1. The dems should just come on out and say …
    "we're all running"..
    "send money now".😁

    23 and counting?🤔
    I haven't checked in the last 8 hours.😏👍

  2. The caravan of aspirants for Presidential campaign continues. Now $$$Bill$$$de Blasio.

    When he Fix NY many issues first then we’ll see. Watch for his empty promises. He’s looking for more money.

    What happened with Sandy’s money funds? Half a million missing, not spent, where is the money?

  3. Thats funny since Sanders pulled in more votes that Clinton did. The only thing that kept him from winning was a crooked system called Super delegates.

  4. Majority of Dems today are socialists.
    That's their problem.
    They are propped up by special interest groups.
    Americans aren't stupid.
    Trump will win 2020.

  5. some today would but only those that already sympathize with crazy leftist control freak conditions and their corrupt anti constitutional calculations. in a few days theyd vote for fred, the one eyed cat in their alley, if they figured it would magically impress or intimidate the president. on a national level bill is just the routine career dnc disgrace and excuse.

  6. Yah got that A$$hat from NY and a Creepy Sniffer from Delaware great Choice Dems shows Your Intelligence and Moral bearing !! 🇺🇸

  7. How much money do all these losers make for running a campaign that has no chance and I'm not talking about bs book deals.

  8. Trump made politics entertaining? Y'all at FauxNooz are as dumb as he is. Just because he's a failed "reality" game show host, doesn't make him an entertainer. He will go down in flames!

  9. Oh, I get it. First he wants to ban hot dogs in New York, now he realized he can ban them in the entire country if president. It's the most anti-American thing he can do. Makes sense.

  10. He is a lover of African plains where African buffalos graze upon grass and African buffalo also gives white milk. So he always carrys a African buffalo so that drink the milk whenever thirsty. Buffalos walks hand-in-hand.

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