1. I got an Everyman's Library edition of Ulysses at Hodges Figgis in Dublin which is the bookstore mentioned in the book. I also got lemon soap at Sweny's 🙂

  2. Wow – exquisite edition! Can’t believe they’ve sold out when it’s only a few years until it’s 100th anniversary. 2nd hand copies on Abe Books now (9/7/19) hovering around £300.

  3. Excuse me, I was wondering do you by any chance know of a a company which publishes fiction books in hardcover with a smith sewn binding. I mean a company like everyman’s library which is affordable priced, while folio society produces excellent books they are rather expensive, admittedly it’s soon said their worth it but nonetheless they are rather expensive. You see I dislike perfect bindings though I’ve always preferred hardbacks and websites/online stores and publishers websites rarely tell one whether or not this or that novel or volume of poetry is Smyth sewn or glued. I apologize if my question is rather long winded, thank you @Pontus Presents

  4. I really enjoy this video. Stuning edition.

    Pontus, i want to watch more of your Taschen's editions collection, please.

    Big hug, man.

  5. Oh you managed to snag one!! I was not fast enough!! (I did manage to grab a heap of books from this year's summer sale though). This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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