UCF Housing Tour: Nike and Hercules Communities

Welcome to the Hercules Housing community at the University of Central Florida. My name’s Tyler, and I’ll be your tour guide today. Nike and Hercules are located right next to the Recreation and Wellness Center, so it’s perfect for staying active. We also have sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, A Leisure Pool, and more. The Programming Centers are great places for having group events like community programs, game nights, and you can also use the community kitchen inside. Towards the center of the community, you’ll find the main office and laundry facilities, which are both open 24/7. Nike and Hercules are two separate communities, but since their layouts are exactly the same, we’ll be viewing a suite in Hercules today. All exterior doors of Hercules are locked to the public. Each resident is given an IntelliKey to access their specific building, hallway, and suite door. Our shared suites have an open space where two residents will live. Each resident will have their own desk, closet, and a bed that can be raised or lowered to create more space. All of our rooms have a vanity outside of the bathroom. Regardless of someone using the bathroom, you’ll be able to get ready for classes or a night out with friends. Every floor will have a lounge for residents to hang out or study together. That concludes our tour of Hercules. Thanks for taking a look with me, and I’ll see you at move-in.


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