Unemployment, Automation, and the END OF CAPITALISM

hey everybody it's your quick step for this week if my voice is a little nasally it's because I have a cold I recorded Thursday's video when I wasn't even worse shape so next video I get a little base anyways today is a talk about automation unemployment all sorts of fun stuff one of the things I suggest you do is click on the Oh know card cards go here and you will be linked to the CGP great video on the uncoming problem of automation and you can if you haven't seen it yet it was very popular when I came out but it's definitely worth a watch anyways CGP crazy video is good but it's not complete it's very good though so very recently the United States announced that its unemployment numbers have actually been dropping it's the lowest that has been in 17 years this has more to do with the fact that they keep tweaking the way that they define unemployment but you know whatever namely that unemployment figures look at participation by people who are actively looking for jobs in the last few months and counts all employment as employment what this doesn't factor is that it only checks for people who have been looking for jobs in the last few months so doesn't count those who have dropped out of the workforce in place of finding a job when they wanted to it also doesn't count under employment people who have jobs but work insufficient hours to make ends meet or are working outside of their field of expertise so their skills are being underutilized it also doesn't say anything about wages something that has been stagnant since the 1970s and has been in many countries this is important because of inflation money becomes worth a little bit less every single year some years more than others but it's important to know that if wages don't go up every year by about a percent you are effectively taking a pay cut this is what's really making everybody feel like they're poorer every single year but for some reason we blame taxes because reasons now I could say all sorts of things like that Trump just like Bill Clinton when he claimed good job numbers 17 years ago actually that these are more trying to weasel out of answering the problem of unemployment they are finding low-skilled underpaid work that you really can't survive on and claiming that that is somehow the solution to unemployment because then they can say unemployment is low and people who don't look at the numbers or who don't pay attention to how crappy things are in the world seem to take that as a bonus and Donald Trump is all about lying to look good I mean that's basically his entire career he actually became president that way that and you know stoking the fires of racism but you know people say I have too many opinions on this channel they're gonna be the shut up and sing message very often I'm not ready to make nice I'm not ready to back down that's the second time I've sang this song on step back and also the second time they did it in response of people getting mad at me for yeah you know what I'm gonna stop why I am talking about unemployment and why I'm talking about CGP grey is because both of them are signs of the beginning of the end neoliberalism is a late capitalism which is a term you probably heard on the internet but don't know exactly what it means late capitalism is this term that to actually phrase a pretty history learnin person I was very surprised to find out Matt Chrisman it's capitalism eating itself because it's ran out of things to expand into so as returns get smaller and smaller every year capitalist countries need to basically devour themselves other word that has been used as endo colonization and basically start to prey off themselves by doing things like reducing wages and cutting rights for workers and all sorts of fun stuff in order to keep profits up that can only go for so long before these things that are basically internal contradictions and capitalism which we'll talk about in a bit start to come to full circle and we don't have a solution because we can picture the world ending easier than we could picture the end of capitalism capitalism by the way I'm going to define in this video as the private ownership of now as goes our all journey the means of production which means the things that make the things so the factories the ships the trucks companies all the things we need to do to make the things that we need and we have this contradiction where we have a lot of people under a capitalist system who can't own a means of production of their own they can't own a business so they must work for somebody who does own a means of production that means that they need to trade their time of their life for money so we need money to buy food and pay rent yes paying do not get kicked out of the home you live in and also capitalism requires infinite growth in order to be successful if you look there's always talk about the economy growing year-on-year and if it's not growing that's considered very very bad unfortunately we have a finite population a finite planet and finite resources which means that infinite expansion is a suicidal farce anyways people sell their time for money to get things that they need to live in order to make money to get the things on stores people need to have money to buy things so companies need people to have money but also are incentivized because of you know efficiencies and things like that to have as few workers being paid as little as possible those are both we like to call in Marxist economics a contradiction because there's a third aspect second ology Automation all of a sudden the amount of work needed to make the products that all humans need actually surpass about maybe 50 years ago but even so it's getting even more crazy in order to make all the products that everybody needs to live in luxury forever the amount of time required to do that is going down we've already passed the point where we can give everybody pretty much everything they need to be happy but Jeff Bezos needs to go to space so we can't distribute it evenly sorry guys but it means that the more automated things gets the more available commodities are the price goes down but there are fewer and fewer people making money because most people work for wages to buy the things that are being sold which means you hit a breaking point when you have nobody who can afford the things that they are then working to make or that there's so many people who can't work because there's not enough jobs left for them see the CGP grey video about the whole thing about horses and people that all of a sudden capitalism kind of doesn't make sense anymore it is like literally a nonsensical economic system it would just break it's already been breaking for over 40 years but it's going to like finally break its spine and this is a part where capitalism will either have to end or radically change its form and that's where people will say like oh I I I'm sure just go down there and click and you're gonna see the word universal basic income or just basic income or ubi cuz that's the first thing that came to mind to some commenter who didn't watch the end of this video basic income is a idea that's been pitched by both conservatives and social well not socialist socialists don't like everyone's good cannot kill you know so right-wing people to Center right-wing people so you know liberals and conservatives alike is some socialists like it because it is in many ways a step forward but basically it is money for everybody whether or not you worked whether or not you did anything as long as you lived for a month you get money it's a good idea it is definitely better than not having it but it is definitely a stopgap in order to keep this going remember what I said about inflation earlier that money that you get every month from the government will go down every year because that money is not gonna be tied to inflation so it's not tied to politics or living expenses so the first things you will probably see is these poor slums of people who live outside the city who are unemployable and because of living expenses they are forced to live in parts of the country that don't have any work and have low cost of living so trailer parks trailer parks for miles and then the you know the cities are going to be a place for the professional classes and the hype rich for those who have the highest seat on the Titanic as it's going down so basic income will probably do something like that it'll also get rid of pretty much any Union rights or any unions labor ability to work basically the power to strike is not gonna mean anything because if you get fired for no reason you could just build basic income so workers protections would go away real quick so it has its problems it's better than not having it but it has its problems what is the solution hmm if you have one please write it to the nobel economics division because i imagine they have an award for you but that is definitely going to be in my opinion the central issue of our time as we come into the end of capitalism's ability to function what are we going to do how are we going to treat each other we've already figured out two options one is to get rid of capitalism and make things equal for everyone you know the Sanders option or the other option which is to ignore the systemic problems that are making things worse and instead blame it on people who have darker skin than you that seems to be the one that is the most popular these days but it is one that I think does not work and should probably be stopped posthaste anyways everybody May 19th 7 p.m. at disgrace land in Toronto there is going to be a youtuber meetup between myself Mexi and thought slime and I want to see lots of stepback fans come out to that because it's gonna be a fun time it's gonna be raucous it's gonna be off the wall I don't know why I'm so hyper but anyways this has been Tristan this has been step back this has been quick stuff big new video format I'm changing the video format a step back on Thursday check it out I'm very excited peace out

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  2. Capitalism has just become pure greed. Money is the most important thing so human life now means nothing. Let's let it die.

  3. I agree with your opinions and I am glad people are speaking out. I thought of making videos but I suffered a heart attack and trying to not die.

  4. My brother also told me that they aren't counting a lot of people so they can make unemployment seem low.

  5. Highly doubt capitalism will ever end. People need to realize, that social and economic structures evolved and changed over time. There is no such thing as the one "capitalism", there are different forms of capitalism. Who knows maybe we will have something like an UBI, but retain a market based economy. Also note, that it is highly debatable weather or not we have capitalism. Some companies have more power than some states do. Companies should never interfere with Politics and bend laws in their favor, but this is exactly what is happening. We don't have democracy anymore, we are governed by lobbyists. Never in history has a system worked that defies human nature. I know many on the left are tired of hearing this argument, but please listen anyways since it might give you a new point of view on this argument. You spoke about how we already have the recourses to give everyone the things they need to be happy. I personally have to disagree with you right there. A few dollars more won't make the people happy. Happiness is non material (at least if you are not a chemist). Sure there has to be a basis, like food or shelter, but overall happiness can not be created just by fulfilling peoples material desires. There is a reason why suicide and drug abuse has been on the rise, people need some form of meaning or purpose in their life. After all, there is a reason why people call it a "work life balance" instead of saying how they want to get rid of work entirely. I'm not a fan of todays neoliberal globalist crony capitalist system, but communism will not solve our problems.

  6. I think the best thing to do is implement a UBI and progressively increase it as jobs become unavailable while simultaneously increasing taxes on automation until the point an industry is fully automatic and either have the government take ownership of said industry and sell products at the absolute bare minimum cost of production (and eventually there won’t be a cost) or tax said industry’s or company’s at a 100% tax rate on net profits and set a limit of how much the owner of said company can pay himself. Honestly I see the latter happening into the former. Paying the owner handsomely until he dies and then take it over.

  7. Automation won't be the downfall of capitalism. It will just raise the productivity of the automated sectors,which will raise demand in other job sectors. This is exactly what happened after the industrial revolution: with the automation of factories and farming,it raised the productivity of those sectors. That is why a farmer today produces a lot more than a farmer 200 years ago,in less time,and thus gains more money.

  8. Not this century not in our life-times it will be between 150/200 year's-and-decades decades-and-centuries centuries-and-millennias to 800 year's-and-decades decades-and-centuries centuries-and-millennias since we're still dealing with the brutalities of the tyrannies and of the criminalities of the past two centuries from napoleon and the wild west to mussolini hitler probably lenin stalin and tse-tung/zedong and the organised crime/black-market capitalism of the 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s and of the 2000s

  9. Honestly i never thought I will be against capitalism, but now of automation, and the same time never choosing socialism becuase it's bloodly history.

    Makes problems worse through years people in capitalist societies got screwed by central baking, and of course the problems got worst through the years.

    Now days people seem to be even more selfish, and less impractical then what humans tend to be in history. So, I see that humanity is truely fuck and supporting that claim look at Venezuela.

    I have tried to get myself in a career now for over ten years, but only have dead end jobs. I have a business degree. My two friends have multiple bachelor degrees in engineering, computer software science, and management, but one been at the same Wal-Mart warehouse position for over ten years now and the other friend can only find temp work.

    I do have one good advice the Labor Force and most secondary school system is shit, but investments are still a way to make money.

    Go and find a crapy single wide mobile home where you can be easily bought and just pay lot rent, then when the stock market crash invest in it becuase where there is panic and blood in the streets that is when you want to buy.

  10. Well, we are living organisms after all. Our prime needs are food, shelter, and electricity. Not making money

  11. It is hilarious how this person says all this yet obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. "Infinite growth finite planet blah blah"

  12. How, when and why did ‘Late Capitalism’ become generally known as ‘neo-liberal’ economics? I smell a long term conservative rat but would like to have it confirmed.

  13. Yeah UBI sounds like a nightmare compared to the actually much more reasonable for just about everyone except rich twats – socialism/communism option. I am just imaging the trailer park communities and how terrible the schools would probably be for one thing. It actually makes my blood boil too because we don't need trailers – we have plenty of existing housing!

  14. French economist Bernard Friot defends an "universal wage" system which is kind of the left-wing twist on the whole universal incomes idea. I don't know if I will able to sum it up clearly here as my own understanding of this theory depends a lot on particulars of the French social system basically here every teacher or policeman (and some other professions) are state employees who cannot be fired, their job is secured for life. What "universal wage" means is kind of "being a member of society is basically a job you should be paid for" the whole thing depends on the wage being more than the bare living minimum the purpose being that employers woul have to offer actual real advantages to people if they want them to come and work for them and strip many employers of the coercitive power they usually have on their employees. Also meaning that jobs that are necessary but not very fancy like taking out the trash would propose better advantages than… you know being a clerk or whatever. Granted it seems far fetched given the world we live in qnd as a marxist theory it requires A LOT of government oversight but it's definitely an interesting theory and my explanations isn't really good. I don't know if Friot's work has been translated but as far as alternative economic theories go this one is definitely worth checking out.
    Thanks for the video man and stay fresh!

  15. You are a Marxist right? What do you think about thinkers like Kropotkin, Bakunin and Proudhon.

  16. My solution would be:

    Have some of the worlds largest countries governments negotiate, research and agree on a single goal or a list of them: They need to be things that scale well and makes good use of economy of scale. Then create a fund out of thin air to finance this goal. This could be to preserve nature but carbon credits are not the right approach. The fund should be used to sponsor ideas and projects depending on their potential impact on the goal. The ocean clean up project would be a good example. We could put trillions into that but a few hundred million would already make a big difference. We would need to spend more money on more projects if the goal is to create work for everyone.

    I would like to see education be ultra streamlined and over financed. We have all the technology to keep people in awe with media while putting all kinds of things in their heads. If we spend 100 million on each 2 hour education module and make thousands of such modules there will be enough to do for everyone – for a while. At 2000 per month per person 100 million is only 50 months of work for 1000 people. We have to employ millions not thousands. 100 billion for 1000 films isn't that much money and 2000 hours isn't that much education either. We should probably start making things for average adults then continue to make similar productions for younger and more specialized students.

    But these are only examples. I'm hardly the one to chose what humanity should be creating. Anything would do the trick if the goal is to have something to work on.

  17. You are right about Trump. Lol. YouTube if nothing else is made for opinions. Others can eat it or move on. Well maybe not as this is something you make money off of. Lol

  18. I know this is an old video and i hope you see this comment, but you should also watch the video rules for rulers. Automation under capitalism recreates something called the resource curse. Under non automated systems this happens when you have a resource like gold or diamonds or oil that requires very little citizen involvement to create great wealth leading to the rulers giving pretty much no consideration to citizen well-being. Its a well documented geopolitical phenomena. Automation recreates this incentive structure allowing the ruling class to pretty much cull a large portion of the population.

  19. Or instead of trying to destroy the international economy you could slowly transition to a society more reliant on UBI and other social safety nets. Removes the whole "violent revolution" and "economic collapse" thing that tends to come w/ late stage capitalism.

  20. Any UBI not tied to cost of living would be essentially useless. All remotely left-wing versions of UBI I've seen included cost of living and kept other basic services and protections (more of a universal living income). Not saying that capitalists wouldn't immediately try to erode it, of course.

    It would be nice to see society at large agree to put "food" and "housing", amongst other things, next to "universal" alongside "healthcare".

  21. Get rid of money, UBI should be "suffcient shelter , food, education and healthcare". Said shelter should not be concentrated in a single area to avoid slums and whatnot

  22. I have been saying for years that society will come to a breaking point where a true paradigm shift will be necessary. There will not be enough jobs! Automation and streamlining services will see to it while the population continues to boom. I believe that having a job will become a privilege that only the smartest and most talented will have access to — or, the horrible jobs (think "Dirty Jobs") will become forms of penalization and societal bondage in the manner of "debtor's prison".
    It's been years since I read Orwell's 1984, but I do think he may have been a time-traveler. LOL (not really lol-ing)

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