V SYSTEMS Introdcution

we are V systems blockchain opens up the centralized system to a safer decentralized environment currently we're seeing a lack of blockchain applications in the market for businesses in leveraging blockchain and scalability which are two of the biggest challenges making the technology difficult to utilize these systems is created to transform the industry Sonny keen the creator of proof of state consensus returns in 2018 to launch a revolution to the blockchain world again this time he's been working with a group of world leading database scientists to create the V systems project with the vision to re-architect the blockchain and establish the digital economy era we have created V systems and s POS consensus V systems is a blockchain database cloud project which will deliver the world's first object-oriented database with general purpose and is empowered to carry out complex decentralized applications spos is a high-performance version of proof of state consensus which enables a dramatic rise in the speed scalability and security of blockchain tech against a 51% attack we follow the original POS consensus which allows our users to gain more control through staking the super nodes also carry out block minting activities at a guaranteed rate while rewarding coin holders these systems is working on providing the world's first full-featured blockchain database for storing object-oriented data and will support more complex applications such as finance gaming and social media that depend on extensive database storage and operative abilities the platform is offering cloud developing and modular design tools which will be user and developer friendly while enabling enterprise developers to focus on doing business on the blockchain instead of struggling with difficult coding issues the other key functions of these systems are side chain management smart assets management consensus management interchain processing and transaction processing the V systems platform also keeps a sharp eye on cutting-edge blockchain technologies including tool sets to set up block chains for functionality and smart contracts tools which improve scalability and usability join sunny King to re-architect the blockchain the future of blockchain is for everybody and starts right here

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