Virgo, You are SO over this❤️May 16-31 Special Announcement!!

hello and welcome this is going to be a reading for May 16th through May 31st and I mentioned in the last videos that I have an announcement for you by something that I've been working on so this intro might be a little bit longer than normal but I'm very very excited to share with you so most of you know that I am a master energy therapist and I specialize in distance energy healing and therapy so it doesn't matter where you live in the world I literally have clients in Iceland and Taiwan and New Zealand and Australia and different parts of Europe and Canada and the US and there is an extremely high demand for energy sessions and I'm only one person so I'm fully booked every week and in support of the growth that this has taken the universe has connected me with a beautiful soul her name is Elaine she is also a master energy therapist and is specializing in distance energy healing and therapy we connected about four months ago and she started as a client of mine and then we started trading energy sessions so I personally have been receiving energy sessions from Elaine weekly for the past almost three months now and she's incredibly wise incredibly gifted the energy sessions have truly been life-changing for me and I'm so excited to share with you that Elaine has chosen to come on board with me and own my wellness and she is available for you as well for distance energy therapy so you can read about her on my website read the testimonials all the information about the energy therapy is on my website as well and I have a really great 15% discount for first type energy clients so you can definitely try out a session on see how it feels for you and I think that's it so this is something I've been working on for a few months now and I'm so grateful to have Elaine as a part of own my wellness so thank you for letting me share that with you if you would like a personal reading the link is below as well as Monique for instant go so that's it we're going to get straight into the readings again for May 16th through the 31st an over go Sun moon rising Venus and Jupiter this is again your reading for May 16th through May 31st they're already fully shuffling so we're just gonna get straight into it we're building to the Scorpio full moon which will be on 80 okay interesting Virgo so first up we've got the page of cobs I do feel like this is someone you're dealing with so for some of you this is maybe somebody new coming in for others this is somebody who you've been dealing with okay but I'm feeling there's like a lack of commitment here or this person I do feel this like dating and romance okay so this person has not fully committed or maybe is not able to fully commit you could be dealing with a Capricorn I do have that here with the double card or the reason this person can't commit is because maybe they have some bad habits or behaviors that just keep them from being able to fully commit and be in a like exclusive relationship okay but I do feel like whatever the reason I okay they give you a lot of excuses I feel like there's a lot of excuses here this 10 of Wands energy and just feel all I hear is a excuses almost like you're fed up with hearing the excuses so whoever you've been dealing with who's giving you a lot of excuses I think you are finally seen through kind of the truth but it's just excuses okay like if they really want it to be involved they wouldn't have excuses they would put down these wands they'd lift their head they would face whatever issues and they would kind of step up their games step up their game sorry so very interesting start to the reunion let me see what else we've got here and pages cups you could be dealing with a water sign crises cancer or Scorpio but I'm more so filling that card is really representing just a lack of commitment Virgo are you like not wanting to give me any information here thank you okay so I've got a lot of fire energy out here too so next up I've got king of Wands and seven of wands and that came after the 10 of wands so either keep in mind this is a general reading so nothing is gender specific and this can be about you or somebody that you're dealing with but this king of Wands if this page of cups is kind of this person that is is not committing and they're kind of giving you excuses I feel like they're not even open to seeing their patterns and their issues you see it's like this king of Wands has their back like the way the cards came out they're more focused on their problems and their challenges and they're less focused on like wanting to see it and deal with it like I feel like they're kind of consumed with difficulties so these difficulties can be their work it can be family it can be friendships that maybe are not supportive whatever this 10 of Wands is it takes a lot of their attention and a lot of their time and it keeps them from being emotionally open and available okay it keeps them from being emotionally open and available I felt like I needed to say that the second time and it's driving you crazy it's driving you crazy because you like this person and I feel like you really see what could possibly be with this person but they're blocked I just took the biggest sigh of relief when I said they're blocked like you really need to hear that I know it sucks to meet somebody who is maybe emotionally unavailable or they're not able to fully give what you deserve in a relation and like you need to kind of face the truth and not this nine of swords is you not fighting in this situation anymore it's like you can't deal with it anymore you need somebody who can reciprocate what you are giving yeah it's like your ears I just feel like you're so fed up that you can't hear another excuse or another reason or another vlack just whatever they keep bringing you yeah so you're considering just taking your love and like going somewhere else and just leaving this hurt and pain behind so for some of you there may be an ending or like you may just walk away from an unhealthy relationship or the other person may walk away but I do feel that it is for the best I'm feeling this is just not like a healthy happy dynamic it feels just kind of push and pull a little bit manipulative there's something that just feels very off in this connection so whoever you're dealing with I do feel strongly it's romantic but this can be a codependent relationship this could be a relationship with a family member a friend just someone in your life that doesn't give as much as you're willing to give always has excuses or reasons and they're not willing to look at their own stuff okay and you're moving on you're moving on from this person's drama I feel so this eight of Wands is like messages coming in action movement things happening it's also a card of trouble so when I look at this it's like you've got your back I do feel forego this is you the queen of cups you are taking your cup your beautiful cup and you're leaving behind the pain the hurt trying to figure it out and you're ready to just move forward like I feel quick quick action and moving forward so use the energy of this full moon to really help you get clear on what this what the lesson is here for you okay so moving through God and using the support of the universe car stereo very loved okay let me see if there's any last message we but there's a lot of fire and energy going on out here so that's either a fire sign that you are dealing with or there's just a lot of like passion around this situation okay so it just could be like the heated emotions that I'm feeling or the strong desire to make change [Laughter] okay so the last message for you virgo is dreams look at how peaceful this person looks I feel like you just want to lay down your head and just not deal with this anymore like I really just feel that you're fed up and you want to get back to a peaceful place you're tired of putting so much thought and energy and effort into this or into this person or whatever the situation is and you want to bring their focus back to you and your desires and your dreams and what you want and what makes you happy so I think that's a really good final message for you here I hope that resonates with you if not you can watch your moon sign your rising sign your Venus or your Jupiter and thank you for the likes and subscribes and also the comments below the video I love reading all your comments so thank you for taking the time to do that again I am a master energy therapist and I specialize in distance energy healing and therapy so it doesn't matter where you live in the world I have clients all over the place at this point which I'm beyond grateful for and if you missed the intro at the beginning of this video I'll just share with you real quick I have an announcement I have been connected with the most beautiful soul her name is Elaine and she is also a master energy therapist ian specialized the distance energy healing and therapy so I have personally been receiving distant energy sessions from her weekly for the past three months and they have been life-changing for me she is so so gifted and so wise so I'm beyond grateful to share with you that she has come on board with me and old my wellness and she is available to you also for energy therapy and distance energy healing so you can read about her on my website read the testimonials definitely take advantage of the 15% discount for first-time energy clients okay so that's it for now take care of her go I wishing you a wonderful rest of May and I will see you back here for the first half of June readings take care

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