Vaclav Klaus - Reincarnations of Communism

you I was born in 1941 in Prague and moment then we were occupied Germany it was not Czechoslovakia at the time but Protectorate Damon Marin Czechia and Moravia so this that's my beginning I spent the first year of communism I would say the the worst years as regards the degree of repression and and trials and people being killed and so on I spent as a as a six seven eight years old boy my parents lived in the in in the moment of the Nazi occupation in Czechoslovakia and they they felt being liberated by by the Red Army in in Prague in May 1940 45 so they belong to the generation which did not aggressively opposed the the first the first year dead that's that's my that's my feeling I discovered names like mrs. Ann Hayek and Milton Friedman and all of them so that was for us the 1960s and especially the second part of the 1960s was the moment of our learning many many things including learning the alternatives to the communist regime and that was my my really important education the communism is true realized you know that it's easy to they and entirely I oppose communism stop and it's not necessary to say anything I was never there as communism had had it's different dimensions communism had of course it's different different degrees of oppressiveness when the communist again somehow restored their original power which was dramatically weakened in the second half of the 1960's the people like me were fired from institutions like academies and and universities so I was stopped from being able to teach students to to publish and is saying and it came early too early for me I was 27 it was just at the beginning of my life of my career nevertheless already at the time our views the views of people like me were absolute so on communism no and what we want is really capitalism and free markets and and and parliamentary democracy and so on so that was for us the burden we spent another 20 years and I'm in a very unpleasant regime but unpleasant in in another respect you were not allowed to to work in the professors in the occupations you were able to work you were not allowed to travel to the West you were not allowed to – right you were not allowed in my case to teach students nevertheless they were not imprisoned – when you could you could sort of normally normally live I'm absolutely sure that I would not have been able to do what I did and since the moment of the fall of communism without being part of the country part of the story without living there because all those who left the country spent 20 30 years abroad usually they're missing the elementary understanding of the country of the historical processes and and that was wrong I remember that one a professor from Cornell I came whom I met when I was there in 1968 visited Prague and and he asked me to do the people really believed in communism and Marxism I I say in 1980 not 1989 or let's say 10 years before the end of communism and I remember hi my answer at that time already was I don't think that many people in this country believe in communism or in Marxism and my point was there are more true believers in Marxism at the University of California in Berkeley then in the whole communist Czechoslovakia and I am totally sure this is true when I want to show the relative relative softness and weakness of communism we recently in my Institute in Prague three months ago we organized we organized a seminar debate being absolutely frustrated with the indoctrination of our children now with the non census and ideologies of environmentalism of global warming doctrine of Europeanism and so on and so on political correctness multiculturalism transnationalism gender ISM and feminism and so on the dangerous indoctrination of the children now is worse than in the last days of of already week more and more weakened weakened communism in the past in the communist past the families where the crucial mechanism for defending children against the official indoctrination where is now the families cease to play is such a role you know I don't think that the data parents fight with the children in carry for California about the non census of global warming you know so I am afraid that that Oh at least that was the B we're not voting at that discussion but but the majority feeling was that we lost the defense originally originally coming from from the parents from the from the families that's one of them protecting ballots to put it that way more or less disappeared or has been weakened day by day with the gender is than the political correctness and and all of them so on the one hand III spent most of my life and in communism and I definitely my life could have been much better without incomparably better without that nevertheless nevertheless I belong to those people who say we should never forget communism we should never marginalize it's it's deeds and and all the tragedies but don't forget that there are new isms that communism is now hidden in the different clauses the his disguise he communism lives now in Newry incarnations where the title communism is not the label communism is not used and we are I'm afraid we are not attentive enough to those new new dangers and that's our task of the future you

  1. It's not enough to reject communism. You must also embrace nationalism. Otherwise, the jooz will rule via their control of the media and schools.

  2. Why this scumbag should not be presented here:
    "With his amnesty, the president also stopped ongoing criminal proceedings that have lasted longer than eight years under one condition, which is that defendants face at most 10 years in jail. This category happens to include several notorious embezzlement and fraud cases that signify the wild post-communist overhaul of the economy in the 1990s, which was spearheaded by Mr Klaus."

  3. It is fkin disgrace to have this fckr on this channel. Right before leaving hte office he made a completely bizarre amnesty happen. The whole nation was "WTF?"
    Surely only as a coincidence he freed several of his buddies arrested for public money frauds.
    And as a bonus people associate him with our libertarian party, which makes its job even harder, as if libertarians were widely-popular in the first place.
    I hope you get cancer, Klaus.

  4. "There are more true believers in Marxism at University of California in Berkeley than in the whole communist Czechoslovakia"

    Great line.  If only those who teach it could have actually experienced it, how many would still teach it?

    If that type of governance were so good for it's people, wouldn't all the makeshift boats have been heading towards Cuba instead of away from it?

  5. Um. So this guy is a climate change denier, and believes Environmentalism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Political correctness etc. are all reincarnations of Communism? Complete fucking moron.

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