UNCONDITIONAL, SCORPIO! June 2019 General Tarot

hello scorpio welcome to your June 2019 reading thank you for joining me my name is Michelle and this is for Sun Moon and rising science special welcome to my podcast listeners on iTunes and Spotify let's take a look at your oracle cards firstly Scorpio from the soul coaching article you have the card of abundance the affirmation with this card is all my needs are met above and beyond my greatest expectations so here it's getting out of a poverty mindset a feeling of lack and instead focusing and being grateful for the things that you do have so the energy around this one here Scorpio is as a result of you being appreciative of the good things that you do have you open yourself up to receive you know the universe wants you to have abundance it doesn't want you to be in a place of lack so here it's about prosperity there things blossoming around you and having good things come to you as a result of opening yourself up to to this generosity from the Ganesha card here now the kind of generosity is speaks about having compassion for others and giving freely and from your heart Scorpio it's not about manipulation or doing favors with strings attached it's about doing things for others being generous of spirit without expecting anything back in return as you continue to give there is an energy of having to receiving receiving good things and as a result of that you may find that you no longer envy others that you'll be able to give more easily and this will go a long way to eliminating the for any kind of feelings of being separate from others you may even find yourself genuinely happy as a result Scorpio so looking for and assuming the best of people treating others with respect and doing things for others not because we expect favors or things in return but really just being generous in spirit and and receiving the gifts as a result of of saying so let's see where this goes Scorpio will leave that as the overall energy now the bottom of the deck I have the knight of coins which tells me that you are working hard at at achieving good things in your life I get this as a card of slow and steady wins the race so let's see for Scorpio what the message is here for you we'll do a horseshoe reading and we'll start with past energy move to the present energy take a look at what's happening in the near future your advice or your best path to follow what's happening around you that is affecting you your hopes and fears the outcome and let's take a look at the overall energy or what this reading is about so you have the seven of coins right in the center of this reading so a Scorpio figure it's a time of assessing what to keep in during within your life and what to let go off I do feel with this one a Scorpio that it's I feel that it's about setting an intention sending intention and I feel that for you it's about continuing to put the hard work in here to act on a higher level for your highest good and for those around you you know respecting others and have them respect you in return that wonderful generosity of spirit that I keep seeing with this you know the thing with with sevens is that they bring bowed at a time in our life where we can go one of two ways it's it's a crossroads or a pathway and I feel that here it's a need to be very disciplined and continue to put hard work in be patient with yourself as well if you don't see results straightaway but continuing to work from a place of I get as being more open and giving and less restriction less selfishness but I feel that this this kind of your you can go one of two ways here Scorpio I get a little bit of energy towards giving up on this as well so let's see where this goes now in the past you have the princess of coins so here Scorpio when it comes to matters of the heart here you have followed your heart and taking this this new road this I get it as an opportunity it's very earthy kind of energy around that so I do feel that it is about communicating communicating to someone that you wanted a new start to start over to start from scratch here Scorpio it's good energy it's grounded energy but you're in this process right now of reassessing that for some reason okay and now we have the princess of cups so this is where it gets a little bit tricky Scorpio because I feel that there's something around you somebody coming in here and there is an offer from that person that seems to seems to be loved or they're saying that they that they feel that there is they want to get to know you more you're sensing if they're not coming out straight to you and saying we'll look I feel I'm in love with you they this person does have love for you so you sense that these are two different things though this stable thing in the past that the opportunity for for growth for prosperity for abundance is now the thing that you're looking at and saying well should I continue with this or should I go with this hmm okay let's take a look and see in the near future we have the High Priestess I like that energy for you Scorpio because it is about you needing to spend some time not doing anything not taking action towards either of these situations so you can get your your head clear there's a real need for you to pay attention to you you got feeling not to ignore any kind of red flags or any kind of physical physical things that that make you think that well maybe this isn't exactly what I think it is yeah I do feel around this Scorpio is if you pay attention to your body what it's trying to tell you something when it comes to this princess of cups energy around you this of this person who may be tempting you if you feel at peace when you're around this person that's a good thing but if you kind of tense up or you've you sense that there's something wrong here or doesn't feel quite right I feel you need to take take full notice of that don't ignore those signs now when it comes to your best path to follow here you have the tower so I do feel here it is about making a changing in your life complete change and it has to do with how you give and how you receive what I'm picking up from here from spirit here Scorpio is that I feel you have in the past or even in the present be you are someone that can give to other people but it's with the expectation of something from that person so I feel that's what's happening with this princess of cups you and this person here are more about what you can get from each other and there's a real need to pay attention to to that what are you expecting from this person why are you giving to this person Scorpio why are they giving to you what do they want from you I get that there's no purity with this and I feel that this is what needs to end here now it needs to answer that you can build something on a stronger foundation a more balanced foundation something that has potential for growth I don't feel this princess of cups energy does it's more about selfish needs individual needs let's take a look at what's happening around you we have the magician yeah I do feel that it's this energy this princess of cups here and I'm picking up that there may be some trickery around this person why are they giving to you why are they supporting you why are they offering you this generosity and vice versa this is what needs to be looked out here I gave it as some manipulation hopes and fears we have the knight of swords I do feel here that it is about this person communicating to you so here you are you're on this path you're trying to sort things out and in your life you have you're trying to take this higher path but the high road but here's this person coming in here and it seems to be more of the same or more of the low road now the outcome here is the Wheel of Fortune something coming back around again here in order for a lesson to be learned it could be a past person or it could be something similar to a past situation where you've taken that more lower road and it's distracting you from your path but it's here for a reason I feel it's here in order for you to get this understanding this knowledge I get it as a karmic lesson here's Scorpio so let's see what is this princess of coins in the past for Scorpio what is this princess of coins the queen of cups okay and what is this princess of cups and the current energy the ace of swords okay I do feel here I'm actually picking this up as good energy around you scorpy I don't think you're gonna fall for this again I think that there is that the situation where there is stability and potential to to grow a strong relationship one that is based on love compassion support someone being generous towards you you being generous towards them and not expecting anything in return unconditional love here is what I'm picking up around this opportunity that's come up in the past now the current thing that's coming through that's being communicated to you from this temptation person trying to straight well I don't know if that trying to sway you here it's more of something that's just coming around here in order for you to see to see the truth here and get this clarity this ace of swords this aha moment fully seeing this in the the cold light of day and I feel that you are I feel that you will cut this out because you know it will affect what you have here because this princess of cups energy is the one that I feel it's strings attached they're being generous towards you but this strings attached this person here there's no strings attached to that person it's deep love unconditional love and support towards you without expecting favors things from you but this person that is now the High Priestess in the near future let's take a look what is this high priestess in the near future we have the queen of Wands so Scorpio here I do feel that this is a partner and I do feel that there is knowledge gained about this person and I feel it's the same energy the two queens here same energy same person this deep in a knowing of who is the right partner for you Scorpio one who doesn't expect something from you this princess of cups energy more immature energy I don't feel that that is that the pathway that you're going to go down although it is tempting now the tower as your advice the tower as the advice here for Scorpio and the six of cups okay so when it comes to past patterns past addictions past behaviors that may have been toxic you're releasing all of that letting it go that that's your best path to follow they're learning from the past and then releasing the past not going back to this same kind of pattern it's toxic it's unhealthy and it needs to fall away it needs to go the way of the dodo here so you can move forward to keep maintain your focus on what you should be working towards which is a more higher minded energy rather than falling towards this more a shadow side or more devilish kind of energy that I'm picking up here of the past so taking the high road here and being guided by you got what it's telling you hear about someone around you coming in with a message here what do they really want what are they expecting let's see if the magician in the environment what is this magician about yeah the moon this deception here I feel this person this princess of cups here is coming in this deception there's a lot of Secrets they're withholding here the what they truly want from you it seems like on the surface that they are wanting a love affection unconditionally but I don't feel that that's true I feel that they're hiding their true what they truly want from this with you and it may be that they are expecting something from you that leads to they're about us they may be the ones here that are feeling lack Scorpio not you at all it's them that feel this lack and want more but the way that they are coming in here is by showing you generosity showing you kindness but it's for for their own needs their own desires their own purposes it's not real it's not true it's very much keeping things hidden here so that you don't know what they truly want from you Scorpio and I don't think I feel that that you're not going to fall for this I get that you're seeing through this person and that you will cut them out why because you realize that the person that you have around you that you're building a life with hard fought by the way that person is the person that you truly know has unconditional love for you and isn't expecting this abundance money gifts of generosity from you they just want you to they your love and respect that's all that they want and I think that that's all you want from this queen of Wands this princess of cups the Scorpio shady shady AF let's take a look at the knight of swords as your hopes and fears and we have the five of cups yeah you know I do feel that it's this person coming in here they're communicating to you I feel that they're coming in with some kind of sob story they're playing on your spirit of kindness Scorpio mm mm yeah be really careful about anyone coming in with their with their tales of woe is me I need your help you be real careful about that because I feel that there it's not real it's not true I don't think that they're as bad off as they make out they're doing it for a reason and they're doing it to get something from you Scorpio that's what I'm getting it can be vice versa of course if a Scorpio is doing this to you it could also be that but if I'm talking to a Scorpio here there's someone around you that you need to be really careful about their motives of why they why they want your help or why they're helping you okay the outcome here the 10 of Wands yeah this karmic energy I feel you know that this person is coming back around again but they're becoming a burden becoming too much for you to deal with you really don't want to have this person they're their problems on your back as well because you're you know what – that you're going through that you're working on so you don't need this person coming to you with their tails here wanting assistance from you yet a Scorpio I feel like you're gonna cut this person out of your life I get it as detaching from them because you know that it's what's problematic it's gonna cause your troubles what does the outcome here with this 10 of wands and the Wheel of Fortune oh that's way too many I'll take that first month oh the 5 of Wands yeah this is just going to lead to conflict problems aggravation for you you don't need it you don't need it the thing is if you get involved with this person because they seem to need your help I feel that they're only doing it for their own selfish purposes their own needs and if you try to cut it off with them you know they may cause a bit of problem here for you become a burden but the thing that I get around this Scorpio is that by them showing their true colors here of how they really are this is going to give you that kick in the the butt here that tells you you can't keep doing this and you're going to be on high alert here in the future and not not become involved with these toxic people I get this as you're needing to completely change how you've acted in the past yeah a little bit of weird energy around this Scorpio because I feel it's it's kind of like a little bit of feeding off each other with this princess of cups I feel like they've come into you with this tails of problems in their life but you've also kind of let them do that because it's something that you get from them as well now it could be attention from this person vanity you like people to to look at you as that rescuing Knight if you will if I'm talking to a man here or even a woman you know you may want to be recipe you know like to get that little bit of an ego boost you get from from rescuing people a fixer something like that but you this is going to cause you to look at this and realize you have to make big changes in your life that you can't continue to be this way and I feel like you're going to detach this person for the block up because you know that they cause problems in your life and that you can't keep looking for attention this way yeah gifts a generosity you know it has to be done in the spirit of not wanting anything back whether it's you the other person this princess of cups or both of you it may have been that you got involved with this princess of cups because you've both got something out of it helping each other somehow but it came with strings attached and that's not what you need going forward I feel this person is looking from a place of lack they want they want to be in a place offer I get it as prosperity they want to grow their situation they want things to be better for themselves so that's why they're coming in to you and I get that for you there's a looking at a need to look at what you do have and appreciate what you have because I feel that the person around you this queen of wands energy or queen of cups energy feel it's the same person it gives you unconditional love and doesn't expect anything back from you so that you know there needs to be appreciation of that and a continuation or trunk of working through any issues that you've had around this person I feel you've only ever you've only had issues with this clean of ones because of this I get it as vanity and wanting attention from this princess of cups of third party you know if you insert a third party into a relationship some with someone who's giving you unconditional love yeah that's going to cause some problems so you know it crossroads standing at Crossroads during one of two ways for the highest good here continue working for the highest good or take this low road that's where I feel you're at here if you take the low road it it is going to take you to a place of problems in your life but one in which you you're finally going to learn from but at what cost is what I'm getting from spirit let's get one more card on that seven of coins right in the center okay yeah we have that the devil there and the four of swords I'm going to take them both that's what I mean by the pathway having two roads here two opposing forces full of sorts I feel is you taking some time here not to involve yourself with this princess of cups so that you can get clarity so that you can really come from a place of I get deep in a knowing stillness quiet in your mind here in order to listen to what your body is trying to tell you or you've got feeling about this who you should be with whether it's this queen of Wands who gives you unconditional love via sign or water sign energy or is it going back to your old ways here of the devil energy that more shadowy side there of getting involved with third parties for attention and I feel that how how you both how you get involved with third parties this has to do with this kind of rescuing energy somebody who you feel needs your help so you go rushing in there to help that person and then you get involved with them emotionally perhaps even up physically as well I get that Scorpio let's get a yeah let's get a dis let's get a gateway Oracle rather from Denise Lin what it's the message here for Scorpio I feel you you really really do want you do do you really want to end this devil energy I mean when I look at this tower I see the devil falling from the top of the tower there so I get that it's releasing that energy being free ever free of how things were in the past past behaviors past patterns but I also get that this is coming around again here in order to teach you teach you a lesson because this getting involved with this princess of cups here is going to it's going to show you the truth show you the reveal reveal this person to you and not in a good way I might add because I get to fifth they're being quite deceptive manipulative secretive hiding their true agenda here Scorpio what is the message for Scorpio what is the message here for Scorpio what the Scorpio need to hear okay we have it soaring into joy and what is the message here for Scorpio and starting fresh yeah that's what I see here with the tower and the six of cups removing how you have been in the past getting getting rid of it completely that all of that toxic energy getting rid of this princess of cups character as well starting completely fresh of that clean slate there princess of coins it's going to bring you that joy that happiness that's how I'm feeling you know when you took one we talked about the energy around generosity I feel that that was key with this one because when you're a generous in spirit you take complete responsibility for your life Ganesha is here to assist you with stepping up to do the right thing now this is especially important when you're filled with conflicting feelings and I and I feel that that's you Scorpio and you may find yourself genuinely happy as a result there Scorpio so look for and be the best person and then I feel that you will find this this joy this this happiness here but firstly needs to be a release of toxic energy around you from the past so I'm gonna leave it there for you Scorpio and wish you all the best with this if you would like a personal reading you can email me gypsy insights at gmail.com and if you would


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