TWO GAMES TO GO! Manchester City Football Social Weekly Debate!

well my love it's welcome to the Manchester City football social with blue moon rising my name is Alex Hilton I am in the studio with Sam Lee of goal calm Switzer and pep guardiola aficionado and the man the myth the legend Walter Smith we are talking all things Manchester City tonight and that does mean it means title race chat it means transfer news it means well possibly even talking about the treble is it on we'll be getting into it later on we've got the 30 second game coming up we're talking about the Padano silver song Kevin Parker from the munch of the City Supporters Club is going to be joining us as well it is an action-packed show gents how are you feeling confused tired excited nervous all sorts I'm just feeling giddy I feel like that kid just for Christmas I can hear that Santa's babe so just so you know going down the steps as it were to Gaines to go you know when three games to go and we're creating history the first ever let me repeat that the first ever team in England to do the treble when all you know sweet the board domestically you know it's all on the plate and you know you think a few years back this was never gonna happen so yeah yeah feeling good may I liken it both two very contrasting styles there I think that's fair to say sort of confused stressed halfway that's probably city's motto in laugh-in another crest but I like it that we had two games to go and the title race will be decided without wanting to tempt fate seven days from now we could be talking about Manchester City as Premier League Channel at the Premier League champions does that feel something would it beats no it wouldn't would it but would have we slightly anticlimactic if in settled next Monday night rather than a bright and it's been self to go down to Brian for so long you know I've got an air B&B booked where we staying down there and having a good now if it happens it just obviously this would depend on Liverpool jock importance in Newcastle on Saturday night while losing wouldn't have to kind of wanted to go to Brighton now we know we've come this far as observers and fans and whatever we've come this far we might it may as well go all the way but I mean it's got nervousness written down here and I if you're watching the live stream behind the behind the magician's curtain I mean I have been nervous on city's behalf and whadya as behalf but since Burnley I kind of I think it's I think it's nearly I think say you're nearly there now I mean less there will be a tough game they'll they'll take it to City and we'll so I'm sure we'll talk about that later on but you know see know the job that need to do and if it goes down to Brighton they're gonna be they can be relentless I'd have it sorted for Monday night I anticlimax it not a chance so when it in front of your home fans I just think it would be stuff of dreams you know where it's what we've always done we've always wanted at home I mean I wasn't nervous until for whatever reason you know Old Trafford I went I wasn't nervous that it was driving along the motorway they kept trying to get home to watch the Burnley game and it suddenly kicked in I don't know why it's just had this warble about Burnley and the worst thing you could ever do this is for everybody if you're feeling nervous about a football game when you think you know this isn't gonna go well in you sport much to see don't don't open your a smartphone don't whatever you do help in Twitter because then they just sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for so many people are sort of getting in on top of that nervousness we said this last week didn't worry about people having feelings I've got feeling ah City fans I've had a feeling about every game for a while probably ever but definitely in the last six weeks all God's bad feeling by this one called bad feeling of I just keep winning you've just you've kind of those feelings that's your own nerves and if you just stick it out on sway if it makes you feel a bit better fine but just not have a bit of faith in the same because obviously everyone knows how good this team is but just just let let them let the world go by its business you know your feelings our feelings my feelings they don't have any bearing on what to give up another football is what I put I was listening to a podcast with a couple of City fans and then I just thought to myself I'm just gonna find out all by mom so punk album Fon Said's DC and I was there just rockin all the way up the m6 and you know everything was all cool after that I'm gonna when I saw the starting lineup it was so strong do you know I mean it was I know it's hard to guess what Pep Guardiola's gonna pick but I just think you mentally that was the team I was I would have played because you know everyone's clamoring for Santa to come Sunday to come on and you know the team just sort of looked at it and felt a little bit less nervous but I was thinking back to last year where I went to the Burma game and it was 1:1 so you know that that's sort of nervousness yeah but overall I'd rather be nervous and enjoy this and enjoyed a moment you know what I mean enjoy what we're witnessing unfold unfold beneath our eyes because we're watching the best football that I have ever seen in on these shores hundred percent here what what did you reckon first our first half and up only game a mix of emotion I would say I think this is what makes months the city this is why City fans have more fun by the way I think is that because city as a glance in every single era we have always been like predictably unpredictable and I think that's why I'm the opposite so Walter I think I'm the other way around where I will feel good about again all week no matter how big the game is doesn't matter who were playing we're playing Bristol City or Barcelona and I was like yeah I'll be fine we find with a bet it seems assistant Lee we're all great as soon as the team comes out that's when I start feeling nervous now hour before a game and I feel like that about Lester I'm London I I'm sure I'll feel like that on the drive down to Brighton everything will be fine and so I get into that moment where with the title race I think it's really with the all these Liverpool fans changing their picture on Twitter – it says pictures of Jamie Vardy and so on similarly for game but they've got go to Newcastle away I think it's a very tough game city lost their early this season so there's an awful lot it States ago and I think it's what makes this title race the best title race ever am I wrong no I think 2012 I think in terms of quality yeah this is the best one oh I suppose that's a fact isn't if you look at the points in the fact nobody's dropped points in two months it's it's absolutely incredible in terms of drama yeah I mean there's probably been a lot there's been more dramatic than this but yeah and obviously 2012 will be a particular favorite well we all know the video arrow woman and it just say that to any City family agüero moment and just everybody knows what you're talking about we were sick or we were eight points behind with six games to go that year and you know a lot of city fans had just thrown the towel in I remember listening to a Monday night a podcast at the end of the season I went back six weeks just I am that saddl just are they just made it was great they were celebrating this you know there's no way they're gonna chuck away this hyper lead but if you look back at the past that's the whole reason why as a club and not believe we will do on the pep guardiola because you'll just get just 5% complacency because if we get that we're not could generally and we need he's the man just sort of it you just remember reminds we've been her you know whether the Roman ships and the guy at the front with the big drums like this and we've got all the players row into the drums and he's speeding it up speed in adult speed little and that's what we need we need a hard taskmaster now just to get us over that line and if we do win the treble oh my word it'll just be the best season that city have ever had yeah this is the pure luxury that this season offered it is as Manchester City fans we've never ever had it this good I was a little bit worried after the walking back from the Spurs go in the 4-3 I tweeted by at that sermon I've got a little bit of stick for it I I came around away from that game a absolutely buzzing because despite how good and it was to lose the game in the way we way that we did to the horrible var decision at the ends thought we were immense that night I was what I going forward one of the best performance of our hands so it's passion so much desire and the whole performance felt so Manchester City I fell in love with the club all over again despite the fact we've got the Champions League but I was walking back I couldn't help but feel that it felt like the season was over in that on that walk back it felt like because there's been so much talk since since September that we're gonna do the quadruple it's been in sort of bubble riding above Pep Guardiola's had every season every press conference someone mentions it everyone's talking about it online on this show we were asked if it as anyone talk about the quadruple there when it really like weird enough the quadruple wasn't on you felt like man what what happens now with three games from a travel it's it's incredible it offers this point of the season quarterfinal and we'll be on for the treble in late April you'd bite your hand off any football fan would I in any country any Barcelona funny event that's fun whatever so it's it's a real pretty to be here and I think you know it was a bit nervy against Burnley but we get through it and we look like champions even woman not playing well we're still grinding at that resort and wouldn't it by point fifty millimeter or whatever it is but if I did you say that the best is it's come all time that Koenig where I scored it was I think it was twenty five point two millimeters over the line and in ancient Chinese measurement yes called Khan is exactly 25 millimeters a month this net start a weak start always start a week later ever took that one out an interest in ancient Chinese mathematics and Premier League football I think it was Duncan Alexander for the wrong person but move it on this way obviously a bit a huge week City on and off the pitch Raheem Sterling much-maligned has been ok say all the right by every journalist go in he has something terrible headliners headlines and he won the Football Writers award for play the season which is incredible the people that have criticized him perhaps with everything I've turned round and on fair play is an amazing achievement for the man is it not yeah and in terms of the football riot as one that has been given as much for his performances on the pitch as everything he's doing up outside of it and he's you know he's willingly taking the stand isn't it you know in the light of all the racism stuff and the Morsy Keene stuff Montenegro to lessen one extent because there were other England players who did it as well but he's putting himself out there and he's he's kind of just shining the light on it really you know he's opened himself up to criticism or just abuse from racists but he's also shown in a light on it for normal people and that's helping to change perceptions you know there's you know the media for of a voted for him for this award or the journalist eligible to vote for that and you know this is a guy who say in the media need to change their ways you know they need there needs to be more diversity in the in the newsroom and people to understand the decision so I mean you think gradually things will change but to think that that would come down to and in large part to one footballer and one football who's been on the receiving end of that it does go to show how much of an impact he's having how kind of brave or suppose he's been ball so he wouldn't have won the award if he hadn't been so good and so decisive for Man City he's been a key man yeah even he even a year ago you know after the misses it you know at that still would have been some questions about him no doubt a quality player but I think he's taking his game to a new level and he's done that has the seasons got really difficult you know he's he's the one of the clutch performance I've never seen a player with such a youth in terms of like the way that media attention effects cuz I said cristiano relative example is a great example of a player who and the more media attention that's on him the more like pressure the more sort of eyes that are on him but the bigger is performance is tend to be and sterling in previous seasons always been terrific and then in a big moment to the big games I think it's fair to say he never really performed against Liverpool because all eyes were on him he was always the sort of headline story and into a game and in the last 12 months the the almost yeah the Shaq what mate ah nailed it the shackles are off he's a free man and he's ruling the world and he seems almost bulletproof there's absolutely no criticism or stick that can affect him now the point my people are screaming horrible things in his face at Chelsea and he's still put in blind performance after blind performance and it's great to see and it that makes him a role model surely sir sits the younger kids that are getting stick or whatever it well Evelyn it makes me laugh because he's a he's a role model to these younger players and it's just one young player of the year but I know he got some stick for that front offer on Twitter you know about this whole idea of he shouldn't be eligible for that as the blaming him let you know what I mean I mean I didn't make the rules up you know don't hate the player hate the game and it's you know I remember Milner winning it hazard winning it and nobody sort of jumps on this bandwagon of well he's not a kid anymore is he's been playing seven seasons he's got this many games it's he's just turned in performance after performance so much to see and what I love about him is his intelligence on the football pitch he's just urban intelligent you know that ability to find that one find that space fine you know that way to goal is unmatched I think within the Manchester City team and we're talking about a city team that could be the best ever team of the from these shores and he's the best of it you know going up front and if you look at a competition I remember when a sign a sign people what is sterling dropped silver sort of made that roll on the right his own so for him to shine in amongst all those diamonds you know he's just I think he deserved both awards to be fair but I know he did it you know fair place average of under I can't really criticize yeah him get exactly do you know I mean I'm not gonna be bitter about that or the fact that adults at Manchester City have ever won a Player of the Year despite winning the league three times now of hopefully four by hopefully four by next Monday no bothered about Brighton ball sterling for me has just being a player on off the pitch and you know we talked about the the bad headlines and you talked about the you turn I mean he was getting you know for anything that he actually did he was getting criticized wherever that was he bought something inexpensive bought something cheap didn't wash his car did wash his car you know just all this made-up stuff I just hope he had a big breakfast the next morning because last season he got criticized for not winning the um Player of the Year and having a breakfast well certainly and is certainly on his Weetabix yeah otherwise I thought regretted saying that incident but grand up story I Paul we'll get into it I mean young player year 24 I mean I do agree it's a little bit daft that our players eight seasons a friend of mine is a big American sports fans yesterday the rule should be just like a Rookie of the Year so your first full season so it would be someone like the Harry winks or whatever someone that is oh just a funny one it's not yeah but then you get players like sterling for example who had already played two or three full seasons atomic that's still young though isn't it yeah it is they love players ages in the idea of peaks and stuff is is changed in this way I think it just needs a bit of a bit of a chef I think 21 would be fine I mean eight eighteen you know use can be a very small both nineteen still so I think I still think twenty one's fine well it's the upside of it not that Raheem Sterling is still twenty four and players like a senior player and plays like a veteran it almost looks like Captain these days leading the line and he still got eight nine ten years of playing at his peak in the Premier League it's not not look viewing or actually not in the Premier League at Manchester City no bother as long as he's playing at Manchester City and you know he's performing like he is performing I could just imagine if they changed the award now next year to under-21s some fans from other teams will have a go at sterling because you were to you were the reason they changed this to 21 we've got this fantastic player at 23 and now he can't win it so we're gonna blame you Raheem just seems no matter what he does some people want to have a go oh that's that's the world that when it that's not even just football if you got a massive engines whatever anything is popular than minute if you go on through whether someone's lagging it off so I so sorry is same with Guardiola today I guess manager the month nomination again was it five wins from five is it nine nine goals scored and one conceded yeah fire that was a palace away he's gone to United and one that's gonna burn Liam one they're gonna Palace someone there all these themes that I've got great home records well what am all five games considered one goal Liverpool won four games and it's got Parker credit to him with already ready to get it Fulham has won three games on the spirit not conceded fair play to Scott Parker but surely five games in the league everything else is going on you've got about Pat for it let us know what you think get on the text eight double seven double one do is pet right manage the month let us know what you think don't go anywhere we're gonna take in a short break see you after that Manchester City you come back to the Manchester football social with blue moon rising I'm Sam I'm here with Walter and Alex still aged to go loads of stuff to talk about if you want to join in with us he can give us a call on oh three four five triple one seventy six two five or give us a text on hate double seven two four one or tweeters at NCR footy social or if you're watching live maybe leave a comment on youtube if you listened to on the podcast next time we were on watch is live and leave a comment on youtube later on well I think we're gonna be talking transfers I'd really rather not because my head's gone if I'm honest it's it's all changed in the space about two hours but we'll get to that we'll also look ahead to the Lester game you know stick to the football but for now at the risk of slightly get ahead of ourselves a bit if city were to successfully retain this Premier League title would it be the best season in the club's history lads what do you think it's gotta be it's gonna be the best food in the club's history surely I mean I'm sure they'll be a season back in the 60s and 70s and stuff that somebody will come out with and I don't remember the playoff we didn't see in the ninety nine that I was sure that was satisfying but come on a domestic trouble was ice on the cake a possible yeah but even without it this is certainly the best football months the city have played in my lifetime for sure and I think they are the best Premier League team ever when you cut the Centurions last year I know carrying that performance into this year that's probably the better question because last year it was oh well anyone's won it once but you need to retain it blah blah blah we all know we've all heard it and now if they do with ninety eight points no I don't have any complaints coming it annoyed me last year to a degree when people say we know you're not a great team unless you win it backed about and I think a minute which no one ever said about Arsenal no one ever said about loads of different scenes because you've got a team that plays a full season and then after that you know you get changes to that team you know players either retiring or getting sold or bringing new players in so in certain respects it's a different team so a team for me is a team that on a season and for a team to get 100 points of Centurions you know the most ever before was 95 points you know you had teams winning it in the low eighties so for also dismantle every single team last year pretty much that we came up against in the Premier League and for us to dismantle 95% of teens it's an amazing achievement I mean the amount of games we've drawn it's just miniscule and then you know we've lost four games this year and just won every single of the game so no I don't take it the thing about different about this season is this Sam last year we were there cigar brandy Beach you don't I mean peps still kept the players but going on going on going on but it's a fan base we were relaxed we were enjoying it we rolled laying we wanted a hundred points it would have been a nice sort of cherry on top of the cake but we'd won the league you know and this year what's different is peds raise the bar so high last year that other clubs of looks at it and they've gone out and spent lots of money to try and catch up so you've had Liverpool who've gone out and got the most expensive goalkeeper the most expensive defender you know you know who had the most expensive midfield and the most expensive attacker so we've had this all these teams stopped playing catch up catch up and we didn't I don't believe we overly strengthen the squad we thought go again and that's why I'm hoping for a big hoping for lots of information about certain changes because I think we do need certain changes but this year Liverpool have provided so much sort of entertainment for the neutral by keeping on the coattails of City and the other thing what annoys me is if you know it's it you're always playing second after Liverpool and statistically speaking you cannot or most teams who play second crumble under the pressure somewhere but with us we're still managing we're still kicking in and all Liverpool play way before us two days before us because we're playing on the Monday night luckily the last game of the season kicks off at the same time so there's we go into that game if we've got to go into that game knowing what we've got to do and no matter what goes on anywhere else in that tire country in the entire world and it's our universe on that pitch we know what we've got to do and if we do it happy days well that Lester one it's a weird one in it because obviously that was changed a very short notice so I mean that obviously affects fans and you know all of that kinda stuff which I'm sure we'll get to in a minute but in a football sense city would have been playing half twelve on a Saturday live or would have been playing that Niall that weekend but certainly later that we know that pressure would have been flipped and you know it's gonna be a difficult game for little POIs you know I expect them to win it they've they deserve for us to think they're gonna win it because they've been as good in the last couple of months as say as they not doth or neither if City go there and then it on Liverpool then because they know they need to get a result because if they draw then say he just would only need a draw and then in the last game obviously they lose and it's done bombs here now live more got the opportunity to make City need to go and win well I don't think so you're really affected by that there will be home last game of the season they'll fly out of the traps a bit maybe not quite so reckless as they were against Spurs but certainly that type of that's what type of regression but the only thing is I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of people who can't be there because yeah you know it's not just a city thing it's it's a fan thing I mean look at the dispersed Stadium there the percentage of attendance there is quite low is about eighty seven percent or whatever because they've had a lot of midweek games and people don't go to as many midweek games as they do it at the weekend yeah I'm not ashamed to admit I can't make it on the night it could've got change like though it I'm working I can't get out of it that I sort of the way it goes and I'm sure there'll be thousands of people all across Manchester and across in the northwest in the similar circumstances and it you know what I don't mind Monday Night Football as a thing I think it's great for another pub when it's not your team and you're watching this great game a lot of you certainly get why I think it adds a certain a different angle to it I think Monday Night Football it makes League games bit more interesting but what it's such a big day oh well know that football it's normally it's it's the rubbish game in it it's always like it's always Burnley West damn alright that's on Monday night spice it up a little bit gets through out the pub when you watch rubbish game it's never the big game sis it could win the league on a Monday night pending what happens at James's Park and we know it probably won't come down to that but it might be a night that is a great shame can i point out by the way city haven't played a league game at home at 3 o'clock on a Saturday since January so actually that's about in the league we haven't played one this calendar year the last home game at 3 o'clock we played on a Saturday was Burnley in the Cup in January and can consistently the FA seems to be moving our games very fluttering the sky in beats you want to show every minute and – to see on TV I understand why we're a great team to watch guys thank you very much but there is very little consideration for the Manchester City home fans and then sky and BT at the cheek to go out the little pundits in the studio that being paid to go to the game so moan about city the tabloids figures and it sir I thought it was a little bit rich for me no I I I'm agreeing with you what annoys me is you've got this fan base who just people just seem to presume the Leicester away as well you know like Leicester away fans has to come up and just that short notice it was – two weeks I think I believe and because it was two weeks you know I mean fortunately it drops better for me but that's absolutely not the point you know you've got hard-working man unions or people who've flown over from you know the other side of the world as a one-off treat to come and see this game who've been absolutely mugged off and you know people are struggling you know you look around you know you see people in Manchester you know it's austerities kicking in people stand at a living slower and you've got that do you want to take this the kid or whatever to the game on a Saturday afternoon because it's that's what it's scheduled for you go and see your boss you go and get it sorted and then the boss turns around and says no hang on a minute mate you want it this time off a can give you this time off but you know you've got a fellow a lady stood there going well I want to set me kid you know we could win the league and it's like well it's not my problem you know you bought this time off and for Sky or BT to completely mock off and it's not manchester city's it's it's the fans and it could be fans of any team as fans of Leicester its fans of whoever they have been absolutely mugged off with this and let's get it right it ain't cheap being a football fan especially you know of people who but planes or whatever who come over to Manchester on a regular basis whether it's from Ireland or the continent or wherever you know they've booked hotels can they cancel those hotels can they cancel those flights have no idea but again the working-class people who go to the game out of people that suffer the most it's not the clubs it's not the players and I me on a personal note I think he's absolutely disgusting what they've done yeah it is bad I think the game has has actually sold out I'm not they hasn't put people off I will call people out because it definitely has obviously with it being the last game of the season with everything in mistake you know people people are able to go in terms of the game itself though I mean obviously there'll be time on latest shows to speak about this during the week but as the the last city dedicated show before this Leicester game how do you think it's gonna go um I think it's gonna be feisty less they've got a great record against those odds this time of the year there's the whole Brendan Rodgers thing Brendan's got unfinished business with City and title races will you want to come and have the last laugh Jamie Vardy you love to spoil a party despite his own song I think it is the whole rehab Norris thing which Lester funds are very torn about how they feel about Marius leaving City and I think Lester will common that we pumped and also results weren't their way over the weekend Lester that European race is not finished it's very unlikely but they still can sneak in stick leave the court file goes their way so Lester will be will be pumped a lot for it it's exactly the sort seam and style of play and the pep I think still hasn't or trying to figure it out in English football and you know there's gonna be a nervous there in the ground I expect it to be 20 questions some horrible I think this conversation so man you've got about the boys I don't hear it statistically we're gonna nail them and we've been awesome all season why wouldn't we get result but it will be tough watch again people talk about you know when Lester's fantastic sort of form since Brendan Rodgers came you know and we look at these other teams you know we look at Bernie the one three then they drew at Chelsea but to sort of cap that in a minute we just want now many eleven on the bounce so we are and Peppa's got these guys firing so you know again it's footballs for anything can happen via DS pace could get him in behind and it could go on Valley would love to do that and I'm just hoping Brendan Rodgers sat there thinking during the week he sat there going I'm gonna minute I didn't win the title with Liverpool I'd like it to go on a bit longer I'll play a bit of the youth you know I'd like their their quest for the trophy or the Premier League should I say just to go on a few years longer I'm not saying they're not gonna be in the next year but Brendan Rodgers if he can have a say yeah I'm open yeah turns up and hasn't gotten quite as fired up cuz you what you were saying I seem to remember actually this came to me earlier on that was the stat or Guardiola said it himself earlier in the season that City had a bad record or Guardia Lord a bad record or maybe both playing on a Monday night but again but it goes back to all these other factors there was the start of the weekend about Burnley you know Burnley haven't been or the defending champions in the last five years yeah yeah and then you know City seemed like jinx proof oh man proof you know I mean they're just they're just always there and the other thing about Leicester yeah they'd be Arsenal on the weekend which is a good was obvious Arsenal say is one thing I'd say ever thing is they want four in a row the first game was Wofford so what decent team and they lost I think there then be I'll just feel Cardiff Burnley full um so for poor teams then they drew lost the Newcastle true West down so anytime we play a decent team off until Arsenal they've not won so they might come and give it a go but look Spurs came and you know gave it a go at first in the Champions League obviously different circumstances their game because they are the away call the Spurs were bad team then Leicester they gave her go in the league game they're still a bad team than Leicester City if they get spurt spaces to exploit to counter-attack that's just another weapon you know I can't remember the last time cities called the call on the counter-attack but I mean I'm sure there is one but it's just not something they have to do anymore because they have to break teams down so just the opportunity to have a bit of space and you know maybe bring on saarne if required but you know you said ilex Leicester we're gonna be pumps see be big-time a prick you know there's there's good not gonna be any complacency and again you know pilots came and gave a go over Christmas and one maybe see weren't quite on it but you know now it's a lot of days to prepare you know players are on you know having holidays and having braked at the moment hopefully fresh legs maybe players coming back from injury I'm not sure what's going on with your pro in it but even if not the same team the same team that played at a weekend more than ready to go I think you're right so you're gonna be bang-up for it and it's gonna be a well they always score really they didn't know the weekend but I said if gonna be different game against Leicester they always core really it's gonna be a lot more open is another thing also I think we took a little bit for granted this city funds because our fan base is still so nervous and it still feels so new to being like a big club and behind us whereas we have got a team of winners we've got like World Cup winners and woke up finalists in the team and we've got people who've won champions leagues or the countries and they've war you know and all that sort of stuff well we haven't seen were champions they know how to treat a game like this and know how to be professionals and just get a job done and I think it's funds you know we talked them down sometimes we talk ourselves into thinking that we're a team of bottlers but actually and I appreciate that I'm tempting quite a lot of fate there and I might look very silly in a couple of days but we've we've got a say on boys in our sketch up done it could be relies on I think so well if you are question you could have a choice of any manager in the world to take over city now and to have it for this game for me is pep yeah I mean he's just a born winner you know he's the manager you would want at manchester city for these two games well yeah I remember tween if the star of April see he's fixed a list and then obviously they added on a the FA Cup semi-final to that for April and again took took going back to our Liverpool on swearin and that kind of stuff there was a lot of not just fans bring her some liverpool-based journalists saying you know this is where city could slip up look at these fixtures that is horrible and now they come out the other side find out the Champions League tiny tiny margins absolutely boss the rest and yeah obviously huge og want you wanna get them over the line of the last two games but Cuadrilla the players are ready for the moment is ready for it I think that's home game of the season the fans would be ready for it whatever happens SNJ MS Park on Saturday night it's I could be even if it's not sold on Monday night and I don't expect it will be I think he'll be a special night and it will be a good way to send everyone off to Brighton at the weekend there's going to be it's gonna be a finale it feels like the end of Game of Thrones everyone's hyped for it no one knows we're gonna happen Mabel to be a definite somewhere who knows what can happen we're going to give very little quick break now don't go anywhere we're going to be coming for some Lee would transfer gossip and get some of those details out of him comment on youtube let us know some names you want to hear about get in touch on Twitter at MCR for your social sweet in eighth double 7 double 1 come round come have a chat I know telegram getting such others this is your chance don't go anywhere for the third the most anticipated part the transfer talk the transfer saga is their war chest my favorite explanation of how much money I'll suspend now if you want to get in touch with it so three four five Trevor one seven six two five text us on eight double seven double one tweeter sir MCR 40 social or indeed if you're on YouTube leave a comment now we've got the closest thing I believe to the inside of Pep Guardiola's heading transfers sat just here Sam hello that's a decent warm-up in it well well we're gonna be throwing names that yeah we're gonna be asking for positions we're gonna be asking we're gonna be asking you everything about the public demands well hey you fine fine I was this time last year it was okay because it was all right this is what's it you're doing I'm a one name and then it's just gonna be one of the player this time over the weekend it was low right so these are the four positions there's a bit of moving around or maybe not this guy maybe this guy would go if this happens blah blah blah but I was you know I was confident things were going in the right direction you had a handle on it yeah and it was like right and then maybe give it a couple of weeks after the season finishes we can maybe add some names in but today so kind of turned on his head a bit I don't really know what's going on I'm checking my phone during the show hoping something comes through so I mean I've got 30 seconds to answer some of these questions um it's I mean I'll never stick to her anyway and there's definitely no way I'm gonna be able to stick to it for some of them but um yeah well for you is I personally think of Bri and just a disaster if we went into next season without you know signing another left back but letting delft go men date with his injury records in chenko as good as he's been he's not an elite level footballer at left that left box what do you think well it's funny because obviously today it's come out that well it's been reported and if you look at where you can probably guess where it's come from this seems like a club indoor stance that there's gonna be no left back and I mean I had been saying just on other podcasts or whatever on Twitter that one of my good sources did sound me six weeks ago four weeks ago that there wouldn't be a left back and it was going to be Mende and since Janko and sin Cheng has already signed a new contract but it's not been announced yet so all of that bothers like don't really believe that and then spoke to the same guy at the weekend and somebody else independent of each other both really good sources and the guy who told me that said no there will be a left back you know they they they can't they can't trust Mende they've decided there's got to that stage weather off the field store for injuries they can't trust him and the other guy was like yeah there's there's basically four positions they might go for but two were locked in a once defensive midfield ones left back so it's not where I finally without I don't really know any names for left back I had an idea of one but you know at least we head in the right direction and now it's today this has comes out that there's gonna be no left back I've heard independently that the name I had in mind is not gonna happen from the players end and I'm just wondering now what is going on and now if I the case because one of the one of the three or the third or fourth position depending on circumstances would have been a centre-back and I was told there would be a top center back but they think massage delict is going to Barcelona yeah but I'm thinking if they're gonna abandon the left back are they saving money for something are they yeah basically are they are they pulling all their money for one big center back in and if so who is it so I mean these are the questions now I'm trying to answer because the whole thing it been a left back the whole time and just so it's not me speaking the whole time like you said earlier it doesn't need to be a left back surely like how good must this center back be and look there must be a sound about coming in because I think autumn Andy's going so there must be a sound about coming in but how good must he be to take the risk again because it was weird enough not gonna left back last summer to do it this summer would be another big risk so what do you reckon I think it's a big risk I know I had a great story you were telling me about clops opinion on chill well oh yeah yeah um I was speaking through the Liverpool correspondent our liberal correspondent Neal goal we were both doing the youth a final the other day and he was saying not al have it now but he was saying if it was a hypothetical choice for cloth to choose between benzio well and under robertson he reckoned he would probably still go for children Wow I mean because surely everyone accepts you know Robertson's the best left back in the Premier League one of the best around if you know it'd be perfect for see if you are deal it's not all up and bid your ideal and it's just that's just a funny thing I had Neil say last week that apparently yeah rates chill well or would Rach it well higher than in Robertson but yet chaiwallah I'm not so sure because I left back things team seems to be up in the air what I would say was until I heard about that the left back who L thought it would be being off I did think I'm not I don't trust these reports there will be a left back but as it stands right now being on the spot on a Tuesday evening you never believe it until you see the player day and interest him with his you can't ever believe it but this news just there's news just they don't know no there was potential for needs to be just in I think Oh any mail um yeah so know it maybe maybe by the end of the show maybe in the extra great at the podcast they'll be news coming in I doubt it but it won't be it won't be far off and whether it's on this podcast or someone else also know the answers well I mean let's throw some names but an actress has been on such on YouTube do a little bit of rumors around a play called Roderick here is cry let's go Madrid yeah and the M en the musterion news and a couple other sources said apparently his name is written in capital letters on a whiteboard at City and he's the number one target what's the going on without some I don't want to sound too can see it although it's inevitable nevermind want the army n saying I said this already they're gonna they've got Ares the number one target and in my mind with an unborn target that means like georgina aloshy it didn't happen in the end when all players in these situations something's been agreed you know they know he wants to come they don't make a player the number one target if he's gonna turned around so don't to come now there's been report in Spain over the weekend that he's holed a letter he wants to stay as far as I know from city that is the one the one name the one bit certainty I've got so far and one of the guys did Tommy over the weekend you know it's pretty much done with Rodri so as we saw with Georgina last year in God knows who else before that things can change but if I'm if I could hang my hat on one player this summer in all this other uncertainty Rodri would be the one he is their number one the number one choice for defensive midfield God by our claws and yet all of that kinda stuff you know you've been going for these by outlaws instead of getting into well yes well chi-chi's under a bit of pressure Oh Guardiola wasn't happy because they wanted to do they wanted Frankie the young for my ax and they thought they had him for a bit to be fair to pasture they went in and they you know they paid him more money than de Bruin is getting and all that so you know bastard did a big job and maybe will City were winning so much it but then not you know obviously still got a great relationship with cheeky but if you were to ask him privately it well if he was his wife asking him who's being honest he'd probably say look he needs to deliver now so it's no surprise he's going after players with buyout clauses because you can't get gives on by someone else you can't haggle over the fee you can just go and get it done the only thing I'm surprised with laundry is without being the case while they haven't done it already well the thing but maybe there's the agreement in place and when it gets to the end of the season I'd love to go we're done City you're done well if that may prepare to pay more on wage terms than to Broin Ferdie young yeah I mean his agents are five million euros as well another well it's City as a club and we can see it Sanchez won it's so much money and he backs away they were strong know that because what it does it settles the whole you know the whole rest of the the dressing room so some other mug has to go on pace Sanchez a big wedge to unrest on sell all of their just in room yeah you know I mean we've seen to offer a plan well wrong and sometimes you may miss out on these players but because we've got a plan that's well-run it's for the benefit of the club in the long run well I mean is hard enough getting solid sign of your contract now it's certainly not off off the table it's hard enough imagine there was a player how old stay on 21 yeah coming in on 260 grand a week you got the same problem as it's going on it you know it now everyone wants why Alexis cotton what Fellaini ended up getting when he ran his contract down so yeah and quad here this area at the time you know they have got to keep an eye on the wage bill they certainly have all this leads into the 30-second game so for those of you watching online and listening on the radio that haven't seen this before the way this is gonna work is loads of you have been getting in touch on social media and text and Twitter to ask your questions in I'm gonna put it now to Walter and Sam they're gonna have 30 seconds each to answer as quickly as they can are you ready gents yes all right it was good first some yeah yeah it seems like let's get inside already all right beyond belief on YouTube was asked what do we make of EF a charging fans a hundred and fifteen quid an op for the tickets to the final well yeah well we've got things to say I've been a how long I can pad out but I think it's terrible you know a friend of mine sweet the other day I think you must gotten four for his parents or you know for three people and a costume 345 quid to go on what city in a cup final and the something is you know the FA will keep putting those prices up because if they can't find a way you're gonna do you're not gonna go of course you're gonna go but it's just it's extortion place I hate because they know people will pay it because they want to see their team and a final let's go straight in Walter tickets cook funnel I think you said absolute disgrace the FA just rinsing bunch the city fans you looked at lunch City as a club is just fantastically wealthy us is a fan base but we're no different than what we were I said that the time of going to The 70-pound if I couldn't get a ticket for simply pound I was gonna go to a big pop in Manchester and I was gonna go watch it there I feel no guilt whatsoever I paid a luckily I've got one for 70 pounds so I'm going down to London I'm gonna go watch it but even then I speaking with there is alright next question from a tech on YouTube a bit long this one why she start 11 for the Lester game Oh Edison Walker companies come this far why not although maybe I'll change em for stones Lepore obviously is in chenko gun doin because it looks like Filipinos knee is problems Bernardo Silva davits L looks emotional was going on with de Bruyne ER and then run free of stone in agüero sonic this favor thing is classic it's pretty much the same team that played firmly they'll all know what to do Sonny might have a bit more space to get into more of his game you know don't eat the same if it were anyone else iconic 433 Walter what's your 11 for that's the game very quick it's Lanchester city football podcast now run applause for producer Niall in the wrong dials Walker stones Laporte zinchenko Bernardini organ the one dependent on his fitness two silvers in the middle sterling agüero sorry but lovely still got to that stage isn't it everyone knows the main lads the main ones who are gonna perform you know there's no there's no obviously gonna be Jesu so is it gonna be a guerre oh it's just you know you the reliable ones well the people who've been there don't before felt that pressure and come out the other side winners and you know your agüero you sterling or you know yeah Fannin Dini oh these are all players that have that span of the team I'd go for stones instead of company cuz I'm a little bit worried about Jamie Vardy space yeah well I don't think I think there's an awful lot to me to be worried about there's a long time before the game but there we go plenty plenty of ice all good in the world a city basically isn't it it's all good in the world the city but will fail we feel on Monday night I was changed by them unfortunately I accompanied we've got through it it's something of the show and if listed on X's Manchester don't go anywhere Jimmy's up with loads of a great bunch of the tunes if you listen through the podcast make sure you hit that subscribe button if you watched on YouTube like comment and subscribe as well you know what to do we've had a wonderful show I hope you've enjoyed listening to it we'll see you next Tuesday for the Manchester City football social the city

  1. Can you guys discuss the Mahrez situation. Because for me I don’t think he’s good enough for city. I worry that if pep keeps playing Mahrez over Sané that Sané will want to leave.
    Mahrez is selfish, one dimensional. I think we need to get rid of him ASAP

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