US BOMBER CRASH LANDING!  - Stormworks: Build and Rescue - B-1B Lancer

all righty hello guys welcome your faces back to another storm wigs video today we're checking out a b-1 Lancer or b-1b Lancer and it's belt by thingamabob which is an awesome name anyway um yes so we're gonna check out this today I've already put it in a so you have to spawn it in with the custom mission and that's exactly what we've done so it's spawned in right here on the airfield at the military base because it's a military plane so we're just gonna go ahead and jump inside you go up through these little little ladders right here and we're gonna see what we can do with it I think it's got bombs oh my it's got a lot of these it's got a hell of a lot of these all right so let's continue or we got a bunch of these things on the right we got a bunch of these things on the left as well we've got oh my we got so much to do in here can we close this door so I can actually walk around that would be great oh we need some power to do that engines no we need like an actual power power we need power power flower power APU do you have an APU a GPU pot wait what GPU um misc systems main breaker that'll do it probably no that didn't do it okay cabin lights no avionics no carpet buttons no no no no maybe it's concrete but I don't think so access hatch BAM there we go oh yeah look at that Wow I don't know why we got all this stuff but but we do we got lots of stuff to do um can we turn on everything let's just turn on all of them here we go all of them are turning on Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam oh wait I just turn that one off let's turn that one back on there we go in all these as well yes oh wow okay right there's a lot of these to do there is a hell of a lot of these to do that's crazy what have we got in here we got nav lights yeah we need those we got landing lights yeah carpet lights sure um thereΓ­ll were you feeling we don't need that wing sweep we don't need that just yet okay ah let's sit in this seat and turn on all the engines engine one engine 2 engine 3 and your 4 there we go we have fuel pumps up here as well I think yeah 1 2 3 4 alright cool it's all good back lights light yeah there we go presumably this should turn on but I'm not sure Baumer alright we don't need to do any of these just yet but but we will need to soon we've actually got a camera facing down to active while refueling we don't need that we don't need that okay right I guess we just need a throttle now to go up a little bit there we go reduce throttle day three before attracting landing gear to avoid damage okay okay so now that we've done that we have managed to turn around I don't await sliding sideways but it is so let's change it to day time so we can actually see what's going on there we go we've turned sideways good and now let's uh worry where's your book I don't know do we poor wing sweep we don't need that just yet alright let's go let's go here we go try and turn left while we're doing it I can't tell whether this buttons actually doing any itself okay right all right all right we'll move it yeah I'm moving weak this is it good I can't uh I got done I can't turn no no after all of that damn it maybe we are still flying completely sorry I think we're okay I don't think we've damaged any main systems obviously we have the landing gear is bouncing all over the place so is the main hatch all right we need to go in for an emergency landing straightaway okay retract into null point three three there we go Oh point two six that'll do all right okay we've lost half for our engines and fo we've lost half for our engine are all ready okay get back inside can we turn the brakes on there we go all right our back landing gear is still on the ground are still down so that's good turned ourselves around okay fantastic let's go up two three three there we go we're out three three good and we are start earning a little bit but that's okay bring it side and turn ourselves into this oh god no okay just drop it all together there we go we're gonna glider in there is no gliding in this game I forgot oh Jesus okay landed totally landed okay right we wanted we want to try that again we really do all right so spawn it in again we're gonna go ahead and quickly jump inside and we're gonna fly away with it it's gonna be a okay don't worry here we go we're gonna get inside we got to do this relatively quickly like we're still gonna turn on all these things which takes a while so we're gonna quickly do all of these and then we'll jump in the pilot's seat we'll just go it's kind of what we need to do otherwise we're just gonna spin fact actually ten the brakes on we can't turn the brakes on unless you turn the brakes on down here but I don't know where the brakes are so there we go brakes on there we go fantastic and we turned yet or are we still on that we're still solve a straight line so that's good all right cool we'll go turn on the engines well uh close this that latch in the floor and we'll get going all right fuel pumps all of those are on beautiful go ahead and turn on all of these things as well there we go yes sir up a little window we got a little window in here that's cool all right we're ready to go we are actually ready to go straightforward aerial refueling swing no let's go here we go here we go full speed ahead please thank you and this thing looks awesome it's really well made I like the way it looks look at that baby little shark over there alright okay you guys ready we're going slightly sideways oh we're gonna slightly sideways the other way now I'm sure it's ok here we go there we go three two one lift up we were already in the air oh that is awesome that is actually pretty cool can we lift up the landing gear landing gear where's landing gear is it down here I'm again ever oh oh oh it's glitched a little bit I think oh no it's still going in it still kind of it go oh oh oh oh I'm sure that's fine it's in our landing gear has retracted awesome the front line think you asked the quite retracted but that's okay right we need to find like an altitude hole let's go down to one one one there we go I love you doll this on good luck red lights are on yes nav lights are on everything's on we're going back down to normal altitude very good can we sweep the wings sweet wings there we go look at them look at them go yes all that is awesome we're good ah Oh Oh wind turbine I don't know how high they are but they must be quite high right it's a wind turbine alright let's turn our sup Oh landing gears coming through the side I don't believe that's supposed to happen but it is definitely happening right now okay so obviously we can't really do any missions with this thing but we can probably do something else we can probably drop the bombs but we kind of need three people to be able to do this kind of but maybe not maybe not alright let's find an island to fly over and we'll drop our bombs on said Island here we go satyrs Waypoint go ahead and turn ourselves around oh man this looks great I don't think it took him this long to fill or that lots of building I'm not sure that I can't be correct with that one can't be too correct with that one okay let's uh go sideways a little bit there we go try and get straight on with our our Waypoint like around around here I think that's okay okay let's run backwards and get inside of our little la bombe dude our little bombe dude turned on our little camera beautiful bombe one opening bombe to opening bombe three opening look at all the bombe oh the bombs on fella already why why did they all follow we got bomb bay drop buttons here why why did they all follow I'm so confused they all went anyway so if we've missed our target by quite a bit right away actually all right drop all of these and we close them all there we go the back landing gear one isn't closing it's a little bit damaged but that's okay all right we flew over that's good okay right what do we do now what are we doing I don't think this oh we can't go in the medbay because we are a little bit damaged and then we can heal ourselves all the way up and then we can get out of bed and do some more bee's knees do some more peas yes it takes a little while to heal though that's okay all right I've turned on the wind and the fog and the rain and stuff so that we can actually see what it looks like on the nighttime it looks very red it looks extremely red but that's fine it's supposed to I think it's odd doesn't that look great no wow I'm actually really pleased with the way this loads I didn't expect it to look so good that's crazy that is actually insane I really want to build a jet now I really do so I might end up building a jet I like a like a normal jet normally though my designs are really tiny let's go for something bigger but yeah we gotta learn this in like bad weather where are we all right we're coming in from the south there is no runway in the south so let's go sideways a little bit we'll do some landing that way okay we're all down to 33 there we go swing the weakest swing the weakest back out okay I think you should go back down brakes should go on and oh no the landing gear is no coming out that landing gear is now coming out we we're gonna have to belly flop this one if we wiggle it maybe I'll come out wiggle there's no way there is no way altitude all needs to go off we got no landing gear oh it's actually like messing with my controls now it's broken my controls we're going down oh we went down one oh I can't control anything now oh oh no okay we've got one swing we if I like these eggs Winkley okay wait wing sweep sweep sweep swing that's what I meant to say we're going down Oh boys Oh boys are boys Oh hot-diggity-dog were dead again we're dead again wait it floats it floats yes what are dead we're not dead yet can I get out of this I don't know whether the button will let me open yes they told me well alright we've survived a plane crash in a b-1 bomber hi take a knee doc nice good job everybody good job so I guess my only criticism for this as of right now is the fact that I guess you need okay there's two crazed isms you need more than one person to fly it oh yeah I mean you don't necessarily but it would be better with you it's not even necessarily a criticism either and the only other thing is I would love the brawl to be on up and down instead of having to actually look at a throttle lever both other than that this thing is awesome it looks super cool and it drops bombs which is super cool I might be able to land it eventually which is kinda super cool and it just looks insane so so yeah there you go guys we have a tsunami inbound and the only plane regarding a b-1 Lancer and that's getting Chad and get out of here hopefully we can take it off before the tsunami gets here I selected the tsunami commander a few minutes ago or a few seconds ago not minutes and it should be here very soon so we're gonna run all the way over there we got to get inside and we got to get off the island before the tsunami hits us I don't actually know how long the tsunami takes to get to where you are there's not a thing has anybody tested that out I don't know also we haven't tried any air-to-air refueling with this thing but uh we're not gonna do that today because I'm on a laptop anyway now we're gonna go upstairs real quick we gotta flick on all these things and we just got to get going I wish there was more than just me because this is dangerous this is very dangerous also I need to flick on all of these and it takes forever there we go click all of them on that's good hopefully this is an anticlimactic when this thing gets here super quickly there we go landing gear bomb Bay's all right we're all good to go lift this up turn on all the engines there we go turn these on come on come on we got to go we got to go we got to go all of them are on beautiful get out let's go sit in the seat throttle up up we go it's a tsunami anyone here we might be taking off into it there it is ha ha there's a tsunami right there all right I'm gonna turn the wind up I mean the so we can actually see it all right I mean we are full throttle so we should start moving very soon we are moving okay tsunami is almost hitting the island imagine this in real life that'd be crazy now be super crazy alright liftoff liftoff we're out of here yes we survived we survived a tsunami all right okay let's go a little bit slower we'll try and lift up the landing gear this time a little bit better than last time okay altitude olds we're gonna go for one more one again there we go altitude hold it's hard beautiful landing gear is gonna come up there we go so it folds in like a really weird a really weird way however this time it is doing it correctly mr. Boyd possibly oh that one's worked the other side hasn't quite worked though oh it's closing the doors it's trying to squish it but he can't Oh No okay one side actually worked really well there also the front landing gear is in as well so that's pretty cool that is pretty cool indeed alright let's drop it real quick so you can try and get this one in if we can't get this one in properly then we got a bit of an issue I mean does that count as being in I'm gonna go ahead and probably say no but I may be okay right go full-throttle yes sweep doings there we go wing sweep and we're get it out of here oh that's cool that's so awesome right turn us around we need to go to the right over the over the – tsunami there we go good and then back in for a landing we're gonna try and land it properly this time it seems like a good idea as long as we could not actually let the landing gear down because of the minute one of them is glitching out – Hank look at it Oh both of them are oh come on please hopefully the front landing gear goes out and then one of the backbones goes out we can land it properly maybe I don't think that's gonna happen though alright select that is our destination go ahead and put ourselves in there properly put the brakes on there we go brakes are going on landing gear okay we don't need to touch that bleep swings we need to do the weep swings there we go now if it likes beautiful altitude all can come off and we need to throttle down a little bit even more there you go throttle down to 31 that's okay good here we go we got in for a landing with with just our front landing gear that's all we've got it's currently all we've got okay everybody ready for this we need to be kind of quick with this either all the download women over to six Turner's in oh yeah oh yeah here we go here we go emergency landing emergency landing things are breaking things are definitely breaking we're skidding oh come on stop stop before the end stop please before we end up in the water oh come on no we're gonna end up in the water anyway oh that was so close that was so so close to being a good emergency landing kind of maybe maybe not but it does floats that's good anyway I'm gonna go ahead and end this video here thank you guys for watching if you guys want to check out this creation I will link it down below and you guys can mess around with it for yourselves but for right now I'm gonna go ahead and say thank you guys for watching see you in the next jump and goodbye

  1. Aah im late again. I was watching Chernobyl. I though that was a Tupolev when i saw the image and didnt read. Nice vid like always.

  2. Great Video πŸ‘ πŸ‘ keep up the great work 😎 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί I hope you have a great week 😎 PS I love your videos 😎 πŸ‘

  3. Hey! Frantic can you make a car that drives on the bottom of the sea for the next vehicle you build, PLZ?

  4. WOOHOO Another video

    Me: SO much Buttons
    Frantic:(Turned on the plane 1st try)


    PS:love your videos

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