1. Stalinist Romania was a hellhole. A European North Korea, that banned woman rights, workers rights, heating in apartments and freedom in general. What these brave young people did was great, fighting against a corrupt austerity regime that the Romanian Communist Party enforced to pay off its debts. However that regime was not communist, no matter what the capitalist media is telling today, Romania was not a communist society. It's regime was Stalinist mixed with extreme Romanian nationalism. It is sad that because of capitalist barbarity, many Romanians are nostalgic about that criminal regime. Why you ask? Because you may be free to watch western movies; but if you lack the means to survive each month, then watching movies is suddenly not so important anymore. In capitalist Romania over 33% (seven million) of all people are facing social exclusion because they lack financial resources. They have no money to buy western movies!

  2. This is communism!! The sistem that liberal,leftist elites from west are nostalgic about and try to impose it again in US and western Europe

  3. The full documentary is on Netflix "Chuck Norris vs. Communism" not sure why NYT is running this short cut under a different name as if they produced it.

  4. This story is definitely worth a full length novel or a feature film! It was so interesting! Almost like 'The Lives of Others'!

  5. the worst translations ever… many people think have cursed the day that she became the translator for the main video "smuggler" in Romania…

  6. Incredible. She and her boss should be celebrated as heroes. This should be a full length documentary.

  7. yep, same stuff was in Lithuania in 90`s when i was young, we have similar staff, just all movies was translated to russian  language… and VOICE was men, covered, sound like when somebody holds your nose and you must talk 🙂 so funny, thanks for good memory's !!!   

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