1. News networks use to be credible, they had to have at least 2 reliable sources before the reported news, but CNN just goes forward with fake news for there own agenda! Pitiful!!

  2. The government apologized for MK Ultra. The CIA conducts an operation called MOCKING BIRD which involves using MSM to brain wash the public. We were all lied to about iraq and Afghanistan (which I saw my friends die in). Antifa is allowed to run the streets while the government is trying to take our guns. I'm only saying what millions of Americans are thinking, but at what point do we take the power of the people back? At what point do we stand our ground? I dont want to have to be violent, but I'm fully prepared to DIE for the American people and our rights that are enshrined in the constitution

  3. Tucker, it is not a liberal agenda. It is a MARXIST AGENDA. Stop calling these bastards liberals. The are regressive Marxists/ Communists.

  4. Republican supporters are like a goldfish in a bowl. You create your own reality and enforce it by watching Fox News. Everyone has an agenda, even Fox News opinion hosts. But one should strive to be objective

  5. Fox FAKE News! Fox FAKE News is fed FAKE news by Russian intelligence and false far right conspiracies! This was PROVEN in court! CNN the ONLY trusted source of REAL news!!!

  6. Wait wait wait,this is to funny, plus it shows how desperate you all are over impeachment, fox has videos exposing project veritas and their editing to cause controversy, Fox News called them fake and now cites them as a source, ha, plus Fox News is more biased and lied on my Obama so much it's hard to believe they care about cnn, oh I get it you can be biased when ur a conservative

  7. let me add… All should remember to remain humble when the sleeping folks wake up. Resist the urge to say, “I told you so” and help them to understand what has been happening for decades…

  8. Cnn aired scene mob with candle pull innocent S. Korea president out in the square with enthusiastic voice.
    Now a spy of N. Korea occupied government.
    I realized CNN's real face from that moment.

  9. I'm not even American but I dont feel sorry for Tucker Carlson. I feel sorry for the brainwashed people who listen to this bufoo and believe every single word. As the clown use to say; sad.

  10. I saw a clip where Tucker Carlson says Lindsey Graham was being misrepresented by some main stream media news…I'm not so sure he is…Mr. Graham participated in Bilderberg meetings in 2016 the year before President Trump took office and 2017 along with Tom Cotton, the year when President Trump took office!!! And Conservative Christian Republicans are not welcome according to bilderberg themselves have said!!!

  11. For a journalist, presumably a person who can think and speak fluently in words, Mr Zucker seems to find the process difficult.

  12. I dont even live in the U.S… I aint even american… I'm asian and yet I watch this news…. what am i doing with my life

  13. The Recordings on Project Veritas YouTube page is mind blowing even though it’s known they hate Donald Trump !! This was a True Whistleblower blowing the whistle on the Bias. It’s absolutely stunning to see it all. Thanks for exposing this Tucker, keep doing it !

  14. I use to watch CNN all the time when I was younger… so much so that I was watching CNN when the planes struck.

    Now, I literally can't stand it for more than 10 minutes… I've tried to watch it but I really can't. It's nauseating

  15. Better wear your armour Fox people huh wow that sounded pretty threatening coming from Zucker now I know who he is I never knew he was cuz I don't watch TV anymore and when I did bubba blah anyway as pretty creepy where did you get the who gave you the recording her can you say?

  16. With Tucker Carlson snooze you are dumbfounded with truthhe puts it out there he does one-on-one you see it and hear it from both sides


  18. i admit cnn, msnbc is bad no doubt, but fox news is most bias network in hostory of human civilization. i am sure even fox news viwer knows it but they think its ok to be bias.

  19. tucker and hannity will support whatever trump do, and tucker talking about bias journalism??? this guy is a liar, just look at him, its written all over his face

  20. I cant imagine being a man and working for such a person, and looking myself in the mirror everyday, knowing that i leak testosterone with every paycheck..

  21. Zuccer obviously has to push this narrative that is forced upon him by someone higher up.
    He is just another Lackey for the ruling power gluttons above him

  22. “For a newsman, there’s a distinct lack of clarity in those instructions.” LMAO. I was noticing that and wondering if anyone else was.

  23. If this video were on Steem I could upvote it for increased visibility online and as an extra revenue source for Fox News…

  24. I actually do feel bad for those young people who spent four years in J-school and wound up getting their "education" at CNN. American Journalism used to be world-renowned as the top drawer. Now? It's pathetic.

  25. Without truth and righteousness, then CNN is tabloid media, and they need to start reporting Elvis Presley sightings and how space aliens sneak into our sleeping beds at night for strange things, like reported in the Supermarket for decades. That vampire girl might be lonely and seeking attention, but that is what CNN wants to do, because deciding what the truth is for the American public is not truth at all.

  26. People who work at CNN should start speaking up or they'll wind up losing their job…CNN is not going to around very much longer..

  27. Fox News is no better than CNN and Tucker is being disingenuous by pretending otherwise. Fox News is right wing propaganda

  28. Every sense I contacted Noble gold I mean getting nothing but garbage con artist filthy p***you can stick it up your butt there bud

  29. Another conflict of interest that I learned is that Zucker and Trump worked fairly close when Trump was on the apprentice. They apparently despise each other and that could be why CNN has this ongoing attack on the president.. and now we have a recording of Zucker basically admitting that he has it out for Trump and nothing else matters to him..

  30. Errm I'm pretty sure what he's doing is of the right and not left, I mean he's got his business and can do whatever he wants…right? Isn't that like a conservative mantra?

  31. The irony of a Fox News host calling out CNN for being ideological and having a partisan agenda is too much. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  32. Zucker was born into a Jewish family in Homestead, Florida, near Miami. For me it’s a not big news What’s going in the US then?! They think that the most intelligent and they rule this country. They will lose this war!

  33. The unbelievable irony of this coverage and comment section is almost nauseating. Do republicans truly lack that much self awareness? This is how spoiled children act…pointing a finger at everyone else and never looking in the mirror.
    Btw, I have no qualms with what he's saying. Everyone knows CNN is liberal. But to report that as though it's bad news while Fox leans so far right is just borderline propaganda. A brain washing tool. To not see the obvious is just unbelievable.

  34. Tucker you soon stand alone of thrash talks. Rest of Fox is finally see what's wrong president have done.
    You will never admit that the president have press Ukraine and yous Rudi to run around with others country. That's is almost traitor it can be. Fo(ake)x news.

  35. cant weight till they have Anderson or don lemon have show talking about o this is all fake news and trump is behind all this fake news because you know they cant do 1 show with out saying trumps name lol

  36. State Media is exactly what CNN is along with the rest of them. Fox is the only outlet that airs both sides of a story….most of the time.

  37. So at around 5:40 those 2 guys were fired. I'm pretty sure of that. Good journalists are almost nonexistent!!! Wishing the best for them in their future.

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