1. Will definitely be trying this! I'm a graphic design student and we are encouraged to share our ideas. I have trouble with making my words flow and sometimes stutter. Thank you!

  2. I can't wait to try this, I'm an artist working on concept art and story boards but I want to Direct films one day and being able to communicate with different departments to get my vision across is essential

  3. I love how you have an RSD video in here, they are how I found this channel and why I got into learning verbal skills. I have high functioning autism so this stuff is like a gold mine to me. I think RSD instructors and Art of verbal war are my 2 favorite Channels!!!

  4. This is great stuff Min! Just to make sure for the first exercise to all following words relate to the original word or the word used before it? As well for the second exercise, are we doing opposites of the first words used or the word directly before it?

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  8. 100% Will be trying out these Exercises to become more fluent and articulate. I need to develop this skill to the max

  9. The comments don't make me optimistic. Where are the people who benefitted from these tips? When I saw the video, I thought that this system was worth a try, and I was planning to do so for at least a week; however, after reviewing the comments, I'm not so confident. My reason is that if this technique were really useful, I should be seeing many thank you notes from people who actually benefitted from it. I don't. It's been a year since this video was posted, and I see only one positive, though INARTICULATE, report of progress made. That's not encouraging. However, I see a few references to "nonu amazing only," so I'll take a look.

  10. Love your channel! Im normally quite fluent whne im not asked 😀 But when I do get asked, I get sort of blockage and all possible asnwers just flee away and i stay there blinking ….. Is there a way/exercise to practice coolness, and swiftness of reaction?

  11. great for english learners, i will try out this technique myself and see how it goes, it looks quite challenging but the harder it is the more beneficial it becomes,, thanks for sharing

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