Venezuelan points to the effects of socialism on her country

Venezuelan onli Renda was a student protester against the regime of Hugo Chavez before she came to the United States she told one American news it is perverse that the situation in Venezuela has become so destitute that the country's rampant kidnapping has now stopped they stopped kidnapping people because nobody has money for the ransom I personally haven't on to what cancer and there's not and now there's no treatment for her there and there's no way for me to send it to her because they're not allowing things to get in they're not allowing the humanitarian aid to get in so they're just letting people die and kids die Brenda said it is frustrating for her to convince Americans to help her country at the same time neo socialists like congresswoman Alexandria or Cascio Cortes celebrate socialism and work to block American intervention when she talks about socialism it's almost like she read it in a book and she believes it's a fairy tale and it it's not I feel she should sit down and really get educated from people that have lived through it one of Brenda's Heroes is Venezuelan political satirist Luis Chetan who was banned from his country's airwaves he told one American news from Miami there might have been one joke that got him shut down people think that was when I did demonstration of how the government makes evidence of whatever they can say you know they take this and they say this is the book where is the plan to take us down so with this proof I'm putting everybody into jail chuttan said under the regime of Nicolas Maduro things became worse because Maduro does not have the same touch for the common people as his predecessor Hugo Chavez so unlike Chavez he does not know when to go soft I think this is gonna end in a military way we have to use the force and the international force because the people in Venezuela don't have the the training don't have the arms you know we don't have the guns so we need badly the help from the international community the US government has staged more than 370 metric tons of humanitarian aid on the Venezuelan border blocked by Venezuelan security forces that stalemate continues as one poll reported that 78% of Venezuelans do not have the money to buy their own food Neil W McCabe one American news Washington want to see more videos like this click on the link below and subscribe to one American news on YouTube and call your cable provider and kindly demand that what American news is added to your lineup call and subscribe today

  1. Doesn’t this description of the Dictator M action and twisted evidence sound like the Dems today in the Barr/ Senate hearing!!??

  2. Let Venezuela fend for itself. We have more than enough problems here at home that are being ignored.

  3. Keep our troops out of this country. They voted for socialism and got what they deserved. Free health care free collage education free everything. Reparations. All free

  4. I suggest we send all these socialist countries History Books of how our country was originated and has become what it is today. That is the only FREE thing we should provide. You want Freedom? You have to earn it.

  5. Ive got a great idea, aoc and all or her retarded followers should move to venezuela and film a real reality show.

  6. Socialism never gets regarded as governments. They historically get listed as regimes. Governments govern, regimes control often violently.

  7. i think a few of us missed the point of this sad tale. socialism has always been proven to destroy a nation. those desiring it here are fools if they think "oh it will work great this time." a fool is someone that keeps doing the same thing over… again expecting a different result. we will not allow it here period. they have no idea that the majority of americans have always been willing to do whatever it takes to remain free. it is the essence of what makes us great in the first place. the desire for liberty.

  8. That is absolutely heartbreaking. I just list an Aunt last November and it hurts really bad still. To think that they could be helped but it's not available and there is nothing one can do about it. God bless these poor folks. Let this country please iron out their problems before they have long pig in their markets like North Korea.
    This world is so messed up and we have AOC as a government official. LORD help us all.

  9. Everyone suffering from socialist fascist marxist and communist oppression always resorts obtaining firearms to free themselves..! I guess that’s why socialist fascist marxist and communist governments always confiscate firearms..!

  10. Send ACO AN BERNIE SANDERS TO VENEZUELA. This is why the deep state globalist government wants to take away our firearms. So they can overthrow the American people

  11. Oh no,u mean socialist doesn't work,that's not what we've been told by the left in America.U think maybe they wanted to impose their will on us to control the U S A.

  12. How do people think this happens? This happens when you let a bunch of morons who are supposed to be teaching your children instead think they know better & start brainwashing them. Why do you think the first thing communists do when taking over a country is to kill all the teachers & Drs? Communists dont even trust their own so they get rid of all of them.

  13. Difficult to believe that so many Americans have bought into the lie of Socialism, particularly our youth.

  14. I hope the US bombs the hell out of Venezuela so we can import millions of brown people! Accelerate Clown World!🎪

  15. Love OAN and FOX news on youtube. Good reporting of the news.
    Other sites, you have to watch a couple of minutes of advertising and told to push the like button and the bell and then some damn survey as well. A 1/4-1/2 of each of their videos consist of that crap. Enough to make you scream.
    Such a refreshing relief to just get the news with OAN and FOX. Period. None of all that other crap stealing your precious time. Thanks for putting your listeners first, OAN and FOX. You are 2nd to none.
    All other sites that push all that crap, I know whatever they are selling, I will I intentionally insure that is the last thing I would buy. Why? Because they they steal our precious commodity of time. I've been practicing this for decades and I always come out the winner in the long run by doing this.
    FOX and OAN deserve credit for not stealing our time. I drop sites that do that crap and now have more of my life and time back. Time is too precious to allow people to waste, so to make their wallet thicker.

  16. Funny (not really) how quickly she got an American accent. This is total CIA BS. This channel is so see-thru only dumb asses who haven't travelled the world can believe this crap. Venezuala is in trouble because of the covert (not so much to people who pay attention) attacks it is facing at the hands of the United States.

    Obese, high blood pressure having, low IQ 'merican diabetics enjoying their "free dumb" don't know any better, though.

  17. Let Venezuela be a hardened lesson for the rest of the world: SOCIALISM. DOES. NOT. WORK. IN. PRACTICE. PERIOD.

  18. Thumbs down. Why ?
    The people of Venezuela wanted this. They voted for this, they marched in support of this and recently they voted again for more of the same.
    Now we are to lament they got what they voted for ? I say no way !!

  19. There is no such thing as FREE! It does not exist! I am tired of the stooges in the democrat talking about free healthcare! Why should it be free, when it just raises costs for everything else! Free, really means its junk or everyone and you ends up paying for it!

  20. And the deep state sends our soldiers to fight and die in the middle east to further thier nwo agenda , but fight communism in our backyard where the citezens would welcome and want our help
    …HELL NO ! They are trying to turn us communist.

  21. Sounds like a great plan for America. NOT. Wake up Americans, this is like an old ad seen when I was a kid. "Say No To Drugs". Now it's "Say No To Socialism".

  22. Venezuela, save yourself. Leave the US out of it. At the very least appeal to the OAS and other South American countries for constructive solutions short of a military invasion. America is tired of foreign interventionism and adventurism. We need to send our military to our Southern border to keep illegal aliens (including MS13) out. However, thank you for the object lesson on how insidious and pathetically destructive socialism is.

  23. A lot of Venezuelans have fled to this country. Those who have done this legally, Welcome and we are so happy to have you here. Now… We have border issues, we have China and Russia taking an extreme interest in Venezuela. So from a security point, because of the border issues, we MUST help them. The suffering makes it a MUST that we help for humanitarian reasons. And those that came from that country and are, or are working on, becoming citizens you are now a part of our family. That is another reason why we MUST help. MAGA 2020

  24. "Venezuelan demrats, those communists, have took our guns and now we can't even protect ourselves". – THAT'S THE GOAL of those leftist commies in US "no guns no guns" .. YOU WILL NEVER get Peoples guns N E V E R, but you may soon get the bullets. live bullets !!

  25. May be all these leftists calling for socialism should spend 6 months in Venezuela before they are allowed to spew socialist garbage.

  26. @jguaido is a traitor. Now he's on Maduro's side, by making alliances with PSUV (socialists). Guaidó and their party are a FAKE OPPOSITION.

  27. .
    GIs & ex-GIs, if you have ever been deployed to fight in any country that is Socialist and you are with the leftist democRATic Communists, then you are a S E D I T I O U S T R A I T O R!!!


  28. I see that one person clicked the "Thumbs Down." I guess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw this YouTube video.

  29. This is pure propaganda, it’s time to see who is funding OAN.
    First: China and Russia have doubled the aid that Venezuela gets versus US Aid with strings attached.

    Second: Venezuela has 1.5 million people under arms on top of its military. And they’re all behind Maduro.

    Third: If elections were held today, Maduro would win again.

    Lastly: It’s none of our business. Elliot Abrams is Evil.

    So, who funds OAN?

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