UCF Housing Tour: Apollo Community

Hey I’m Arias and I’m a student here at
UCF. I lived at Apollo this year and it has made my freshman experience amazing. Being close to the library means I can
make it there when I need to study. We’re also next to the Health Center and
’63 South. It’s one of our dining halls here on campus. In addition to a great location, Apollo
has amazing community staff who are here 24 hours a day. They plan tons of programs and events where I can meet new people and get to know other students in our community. The Apollo Area Council was also a great opportunity to meet people and build leadership skills. The living room in our suite is a great
open space that my roommates and I worked on together. The bedrooms come furnished with a bed, a desk, and a dresser for each person. There’s also a vanity area inside the
room so I don’t have to wait to brush my teeth in the morning. Living here at Apollo has been a great
way for me to stay successful in my classes, meet new people, and make the
most out of my UCF experience.


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