Vladimir Zhirinovsky against communists and Yeltsin’s democrats (English subs)

-I’ll say it a little different. -Since the question has been raised about how to
preserve increased patritic rise, -We still need to sign the act of historical reconciliation. -So once and for all, it is needed for all of us to know,
that Tzarist Russia is our Motherland. -And the Soviet Union – is our Motherland. -And many bad things happened during Yeltsin’s period,
but it is also our country. -And whatever good there is today we are perceiving it,
but we probably can also criticize some things. -So that within each person, except moral spirit, he would
understand, that all this, from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, -And from Murmansk to Makhachkala, all this is,
so to say, our space. Plus… H: -This passes in a person, as soon as he walks in
an official’s office.
Z: -There… There… There… -Then he realizes, that his space has been suddenly isolated. -There we have some good campaigns conducted,
maybe some compositions are being created,
songs, so to say, and all the other, etcetera. -And then, a certain life, brings down a person, so to say,
a little. He doesn’t like it. He gets offended. -Well then, maybe you, as the authority, will wake up
and start doing something for people? Z: -For people… Everything is done for people.
But we must explain more. Don’t be ashamed.
H: -Oooh… -And we should meet with people. Meet. Like
us – LDPR. Throughout the whole country, day and night. -And communists are in offices. So we must rip
communists from Carl Marx! -Carl Marx is not a patriot of Russia! He was a russophobe! -You just spoke about reconciliation, and immideately
attacked communists and russophobes. Z: -Then tear off from marxism!
H: -Reconciliation is when ”United Russia” is giving a hand
Vladimir Volfovich, and when LDPR is giving a hand to
”Righteous Russia”, and they are all going and attacking
CPRF. C: -It’s not going to work…
H: -”United Russia” is wiser, and they are not doing it. -Vladimir Rudolfovich, still, your question is deeper. -What caused it, this year, this tremendous rise of
patriotism and national morale? What? -Again – an external threat. Whether we want this or not,
we have already tested it in 1920’s, 1930’s. -And this threat, it still increased this life strength. -You know, like Moses was walking people for 40 years,
and us, a drunk nation were walking by the nose. (*1) -And in the end, finally, remembered, that an ideology must
be inherent in our country. -In Ukraine prevailed the ideology of nationalism,
at us – patriotism is on the rise. -In this sense, I am of course glad for this. -And now your second question: And what to do now?
How the authority should take advantage of this
incredible rise up? -And here, history lessons are also teaching us.
Very easy. -There is need to be quality education. Like it was done from
bast shoed Russia in 1920’s, by all the same Lenin, Stalin,
and their successors. -And then make a sharp leap in industrialization,
something we clearly lack right now. -Because we still remain in oil and gas.
So it should be done. -So, yesterday I was watching a movie on your channel,
and energy minister Novak was speaking there. -After feats of military, we are forgetting about peaceful
victories. -And how transferring on industry from west to the east was
performed. -Me, it’s simply, well… I just had very poor knowledge
about this. -But these huge factories, except blowing up Dnieper HED,
how to relocate such factories to the east,
how to give electricity. -And he makes an example there, how electricity minister,
the one who died from cardiorrhexis, when he was going
to restore some factory. -How to do it? Yes, your question is completely, totally
acceptable. But how to do it? H: -Excuse me, but 39 year old minister, first of all, and in
addition he was going to work.
C: -Yes. He was going to work. -That’s why we should take our officials, and make them
travel all over the country and work. (Incomprehensible chatter)
Z: -We left the subject a little. Let me clarify. -This is stupidity. What 130 megawatts are you talking about,
when we build the whole country in Dnieper HED’s in 10 years,
la-la-la-la-la… (*2) C: -And got the whole country up. What have you done in 25
years, except…?
Z: -Well I want to clarify. -Why did deputy Kalashnikov intervened? Said:
”Oh, attacking us”. -Who gave you the right to hold the monopoly?
So I want to separate. -Soviet Union was our country. And marxism and
leninism, we don’t wish to perceive!
These are different things! C: -You may not perceive marxism and leninism. We don’t need
your approval, Vladimir Volfovich.
Z: -Wait! Wait! Why? Why aren’t we pleased? Wait! -And that’s why Soviet Union collapsed! You didn’t gave a
shit about us non-party people! This is what you’ve done! (Incomprehensible chatter) H: -Now it is clear why deputies don’t hear people.
Z: -Wait! 73 years…! I haven’t finished! I haven’t finished! -For 73 years, we were walking around all streets of the
Soviet Union, and there was this inscription: Z: -”CPSU – is the mind, honor and conscience of our era”.
C: -And conscience, yes. -This means the rest of us were idiots?! Go fuck yourself!
And even further! Understand?! -You, communists! You are scoundrels! -Even now that Soviet authority has ended, but you
continue to say that you are mind and honor, -And we are shit! No! You are shit! You! You are shit! H: -Calm down…
Z: -And what are you doing here?! He continues to be here! Z: -He should be locked in prison! Along with
Yeltsin’s democrats!
C: -Every other communist had died in the war! -Don’t! Others died in the war! There was 10% of communists!
10! You were 10! And how many in total?! -Common soldiers were dying! Non-party! You were sitting in
headquarters! You were sitting in headquarters! -Soldiers were non-party, and you, officers,
washed everything down the shitter! -You, Soviet generals! Communists!
You should be put on trial! Z: -Non-party were dying! You were sitting aside!
C: -Every one of 2 communists died! Every one of 3 Belorussian,
and every one of 2 communist! H: -Thank you… Calm down…
C: -Every one of 2 communists! Privates! And general,
and marshal.
Z: -Out of 5 millions! And 10 times more died! H: -Vladimir Volfovich, please calm down.
Z: -You calm them down! Calm them down!
H: -And you, please calm down. Z: -They still ripping us apart, communists!
Marx they have! Their main hero – Marx!
H: -Why is people who came out with portraits of their
grandfathers, great-grandfathers and fathers,
did the right thing? H: -Because they were not arguing like this, like on a market!
Z: -Yes! Yes! Yes!
H: -They came out, because they were honoring their memory! -That’s why the people are saying that we are great,
but you, with your level, match the people that are great?! -Think about it, when you are conducting discussion
in such tone. Please… H: -And please calm down. And behave yourself appropriately
to this high rank of a deputy.
Z: -And in 1991. Not communists, nor non-party didn’t
came out to protect you! Z: -Even communists! Nobody came out to protect you!
Everyone were cursing you! Cursing!
H: -Vladimir Volfovich, please allow someone else to speak,
please. H: -Don’t. Allow someone else to talk. Please…
Z: -And you left! Left! -1 phraze, 1 phraze. Say age of political parties’ have passed.
So how do we supposed to elect people? -For Pete?! For Bill?! For Alex?! Who are you going
to vote for?! The whole world is voting for parties! -And in parties gathering people with same ideals! Z: -And they want anarchy! That’s it!
Don’t need parties, don’t need government! H: -Can you say it shortly, so I gave allow to Leonid Gozman
to speak?
Z: -I’ll say it short. -Leonid Gozman said that he liked very
much the atmosphere of August 1991. (*3) -Here we are on the opposite sides of barricades.
Here, we can not love. -I will always despise those who were standing near the
White House, and were protecting those who were destroying
the country! -Like Bolsheviks, who destroyed the Russian Empire! Z: -So in this respect, we haven’t came to an agreement yet!
H: -Understood. Understood. -We must reach an agreement, and punish, condemn.
Not put to prisons, but condemn. (*4) -And those who were in favor of Yeltsin,
and those who were against Tzar! -It turns out that the movement ”Immortal Regiment”
can even reconcile everyone. -And what I like in this movement, is that it doesn’t matter
at all things like who organized it… -And there is no need to even understand it. This is
in principle important. -People are going out, not because someone organizes them,
but because they feel the movement. -But the thing that upset me very much, is when suddenly on
May 9, started commercialization of St. George ribbon, -Symbols of Victory, some endless advertizing.
It’s some kind of nightmare. -That is, they try to make 20 pennies on saint symbols. -Vladimir Volfovich, I liked you initiative very much,
when you decided to prohibit this. By law. -Yes. We will surely introduce a correction, into law
about advertisement, and in administrative lawbook. -That symbols of Victory, and everything connected with
The Great Patriotic War, not in any form, not in any
advertising campaign, and actions, must not be used. -Because, there is salami, vodka, a cake is being cut,
some baby is dying somewhere, when seeing a candy. -That is horrific things. And I am not even mentioning
some sex shops, etcetera. -That is, people realized this: OK, it’s popular, every day
this is discussed, so people will buy these products. -We can’t have this huckster attitude.
Go ahead, they can use anything they want there… -By the way, we prohibited them to use images of animals.
Now we will try to remove children’s. -Why do we need this? To use people. Images…
This is child, why would he advertise? -That’s why all this will be prohibited.
We will try to do this. -Another thing I will add. You reproached us, that we
can’t reach an agreement. -They don’t want to reach an agreement. We suggested to them,
10 years ago, resolution of gov. Duma: -”About rehabilitation of the White movement”. (*5)
They won’t support it. -Momument of Kolchak. They won’t support it! -Why were they bad?! Admirals Kolchak, Yudenich, Wrangel?!
They were fighting for Russia! They were patriots! (*6) -But no, communists refuse! Like only communists are patriots!
This can’t be like this! They are preventing the reconciliation! -Like democrats! Only Yeltsin was democrat!
Only Gaidar is good! Only Chubais! -It must not be like this. We are suggesting them:
Let’s forgive everyone! And make a reconciliation act! Z: -This is it! Forgive everyone!
C: -But not forget anything! Forgive everything,
but not forget anything! Z: -There is no need to threat! We’ll forget everything!
C: -Because your neighbor said: ”I finally saw that this is
not a return to Stalinism”. -Nobody plans… Do you really think that communist party
consists of such masochists?! -We condemned in 1960’s the bad things Stalin did!
But we also must not forget the good things he did for the
country! (Incomprehensible chatter) -Am I recalling Soviet Union and recalling Stalin’s
repressions, or am I recalling boring party’s conferences?!
No! -I am recalling how an orphanage boy could receive
education, how I was invited and given work, how they
gave me an apartment, how I could go to the hospital and
receive treatment! Z: -Agreed! But at the same time, others were eliminated!
At the same time, others were eliminated!
There is difference! -Whatever good they did I know! But at the same time
they were eliminating! Millions were locked in camps! (Incomprehensible chatter) -To add right after, Sergei. I agree, without the Victory Day,
there would have been Cosmonautics Day. -But if there wouldn’t have been November 7, then we
wouldn’t have needed the Victory Day! -We would have defeated Berlin in 1918!
And without such number of victims! -There is a difference! And here, everyone is cutting off
phrases they need! Let’s return, and then it will become
clear for everyone! H: -Return to 1918? Go all the way to Bosphorus?
Z: -What else can we do?! Because we are taking only this
good date 19145, but how did this happened?! -Was is us who provoked it?! How did this war happened?! -Like today, Crimea and Donbass! Who did this?! Yeltsin did it!
H: -Thank you… I’m not talking about this…
G: -It would be cool if we had some kind of hande which one
can turn, and there would be no more sound. -A nuance. A little nuance. We are saying everything
correctly, but these are some high morals, so to say. -To follow some principles. But a person who listens,
he will not understand specifically. -Take to examples. Generals Karbushev,
and general Vlasov. (*7) -One is scoundrel and traitor – Vlasov,
the other is our hero! -Both were ended up prisoners of war. -And in captivity, a patriot, chose death, but remained
loyal to the Soviet army. Z: -And Vlasov happily ran away.
I: -There are such generals today also.
Z: -Well, I’m talking exactly about this! So people would
understand the difference! They were both Soviet citizens! I: -Well, no need to search. An enemy is an enemy.
Traitor is a traitor.
Z: -Second example! A student! -I am studying 50 years ago, and in our class there was
this Vladimir Kozlovsky! He runs away to America! -That’s it. We are the same. The age, everything is the same.
I am not running anywhere. -But what did he got there, in America?! Running around with
a microphone and taking interviews, and getting the same
money, even less! (*8) Z: -There he is, a traitor! He doesn’t give a damn!
Understand?! He was raised this way!
I: -The society rejects such people! -He is disappointed himself already! Take Israel, for example!
1/3 of it are Soviet Jews! -Now if we will give them apartments and jobs,
they will all run away from Israel, and will live here. A: -No, no, no, no, no…
Z: -Because they all love Russia! Russian language!
And Avigdor is here! He has no business there, in Israel! A: -No, no, no. I have 7 children in Israel.
Z: -Return and get a job here!
A: -7 children in Israel, and all serving in the army.
So don’t need to. (Incomprehensible chatter) -Leonid, it’s not it. You will do your job perfectly, but here,
general Ivashov formulated it very accurately. H: -There must be a vision of Russia’s future,
and a general plan.
C: -Well, this is what politicians are for.
H: -Of course. -Well, when there is understanding, there is this plan,
then we can start doing it. -And what May 9 celebration really showed:
The nation is able and wants to create. -The nation is tired from constant enternal political
take-downs. -The nation is tired of petty themes. The nation is tired of
officials, who thing only of their pockets. -The nation is tired of necessity of trying to start their own
business for a long while and torturously.
Anything else. -The nation wants to feel that the country belongs
to the nation. In all aspects. -This means that officials must realize their responsibility,
and move to a completely different development model. -From this day, it’s not the people for them,
but they are for the people. -Only, let us, let us bring these 3 millions of new officials
from another planet. -Where are they located with us today?
In kindergarten, in scool, in colledge… -So that: Well, guys, you are ideal now. And now
you are going to serve us. -What is he a moron to serve people?! He is going to grab,
make money! He has wife, kids! -Then let us take only officials with untraditional sexual
orientation! No wife or kids! -He is going to sit at work for 12 hours! No family,
no anything! -And you took fathers with many children, and he is stealing,
because… -The people will demand peculiar forms of punishment.
So, let us not generalize. -Of course the demands are increased to all those who is
associated with power, with authority. -And this is also must be supported with the possibility of
public control of activities of all levels of authority. -The president is actively promotes this. -He, like nobody else of officials, is not afraid, and
actively using interaction with the people. -More than that, in reality, the opposite side of this process,
is that if in the same way, directly, with people, not through
the office door, local officials were also communicating
like this, -Then the majority of these problems, which we are forced to
leave for direct line with the president, would have been
solved a lot faster. -And this in particular is that exact criterion, which must be
addressed on behalf of society to all levels of authority. -And add here, Sergei Zheleznyak. So there would be
connection with the people! So people would have the right
to elect their governor by itself! -And not you imposing from above! Not once! Name 1 governor,
who was elected by the people! Name one! S: -All governors, in the last 2 years, are elected on direct
Z: -Yes! And all of them are supported by you! S: -Including your Ostrovsky.
Z: -He was appointed even, not elected!
S: -He was appointed?
Z: -Appointed, yes! S: -He didn’t go through elections?
Z: -No, he didn’t! You acting like giving a bone to
a hungry dog, and that’s it! I: -Vladimir Volfovich, you have your opportunity in
gov. Duma, of you are always here, in the studio?
Z: -Are you jealous?! Please, welcome to Duma!
I: -No, no, no… -What, in China everything belongs to Chinese people?!
No millions of beggars?! No prisons?! No political prisoners?! -There are these in China! And they are being shot! -In North Korea defense minister is shot from anti-air
guns, already fourth. Where is democracy?!
Where is democracy in Europe?! H: -Can I give the word to Leonid?! Leonid haven’t said a word
yet in this part.
Z: -The thing that infuriates us, is…
I: -Europe is not an example for us. -I agree! But we, here in Russia, we are like a swan in the
skies! Are are always high in the skies! Get down to Earth!
Get down to Earth! To the Earth! -All communists are flying in the skies! ”We will build!”
they say! You never gonna build anything! (Incomprehensible chatter) -I am going to open the cards a little. On all platforms now,
I am observing, are ”hitting” the same thing: -”Why do we need a military parade? Celebration is good!
God bless! But what are military machines for?” -”Why are we rattling with tanks? Why are we threatening
someone?” -That is, an order was given from across the ocean:
”Don’t do it, because the parade is beautiful.
New machinery.” -This irritates them. And they are saying it softly: ”Fine,
let’s do any celebrations, except for military parade”. -This is kinda what’s going on. Second: ”Do it, put a
pressure on the idea that there is no need for alliance
with China. Scare them!” -Because, the west got scared. I’ve said about it in
Strasbourg back then, 15 years ago! -That: If you are going to batter us, we are going to turn
to China! -I can find this! And you are going to show this here!
That I have said it, I warned about it! Z: -Now we have the right to turn to whoever we like!
G: -You have said everything, Vladimir Volfovich.
You have said everything in general. Z: -Yes, yes, yes.
H: -Jokes aside, Vladimir Volfovich very often predicts
the future very accurately. -You can look for it in Strasbourg! I’ve warned them:
If you going to kick us, we will turn around! -And no one is nobody’s vassal! We have the right to trade
with anyone! -With ”Turkish Stream”, what are we going to Turks
as vassals as well?! This is excluded. -That’s why, do not speak on this subject.
And the last. -They say: ”Oh, why was supreme commander sitting?” (*9)
Listen, what is it you don’t understand, that he is a
civilian person?! -He was not inspecting the parade! The parade was inspected
by the defense minister! -And commander of ground forces was commanding it!
They have completed their ritual, standing on cars! -And when he got up, not only the president, but the whole
Red Square got up, for 2 banners: Russian, and the
Victory Banner! This lasted for about 5 minutes! -And then the presentation took place! It was theater!
It was a concert! A play! -Troops are going, machinery, drummers!
So why sould anyone stand in this case?! -And the most important, there were 90 year old veterans there!
He is going to die, if you make him stand for a whole hour! -And then, after that, democrats will say, that for the sake
of supreme commander standing, they killed old men!
The logic is simple. -There were heads of foreign states there, Gozman!
They don’t have the right to stand in front of Soviet
machinery…! Russian rather! -They don’t have the right! It’s not their machinery!
It’s not their parade! -That’s why, the regulations of observing of military,
says that everyone is sitting! -And if someone would got up, this means that everyone
should have been stood up! -But they don’t have the right to remain standing!
They do not have the right to stand! It is not their parade! -They are guests! They are heads of foreign states! -Only 1 phrase. There are only 2 ways. 2 ways.
Centralization and federalization! -When there is federalization – the Russia Empire perished! -All governors were removed! Gendarme removed!
Army dissolved! Where is Russian Empire?! -Year 1991! Dissolved everything! There is nothing! -That’s why, when everything is in hands of the center,
there are disadvantages! -But when there is no center, and you are giving everything
to the regions, then there will be no country, general! -There will be no country! Because of this!
And the Tzar must hold everything in his hands! -A single ruler! Everything is in hands!
Give, distribute, but control! Z: -Preserve the country!
H: -Only 1 thing, Leonid. People must go to work in
the morning. Z: -Let them rest, it’s Friday today! And we are preventing
them from resting!
C: -If a spectacle causes patriotic feelings, it is good. -Thank you very much, I think we touched many subjects,
which we should develop in further discussions. -And, well, dear viewers, thank you for being with us,
and I want you to be wiser than politicians. -In the sense that, do not brawl with each other. -Think about the future, but don’t forget about present day. -And most importantly, don’t forget where all of us
are coming from. H: -As usual, we will see each other on Sunday. Good night.
With you was Vladimir Solovyov.
Z: -Tell them to conduct a meeting in the morning,
about what we gonna discuss!

  1. The commie is delusional if he thinks that Soviet soldiers were finding the courage to face death by having some kind of "protect the Revolution" spirit and ideology. In fact, when you look at Soviet pictures and propaganda of WW2 we see very few communist symbols…even Stalin understood that communism symbols and ideology were awful morale boosters.

  2. "Leading" someone around by the nose is not commonly heard here but is not unused in speech, you can also say someone has you by the "short and curlies" which can also be used in this way: "She really leads him around by the short and curlies because he is desperate to avoid a financially devastating divorce."
    Thanks for the post Zahinho.

  3. Ещё вчера смотрел новый выпуск "Воскресный вечер" там Жириновский правильно говорил как надо было поступать России. И не надо быть такими миролюбивыми, надо действовать жестко и быстро а не договариваться с Европой которая итак оккупирована военными силами США, надо было действовать во имя своих национальных интересов, англосаксы ненавидят и завидуют РФ за их природные богатства и территории, так что правды они в своих СМИ говорить про Россию не будут, тем более под покровительством США, НАТО тратит больше денег против России, а не на угрозу мирового терроризма, всем странам надо кардинально поменять свою внутреннюю и внешнюю политику.

  4. СССР во всем превосходил США, только вот предатели типа Горбачева все испортили и разрушили, но получили медали от США за победу по их мнению в холодной войне в 1991 году за развал СССР…

  5. If Zhirinovsky hates communism so much why hasn't he worked with Putin to abolish the communist party? Both could have done it. Putin needs the approval of other parties for doing it.

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