Types Of Annoying People On Social Media

  1. this video was definitely one we were passionate about… if you couldn't tell!
    haha, let us know what types of people you hate on social media.
    also subscribe and like and comment and stuff.
    k love you <3

  2. people who express every shit going on there in their life even if they get small hurt they post that's really shitt

  3. 😀 How beautiful 😅
    Harjit and Jaz are both living their lives 🙄 together as friends cause 😄 their better people to 😉 the future with the best life. 😋 They both have with each other, that they'll have forever with families.
    😃 Social Media 😅 must be too crazyyyy!!!!! 🙂 And cause, there's some people of which their very annoying. 😊 ''cause since I was Middle School, I used to have a girlfriend'' who was all actractive with Social Media. 😉 She would always enjoy almost anything on Social Media since. 😀 She was in 6th grade, I was in 8th grade, when it comes to facebook, I've always been atractive to longtime 😅

  4. The scene that Harjit did when you post a pic and want everyone to go share it or like it that’s literally the most annoying people in social media😂👌

  5. I will tell you an incident… there was a girl on instagram.. she once posted 5 to 6 pictures of my food stuffs on her acc and captioned it to be hers… i mean how can someone do that.. i didn't say her anything and just unfollowed and removed….
    People are so fake these days…
    God save them ♥♥

  6. I have your Notification on and you guys are a cute couple keep doing YouTube videos because your YouTube videos makes me laugh and smile

  7. 3:04 ok..or..

    Roses are red,🌹
    Violets are blue,
    My heart is dead,
    I'm such a fool,
    Why did I fall for you?
    I have it all for you.


  8. The most annoying people on social media are retired relatives, in their mind the whole fucking world is retired because they send messages & text all fucking day long as if I don't have a got dam job or something. I'm going to block their ass.

  9. I hate the “depressed” 13yo white girls. “Omg like yall dont even kno, there is so much going on rn i cant even”

  10. I hate those type of people that text lies, example: “Omg guys I just got bullied today! #Bulliessuck “
    Then somebody replies with: “Um, you bullied me!” Something like that actually happened on the Internet. I hate liars

  11. People who are popular kids and have better art than I (which is most likely shit tumblr fanart). I hate those people so much. They have the personality of a pool of germs.

    They boast about how awesome they are. About their sexuality. But we all know no matter how hard they try. They are always insecure for some reason or another

    I also hate religious people online. No one gives a fuck about your god damn religion. Fuck you. I'll throw my fedora at you.

    People who won't stop shoving their fetish in your face. They are just disgusting. Always spamming their nasty ass weird fetish with no personality. Keep it in the bedroom.

    People who act all tough and manly. They act like Gary Stews. They act better and smarter than you.

  12. Hey guys I have a few things or more to tell you. My notifications is on, Jazz you're so cute and you guys are a cute couple. Btw my name is Jasmine so yeah. I love you're videos and I love you guys so much! I hate that one person who is desperate to take a selfie every hour, like its so annoying. Umm guys I have a new channel I just started and its called 2 cool & WHO, Please check it out! Anyways love you guys so much bye!

  13. What pisses me off the most is when my friends dont even respond to me… Oh wait.. I don't have any friends. 1 Like = 1 friend.

  14. is it just me or when ever they do these types of videos jaz always go’s like i hate what ever they r doing the video on

  15. Annoying people on social media: MAKE SURE TO SUB AND LIKE!
    Me: Ah S*** here we go again!
    Me: Doing the opposite

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