Turning coal miners into coders is not the answer to automation | Andrew Yang

We’ve all deeply, deeply internalized the
logic of the marketplace, which is that our value is reflected in our economic value. This is one reason why we have otherwise very,
very smart well-intended people talking about how to turn coal miners into software coders. Why is it that we think that they must become
software coders? It’s because their earlier purpose in the
market no longer exists, and so we have to find them a new one and being a software coder
seems like something that the market wants. Now unfortunately the way that the market
is evolving is that more and more of us are going to struggle to outcompete software,
artificial intelligence, and robots more and more where robots are going to be to drive
a car and a truck better than us very, very soon. AI can already outperform the smartest doctors
at identifying tumors on a radiology film. AI can already surpass experienced corporate
attorneys at editing documents and contracts. And so right now we’re trapped in this mindset
where we all have to find value based upon the market’s estimation of what we can do. But the market’s going to turn on more and
more of us very, very quickly and has nothing to do with our merit. That radiologist went to school for a long
time, but they just can’t see shades of gray that the AI can. And the AI can reference millions of films
whereas the radiologists can only reference thousands. And so we have to start evolving the way we
think of ourselves and our value in this society. If we rely upon the market, we’re going to
follow the market off a cliff because the market’s going to turn on more and more of
us over time, and we can already see that the market does not value many of the things
that are core to human existence like caring, nurturing, and parenting and caregiving. And I use my wife as an example. My wife is at home with our two boys, one
of whom is autistic. And the market values her contribution at
zero whereas we all know that’s nonsense and that her work is incredibly valuable and difficult. It’s not just the caring and nurturing roles. It’s also arts, creativity, journalism, increasingly,
volunteering in the community. All of these things are getting valued at
zero or near zero and declining. And so what we have to do, we have to say
look, the market is not omniscient. The market’s valuation of us and our activities
and their value is something that we essentially invented. And we need to invent new ways to measure
what we think is important. And I think that this is the most important
challenge of our time because if we do not evolve in this direction, we’re going to follow
the market to a point that’s going to destroy us where eventually AI is going to be able
to outprogram our smartest software engineers. And then what will we ask people to do that
has value? So we have to start getting ahead of this
curve as fast as possible, and this is why I’m running for president.

  1. People say "learn to code" as if it was easy. A lot of coal miners are probably not comfortable (or good at) mentally laborous and intageable world of coding. Vise-versa can be said. Many coders would not quickly make happy and competent coal miners.

    I'm a little frustrated by training electrical engineering graduates into coders. Being a full-time coder is more than simply understanding the language(s) you work in. You need to do more than read/write english to become member of the writting staff. I'm biased towards having little to no hope for your average coal miners to become competent coders in the industry.

    Coal mining and coding seem to benefit from completely different perspectives and skillsets.

  2. Although I do agree with AI eventually outpacing human coders it will probably still be a while away before this happens.

  3. 2:50 "where eventually our AI is going to be able to outprogram our smartest software engineers."
    So? That means my work is done. Job well done, time to relax.
    I'm a software engineer.

  4. How about we realize we're almost at the point we can do away with the economy because our basic needs can be automated? LET'S GO STAR TREK UTOPIA!

  5. Nobody seems to understand what kind of undertaking it is to take a heavy equipment operator (coal miner, etc) and turn them into a "coder". It will never happen. Those kinds of people would hate sitting behind a desk all day pounding a keyboard and they would resent it until their last breath. They aren't "dumb" or "stupid" though and I think a lot of people just assume so because we have been brainwashed to think college = smart when that's not really the case. And not to mention that there are college educated folks in coal mines anyway because the pay is worth it…I don't have the answer but telling people to "learn to code" sure isn't it. And if you think the average coal miner even cares what "the internet" has to say about them…oh boy…I'll let you in on it now, they don't give a flying hoot what you think.

  6. IMO some people haven't even evolved past the mindset of people in the 1800s. People want to be able to harness the power of nature to live in harmony with the Earth, not fight over pieces of paper our government doesn't even own.

  7. Though I agree that what he was talking about isn't really being addressed. He didn't give any ideas on how to address it…. Bunch of problems but no solutions.

  8. An interesting statement, unfortunately he didn't present any plan or even ideas as to how to "get out ahead of the market"

  9. if you want to see him go far in this campaign, donate at www.yang2020.com FAST – he needs 65,000 donations by may15 of this year.

  10. Lol john mcmutry has been saying this, but in extreme detail, for decades…DECADES yet he instead gets mockingly called a commie or a socialsit. For fuck's sake. At least its finally going mainstream, hope the media doesnt sleep on this Yang guy, he and others may very be the one to initiate the next big shift from the current fucking paradigm…proividing the ever knowing market god doesnt swallow him whole first. This is interesting, lets see where it goes.

  11. Let me meddle with your elections: we need to change and even do something – but what specufically ? Sounds like another populist lets do something good for all and let some bad rich guys pay for it. Miners are too lazy to learn to code, so let someone pay for them as the change for the better. Miners were lazy to learn at the first place when they've chosen this primitive dirty dangerous job.

  12. #yanggang This guy is everywhere he’s killin it. Best policies of any politician in any party period. But I wouldn’t vote for him unless he’d agree to give his delegates to an anti establishment dem if they’re close to getting the half of delegates needed to win without superdelegates. With the new rules someone has to get half of all delegates to win on the first ballot at the convention, if they don’t then superdelegates are allowed to vote and they’ll swing it someone establishment even if it risks losing to trump. I’d consider those anti establishment candidates to be: sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Yang. And Elizabeth Warren – her policies and record are excellent but she doesn’t have the balls to call out DNC cheating and dem corruption the way tulsi and sanders do.

  13. He needs 65,000 individual donations to get into the debates, please donate even just a dollar! Even if you don’t want him to be president (can’t imagine why), it’d be EXCELLENT to have him in the debates to make this argument. Same for Tulsi Gabbard, who appeals to some libertarians and conservatives and is the only person making very strong anti war points, and she’s a veteran. She tried to stop both Obama and trump from arming isis and al nusra in Syria, she went to Syria and met with Assad and opposition groups, so the establishment wants to smear her as a pro dictator traitor or something lmfao. Getting her on the debate stage will highlight that many of the Dems have neocon foreign policies, and even some of the better ones are either ignorant or dishonest about the incredible arrogance of our foreign policy in that we arm all sides of a civil wars, arm people that our enemies in the hopes that they beat another enemy, but it almost always backfires and unsurprisingly strengthens our enemies. We need them both up there speaking truth.

  14. Love the concept – but the script of this could be tighter. Tighten up that stump speech! Use a teleprompter!

  15. The fallacy about the "learn to code" advise is that it assumes that for every job that automation replaces, it creates one or more jobs in coding or other tech fields. This is false.

    Automation is replacing several magnitudes more jobs than it creates. The country isn't gonna need 200,000,000 computer programmers or robotics technicians, but that's how many jobs automation will replace.

  16. As long as you have finite resources, you have to ration it via a pre-existing criteria such as govt, or base it on accumulation of value added to services rendered, aka the market.

  17. Wasn't it somewhere in Europe that test Universal Basic Income. It made people happier but also lazier. The work hour decreased.

  18. Will he give us the solution to the problem or do we need to elect him before he tells us how to solve it?

  19. Mr. Yang is the one saying that a persons worth is reflected by the amount of money they can produce, not the market. I think that there are other thing worth something than money, and that is OK. Not everything needs to be compensated monetarily.

  20. Very scary future generations n this matrix world..this needs to happen..ubi and healthcare 4 all are small steps

  21. A literal wolf in sheep's clothing.
    His UBI proposal would result in a cyclical economy with permanent classes. In other words feudalism.
    The only reason why tech billionaires and millionaires propose UBI is because it's an attempt to retain the power structure of capitalism and protect their wealth and power at the expense of everyone else even when it's no longer a viable economic system.

  22. This man is God Sent. Can America handle a president with this caliber. You guys are lucky. Dont fuck this up. Vote for this man.

  23. I truly wish I could support his idea of UBI, but the US is so messed up, we'd be lucky if we can get a President Sanders and work with him to create a universal healthcare system and begin to get money out of the political system. Or a President Gabbard and stop pouring trillions into the military to fight senseless wars which end up pissing off more people around the world and destabilizing more areas.. creating more people that hate the US.. and then we end up fighting more wars. Or a President Warren who would attempt to strengthen protections for consumers..
    I read about UBI 20 years ago, and, as an artist I thought it was an intriguing idea. But the situation is so far gone that the Repubs & Trumpers talk about bringing back coal and the neo-libs talk about retraining and innovation centers.. and most Americans are just pissed at the whole mess, and have no vision or nuance to begin to imagine a Star Trek Utopian America popping into existence, nor do many of them have the intellectual capacity or curiosity or creative drive to be comfortable with the idea that they can create and learn and read books and write books or make music or code or whatever.. living on Yang's UBI, while automation does most of the heavy lifting.. Admittedly I haven't read his 77 page website, but I know that right now most voters won't buy it. They have been conditioned for too long.. work.. job.. And as someone else said about knowing people on food stamps that got off of them at the 1st opportunity even though they still qualified, I can attest to that – I qualify for disability, but don't even want to deal with it until I absolutely can't survive without it; the idea is un-appealing both for the 'moocher' stigma attached to it and the mind numbing bureaucracy I'd have to regularly wade through.
    Sanders managed to make Med4All palatable, but only bc every other major country has some form of universal healthcare – and he has been saying the same thing for 30+ years, and he managed to get a 9 month national platform in 2016 to push the idea and build a movement around it. It's an idea that people can grasp bc they know they could go bankrupt tomorrow if a health issue comes up. It also helps that Obama passed the ACA, and (despite all its flaws) right when a lot of people were beginning to reap the benefits of the modest republican program, Trump & McConnell came damn close to dismantling it. This opened people's minds to doing something more bold and streamlined. UBI would be an utterly foreign concept to most voters, which puts Yang in a position far behind where Sanders was in 2016.. ('Free Stuff for everyone!' – Fox would have a field day and there would be few examples to point to, unlike Med4All; and even though UBI has some Libertarian roots).
    For all the utopian appeal of Yang's proposal, the money still has to come from somewhere – which probably means soaking the rich, especially if it is a sustainable and fulfilling amount; I'm not sure Yang is ready for the fight Sanders has been having for 30 years..
    And it does nothing for other serious issues like climate, infrastructure or reforming predacious megabanks to protect the US and global economy from another big recession or worse. And this says nothing about the dysfunctional corporate run Govt and the spineless monopolized MSM that frames everything as a free market issue.
    That said, I will go through his policy – give it a fair shake – and see if he addresses these and other issues I have with trying to implement UBI at this time.
    We need to get there eventually but I'm not sure if the majority of Americans are ready for this yet.

  24. People need to stop saying saying he is too smart to get elected etc. The people in this country arent stupid. That's why Yang is getting standing ovations in buildings all over the country from democrats and republicans.

  25. The general public actually thinks people sit here all day and code line by line? The coding from 2010 (when I graduated) looks VERY VERY different to the coding that happens today. It is much easier and faster to create apps and programs now. This is the future of open source everything. Microsoft, Google and even Facebook have open-sourced all of their AI progams with amazing forums and support. The future of programming is a collective effort with eventually AI taking over and writing all it's own code and programs.

  26. The failure to understand the difference between quantity and value is hard-baked in to our economics. Just look at GDP, which is the ultimate measure of economic activity used ubiquitously and without exception. A train ticket in Japan, where the system is clean and efficient, and a few seconds is regarded is late, adds the same amount to GDP as buying a ticket on a filthy, 30 year old locomotive that's half an hour late does somewhere else. GDP was widely adopted in WW2, when all that mattered was what could be committed to the war effort, but one of the pioneers of GDP was horrified when it became the go-to measure in peace time, due to its such inherent limitations.

  27. Less than 4 thousand donations needed to get him on stage. Still more than two months to get there. Lets do the damn Yang, ya'll!

  28. UBI is not the solution. UBI renders work as meaningless and also robs the individual of passion. Yes , corporations should be tax more but UBI is not practical.

  29. So instead of software coders we give them breadcrumbs left over by the government plunders?? How about letting the market work by rewarding ppl for serving others?

  30. Learn to code. Great you can write software your job is secure for a few years. Then AI does the programming… back to school!

  31. the big question is when you have AI and robots create all the scientific breakthroughs, write all the code, mine all the ore, ship all the ore, build all the products, ship all the finished products and stock the products in the store what economic system would we have? capitalism? communism? or something entirely new?. My vision of the future is like what happened to horses when the vehicle came along. We would just enjoy life 1 day at a time socializing with our peers with zero financial pressures and seeing that there is no money there would be near zero crime

  32. Im a coder and seen this coming from tens years out. Coding is a job that uses a very precise and automated structure with lines of code that are set in stone. So once you memorise the key functions of a programming language and gain a little experience you are set to be a coder.

    But if it's such a rigid job then it's a prime target for machine learning….. And that…is why I relearned python took yet a other course in data science and changed ship … Now I'm working on projects that will probably leave millions out of work. But that's progress …. Plus car assembly workers, drivers. Coal miners and store assistants know full well their jobs are being replaced. They have had a decade watching this slowly happen. If they chose to do nothing about it what can I do? I'd strongly suggest find a less replaceable job, but past experience told me to shut up and not bother…..folks seem to blame the messenger.

    Anyone entering coding these days will find their salary lower than a McDonald's worker and their job is just slightly modifying existing code.

    There is no solution I have yet been presented with that will solve the social upheavel inherent with machine learning…a.i. generally and automation. I'm also pretty good at finding solutions to thing. I spent 30 years applying that. The problem is that any jobs these machines make will be targeted by my employer as a good thing to train machines to do and I'll then work out how to do that. Then even those jobs will be done by other machines. Coal miners can't all be coders, or authors or friggin flower arrangers anyway. There's a certain aptitude you need for coding, and you can't train people into a new job as fast as you can build a machine to do it faster and cheaper. Of the jobs the machines cannot do, well they won't be numerous enough to solve the problem. This is NOT a new industrial revolution that will make millions of jobs .

    This means any kids starting school this year will leave school or university with almost no chance of any employment whatsoever… That includes everyone from coal miner to physicist.

    The only solution I heard of that 'might' work is to give everyone the average industrial wage. Europe might adopt that. China might…India hasn't got the money for it …the US does have the wealth to do that …but ideology will prevent it.

    If it's not done, even as a stopgap, then the economy will collapse because there won't be anyone spending…. They will all be unemployed .. and the unemployed are useless to any society and have no power.

  33. Personally I just think we have to stop pretending that having a job or doing manual labor is what gives your life meaning.

  34. How the hell can you listen to this guy for 5 minutes and not realize he's smarter than the entire presidential lineup. I swear to god, how more obvious can it get we need to get this guy elected

  35. I’m a conservative and I can see where he’s coming from. Universal income will have to come eventually due to automation (I agree 100%). If he can bring republicans to his side by not pushing gun control, property confiscation, or socialism and push aside the far left antics that’s dividing this country. He can really put our country on a new path separating our selves from the ways of old and guide our economy and people into a world where we can strive and compete alongside automation and AI.

    My only concern is if his plans come too soon before the need arises.

  36. It's even worse than this. Suppose that a coal miner had the savings and resources to learn coding. What would happen after that? The answer is simple: They'd be turned down for job after job, for not being a "culture fit." This is a sly way of saying, "you are too old to be hired."

    I have worked in Tech for 12 years, and am hard-pressed to meet anyone who has never used a website that I've worked on. MySpace, Fandango, Lynda, LinkedIn, and so on. And yet, for the past THREE YEARS I have struggled just to get a response to my job applications. I can't even get a rejection letter.

    Telling someone to "learn to code" is an over-simplified "solution" to a serious problem. This is why it's an insult, and the people who started this declaration had no idea that it was an insult until the shoe was on the other foot.

  37. Oh…My….God…this is just as bad as Yang's many ridiculous contradictions, now pushing for a banning of circumcision yes a little bit of skin removed from a boy bothers him, yet a 3rd trimester abortion, hacking a fully developed baby to death….he's cool with that…i am so sick of the new proponents for the democrats they are so disappointing and dangerous to American Society.

  38. I came out of a coding bootcamp, the stomping grounds for people following the "learn to code" movement where people are trying to make a change to improve their lives by switching to a profession that values them more highly… Our cohort started with 26 students, ended with 16 who graduated (some of them barely), and only 10 of 16 were able to acquire jobs… 16 out of 26 were unable to become software engineers, and most of them very young adults. No you can't turn everyone into software engineers, that's the reality. Any person who is telling others to learn to code either isn't a coder themselves or is one of those stuck-up egotistical narcissistic pricks that no one likes in our development community.

  39. You don't have to turn coal miners into coders. Blue collar jobs are some of the most in demand jobs out there currently. Its much easier to transition from mining to plumbing or electrical work than it is for them to learn software skills.

  40. Coding is monotonous and coding with creativity in mind is very difficult to do. I remember when there was a certain company in my hometown doing very well and making a very specific high markup product tlots of people used. Everyone wanted to get hired bc the last two generations did so well for themselves they worked there from high school graduation until retirement and the biggest things to know we're getting there and pushing the button along with a variety of small instructable tasks. There were other things to do for experts but the positions rapidly shrank as expertise increased, the ppl fixing the button for example might get bored if the button didn't break often and there was little incentive to be creative at any level. So schools taught you to arrive on time press the button and don't slack off ,the more button pushing the farther you could go. Around the time I was going to graduate there were massive layoffs bc the thing everyone needed had changed but the button didn't, and neither did the ppl so it was a confusing scary time of quiet desperation. They tried to make more things that less ppl needed and that worked sometimes for a few ppl but was costly leaving little profit or none and no one could help bc theywere conditioned to show up to press a button not look at trends and imagine or even notice the next big thing, they could only imagine variations of what the button produced so they kept producing flops. They had an entire department with eggheads, filled with degrees and awards patents and discoveries but these ppl weren't the management and only solved a problem when asked to but no one was asking them for any input, if they did they would've heard about all kinds of cool stuff from the far reaches of the globe stuff other scientists were doing, academia, the military, corporations and tinkerers were pushing buttons too but not the simple one for long hours to make an old product no one used much anymore bc the new buttons let ppl have more fun, be more creative and do interesting things. The company had everything it needed to be on the cutting edge of innovation but yawned and died bc no one would communicate, come together get to know each other play games get down to earth let their hair down and just be open to new things, maybe it was hard to do after being stratified into classes

  41. https://youtu.be/5iV_hB08Uns by Boston Dynamics about logistic robots, I think the mature technology would be about 7-8 years in the future and another massive job loss.

  42. AI will increase automation making products and services better and cheaper to the point they'll essentially be free.

    By 100 year ago standards, basic necessities are almost free.

    This reinvent society trope is the same anti-intellectual authoritarian bullshit being spun for thousands of years, AI is just the latest propaganda tool.

    Markets don't value everything the same as individuals do, being a parent is your payment for being a parent. No one asked you to be a parent, and women have more control over their fertility than any time in history. Don't want to be a parent, don't get pregnant. It's a blessing unto it's self, and to suggest otherwise is a horrible anti-human illiberal sentiment.

    Go learn some basic economics for gawds sake.

  43. First off, I am so in awe of the group of Coal Miners who actually did become Coders. Good job! Second, I understand that the market is both a living thing, and can be forced. I'm a living thing, and my health can be forced by the choices I make, and the healthcare I receive. I can resonate with what Andrew is saying, in that following the trends of the market makes you powerless to its whims, and you need to evolve into the kind of person that is "Homo Magister" in Species by Mastering your Place according to the coming changes. How do you do that? Educate yourself in what the newest things are in the world, every single day. Salty Nostalgia is wrongthink, because every single day is a new you, and a new world, kind of like a new doctor and a new Tardis. I just woke up. Who am I now? What is the world now? Let's find out! Will you have to reinvent yourself? Yes, frequently. But you can and will adapt. Adaptation is the primary weapon of the Human form. Just like a muscle tears and heals back stronger simply by lifting weights. It will destroy you at first, but pull yourself back together like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen, and do it again, and again, and again, and again(I have a spoon), and again, and again, and again! Over time, you will master your place in the Global Market as a Robust, Versatile, and Dynamic member of it.

  44. if Andrew Yang doesnt win this time, im sure there will be millions of people willing to vote for him in about 10 years times when the sh*t hits the fan and automation eliminated 50% of the current jobs we have today. Hes still quite young (45?)

  45. Neither is universal basic income, it's a bandaid until we can evolve our education system which will take generations until coding among youth is as common as knowing basic arithmetic

  46. Why is this clip not getting views? The 'learn to code' strategy to fix 'retooling' … for future jobs is the dumbest idea ever.

  47. That's what Bernie Sander and the rest of other politicians wanted us to do after we've losing our jobs. Lol I can't believe this in 2019 that most of our politicians are still living in a stone age of 1945 ways of thinking.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Tell a coal miner to learn to code. Wow what a novel idea… then tell it to a reporter… ABUSE!

  49. The thing about being in security is that there will always be a need for human gaurds and functionally robots cannot preform are jobs as percisely and as greatly as we humans can

  50. Self-programming AI:

    That starts to enter nightmare fuel territory real quick thanks to all the “robots take over the planet” scenarios we have in fiction.

  51. I was a high-level graphic designer making almost $50 an hour back in the 80s. Beta testing photoshop and everything. Once the trade schools started churning them out… rates got lower and lower. Technology made the job easier and easier. I switched to composing music in the "'90s was early ProTools adopter and an excellent songwriter. Technology made THAT job easier and easier. Point is… it's a race we can't win. Wake up. #yanggang2020 #humanityfirst

  52. Why is he blaming people dehumanizing each other on "the market"? It's people doing it and people need to take responsibility for their own actions

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