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I came to UWM because I really wanted to live in the city, have an urban environment. I immediately fell in love with the campus, the small, close-knit environment here. What brought me to UWM is the architecture program. Being the most diverse campus in the state of Wisconsin is something that really attracted me here. Campus is not too far from home, and I wanted somewhere to go that wasn’t too far from home and not too close, so UWM was perfect. I really like the small campus, you know that everything is so close, easy to navigate. This area is a really nice residential area, so you’re very removed from the city but also very close to it at the same time. Because we are much larger city, there are opportunities for internships – we just have to put in the great effort to get those internships. One advantage of having an internship is the fact that you get to network with people who are older than you, who have a lot of experience, and in that internship you learn how to work with people. There’s something for everyone on campus. We have everything from political organizations to a nursing student association, we have multiple D1 sports. Aside from our 300-plus student organizations, we have awesome on-campus jobs and there are really great volunteer opportunities too, so there’s something for everyone and you don’t even have to leave campus. I love research because I get to answer questions and add to the knowledge base that we have already, and I get to answer new questions because the research we’re doing here, nobody’s ever done it before. Building a relationship with your professors or your TAs is pretty easy. The first relationship that I built here at UWM was with my adviser. As an incoming freshman here at UWM, especially as a first-generation student, you don’t expect a lot of that attention, so it was really nice. I’ve really come to claim Milwaukee as my city. I just love all the stuff that it brings, all the opportunities that you have here. No matter what you like to do, there’s something here for you. Milwaukee has just become my second home. I love the campus. I love the proximity to Milwaukee. Get here, get involved as soon as you can, make the connections early before classes start. Just remember to have fun while you’re a student.

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