Venezuela’s Crisis: Stop Denying It!

Venezuela is under a humanitarian crisis Basic things like: food Medicine Power Water Transportation and security are not provided to the people creating one of the worst immigration
crisis in history My name is Vanessa and I am from Venezuela I moved to this side of the continent
almost 7 years ago Looking for better opportunities And something that people
often take for granted FREEDOM Freedom of being Freedom of doing Freedom of eating Freedom of loving And one of my favorites:
freedom of speech What is ISIS? That’s why I love this country You can do, and say almost anything as long as you get organized This freedom to organize is the reason why why supporters
of Nicolas Maduro are able to gather in the streets of L.A. to show their support for what
most of the world considers A dictatorship Inside The Narrow Mind of Politics:
VENEZUELA I first read about this march on Facebook They were protesting against a U.S
intervention in Venezuela But there was absolutely no mention about
the current humanitarian crisis BULL SH*T! COMMON CRISIS DENIAL
amongst Maduro supporters Anyway, I wanted to know what this group
of protesters were saying about my country But I didn’t know if I would be
welcomed to this march So I dressed for the part Meet the character: An independent socialist
and millennial revolutionist But I think I went a little bit overboard My questions were simple What are their thoughts on
the current crisis in Venezuela? Have they been to Venezuela before? Why are they so quick to blame anybody
else but the Venezuelan government? I’m about to find out But wait, let me give you more context
about what’s happening in Venezuela VENEZUELA CRISIS OVERSIMPLIFIED Venezuela is going through a political,
social, and economical crisis That is only worsening by the day This is…as a Venezuelan… the value of my monlthly salary I don’t only read about it I know about this because of what
family tells me every day Here we are, my darling Living under a dictatorship in full effect I never imagined seeing this hell Who is managing the country? For the past 20 years The country has been managed by
the United Socialist Party that started with this guy:
HUGO CHAVEZ (1998- 2013) And continued with this guy:
NICOLAS MADURO (2013 – 2019) They both contributed to
Venezuela’s collapse by keeping the economy completely
dependent on oil revenue they overspent all that money on social
programs for the public support and imported most of the country’s food
and necessities instead of investing in the local production All of this while nationalizing
private companies and making it increasingly difficult
to invest in Venezuela So when the oil prices crashed So did Venezuela’s economy But all blame went to Maduro’s
political opponents And of course, the United States They hit Venezuela with a cyber attack In 2015, tired of mismanagement Venezuelans voted for a new parliament Making clear their want for change But that didn’t last as Nicolas Maduro, ignoring what the majority
of Venezuelans voted for created his own parliament Formed by 545 members who support him And have the power to rewrite
the Venezuelan constitution Venezuelans took to the streets in protest And many countries considered
these elections to be illegitimate What we are seeing in Venezuela
is a dictatorship But despite of all this, Maduro created
his own parliament An illegitimate entity that calls
for earlier presidential elections in which Maduro’s opponents
are either in jail exiled or banned from participating Making Venezuelans and
the international community Denounce the elections as a sham That was not a free and fair election But Maduro claims another victory Becoming Venezuela’s President For 6 MORE YEARS But since both of these elections
were considered illegitimate Venezuela stayed with no legal President Making Juan Guaido the President of the democratically
elected parliament become the temporary
President of the country while Venezuelans get new
and fair elections But for some people,
the understanding of the situation Is a little bit different Hi! Are you Venezuelan? Salvadorian What are you marching for today? Well, in support of Venezuela We recognize Maduro as being
the only President Democratically elected under
the Venezuelan Constitution We oppose the puppet that has
been placed by the United States We don’t want him there What is the name of this puppet? Umm, at this moment I forget – OK
– Yes… Excuse me Sir, can I ask you why
you’re marching here today? I am from Venezuela – What organization? – No organization – What part of media are you from? – THRD WRLD I’m not familliar with that It’s for YouTube No, I’m not familiar He doesn’t want to tell me
why he’s marching I thought we were friends – Up up up with the people! Can you ask you why
you’re marching today? Umm, you know I could
actually see if one of the coordinators from
the group want to talk to you So I’ll catch up with you later,
is that possible? – Oh, yeah yeah
– OK thank you People don’t want to tell me what
they’re marching here today for Which is weird. I thought we were
both marching for the freedom of the Venezuelan people Let me hear you say:
Up up up with the people Down down down with the lies – I am from Venezuela
– Uhuh… So when people march there
against the government Usually they get tear gassed So I wonder if today we’re going
to get tear gassed I have no idea You have no idea…
So there’s a possibility? – No
– OK And just when I was about to continue
with my questions Someone from security approached me I was just wondering if you have a press kit
and shoulder press pass? Oh, no, it’s just for YouTube – Oh, OK OK – Do I need one?
– What’s your name? – My name is Vanessa – What’s your YouTube page?
– I am from Venezuela THRD WRLD Great OK yeah I just wanted to check in
and try to see who’s on the periphery Somebody from security approached me And asked me if I have like a press kit What I was doing in the front And what I’m asking people I just told her I want to report
to the Venezuelan people what foreigners think about the
current situation in my country We stand for the people of Venezuela – Does Trump care about the poor?
– NO! – Does Trump care about the hungry?
– NO! Then why would he care about
the hungry in Venezuela? If we can’t take care of the people
here in Los Angeles The people in Watts The people in Compton The people in Washington DC How could he possibly take care
of the people in Venezuela? What is the message that you would send
to the Venezuelan people? – Is this a news… – It’s for a YouTube channel.
I am from Venezuela My message is even if not everybody
is informed correctly on this topic A lot of people, you know,
hear the lies They hear the media,
they hear the news They hear their schools
even tell them lies We are worried about
creating democracy here Not about going to other countries
and doing it So, know that there’s people
here fighting for you Know that there’s people here who also
go to Venezuela and investigate – Have you been to Venezuela?
– No, I haven’t I’ve been to Cuba, but not Venezuela I didn’t go as far south as I could have Long live Chavez, the fight continues And here is the security person back again
asking me for the name of my channel Because she couldn’t find it Hands off Venezuela! What we’re saying is that instead of
interfering over there Supposedly to help people
who are supposedly dying We’re better off focusing on
the problems we have here Because their problems are not ours
and besides, they don’t have problems! They have access to food and hospitals The people in this country should not
believe the lies that are told by the media We oppose any intervention by Trump He does not want to deliver any aid to Venezuelans, that’s all a lie What he wants is the oil And that’s not right, is it? Where are you from? Salvadorian, from Los Angeles I was really surprised during this march That nobody speaks about
the Venezuelan crisis Everybody just speaks
about the government Every day in Venezuela
you’re faced with politics And here it’s another issue again With President Nicolas Maduro The greatness that he has given
to the Venezuelan people 2 and half million homes He did not gift them, we can’t lie But he made them
accessible commodities What about the peole who say
that they don’t have access to food That there’s no medecine… Well what they’re saying about
the medecine could be true – OK
– But why is there no medecine? That’s a very good question – OK
– Because the media, they’re such liars They say “there’s no medecine”
But they don’t say why Why do you think there’s no medecine? The economic sanctions!
The United States has blocked them. They say to this country or the other
“sell, and you’ll have to deal with us” To the government of Donald Trump Hell awaits you! I stand in solidarity with
the Venezuelan people It’s time that, you know… We’re fed so many lies There was a speaker out there
who really made a a great message about Univision, Telemundo They sound like Fox News borderline They have a little special on
one of the shows in Telemundo One of the women that Donald Trump
called out or whatever I’m translating what
this conversation was She said: “Oh I’d give Donald Trump
a kiss if he overthrows Maduro” – Oh wow
– Yes, that’s right And it’s mostly rich white Venezuelans
you see on television You never see the people of color.
You never see the Afro-Venezuelans. And umm… Uh yeah… So I did it guys I came to this march I walked with these people I asked them questions And overall, none of them spoke
about the Venezuelan crisis I was a little bit surpised that the protesters
speak a lot about the people But only seem to defend a government Venezuelans love when foreigners speak
about what’s going on in the country But we do not appreciate when people
lie about the humanitarian crisis that Venezuelans are going through I’m been outside of my country
for the past 7 years Even though I hear and read
about the daily crisis I still sometimes feel that my opinion
is not as valid as the people living there But that doesn’t seem to be the case
for the people we just interviewed I was hoping to find organizations that are actually sending help
and relief to Venezuelans But none of this was discussed in the march All that I heard was
“U.S. hands off” “Chavez lives, the fights goes on” Chavez is dead And I don’t know what “fight”
they’re talking about When I didn’t see any type of initiative
to help the Venezuelan people

  1. Vanessa, te felicito por mantener temple y compostura ante ese monton de gringos socialistas desinformados. FUck all of them.

  2. Notice how:
    1) There are not Venezuelans in this kind of demostrations.
    2) This people is so afraid to talk with the press, like they were doing something wrong, terribly wrong… because that's exactly what they are doing
    3) They give contradictory information about what is happening, some say that everything is ok, that there is food and medicines, but other says that the crisis is due Trump's "bloqueo". Well guy, there is or there is not a humanitarian crisis?
    4) Conveniently ignore all the information that doesn't fit they narrative. Including the mass migration of Venezuelan refugee to other countries in Latin America, almost all of them, what they call "people of color".

  3. Very well put together! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 me encantó tu vídeo! #CubaHandsOffVenezuela #Guaido #RusiaHandsOffVenezuela #EmbajadaDeVenezuela … #AskAVenezuelan !!!

  4. “Yeah Steve, I am a rich white Venezuelan, that came to US to work as laborer because I wanted to spiced up my life” chama qué estómago de hierro tuviste, de pana.

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