Viva Peru: Living Culture of Peru

Tourists often visit Peru’s historical buildings or marvel at the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. But Peru’s ancient cultures thrive today as
witnessed in the Christmas parades in the town of Yucay, near Cusco. Each Christmas, thousands gather to carry the Virgin Mary to and from church. Groups of dancers take turns carrying her pedestal. They bring statues of baby Jesus to be blessed. I found it and I still find it very mystical. And it has it’s roots in the old culture.
Because other than the Incan culture, we had a lot more. You see people wearing their native
clothes and living their lives like their ancestors did. They don’t need a cell phone,
they don’t need a TV. They probably have it, but they don’t need it. They just like how they are. They took the culture they knew they had before the Spaniards came and they embraced it and they lived with that. I went to Peru and just experienced the culture and just everything around me. It was just a wonderful experience. They people are amazing,
so down to earth, just very nice. I felt really good.


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