1. Instead of playing on You tube where your wormy peers can say " wow! your cool",Head over to Korail Bosti, Get 1000 Taka from tumar Baba, and rent 50 bicycles from the Bicycle lady in the big park at the Bosti, and pass them out to the Babus.The kids love to listen to Aerosmith while bikeing around …If you feel really brave, take tennis balls, and suckers to the kids in Daulatdia!( Dhaka to Paturia by car, Paturia across the Padma by ferry to Amar Fantasy KingdomDaulatdia! I don't  expect you to go alone, and once your in the Poteeta Bazar, Sure guys will be thinking your a 2000 Taka Poteeta, but that's ok ! Your not, So take it as a compliment… The place will change you forever, you'll appreciate your life in Gulshan, Banani, or Dhanmondi ( where ever you live) !Interact with some of the 12-17 year old Poteetas, ask them how they got there, and anyway you can help them get out…  Change ONE girls life in Daulatdia…. and you changed the world!

  2. Hauuar vedio banac tor mathay problm ase pabnay ja toder jonno mon cay mobail bainga lai but abbu kinna dice kmne bangi toder ai saglamir jonno toder sagol bap ma thekay na hagol

  3. apu tumr video ta te sound system onk baje suna jay na i phone , tv te 70 volume dia suntesi , r Samsung galaxy toh bad ei dilam

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