US Requires All Immigrants to Provide Social Media Details

this is true the u.s. is now seeking social media details from all visa applicants and yeah as an immigrant I when the Obama administration first floated this I was just like yeah this isn't good this is going to snowball quite and now and then went from voluntarily give your social media profiles only your public facing social media buzz and now it's TV soul now and it's not as though terrorists are gonna be going off to America are about to blow up a pill oh no no the new visa application lists a number of social media platforms and then says you must give us any account name you may have used over the previous five years for a young person who's had like a finster gram or yeah anything like that it's just also five years of previously used telephone numbers email addresses international travel and deportation status as well as whether any family members have ever been terrorists oh god they asked their query okay story time back home back when you as a Brit you could come to the US and they would just give you a little green form want you filled in on the flight and that gave you 90 days access and there was some yes or no questions you had two answers I have you visited a farm recently with had infectious things over you carrying any fruits and veg and then the last question was have you participated in any acts of genocide since 1945 and I don't know why they put these questions in whether it's a liability question or whether it's just something else they can throw at you but your social media that's just you know a great way to shut down immigrants who want to critique the us on social media isn't here right yeah and if you're already here it's a great way to have you avoid making any observations that would appear not normal to anybody who's already habituated to what's going on it's like the sensor the the some census form yeah right you have to check whether or not you're a citizen or not this week just the hard drives yes this is just a great story our different uh and bear in mind um it's been a long decade week whatever as it turns out the Republican strategist who came up with the citizens Thomas P Hoffler yeah so he dies in August his estranged daughter who happens to be a progressive aggressive finds these disk drives with all of the details as to how to get this highly politicized question onto the Census and so the the plausible will no it's totally not a political question defense has has now been explicitly says you know this is designed to bolster white and Republican support yes yes really yes what surprise came out of nowhere mr. Hoffa lers exhaustive analysis of take Texas state legislative districts concludes such maps would be advantageous to Republicans and non-hispanic whites and would dilute the political power of the state's Hispanic population yeah and this is a man whose career was based on using computer modeling to build the most elaborately gerrymandered so didn't know enough to that sanitize his hard drive oh you're great so the tech illiteracy is the moral of this is please use encryption hold this hacker and make sure that that way you don't have to wipe your drive you know without questions on citizenship being included on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire mr. Hoffa I wrote the use of citizen voting age population is functionally unworkable they wanted detailed citizenship data to draw the maps so anyway it's yeah it's kind of the smoking drive not a smoking gun to the smoking drive right yeah you

  1. Someone will just generate fake social media accounts with a script anyway and show them to immigration. Pointless.

  2. how could they even tell if a immigrant had a sock account on some social media platform? if they did why would they ask? it seems like a pointless question

  3. I like that false statement from Gavin Newsom where he says that California will provide shelter for all those who need it. Really Mr Newsom, then why are there almost 100,000 homeless in Los Angeles and almost 40,000 homeless in Silicon Valley? Is it because they are US citizens and not illegal immigrants?

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