VISA SOCIAL PASS pour l’Indonésie depuis Kuala Lumpur

As you know we are about to leave Malaysia and next destination is Indonesia First step we need a visa and that’s what we are going to do this morning Let’s go! You might wonder why do I apply for a visa for Indonesia while I can enter for free for 30 days without visa Well, it’s because I want to stay longer than that and for that, I need to apply for what is called visit pass or social pass that allows me to stay 2 months the first time and then to renew every month for 30 or 35 dollars I think So the advantage of this visa is that I don’t need to go out of the country to renew my visa, I can do it directly in the big cities of Indonesia It’s really ideal for our situation as we want to stay… we don’t know yet exactly how long maybe 4, maybe 5, maybe 6 months till we get tired of Indonesia There is a few documents to provide but the most important is to have a sponsor who writes a letter saying that he agrees to invite you in Indonesia It can be any Indonesian For me, I asked my colleague He’s my sponsor for Indonesia Thank you Ricky, I will go to Indonesia thanks to you! Good to know when you go to the embassy of Indonesia is that you need to cover your body if not covered, they won’t even let you enter So I’m wearing a jean and a long sleeve top We got our ticket, we have 15 people before us even though we are here 40 minutes before the opening So piece of advice: come early or book online Okay the machine finally works we booked an appointment online but the machine there was not working and finally it’s working so we are third now, perfect! To apply for your visa for Indonesia in Malaysia you’ll need some documents a form to fill the copy of your passport the copy of your working visa or the stamp of your arrival in Malaysia a proof of your financial situation I have my bank statements for the last 3 months and then your sponsor (*ID) and your sponsor letter Here we go, we are out of the embassy we got our appointment, I was third and in 2 minutes it was done I had all the documents she checked that everything was alright I paid and now we just need to wait next Monday today is Wednesday so it takes around 3/4 (working) days So all done! Let’s cross our fingers It’s 9:20am, time for breakfast we found a few vegetarian things egg, potatoes, tofu, corn It should be enough This is the back of the embassy, there is many people who offer services to make the visas faster and to do pictures and all Today is Monday It’s the D-day we will know if we got the visa for Indonesia or not As I’m working, Emam can go for me show my receipt and take my passport back cross your fingers so that we have that visa Allo! We got the visa! Ohh really! Amazing! And we got it for 60 days (*on arrival / we’ve been told that sometimes they give only 30 days) Wow, okay! Before leaving for Indonesia guess where we are going! We are staying a bit more in Malaysia and we are going to Borneo that we didn’t explore yet We can’t wait, we will stay there around 10 days at the beginning of October and then, on the 15th, we go to Indonesia directly I hope you liked this video and that it gave you a lot of information on how to get your Indonesian visa from Kuala Lumpur Waiting for the next vlog, I invite you to like, comment and subscribe to this channel. See you soon!


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