about to leave! And speaking of leaving, we’ll take the bus at the other side! This said, fell free to follow us, to share our music as much as you wish, you can support us on our Kickstarter page Well, we don’t expect much about it but we never can tell, things happens. Shinko: Reminder : if we reach 100% or more, I’ll make my breast size public and you’ll know if they had surgery! Jenny: Nonsense!
Shinko: I promised! Jenny: You’re mad…! You’re really too mad! Before we miss the bus, I mean it, go check our website, the Kickstarter’s link is here, and it’s reaching its end, really. But feel free to follow us, to share our work, to support us (or just sharing any way to support us) Shinko: Plus we’re offering goodies on Kickstarter, limited edition! Jenny: Yeah, there is plenty of stuff here, I really put… Shinko: It won’t be released after! It’s more than asking for money. And one can pre-order the EP, physically or digitally, or both, or the complete pack with all the goodies!
Jenny: All the goodies included, we got t-shirts, we thought about everything! Shinko: T-shirts, posters…
Jenny: it’s a genuinely big gift, if you want presents for Christmas, go for it for it’s coming for Christmas! You got anything else to add? Shinko: I’ve got another joke but… Jenny: No, no, really, we’ll stop now! Well, see ya later and fell free to follow us – and if you want to assist to bigger shows, please yourself seeing us on stage! We’ll greet you arms open! Well, ciao!
Lucas: See y’all!

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