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A New York Times report from 2018 claims that the Trump administration held with Venezuelan military officers to discuss their plans That would not have been the first time a U.S. administration has meddled in Venezuela’s affairs. In fact, Well, it’s not new, as the history record proves. The U.S. has sought regime change in Venezuela since the election of Hugo Chávez. This has been going on a long time, I think the main difference is that the Trump administration is much more aggressive about it and open about it. But you can’t talk about U.S. intervention in Venezuela or even Latin America, without mentioning a nearly 200-year-old policy called the To put it simply, it basically declared that the United States had a kind of supremacy in this hemisphere. Originally designed to block European powers claiming colonies in Latin America, the Monroe Doctrine was later interpreted to mean the U.S. also on the continent through The United States is an empire. And so if you’re an empire, you want as many countries as possible to line up with you. And so the pawns matter as well in a chess game. In 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry Many years ago, the United States dictated a policy that defined the hemisphere for many years after. But how true is that statement? In terms of foreign policy, there is very little difference between liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans on the matter of exercise of U.S. foreign power in Latin America. Venezuela also checks another key box of reasons for U.S. intervention: Venezuela’s petroleum production reached an all-time high in 1970. A few years later in 1976, Venezuela has some of the largest deposits of oil in the world and potentially, as Mr. Bolton has said, Venezuela was always seen as a very willing ally and also as a constant supply of oil. But beyond oil, the U.S. was desperate to prevent this former ally from becoming a socialist state. Venezuela was the beginning of a in Latin America beginning in 1998. Venezuela went from being the model democracy, the preferred option that the U.S. promoted in Latin America, a pacted democracy that always supported the U.S., to being its nemesis with the election of Hugo Chávez, who promoted and an alternative to the U.S. promotion of in Latin America. Hugo Chávez’s election was particularly concerning for the U.S. He not only sought to use Venezuela’s oil wealth to fund healthcare, education and other benefits for the poor, but he also aligned with Cuba’s Fidel Castro – Washington’s longtime nemesis in Latin America. So in that sense, Venezuela becomes a thorn in the side of the U.S. and you add to that, that the election of Chávez in Venezuela was quickly followed by Lula in Brazil, the Kirchners in Argentina, Correa in Ecuador, Morales in Bolivia, Bachelet in Chile. and [that] threatened the U.S.’ hegemony. So that what’s happening now, in many cases, is an effort to recoup that hegemony, and Venezuela is part of that effort to recover the U.S.’ control and power. Venezuelan military officers and opposition leaders staged a coup to overthrow President Chávez. U.S. government officials serving under George W. Bush at the time denied having any prior knowledge of the coup. While American officials said they would not support any extra-constitutional moves to oust Chávez … There were CIA documents that were made public that showed that the United States government had advanced knowledge of the coup. Intervention doesn’t always rely on force. President Trump announced sanctions on Venezuela’s state-run oil industry in an effort to press for change in the country. What we’re focusing on today is disconnecting the illegitimate Maduro regime from the sources of its revenues. I think that from the very beginning [of the Chávez era], the U.S. policy towards Venezuela has been one of isolating Venezuela. This was under the Bush, Obama and now the Trump administration. Venezuela depends on oil for about 95% of its export earnings. [Venezuela] takes all profits, purchases food, brings it back to the country for sale. That means it can be easily intervened and can be easily upended. So sanction means that the country no longer can, on many levels be able to utilize its foreign assets to buy food and bring it home. Sanctions also mean it can’t renegotiate its debt. Sanctions also mean it can’t buy on the international market. After the death of Hugo Chávez in 2013, his former deputy Nicolás Maduro took power. Since then, Venezuela has been rocked by political, financial and humanitarian crises. And ordinary Venezuelans are bearing the brunt of all of them. The country is facing People are struggling to afford basic necessities, including medicine. like Colombia and Brazil. While Maduro blames the U.S., critics, including many former supporters and officials of Hugo Chávez, blame President Trump took advantage of the chaos and division in Venezuela to throw his support behind the Keep in mind that the U.S.’ involvement in Venezuela fits a long-term pattern of U.S. intervention in Latin American politics. So, you have a long history of U.S. intervention in the region, and it’s very anti-democratic, very often supported dictatorships. And in the 21st century, it was mostly against these leftist governments who were more interested in independence and self determination than the prior governments that were close to the U.S. The Trump administration has now called on veteran foreign policy advisor Elliott Abrams to act as special envoy for Venezuela Abrams certainly has experience in the region, but that experience has not necessarily been in promoting democracy. Throughout the 1980s, he was a key figure in organizing the Reagan administration’s support for dictators and death squads in El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua. He pleaded guilty in 1991 to two counts of misdemeanor for withholding information from Congress about illegal U.S. funding for right-wing Nicaraguan paramilitaries – the Iran-Contra affair. The selection of Elliot Abrams shows that it’s very similar to what they were doing in the 1980s when they were trying to overthrow the elected government of Nicaragua. And there was so much resistance to it, by the way, in the United States that the Reagan administration had to end up funding the contras illegally with the arms sales to Iran. This is the neocons like John Bolton coming back and just trying to do Whatever the intentions of the United States, the opposition to Maduro is growing – and popular. Years of economic mismanagement, corruption and authoritarian repression of the media and political opposition has drawn even many supporters of Hugo Chávez onto the streets So, is it possible to want change in Venezuela but oppose U.S. involvement in the country? I agree, there needs to be change in Venezuela but the Venezuelans have to decide that. It’s a very slippery slope when we go down having the U.S. become the arbiter of internal politics in any country.

  1. This channel is lies and blatant Marxist propaganda. Cuba is telling Maduro to stay put. Otherwise he would have fled to Turkey or Russia already, taking his gold with him. He mismanaged the wealth of the country. They produce nothing on their own, thanks to him and Chavez.

  2. I’m honestly getting tired of people demonizing the U.S., has anyone noticed that the governments we support usually bring the country to a developed well off status. The Republic of China now in Taiwan is one of the richest countries in Asia, The monarchy in Iran made it a jewel in the Middle East until the radicals overthrew them and now they fund Muslim radicalization, We supported the democratic regime of Venezuela which kept the country the richest nation in Latin America, now when the socialists took over its a land of hunger and suffering. We are a strong Republic and throughout history it has been seen time and time again that if we don’t promote our free ideology, the radicals will

  3. There's nothing new under the sun. Old conflicts will reemerge with new faces and the same outcome. Sadly the only losers are always the poor. just look back to central america 70's and 80's and the middle east 80's to the present. and that's just the military aspect. but there another aspect that controls the first one and that is the religious one. this was is and will be the poppet master behind all wars and history don't lie. Im no teacher or have any masters or Phd in this, but it takes only one to know the why, who, how, and when of what is going on around us. one big example: France. If we study the French Revolution will understand much of whats going on and the purpose of those behind it.

  4. Arrogant, Greedy and Stupid, a bad combination for us all.


    Fight disinformation with your own mind and
    critical thinking

    -Vet your own news sources

    accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual

    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide
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    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that
    is uncensored by Google, Facebook, Youtube and other biased,
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    -Follow the money, who benefits from acts of violence

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  5. Im a trump supporter. This is something not even trump can fix. This problem was already their under bush and obama sanctions. trump came in when venezuela was already hitn rock bottom. This is where trump can do nothing but let the neocons do their thing

  6. That is exactly what everyone is saying the US government do not absolutely not care about the people but apart of a larger plot, these imposed sanctions to restrict the vital support system of Venezuela is the reason why they are suffering right now so in fact the ones who are responsible for the Venezuela crisis is the US government and turn around wanting to play hero, then to come up with ridiculous claims of terrorist group in Venezuela to be a justifiable reason to attack Venezuela, but their domestic terrorism they are not too quick to respond to neither to put so much attention on, they want to bully the country into getting their way and formulating all kinds of schemes and plans to rid presedent of his position so that they can put someone in power who will give them everything that they require from Venezuela regardless if it works in the best interests of the people or not, they just want what they want and that's it.

  7. It pisses me off, as having family in Venezuela, that these videos make it seem like Venezuelans don't know what they want and don't want the US to intervene. We have been wanting to get rid of this Maduro for years and it is impossible to do so without US/International intervention.

  8. for everyone saying "hands off Venezuela" would it really be better off as a dictatorship? around 3 million people have left the country and its a failed state with the worst economy in the Americas. People are literally dying of starvation and the dictator refuses to even admit it.

  9. the Americans would never cut trade to make people starve suffer and turn against leader to cause a coops .they are all so lovely , just like there allies, THE WORLD IS THERE GOAL, THEY CAN NOT KEEP THE SNOUT OUT OF THE TROTH

  10. dont worry soon russia and china will invade americanistan and free all americain from this terrorist regime

  11. The narrator got Cuban wrong from being in Latin America, Cuba is located in carribean not Latin America.

    Another America involvement soon to become another crisis. Let's hope venuzula will be free from poverty.

  12. My concern from California, is when Democrats are going to collect rain water for the next drought?

  13. I’d wonder what it’d be like when the European Union and Warsaw Pact go to war with the US of A 💀😂. I’d pay top dollar to see that and I’m American. America is going to become another radical state. Just not located in the Middle East.

  14. So taxes and socialism have nothing to do with any of it, right? Please go look up some people in Venezuela they do in fact have food on the shelf it's just nobody can afford it. What's the cause of inflation AJ+? I believe you left that out before you started blaming Trump. LMFAO Jesus Christ SOCIALISM

  15. Aljzeera is funded by middle East (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia wanted oil of Venezuela, that all this drama about… Saudi Arabia wanted the problem in Venezuela being alive… That's what it's all about

  16. how many shills do I have to fish out before the premises are clean of pro-interventionist propagandists? they're freaking everywhere, and we got a ton of work to do.

  17. That is why Putin says it doesn’t matter too much who is the President of the US. The foreign policies remain the same regardless of red or blue etc

  18. There are partial truths that had been said here but out of context become partial lies? Yes people from Venezuela has the right to decide their destiny but last elections have been tampered and the military force is not on the side of the Venezuelan constitution (yes, We have one!) but at the side of Maduro, once upon a time president but now a Dictator. The president Juan Guido is not a autoproclaimed…. He took the temporary position of Venezuela president because it is stated that is the course of action to follow. We have a constitution . I invited you to review the Venezuelan process keeping an eye on the Venezuelan constitution. One thing is the economic model and the other is the political model: Democracy or Dictatorship!

  19. Hilarious. Russia releases a document they claim from Wikileaks that the CIA recommends destroying the electrical grid in Serbia, in the 90’s, So Venezuelan electrical problems must be from America, however today it’s exposed that a Russian is in negotiations to by that downed power plant. What a coincidence that the price is dropping for the RUSSIAN

  20. 1. Juan Guaidó was not "self-declair". Please read some of our constitution before make such false proclames.
    2. This video avoid all the previous and recent situation that leave us where we are now, like the fact that Maduro did fraudulent elections in order to keep power on the country, and all the people killed by the Maduro regime, when the people tried to protest against it. Also I've never heard the word Dictatorship o regime (because that's what the "goverment" of Maduro is).
    3. So this video insinuates that is better to have a dictatorship than a opportunity to be free, just because USA approves and support our freedom and constitution? It is irresponsable to put ideals before the fact that we are starving and dying. And this is not by the "blocking" which, by the way is very poor explained in this video…
    4. Also is interesting that in this video Hugo Chávez is being showed like a very good person interested by democracy, and the people. But ignores the fact that he and a bunch of military radicals, had a coup in 1992 trying to take power over the elected goverment at the time… and the fact that his family, such as many other people with high goverment positions, had enriched with THAT OIL WEALTH THAT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, ETC.
    5. So please, if you are not Venezuelan, try to reach other information and not stay just whit what they say in this video.

  21. Trump got 0 vote from his party 😂he is not going to be president for long. America will be fixed again if a right president is picked. So vote for the right president people.🤝

  22. USA is a big cat and nowadays the oil became a little mouse so today if I have that rat in my room they will officially attack me

  23. Our government is practicing economical genocide !!!! The US government is not allowing even something as important as insulin to enter Venezuela ! I am ashamed of my government !!!!

  24. Just so you know the Monroe Doctrine is essentially overturned by the Truman and post 2001 pax americana order

  25. This is Communist Propaganda.. This video is BS… USA is not an empire, China and Russia are real empires, conquering and taking over, USA just protect it self because its the only country with Freedom, all the rest is modern slavery… Im tired of this crap.. you all have to be passed by the weapons..

  26. AJ+ is Al Jazeera TV. Keep that in mind while you are watching this. Sort of makes a person wonder why they would be trying so hard to conceal their true identity.

  27. This is a very old thing with Washington. Most people don´t think about the war for Southern Independence ( civil war). Washington along with Lincoln invaded a sovereign country known the Confederate States of America. Washington destroyed the South with killing old men,women and children along with burning many cities. The South was devastated by what Washington did. I as a Southerner am proud to be what I am. Long live the South!

  28. Interesting clip, however it fails to provide any source or much detail in information regarding the claimed corruption of President Maduro.

  29. Sanctions need to be lifted and the Koch Brothers' power of the United States government needs to be castrated… that's it. Stay the F out of their affairs.

  30. Just because the US used to meddle your place, does not rid of the accountability Venezuela has over the nation's affairs.

  31. van tran
    Never believe Russia. If Trump is weak, nukes will be flooded all over Venezuela one year later. I worry for america

  32. This is some highly polished propaganda BS 😂
    I don’t know what state generated it but it’s pretty impressive and I’m sure for a large amount of people it works

  33. SELF DECLARED???? JUAN GUAIDO IS (INTERIN) PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA. Are you guys giving a blind eye to the millions of starving people in venezuela that are starving, and have been starving even before the sanctions? I don't care if we become a U.S. colony, it would br better than being ruled by this communist, drug lords bastards

  34. Why USA want to keep its hands everywhere …. ? They want 2 know everything , India Pak war , China trade , Venezuela crisis , Vietnam war , plz solve Ur N.Korea issues ( Kim).

  35. We CAN´T decide in Venezuela when there is a Narco Dictatorship controlling all of the country ruling illegally, we need external help. You already forgot how USA helped the country of Panama? I was born and I grew up in Venezuela and the conclusion of this documentary sucks, because WE NEED HELP

  36. "The United States is an Empire" u know that you need to have a monarchy to have an empire right…..and yea the US has a sphere of influence which it spends a lot of time and money to maintain, every world power back to the time of alexander the great had spheres of influence so stop acting like its something thats so crazy, the US is simply acting like a world power because it is a world power, and that comes with influencing its neighbors and making sure friendly regimes stay in power

  37. In the long run, it matters little, communism is not a self-sustaining system of government, it is a beast that feeds upon itself and is doomed to failure, evidence of this is the failure of the Venezuelan socialist (communist government) it will remain backward, stagnant and unprogressive under communist control, as is Cuba.

  38. These "Social Benefit Policies" of Chavez, so swooningly praised by this dude, were a national Disaster!
    After throwing $Millions into his "Poverty Relief" wealth redistribution schemes, all that was created was a population who was Entirely DEPENDENT upon Government handouts.
    They were given NO training (nor Incentive) to LEARN how to use their nation's resources to provide for themselves, nor how to leverage their skills into a business, nor how to sustain a market.
    They were DOOMED to despair, if the revenue from oil ever fell.
    And it DID. Naturally.

  39. Maduro starves his people, kills protesters, and is aggressive to his neighbors. For all the things to be mad at the Americans for, supporting anti dictatorship rebellions is not one of them.

  40. I can't emphasize this enough.
    US government work doesn't mean it's doing a favor to the people of US.
    It's doing a favor to the private oil companies and their profits.


  42. US pressured the Democracy in Venezuela but the Democracy failed. That's why Chavez was elected by people cause USA just didn't bring democracy but also bought their crony capitalism. Listen to Noam chomsky.

  43. That professor was terribley incorrect about the first socialist country in the Americas when we all know the first socialist country in the Americas was Cuba with the rise of Batista and then followed by overthrow. Than fidel castro

  44. Nobody has clean hands anymore… I think we crashed their economy so we could do regime change. Kerry lied to get them to lower their guard. God help you if we Americans decide we are going to help you… please know that most Americans want peace and we are tired wars and messing with other governments… we are working to change this. Look at these douches we have right now Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams… we come in peace! I smell British Petroleum don't you?

  45. I thought this was going to be in objective-based film I was sadly mistaken you lost all credibility when you were talking about the US's policy well intervention in Venezuela and showed pictures of George Bush Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump but no mention of Obama and Clinton

  46. Venezuela HAS decided what they want to do about their own problems, that's why they have their new legal Pres. Guido (by the way he was not self-appointed – you have no proof to back this up) and the people have taken to the streets. But dictator Maduro is silencing them. This has been going on for years with people dying and/or leaving. How is THIS going to solve their problems? Only GOD has the answer. Perhaps EVERYONE should START PRAYING FOR GOD TO INTERVENE !!!

  47. Regardless of what form of government Chavez represented, because he was unwilling to get on board with the US plan of establishing a puppet government so they could control Venezuela’s oil distribution with “guidance” from the CIA. Venezuela is a prime example of what happens to a country that is unwilling to bow to US pressure to surrender its resources to American Investors. Once Venezuela began to try to establish any form of Nationalism and then began to build up its own self sustaining government and infrastructure through government programs that created social and economic growth…it was all over for Venezuela. It simply is not in the play book of US Foreign Policy to allow that to happen. Nationalism and Patriotism are highly promoted and encouraged in the US. However outside of our own borders National Sovereignty from any country that is weaker than us is considered an economic threat.

  48. Venezuela, home to an oil curse. Nothing else that can be more profitable for Venezuela (and Saudi Arabia as well) than oil.

  49. Why USA always interfere with other country…left them alone to determine their future…… Instead look after the pathetic condition of homeless in the street in Los Angeles city

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