UK now has seven social classes

your class used to be defined by how much you earned and what job you did but this new research defines class not just in terms of money but in terms of your social and cultural capital as well in the survey people were asked how many friends they had and what sort of people those friends were where they chief executives or cleaners teachers or postal workers that was to assess their social capital as for cultural capital people were asked if they used social media like Facebook if they went to the gym or played sport and what kind of music they liked listening to or perhaps they're the kind of people wealthy well-connected who spend their leisure time eating out in places like this or going to museums the theater people themselves don't think straightforwardly these days in terms of middle and working class they're looking I think the different kinds of labels different kinds of understandings and so it will be waged to see how these sorts of results play with people themselves and whether they think it they can feel more affiliation to these this new way of taking that class rather than the old way the new study has identified seven classes at the top there's a small very wealthy elite at the other extreme there's a larger group dubbed the precariat with very little money or social life or cultural life in the middle the old-fashioned working class has shrunk they're mostly found in the old industrial areas of Britain then there's a new class emergent service workers viki's one she's a newly qualified solicitor with student loans to pay off people like her have little money but lots of friends a busy social life and the highest cultural capital of any class we've got quite a wide range of friends so there's a lot to get around I like I'm very into music my boyfriend and I so we'd go to gigs if we can you can work out your own social class using a test on the BBC website do you know teachers oh yes oh yeah hae-jin only lorry drivers so she listen to classical music do you do any arts and crafts do you use Facebook or Twitter do you socialize at home you invite people to go to museums and galleries run away now you belong to a class newly defined class called emergent serviceworker you belong to a class which is described as the established middle class is that a good thing or bad just the old 1950s stereotypes of class haven't applied for years instead it seems we've marched into a new more sophisticated world where class divisions are much more complex Nick Higham BBC news

  1. No we really don’t there’s no such thing as lower or upper middle class, you’re either middle class or you’re not. The 7 Social classes have been made up by the middle class who want to know relate to the working class.

  2. Elite. 4 children in grammar schools, (7 children altogether). I'm not stupid enough to pay for private schools nor rich enough to pay for top public schools (which are the only ones worth paying for). I do listen to a lot of classical music, opera, ballet, don't have a TV and read a lot of books.

  3. Emergent service worker = skint cos I spent all my money in a fancy night club last Saturday, can't afford a house, and Blame the government for all my financial problems over my £3 cup of coffee that I can afford

  4. An exclusively middle class church? what about diversity, exclusivity and equality?

  5. I tried that online test its totally bogus. You only need £500k of property and a family home with £100k p.a. To be considered elite. What hogwash! Just about anyone has that much money. I live in a suburb where the average house price is £2.5m! Its hard to find a house that costs less than £500k how can the élite have such low standards for the hoi polloi?

  6. If the richest kid goes to ordinary school, and his friends are the next chavs and low class workers and a few middle class, then is he low class. We all know he is like the richest guy not low upper class or something donwgraded by music and other akward varibles. What if Bill gates hates classical and listens to rap? Ok point is, just money and what job you do, that is it would be no point in asking.

  7. why the hell have classes? Some of the smartest people I know are trades people and the dumbest are white collars, and there's great white collar people too. Here's an idea treat everyone equal regardless of colour, creed, religion and gender, especially some bs made up category like "class". If someone is an idiot or a shitty person be sure to let them know regardless of the colour, creed,religion,gender or class. I'm only more happy my grandparents left England.

  8. yep divide the people into more classes/groups to reinforce seperation so we can fight and argue amost each other while our corprate overlords watch and relish in the fact they are making money from us

  9. What does this new system really mean? In the old days, elite were people who didn't work at all. They had enough "old money" to never have to work for a living. Capitalists have changed all that by becoming incredibly wealthy and still going to work each day. This is the real shame because these people are not really blue bloods like the elite of the past. Many of them actually don't know much of anything beyond how to make piles of money. Since these people have effectively taken control of society, it is no wonder that we see high art in decline and low-brow entertainment and amusement coming to the fore. Here is a case in point. When the Germans attacked Stalingrad during WWII, many of them beheld the Volga River for the first time. So they were singing a song about that river from an opera. Yes, soldiers singing a tune from an opera. How many soldiers today have any contact at all with high art? With the decline of the traditional elite, we also have the decline of our civilization. People no longer value manners, formality, decorum, among other things. Students leaving university today are simply educated barbarians who are only interested in making money. As I have already mentioned, we are seeing the effects of this now. People with lots of money often know nothing, speak like a sewer rat, are arrogant, and go see MMA cage matches for entertainment.

  10. very interested to about UK's social system from a real british person,… My skype ID is zaman.zaman169. 

  11. Your class definitions are spot on, I got Emergent Service Worker. Apparently working for your countries biggest bank and being accepted to study at London School of Economics is = to a chef or care worker… You must of had some genius make that survey!! 

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