Uyghurs massacred by Chinese Communist forces after 2 police killed in Xinjiang

Chinese state media says two police were killed
in a clash with Uyghur civilians in Xinjiang’s Kashgar City on Sunday. The incident took
place at Sayibage Township in Kashgar City. The Communist government’s report said that
the two police were attacked while they were on duty but it didn’t specify the identity
of the attackers. The incident happened at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, while the two police
were chasing suspects. A group of attackers allegedly threw explosives at the police and
attacked them with knives. Other police rushed to the scene and summarily executed 14 civilians
in response. Two other suspects were also arrested. Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of China’s
ministry of foreign affairs, justified the massacre at a press conference, calling the
dead civilians “terrorists”. She declared  that the attackers should be condemned by
the general public for attacking police with explosives. However, Dilshat Reshit, the spokesperson
of the World Uyghur Congress, condemned the Chinese government’s repetitive justification
of their attacks on Uyghur civilians. This is the fourth clash between police and
Uyghur civilians in the last six months. In July, Xinjiang’s regional Communist party
committee gathered around 80 religious leaders in Sayibage Township and forced them to learn
the 11th regional party committee’s declaration, which bans any religious gathering considered
illegal by the Chinese Communist party, a clear violation of human rights and religious

  1. So based on the logic of this video, when police are attacked by a bunch of mobs by lethal force, they can only shot down the same number of attackers as the number casualty of police officers.

  2. Evidences show that RADICAL MUSLIM groups (ISLAM, a religion that is easily hijacked and used for evil purpose) can not live with any other groups all over the world, including Chinese groups, Russians, Americans, British, German, Jewish, Dutch, Swedish…etc. It seems that any other racial group is their enemy and they have endless Holy Fight to build Islamic state, causing serious problems almost everywhere.

    Stop trying to pretend you are innocent minority being bullied and oppressed by major groups of their countries and government because nobody's gonna believe in you any more.

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    Chinese will be blessed by the most powerful god and it will become a real new world leader soon.

    Full respect…to Chinese!

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