US Socialism vs European Socialism

but come on if hypocrisy was uranium they could power the planet and that's what's so hard about being a closeted lover of big government you have to lie to yourself but that's why I'm here tonight with a special message for all you deniers it gets better yes there are millions of people in the world just like you in nice places like Switzerland and Sweden they enjoy high standards of living in freedom and they're socialists studies show they're actually happier than we are and that's not surprising because the only difference between American socialism and European socialism is European socialism works for their tax dollars for their tax dollars Europeans get full health care coverage a generous pension day care long paid vacations maternity leave free college and public transportation that doesn't smell like pee whereas our tax dollars go towards military bases in Germany subsidies to oil companies building bridges to nowhere Wars and putting half of Cheech and Chong in prison they get universal health care we get a Blue Angels fly over at the Fiesta Bowl they get paid maternity leave we get the Octomom they've got air bus we've got the bus isn't there anything we still do better even they're paranoid racist loners look like speed skaters and ours look like Porky Pig all right that's our show you can see me at the bridge festival

  1. switzerland is not socialist and has much lower taxes than the us here the states compete with eachother and we are capitalist and it works plus 3 of 8mio have guns

  2. it's annoying that americans always talk about Europe as if every land are the same. Its like saying that all Americans are stupid and primitive

  3. Socialism dosen't work in the U.S. because most of them think that socialism and communism are the same thing.

  4. Socialism works in Sweden because its a mostly white country. Socialist paradises and multi ethnic populations do not work. In fact socialism only works in white cultures.

  5. All diverse less than 90% white European countries are third world shitholes where rape rules the day.

  6. or greater at diversity then Sweden Norway Finland does not have the diversity that we do no wonder the economy is doing so much better haha we may still be 67% White but if you were to look at Norway there 90% White if you were to look at Finland they're 87% White so yeah we do diversity quite a bit better than most of Europe hell even the countries and Southern Europe like Romania don't have near the diversity that we do we are the greatest at diversity any industrialized country ever

  7. Well, thanks to US insane investments in military we in the EU enjoy a safety we don't pay for. We're sitting on the worlds biggest economy and are strategically invaluable to US. So well, Thank You USA! ….Is in order I think.

  8. Reading these comments let we educate the fucking moronic idoits.

    USSR = Communism (Bad)

    Sweden, Norway = Socialism


    And if you disagree I don't know what to do with you.

  9. European Socialism is also what they had in USSR, and the rest of East Europe. That is European Socialism. Don't be fooled. Socialism is not that nice and shiny

  10. It's not that european socialism works better than american socialism. It is that socialism works in europe, but it does not and never will in us.

  11. The trouble with the term "Socialism" is most who talk about it don't really know what they mean. When I hear americans speak about it, they either confuse it with totalitarian planned economy altogether or they at least mistakenly group it with that as the "bad outcome version". That's just wrong. It's true, a lot of these systems labeled themselves "socialist", but then again they although labeled themselves "democratic" and they self-evidently weren't the later either. Get over it. Not every social idea is linked to Marxism anyway. Politicians in Sweden and Switzerland from the left to the right call it just Democracy overviewing a Social Market Economy. Quite differing views concur in this picture, some are more idealistic than others, some are rather pragmatic, but the central values are still Liberty, Equality and Solidarity. Most who call themselves Social Democratic have never read Marx's "Das Kapital" or the "Communist Manifest". You can perfectly do without it. The problem just is Socialism is a discredited label and you are not improving the argument by clinging to it.

  12. What the hell does americans want to compare?
    europe and your shitty country? ok….i can tell you that i have 42years,2 major cirurgies and never spent a dime in health, anormal job that pays me about 3000usd/mounth and i pay 120usd for my morgage,and when i'm 60years old the goverment pays me to all of my life 80% of my month salary/each mounth until i die,then it pass to my wife….i can eat enywhere with 10usd in any restaurant.
    i dont have guns ou guns shops and i do not have mass murderes here. not 1 in my country history. i dont have an arsenal army that costs 250Busd/year…and no one attacs us.
    my army have national wide 13000mans….we are 80 non belivers in that shit you call religion. prostitution and drugs are legal,and we do not have hoes or dealers in the streets.
    we learn world history in school and we know better the history of your country than most of you.
    Just a fact of fucked up you are: you cannot see a nipple or a butt crack on tv but you can appear with your gun and with a racism speech!!!
    helll yeeee
    what realy do you want to compare?????

  13. Socialism can either go very well for you or it could it could absolutely destroy you. To make Socialism stable you need hard workers who are willing to put in a lot of taxes. The citizens must also be civilized and trustworthy. If you at least follow those you can end up as one of the more successful European countries. If you don't, you end up like Venezuela. I don't think America could become Socialist, well not in this century. We have too many people on Welfare and nobody works that hard. Also people already complain about taxes being too high but yet they want better Schools, libraries, roads, etc…, and they don't want to put in the extra amount of taxes for it to work. It is illogical. Also the huge amounts of money the USA gov already does get it wasted on extra military and other businesses that is not offering jobs in America but in other countries such as China, Vietnam, and India. I feel like many people don't like socialism/communism is because of corrupt leaders that say they are communist such as Stalin, Mao, Kim family, etc but they don't really follow the Communist manifesto that well. And also another thing that destroys socialist countries is minorities and illegal immigrants who think they deserve special rights.

  14. Switzerland and Sweden are some of the most free-market. And guess what is happening to all those free services in Sweden? They are being destroyed and run out by all the immigration.

  15. What did he allude to when he said "Building bridges to nowhere"? It seemed like he was making a stab at something but I can't figure out what.

  16. FDR said it a long time ago when he said that "the only thing to fear as fear itself". Republicans work on Americans making them afraid of any kind of change. Most Europeans are happier and healthier than most Americans. They don`t fear getting shot by the cops for a making a poor lane change. They do NOT fear dying because of a heath problem. OK, if you are one of the wealthier kind you DO FEAR CHANGE. They do not fear getting a long term of imprisonment because they had a marijuana cigarette. Even poor people are misled by the propaganda and also fear change. Poor people do NOT travel much because they cannot afford to. If you spend a lot of time in front of the boob tube you are fed rubbish by the media. Change will happen but it will be at glacial speed and a lot of people who could benefit will be dead by the time change comes. Wake up, Guys.

  17. America used to have a decent public transport system f municipal trams – until the automobile companies bought it all up in order to destroy it.

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