USF Unstoppable: Alumni Association

For more than five decades, USF has turned
dreams into realities and changed millions of lives. Now, the people and programs of
the USF system will benefit from the most ambitious fund-raising campaign in its history,
making USF unstoppable. The USF Alumni Association is growing in leaps
and bounds, connecting USF alumni with the institutions of the USF system. The Alumni Association exists solely to assist
in the university’s success, to make it evolve and make it grow. We do this through a variety
of ways. But really, what we do is we serve as a conduit that allows alumni to have an
impact on this university. Anyone that walks across the stage at the
University of South Florida should heavily consider joining the Alumni Association. Every
alumni that becomes a part of the Alumni Association, you absolutely are having a meaningful impact
toward those long term goals of protecting the brand and image of our institution and
making sure that we can competeon a global stage. It’s so important to continue to give back,
to continue to stay involved, and we’re going to make the school better. And we’re going
to build the strongest Alumni Association based in Florida. And we’re going to get the
students involved, and we’re going to get involved. And we’re going to really build
that connection. That is not going to be broken. And that’s what will take our school to the
next level. From the student’s point of view, it’s an
opportunity for them to have 260,000 experts at their fingertips. From an alumni point
of view, it’s an opportunity to give back to the university that made them successful. As an alumni, you want to see what the student
body is doing. You want to see that interaction and what’s going on on campus. So I think
of it as a way for the alumni to stay connected to the students and what’s going on on campus
through their point of view. Being a part of the Alumni Association is
not only a sense of personal pride, it also is a sense of personal responsibility. When
you graduating from the University of South Florida, being that we are a younger institution,
I think it’s very important that all of our alumni get engaged early, stay engaged, and
be very vocal. Have a voice. I became a member of the Alumni Association
to give back to the institution with which I received my degrees. It’s the equity of
those degrees that continue to propel me professionally and personally. And you are building a legacy.
We continue to build a legacy. I think people should become a member of the
Alumni Association, because it’s a family. That connection that we all share that you
are not going to share with anybody else out there, it’s Bull’s country, it’s that connection,
it’s that passion. Last year, when the university was facing
some unprecedented appropriation issues from the state, the Alumni Association was able
to get the message out to alumni and friends of our university about what was taking place.
And our alumni stood up and said this isn’t right. And 2012 is a perfect example where you can
see the Alumni Association and all of its members spring into action. Without the USF Alumni Association, the cuts
may have just been as devastating as they initially were proposed. And that would have
been horrible for our students, for our faculty,and the entire Tampa Bay region. We are heard in Tallahassee. We’re heard in
Washington DC. We’re heard in downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg and Sarasota Manatee. It’s
hard to ignore such a large group of people that have USF as their primary focus. There’s no doubt that we are in the early
stages of building a legacy and a rich tradition.There is a clear sense of pride building from all
of our alumni and even our existing students. And so it’s very encouraging to see the sense
of ownership around our alumni in taking a vested interest in giving back. The benefit is people love USF. And if you
love this university and you want to see it continue to succeed, you can show that through
a connection through the Alumni Association. And Alumni Association will enable you to
have that life long connection to this university so that you can have that positive impact. To learn how you can make a difference for
the USF Alumni Association through the USF Unstoppable campaign, go to

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