Tucker: 2020 Democrats turn on Warren

  1. " will the middle class get a tax increase?"
    Warren: The middle class will see their costs for health care go Down.
    I pay $6K/yr and my former employer(I'm retired) pays $14K/yr
    the talk is 10% payroll tax, 5% worker/5%employer, I would have to cover the 10% on $100K retirement
    That's $10K, that's $4K MORE.

  2. I look for the Dems to have a deadlocked convention and then turn to a white knight as its nominee. Who knows? It could even be old "magic underwear" Mitt Romney, since he is clearly no longer a Republican.


  4. SJW's now have a candidate to the presidency of a superpower… If there's any sanity left in the US, please don't vote a frustrated, emotional Karen, or the whole Planet will get F'ed.

  5. Real journalism is dead. These fascist authoritarian propagandists only want to advance the power of “die Partei” and nothing else. They don’t want journos to ask questions.

  6. This time around, I'm finding it hard to figure out whom the DNC favors for the nomination. They're all do-nothing sore-losers.

  7. I don't know why anyone would vote for her. She lies.
    She used her Cherokee background to get into Harvard.
    Warren identified her race as "American Indian" on a State Bar of Texas write-in form.
    Another story she made up was that she got fired because she got pregnent.

  8. I have a very close friend who's a lifelong democrat. He was super excited for Biden to run he kept saying "Biden is for the people. When it comes down to it, he pulls his sleeves up and gets down to it." Few months later and Joe opening his mouth, this friend is now considering for Pete Buttjuice, he says he knows he'll lose

  9. Warren gets asked a real question…
    Journalist's (ha!) respond by telling voters to put their fingers in their ears.

  10. I live in MA. Liz Warren is so out of touch its scary. I actually am moving out of MA to another state to flee the FAR left politics. I had written a letter to her office asking her to oppose the AWB bills. She responded four weeks later and the letter container NOTHING to do with the Second Amendment. She sited a UN report on third world countries need for food and medical assistance????????? Just like her claim to be an American Indian, fired from a job because she was pregnant, she will deflect from the question no matter what the topic. My response. Trump 2020!

  11. I love watching them turn and devour themselves. Glorious. Trump 2020. Thank you Democratic candidates. Let's not be complacent. Get out and vote. America is great. I can't wait to hear their heads explode when they break up to four more years of a lame duck president Trump. Please, get out and vote. Make it a landslide. Make it a statement.

  12. I just can't picture Warren in the white house of course she's going to get some female voters to vote for her cause she is a woman. Just not a good reason to be president

  13. I'd like to see the next debate with all of them dressed up on clowns outfits. You can have Pennywise
    As moderator and Puddles pity party to provide theme music. I'd actually watch it!

  14. We could easily pay for Medicare for all by diverting the 68 million dollars in tax payer money spent every year on Viagra for the military. If we can't pay for abortions we sure in the hell shouldn't be paying for what causes them. Americans are the dumbest and most disappointing people on earth.

  15. *Everyone*!! Have you great Americans noticed that even though these videos are Demonetized so it’s harder to view them then say CNN, yet with all there algorithm censorship, I have watched the this Fox News channel go from about 200K subscribers to the few million it has now! Keep it up Patriots! Let’s love everyone including the Democrats that hate us just as Jesus would, stay at piece with yourself, your family, and your life. Do not let the lies trouble your soul, We Are The People, and we have to forgive these sins and horrible deeds they go around our country and commit. I love God! Keep him in your heart, I love the American people, I love this great country, the United States of America.

    P.S. Just for the record, I am the 2nd Amendment Advocate, an Independent, I do love this country and everyone in it, because that’s what the Lord our Savior has Taught me, but…. Don’t play with our freedoms. Period.

  16. you have the moment to take over just about everything…if you report the truth….just think your base…a small percent…and then you talk about what the republicans and what is happening…dude…take over the tv…report the truth

  17. Every person does not deserve respect, respect is earned. Now I believe you should act cordial to people on some level, but why should i respect anyone no matter what.

  18. Since when do democrats care about how to pay for anything? It's laughable . I'm actually supportive of Andrew Yang but find Warren likable


  20. I'm not sure i'd trust an entity 23 trillion dollars in debt with a 1 trillion dollar deficit to pay for my medical bills.

  21. whoever is the front runner the dems try and eat them alive its in their dna. Consider Mike Huckabee and how he conducted himself during the last election process.

  22. Sounds good but it's a trick! (bad cop good cop) she's a trojan horse on fox! Wake up America the corruption is real and Trump is the new sheriff in town. The days are number for you miss Hillary (Razzle drip) soon as Anthony Weiners (walnut sause) laptop becomes a talking point. TRUMP just hinted about it today on Twitter! WWG1WGA

  23. Warren, if she wins, will not only be the first female president (assuming Trump does not change his preferred pronouns before leaving office), but she will also be the first blonde Native American president.

  24. In other words; forget about what matters. Forget about credibility or honesty. Plausibility is irrelevant. Defeating Trump in the ONLY consideration.

  25. The Democratic party is infiltrated and destroyed. Aww!, currupted system is really destructive. The Democratic party needs a revival.

  26. Ask all of the sorry candidates ten questions. Make a list of all the questions in order, each with a random one of the answers. It will make as much sense (none) as the answers responses in actual order.

  27. Trump is corrupt
    Biden, Clinton -Corrupt
    Bernie for President to remove corruption from a dirty Government
    Drain the cesspool

  28. If she would answer the question, they would stop asking it…

    But Tucker, be fair. The journalists who keep asking it are clearly attempting to do their job, you are picking outliers to make your point.

  29. Let me make it simple for all the readers: the reason she cant answer the question with "yes the taxes on the middle class will go up" is because they know that fox news will simply play that soundbite to their audience and explain no further.

    The reality is her plan is an effective TAX CUT. The middle class will pay more federal tax, but the PRIVATE TAXES (deductibles, copays, other expenses) will be completely eliminated so there will be a SUBSTANTIAL net savings on the part of the middle class. Oh and by the way everything will be covered, no questions asked. Ask anyone currently on medicare they all love it. The single payer system will save americans 10 TRILLION dollars in the next decade because it removes the for profit middle man insurance companies that often decide what they do and dont want to cover and gouge you constantly with fees.

    The questions isnt "how are we going to afford medicare for all?" It is "how can we afford NOT to have medicare for all?" our current system will cost 10 trillion dollars more over a decade. Every person in the middle class/small business owner will save substantially on their health insurance under MFA.

    While I'm here let me clear it up this is health insurance not a complete healthcare system. You keep your doctor hospital and everything. Its simply paid for at the point of service.

  30. I live in a country that has medi-care for all and it works pretty well. However, I guess that unlike the US we can afford it because we are not fighting and financing wars all over the world. Maybe if the US decreases its war budget it could care for its citizens instead.

  31. Wonbat crazy two feathers warren she got indian blood in her at least thats what she thinks in her mind,trump called her pocahontas.

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