Universe in 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

Hi I’m Greg, Riot Ghost Crawler, and I lead the IP Team here at Riot Games. When we talk about the IP what we
really mean is the world of Runeterra. Different regions in the world, the characters and then the stories that go on
around those characters. I want to tell you a little bit about our
plans going forward for 2020. Now think back to 2018 we used that as
an opportunity to physically build out the map. Like, what does the world of Runeterra look like
and where are all these cities and places you’ve heard about. And then in 2019 we focused a little
bit more on a few of the regions and characters within that world. For example when we released Sylas into
League of Legends we used that as an opportunity to talk a little bit more about the
relationship of Lux to Garen and also Demacia’s relationship to magic as a whole. And then more recently, Senna
helps to tell a little bit more about the Shadow Isles and the Sentinals
with Lucian and Thresh. In 2020 we’re going to continue
to move the story forward and we are going to use the opportunity
of the release of Sett to go into Ionia. So you’re gonna see a few different things
happening in Ionia in 2020 including the Zed comics. On the topic of comics we have been humbled by
how many of you have read the story so far that we made with Marvel. We’ve done a series on Ashe
and a series on Lux. And right now we are in the middle of a
series on Zed and for the first time you get to see behind the mask. As Zed interacts
with some of the other famous champions of Ionia. Following that, we’re gonna hop back and forth
through time with one of my favorite champions. Now one of our biggest opportunities for
storytelling in 2020 will come when we finally release Arcane. We talked a little bit about Arcane in the
League 10 Year Celebration. Arcane is the first animated series from Riot Games. We follow the evolution of two of Leagues
most famous champions as they grow up in the mean streets of Piltover and Zaun. One of the challenges of telling stories inside of
our games. Is that for the most part Riot makes these large multi-player competitive games. We recognize that single player games can be a
great way to tell stories. So the way we are going to try to tackle that is through something called
Riot Forge. Riot Forge is a way for us to publish third party games
that take place inside of the League Universe. We’ve announced the first two games already. The Ruined King is a Turn-Based Role Playing Game. and Convergence is a Platformer featuring a little
bit of Time Travel with Ekko. We really are excited about this project and
we hope that you get to experience the rich lore of League and
Runeterra by the end of the year. During the League 10 Year Celebration you may have
noticed a few sneak peeks about our next Table Top Game. We are excited today to announce Tellstones. It’s a two-player bluffing game with perfect information. Varients of Tellstones are played throughout Runeterra. And we are working hard to make sure you feel like you
are holding a piece of the Damacian one in your hands. We are really commited to exploring this space,
so we have established a Riot Table-Top team. We are going to explore a lot of different types of games. Some big, some small. We really hope that they are all something you love. So we’re gonna continue telling stories that
connect the world and characters of Runeterra. Both inside and outside of games. From comics to Tell Stones and even Riot Forge.
We are always looking for more ways to bring you into the world. Speaking of which, as one last thing. I want to tell
you about some short videos that we’re gonna release later this year, that take you
around different places of Runeterra. We call them ‘Tales of Runeterra’ and hopefully you will
be able to see some of your favorite Champions from League of Legends, and favorite
characters from Legends of Runeterra. Here is a sneak peak of Ionia. Thanks. What happens when an outsider destroys the
balance of this land? Is this another one of your riddles old man?

  1. It took me 90 seconds to pick vayne and runes that i already knew what to pick. I didnt have time to pick heal. Fix your first game first. Then go to the second. P.s. i never had such a problem before. P.s 2 in game i have my regular 80 fps

  2. Would like to try and play the game, but seems like you cant just start on this game anymore without knowing everything or you are going to get hate 24/7

  3. Not going to lie, I'm upset about Tellstones. I thought it would be a tabletop in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons like Dragon Age did.

  4. i hope riot expands more on the void champions such as:
    – kassadins rivalry against malzahar
    – void creatures interacting with other champions like Galio and Cho'Gath fighting eachother (which hasnt happened in the lore but would be awesome)
    – Jax finds someone to take on the void in icathia (which is what hes doing now from his story "None Shall Pass")
    – A short on The Watchers (who are beings in the void )
    The Void is probably my favourite region in LoL and i really want to see stories on these champions move forward instead of it just being a few sentences long

  5. Honestly, I haven't picked up League in years… but I always come back to the beautiful setting, cinematics, characters, and worldbuilding. I'll definitely be looking for Arcane, and maybe I'll take a look at those 3rd party games too. It's so easy to forget that for many people, the gameplay can get stale… but the depth of the world in the game, the story and lore? Those will bring people back time and time and time again.

  6. A couple of years ago I would have never thought riot would push so much good lore and storytelling, I mean, things were so disconnected and stuff

  7. Thank u riot for this new sneck pic now I see shen and akali they are my peidborait characters in league of legends love u riot ty

  8. I can't Wait until you establish communities classified by the intention of each player. We need to defend something in games you can change the form of the base in relation with the type of caracters playing in each team.

  9. Seems like the sell out point. You already don't care about your matchmaking or balancing for anyone but the ones that make you money. So you dang sure won't do anything about it now

  10. I highly disagree in the symbolism of that table top painting thing, oposite of what this company has stood for in the past. Hypocrits, Checkmate.

  11. I'm still wondering what the military in Piltover is really like. Their arsenal of weapons, uniforms, associated champions, et.

  12. Thanks for telling us… basically nothing? At least we saw that we're getting a cool cinematic thing… knew about the other stuff more or less though.

  13. "Following that ,we're gonna hop back and forth through time with one of my favourite champion" ,

    and lemme guess,Teemo?🤔😄😹dude


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