UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

this video was made possible by clear the first 200 users to sign up with the link in the description box will receive a free exclusive 3-month trial of their expedited security services the time has come for the ultimate face down which airline is best United American or Delta having flown the former to dozens of times I had a general idea of what to expect but flying them so close together to compare I had some interesting insights meanwhile before shooting this series I'd only ever flown Delta twice so I came into the experience with an untainted perception perhaps beside a mild dislike for their anti M III propaganda videos anyhow let's dive right in by having a look at their seats on long-haul aircraft all airlines have pretty standard configurations there are no unique design features like you'll find on Etihad or Emirates American Airlines has a comfortable modern cabin on their long haul and short haul flights although the legroom is quite bad there are no special storage pockets but at least the entertainment screen is good and the seat is decked out with USB and charging ports United as a similar seat with a slightly more dated entertainment screen and a worst located power port United also doesn't have USB ports on part of their long-haul scheme the like room on my economy cosplay was great since I was lucky with my seat but in general I found it to be quite similar to American Delta had the least legroom of all three airlines and the seats on their 767 have seen better days on short haul flights however their seats are comfortable and visually appealing so how is the entertainment well American wins this category by a landslide I used to be impressed by United system but no longer find a competitive meanwhile the Delta offers a limited selection as well but at least they have good Wi-Fi streaming systems these systems are available on all three airlines though so it's not unique what about food here I need to divide it by long haul and short haul on short haul flights I'm burning to say Alaska wins but I can't instead I have to give this trophy to United for their wide range of options for purchase it's worth noting that they don't offer free food on transcontinental flights though while their competitors do so that gives them a disadvantage for long-haul American wins their catering isn't mind-blowing in any way but it's decently tasty and always well presented in my experiences the short haul catering on American is especially disappointing but I don't find Delta's too impressive either so what about service well this one goes to Delta not because I had any bad experiences with the other airlines but just because I sensed a higher level of professionalism from their crews in Chicago their ground staff was fantastic and overall I felt like they cared for their passengers in my experience United an American are about the same service wise hugs this one goes to Delta while Americans JFK terminal 8 is nice security is always a catastrophe and the terminal just isn't so exciting United's hubs in both New York and San Francisco are decent and I wouldn't actively avoid them but it can't be a coincidence that the best terminals of both these airports are the ones that are not occupied by United Delta has a nice terminal in San Francisco and does a great job in Atlanta considering that it's the world's busiest airport honestly the transit experience was seamless and I didn't have any delays the last category airline attitude is an important one in the u.s. unfortunately their reputations are largely correct all three airlines are giant oligopolistic corporations that care more about their profits than their service this is reflected in their flight attendant training their choices of amenities and the way they treat you and things go wrong while I didn't have too much experience with this and encountering problems luckily Delta seems to care just a little bit more than the other two but might take away from this entire economy week is one thing and I'll tell you what it is after I briefly talk about my sponsor for the last time in this economy week you guys know that I'm always at the airport in the last minute since I'd love to maximize my time at my current location whether that's at home or abroad still I always squeeze in sometime at the lounge when I can since it gives you that extra time to unwind before your flight thanks to clear you can save more than 30 minutes waiting in security lines at some airports which means more time to enjoy some food in the lounge and catch up on emails or a more time with loved ones at home the best part of this lounge the view go to the link in the bio and another 200 of you will get a free three-month trial so what is my big takeaway the u.s. three are almost the exact same airline the service is pretty much the same the cabins are similar the food is similar and their airports work the same the variance between these three carriers is so small with Delta coming out a little way ahead overall but the average passenger probably won't even notice this difference while it's really worth it to go out of your way to fly certain Middle Eastern Airlines over others I choose my US airline based on convenience in price since the difference just isn't big enough having said that let's throw in two bonus comparisons that make this even less clear-cut extra legroom Economy seating unique to US airlines this is actually a great feature for those who don't want to pay business or Premium Economy prices but still want extra comfort all these airlines have several rows of extra legroom economy sitting on all their aircraft that you can either purchase or get for free if you're a status holder I wanted to compare prices between the different airlines and search for an itinerary between Boston and Lima one way to check the price to upgrade on this route the cost one United to upgrade both legs was 234 dollars surprisingly all the airlines were similarly priced but there was one that came out ahead American Airlines on Delta the price was half of United at just $119 however this is not a consistent thing and it happened to be like this given the specific route meanwhile American doesn't offer any upgrade packages you have to select the seats individually for each flight so for the first connecting like the upgrade cost was just $22 from Boston to Miami which is a fantastic value meanwhile from Miami to Lima the cost was maximum $67 for a total upgrade cost of just $89 to get extra leg room economy all the way from Boston to Lima blue it's also interesting to consider the frequent flyer programs of these Airlines as a whole since they are a large component of people's loyalty to the various carriers Delta has by far the worst program they don't have set award charts meaning that award tickets can cost pretty much whatever Delta wants making it super inconsistent and hard to find good deals purely based off this I would never be loyal to them unfortunately American in my opinion has the best program while United is just a little way behind but overall I will continue being loyal to American Airlines when I'm traveling to and from the US just because I value one world status the most and having status on any one world airline gets you free extra legroom seating on American which is an incredibly valuable perk so if you don't consider anything except the average passenger experience Delta wins but considering a lot of other aspects like the frequent flyer program at extra legroom seating it's not really so clear I hope y'all enjoyed this video and this economy week it was a lot of fun doing it and I hope you all find this helpful when deciding which airlines to fly again I'd like to thank my incredible patrons for your support and making this possible a special shout out to Chris Victor Martin Frederick Andre Paul Kim sudden and tor if I reach two thousand likes on this video I will do a comparison between the u.s. three and the M III which should be interesting to compare for example Emirates and American Airlines also please don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you can stay updated with more videos like this I have plenty more useful series coming out very soon as well as a bunch of other premium class reviews and comparisons and leave a comment below with what you thought about this video do you agree do you disagree please don't disagree to strongly and until I see you all next time fly safe

  1. I agree with delta but the way you draw conclusions is not very crebile.. There is a lot more factors to take into consideration. Solely from the customers perspective you are making good points tho. (words coming from ground operations employee)

  2. Thank you for this video. And thanks for everybody commenting! I’ve flown frontier, sun cohntry, delta(12 yearsago), Southwest. United, and spirit

    HORRIBLE experiences with frontier omg. The worst EVER. I’m flying to Miami for surgery and wanted to see the best! I’m going with delta. Thanks yall

  3. Stop comparing a privately held company to middle eastern state supported ones! Also the airlines you mentioned aren't even flying domestic! If you want to take those airlines and pay the premium price they charge by all means do so but not everyone needs gold plated toilet seats and bullshit eye candy to make them believe they are somehow getting their money's worth!

  4. DELTA IS THE ONLY ONE YOU SHOULD FLY others are really unconformable emirates and air france is good too

  5. I would have like to see more facts to back up the comparison. For example, show the actual food served on all three airlines on the same or similar long haul route to compare before drawing unconvincing conclusion.

  6. Delta old ifes are not the best in delta studio thankfully delta is putting effort and redoing their aircrafts

  7. Out of these it’s Delta but my all time favorite is Alaska. Sooo much leg room awesome food and great tv screens

  8. American Airlines was horrible due to this video where a guy was on a plane and it had to be delayed until 6:00 AM plus the security guards wouldn't let him record with a camera

  9. What a BS marketing scheme for Clear. How much did you get paid for this ad?
    United’s Mileage Plus Member get free upgrades to economy plus, free checked bags and 2 free passes to the club, which is much nicer than what you showed on here.

  10. I flew Delta a few months ago and reward definitely goes to Delta!!! I flew somewhere basic economy which was paid for as a all round trip. After being one day in my destination, I was put in a very scary and almost life threatening situation. I called Delta customer service and they changed my flight to flying me back home the very next day for FREE. Thank you Delta for caring for my life and being there for me when I needed you. True story!!! 🙌👏

  11. American Airlines were the 4 planes hijacked on 9/11. Just a speck of curiosity 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. delta airlines best airlines in the world .https://www.airlineshelpdesk.net/flights-to-atlanta/

  13. Sadly, these three airlines comoared to a worldwide airlines, US Airlines are not even in the top 10. Americans airlines got it wrong in that sense.

  14. For 1 stop comparing these airlines to Emirates!!! they pretty much blow all other airlines out the water.. no contest🙌

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