Victoria 2 - How The South Invented Communism

no it's 2018 No you filthy raisin sorry I'm embrace us hey what's going on over when I walk back to Victoria to hpm Hart darkness guess what guys today we're gonna go ahead and do something that everyone keeps requesting but really isn't acceptable anymore in the current climate of satirical content so for those asking when I'll be on the off-chance jingle champ boom 11 from 12 I will be on there with beau Romi Sims Lewis Pete loads of people are gonna be though and do some high for if you want to see that go to the yogscast twitch channel on those times those are UK times by the way and I'll see you there rates up money for charity I can't wait for the inevitable Kotaku article on this one leave a like get me out of the fort police prison just kidding I love it in here so I'll see if you've read the tart you understand what's happening here and you need to know that I'm taking this very seriously and I won't squander on any historical basis and make any sort of very lewd and inappropriate jokes slavery's bad m'kay that's why I'm just gonna equally enslave everyone everyone in the world not just specific people Mexico you got quite a bit of land I'm gonna want to take before I become a my next forum now not that I support this but I do need to extend slavery so that every state flips with me to the CSA when the civil war breaks out but it's not because I like doing it guys I'm not racist I promise with the whole slavery thing it does really get get on peoples nerves just a little bit so we're gonna have quite few revolt oh those damn Mexicans refusing to give us all of their land for free hell own American yeah got Oregon as well which is pretty good don't mind all the rebels in the war with the Mexicans oh I'm sure everything's gonna be fine for America hey guys those Mexicans dealt with her we need to make sure that all of the land we take off of them now flips to the CSA whoo we couldn't make the CSA really liberal there I'll make it up to you yeah people really don't like this whole slavery thing people are getting pretty angry at me which means I can't pass a toner for a forum so which is going alright even though this this isn't going to be my country when I leave I tell you why I am slightly racist I hate Mormons what's the point nothing like the famous Dixie has ours making California slaves date just doesn't seem quite right but you've got to do what you've got to do at this point I basically just burning down the United States from within so when I switch I'm gonna have an easier time so why the hell not I'm sorry guys bitterly for us to be revolting we've still got in over ten years yet taking a look at the revolt grist for my country and if you can't tell the red areas mean everything is completely fine and everything's going to plan it's not on fire everything's on fire speaking of everything be on fire Joanie's are all with France and Russia and it looks like they're losing I hope you done Germany III like I don't look at Europe for like a whole game and this happens and why where the whole does whole Stein still exists but you've got Schleswig what is this bizarro world I'm looking at right now you've literally you've got Frances balls in your mouth now Germany I hope you're happy for your complete incompetence oh well it's that time poison and I really looked how big we huh and I feel like you guys are definitely just gonna hear it for her we're really quite big and of course are these simple war has now kicked tougher we need to kick those Yankees back north of the border well although North is also me I own a lot of land yeah I feel like this is a little bit one-sided just a little bit though like I've already wiped out the American army now it's all gonna be conscripts after this which means guys we did it we've won the war so do you feel free with your states rights and slavery oh god what have we done yeah so shoot we can't actually add any demands we can only have a white peace with the US for now but don't worry I'm sure they will be back to an event League declare war on me to try and retake their land but I will be five times stronger by then earth does not feel patriotic in any way meanwhile in Europe thinks are still going absolutely bowls up because now the Ottomans aren't at you gonna fall apart because France started it to keep them strong I feel about that I will check back on that later meanwhile I've got to get back to being Confederate slave man oh oh who's that makes sense I'm led by a coalition of the liberal and anarcho liberal PI's this world doesn't make sense okay so slaves are actually really bad and victorious do because you can't tax them which isn't very good so we're gonna go ahead and try and you know get rid of the whole slavery thing which makes you wonder why we did this in the first place well like I said here they come yeah I definitely didn't leave the USA and the best of scenarios considering that they're already getting revolt as I just obliterated their army she changed the way that this is gonna work for us in the mod file so that we will actually be able to annex all of America over time instead of just being able to annex a few of it maybe by the end of the game of why's this would be a bit boring I won't lie although I am still surprised I'm getting basically on par the same amounts of immigrants as America rose I feel like the whole slavery thing might turn people off but probably not destroyed America so hard they've turned communist yeah that whole slavery thing was kind of why we broke free from America in the first place and now we don't really want it we just don't want it sort of was the whole point honestly that's right cuz I hate the color blue and I want my entire country to be a nice shade of light on the eyes gray and I think that gray should be further north of the border cut damn you Americans and your disgusting shade of blue oh hell yeah brother gray gang roll up and finally i'm a great power that took so goddamn long well don't start mopping up oh my god there's actually an event for the submarine that the confederates made right why is it only just being hair why didn't i get it during the actual civil war and this happened okay I'm literally just butchering America at this point it looks disgusting you know are the Confederacy we made a hell of a lot of mistakes in the past we're gonna remedy them by doing everything right now in the name of socialism that doesn't sound very Confederate oh god that definitely doesn't sound very your ladders now indeed my property right so we got most of America down now to the more liberal part of the country and know that they're just stuck over here in this one state but we'll get to them eventually a surprise no one actually went ahead an annexed Hawaii so welcome to the CSA I hope you love socialism communism and just being free Oh SpaghettiOs you know I don't think the Confederate Khan Younis should really be in Canada now this oh and there goes the rest of America into the People's Confederacy of communism you're imagining managed to sort itself out for the most part though Germany reformed Italy formed austria-hungary still hanging on and Africa doesn't look that bad it's definitely looked worse in the past but that's pretty because I've not been messing around with it but it's been a little few things that maybe we could you know fix for them of course it's the damn Danish that invent the fascist as well you know what they say no better time for a good old purge I know this is Dutch have the Suez and I just feel like that could be under better management Oh welcome brother they'll even fight the Dutch for me well aren't you a team player ah and Mexico wants to humiliate Sweden okay Mexico oh I can't they'll actually accept as well the Mexican I can also chief dismantle the Dutch even though it's not a great war I thought you'd only do that in great walls but apparently not and with the Dutch dismantled that means I can eat up the rest of their empire they just broke free all in the name of communism they obviously know what – you really sure I guess our help but there's actually incredibly easy I thought the Japanese might put up more of a fight but I'm smashing them on the Soviet white piece before I could add any demands goddamnit mister who would it be Lenin Lenin I mind if I have a small pit stop in China yeah having a late-game war with China is hilarious because their units quite literally melt against your armies it's not it actually feels a little bit as you kind of makes me feel a little bit sick to what I'm doing to the Chinese here like when I created the great communist states of the Confederacy I wasn't thinking this is what I'd be doing I I don't I don't think this is good for the cause guys and the Soviets just invited me to a great war while I was trying to install communism in Indonesia what have you done and amelie my country's just getting flooded with Canadians it's not really a balance Great War I'd say when the Soviets Germany France and America is all on the same side we're saying they're looking at the Soviets in Siberia right now it's just it's just getting flooded by like small stacks of Japanese troops but while they're busy with that I'm gonna go ahead and do a sneak attack on Tokyo kind of a lackluster Great War I won't liar but I did take this chunk of Kadapa Japan make sense but sure cuz I dismantled Britain as well India just looks so god damn disgusting I even have little provinces everywhere in there too I think it's definitely time we called it here and I do really managed to do anything crazy but forming the Confederacy in itself and making it communist I guess is in its own regards crazy so I hope you enjoyed the video I hope you leave a like at the subscribe button and all that and I've got any more crazy suggestions feel free to let me know down below and everyone keeps saying play Texas but god dammit it's just now possible

  1. "That state" is Pennsylvania. For a mapping youtuber you really need to work on your American geography, ISP.
    Lol sorry i love you no homo ima go now

  2. You can play Texas if America helps you in the war and you don’t surrender, it is up to random chance but it can happen.

  3. Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton
    Old times there are not forgotten
    Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land

    (Continue below)

  4. That is so funny! We thought just one race being a slave wasn't enough, so we decided to turn communist and make everyone a slave.

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