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all righty hello guys welcome he faces back to another storm works video today we are playing around with this which is the Atlantique which is I guess French for Atlantic maybe I don't know presumably because it's a friendship as you guys can see right there and this this is how it's spelt so yeah there you go I feel like that's right anyway we're not gonna be using this for deploying buoys which is what it's supposed to do we're gonna go ahead and deploy some well actually no we're gonna retrieve an anchor from the bottom of the ocean with it it's a default mission so everybody can do it if you want to and yeah we're just gonna be using this ship to do it with so let's do it let's go okay so to stop it from being so laggy to begin with let's go ahead and can we turn on the monitor can we actually turn this thing on ah yeah it doesn't look like we could turn on the monitors anyway inside lights front lights back lights distress light we don't need that monitor it isn't on though I don't know why it's not on they're not on on either of them that's okay all right start the engine here we go oh that's why there we go oh now they're on whoa interesting this is very interesting yeah we're gonna get out of here and then once we're out of here a little bit we can be a little bit less laggy cuz of the minute it's quite laggy just a little bit I feel like it's quite heavy on one side as well which which might be the case but at the same time it might not be we don't know alright W&S is clutch okay so if i press w it'll go forwards aha beautiful that's good we can press left and right and it'll strafe oh that's actually awesome so we can actually go left or right without turning that's cool umm yeah if we have a little look at this this island in front of us that's donk Island I think yeah it is we're gonna have to go round it to get to where we need to be she's a little bit of a pain in the butt but that's okay I don't know whether this sounds like a GPS thing that we can just plug in and go there but yeah I don't think it does I don't think it does but that's okay we got drop anchors we got infrared if you want to that looks like it's the back side that's the other camera okay yeah we got like behind us and we got to the side of us for some reason I don't know why you would want to look sideways but there you go alright cool okay so I'm assuming that that's gonna allow us to keep going forwards which is currently happening so that's good so we can have a look around while that's happening basically we've got a heater right here which heats us up beautiful we got a little map right here which or a radar I should say rotate our rotation speed Wow look at that Jesus okay we don't want to go too fast but that's that's planning the land question mark I don't really know how we can zoom in and zoom out with this thing if we want to resume ibly yeah we've got to'd so now okay wait yeah I don't know what that means okay searched a Bui map and that's where we can show our buoys yeah we don't have any of the minute we're not deploying any buoys so we don't need that one uncle screen this is a map of where we are bo2 fun if we zoom in we can actually see where we are good what have we got here c2 rotation meow there we go if you want to turn your CT around you can do it measure depth it is currently 32 depths depths there you go over here we got a screen that we've seen before so we got fuel we've got power we've got engines we got two engines oh we got three engines apparently all right cool we go cool and pressure doesn't show anything we got fur and we got her okay that's help I see alright cool well that's everything I think I don't know whether we can press on these now we can't so I'll leave the fuel one up and currently we are full of fuel that's good okay so if we go out the back of the boat as you guys can see right there we got a crane on this side we've got a crane on that side we've got a you guessed it crane um we can actually go upstairs so let's start up there first here we go we got a little camera on a gimbal if you wanted to use that we probably can but I'm not sure oh we got some some radars I'll look at them spinning around that's cool they're really cool I like those yeah that's them things that's them things done over here we've got the controls for the for the this crane over there we've probably got controls for that crane it's so bright out of the back cause of these lights those lights right there is so bright alright digging it out in fact I'm gonna go turn them off alright okay I'm just gonna leave the inside lights on turn off the back lights and the front lights because they're a little bit too shiny I'm gonna turn left a little bit as well so that we can actually see where we're going there we go good so we're actually heading towards the right place that's awesome so let's go down to the deck real quick and you guys can see what this is this is like a weird boy that we could just pop off if we want to don't really know what that does to be totally honest with you but it's got a heater on it is that like a life raft it's not what that is I I don't know I have no idea but it seemed to have a heater on it anyway down here we got winches okay which presumably allows us to pick the boys up or drop them off and then let go of them I'm assuming back here we've got a little thing where we can pull the boys on I feel like that's what this is we're just kind of cool or maybe we deploy them this way I'm not sure presumably you do deployed them backwards and you use this to do that with that's a good idea that's a really good idea on this side we've obviously got the magnets for some containers if you wanted to put containers on here that's what they are Debu equipment we got more damning equipment in there we got a light awesome we got a fire alarm I don't really want to sound the fire alarm just in case it does actually like I don't know stop blowing water what our engines or something like that down here we got a little hatch okay let's go downstairs what's down here nothing we got like a big storage place that's interesting it's very interesting why have we got a big storage place wait can we lift up where the boys are like this bit we probably can how do we do this light okay there lights that's a heater fire alarm how do I lift up this because there's definitely a way to do it there has to be is it over here maybe see this whoo what was that oh we got a lifeboat there yeah my bad my bad I forgot we had a lifeboat my bad break okay we'll leave that on okay so it's not those winch up winch down no I don't know you open this thing but you definitely can you have to be able to I'll figure that out real quick okay so I think it's got something to do with this crane but I'm I don't know how do we even get in there what we're going through the side okay right oh can we open it up with this then and chup winch down crane pitch crane length crane rotation high goals okay so we can't use the crane to do this with okay but we are gonna use this crane to lift the magnet up or the anchoring I mean that's what I meant to say open cargo bay there it is look at huh Wow we're gonna be gold cargo bay on this thing that's crazy that is absolutely mental okay let's close this and we've closed the cargo bay as well cause we probably need to there we go just getting away a little bit but that's okay there we go are you rotating woah woah woah woah we were whoa no why what in the world just happened we're now going sideways with a laser underneath holy but Jesus is it okay now what in the world just happened close the door quickly alright closed it close but I think it's full of water now that's not good what just happened what just happened we r still going towards own target just about bi think downstairs is now full of water do we have a look down there have a quick little peek here we go yeah it's just it's we're full of water I don't know how that happened but um yeah okay right interesting let's go let's go through here and have a little luck inside here we go we got like a little a little food table we got a door we got a light okay med bay that's what that one is med bay in there what's in this one we got some stairs and a ladder okay let's use them here we go here we go upstairs I don't seem to be able to use the ladder but that's okay we can go upstairs Open Sesame what's in here so bunk beds awesome around here we got a heater we got a light okay we get some seats we got some more seats we got a door to the outside all right cool I don't think we're gonna find too much more than this gonna be honest this is the front of our boat we gonna anchor in fact actually we got loads of them over the sides which is quite nice oh he goes a seat over here we got another heater out here we got a door back inside which doesn't work oh but that's okay nice so we are 8.4 kilometers away we are now full of water and we're having a good time so that's good let's get back upstairs before anything else happens we've actually been upside down a little bit no that's cool that looks like it's losing either power or signal so it does that one okay can we like turn this off I don't think we can I don't think we can turn it off so we're just gonna leave it like that that's okay we're gonna continue heading this way let's go ahead and turn this off too we can drop the end because if we want to but I don't so we won't there we go what is this we data buoy list oh wow look at this look at that okay cool so we can lay them with this and then track them with with this screen which would presumably be a map I don't know okay yeah there we go this one but there are no boys so we can't track boys that aren't there because there are no boys okay see I see that's fine what are we gonna be a battery fuel time buoy number what is this battery you'll it's like going up or down that's going down do we have a generator we need to go find a generator because it's losing power already okay let's go down to the lower deck I don't think we can but we'll try oh that's a fire alarm my bad I'm sorry hello what's this hold on what is this what is this grain control screen yo what light okay I think it's I didn't gets possibly broken oh I feel like it might be broken which crane is it this one we are like underwater yeah I don't know what Ukraine this is controlling we can zoom in zoom out but we can't do anything else okay I feel like that one's broken well we'll leave this one alone for now because I don't know what I'm doing with it well go ahead and close all these doors okay and we'll make sure we're not using as much power as we can we need to use as less as less power at least power we can which means turning off all the buttons and all the lights yeah there we go all right cool I tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and respawn here we're gonna go ahead and get a new boat one that isn't full of water and we're gonna get to the destination without opening that door because this door ruined everything I think so in case you guys use it don't use this door or at least be slowed or stopped when you're using the door yes and there she is what a beautiful beautiful thing right there alright cool so we're gonna get back on board that seems okay we're gonna then get to our destination which is only five kilometers away and everything should be fine this one is not full of water which is great all righty if everybody's ready to go let's go ahead and start those engines go ahead and do this and then this alright we're going well moving beautiful that camera is currently looking sideways that one's looking backwards okay I don't know whether that's because the engine is just running now oh because it's just using okay that was an odd one because it doesn't sound like it's working but it is it is working it's just the battery is going all the way down wait is it I mean we are getting exhaust for you or smoke but um the battery is like zero fuel okay how I know the power is no good the power is not good at all why in the world is going on I'm so confused okay let's let's do that again okay so I can't seem to actually get it working properly um we are draining power a lot I don't know why we are currently moving forwards I guess it's using like electric engines to like propellers forwards but I can't get down to the engine room this is full of fuel okay if we go backwards a little bit more we got our engines and we have a bunch of generators connected to those engines and then we have pumps okay and then we got the big motors attached to the propellers oh okay and it just doesn't seem like those engines are generating any power which doesn't make any sense cuz they're all do I have to press something here to turn them on I can't be right can it I don't think it's right pressure did it no no I I I don't know how to fix this situation it seems like it's not right I mean it's definitely not right there's something broken I can't I'd oh I mean that that sounded like it was trying to do something but but it's still going down I don't think the engines are let's go to the back and we'll see if we can even hear the engines oh yeah I mean the engines can't be on but they are because it's smoking look it is exhaust I've broken it on the way I don't know how this has happened help somebody help okay so I spun it again I don't know whether it's because I shouldn't be spawning it as a mission but that shouldn't really matter too much um if we go upstairs and we have a look around again I can't see being connected to anything else but this now as soon as I turn that key and I go ahead and throttle up or clutch up it should start generating power but the way it's working at the minute it's not generating anything um so is there any way that I can fix this probably not so what we're gonna do is we're gonna try it again here we go there we go there we go there we go indeed so it's still going down but it's not going down too much and if I stop it'll go back up I see okay we've done it boys we've done it I've also changed the mission slightly so it's it's just here the anchor is just here to Kalama is this direction instead of two kilometers that direction of five thought was that during however many commerce that direction it was but yet it seems to be working now so you have to wait for the engine to go so you clutch up a tiny bit and then you could jump fully after that that's fine all right cool and once you're fully clutched it does lose power by naught point naught naught for three or not point naught naught for 201 but if you let go it will go back to charging all right cool awesome so when you start still just leave the engine on and it'll charge back up to full awesome that's good so that does mean now that we can go ahead and literally just do this and we'll get there very soon that's good that's really cool so um yeah we're almost there that's nice we're gonna be using the big yellow crane to lift the thing from the bottom of the ocean hopefully there is some diving gear back there as well so if we need it we can use it and yeah we'll do this really cool I noticed that I say really cool quite a lot but generally these creations are like just just good they're they're really really nice so cool is a good way of saying good yeah so so that's why I say a lot I don't know what these things are on the side but the cool little partners now again I said cool but uh yeah I love the the colors on the side of this it goes really well it goes really really well I also like the fact that it's not like totally symmetrical so a lot of stuff is on this side yeah it's interesting isn't it it's very interesting all right so we're pretty much there let's go ahead and take this one off and we'll drive it in ourselves there we go beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful is good and as soon as we get out to like this this dot we'll go ahead and get in the back crane and we'll see if we can lift it up if we can't use the back crane there are other cranes on this thing that we can use instead which is yeah that's alright it's alright there are three cranes on this thing so if we can't use one we can use the other basically I can't remember if the anchor down there wait we've got depth me here as well hold on hold up there we go it's at 83 84 alright that's cool and good we can see how far or how deep it is using this lays or we can actually see the bomb look at that I've never used the lasers before so it's interesting to see how they work and it's very interesting cuz lasers just go forever don't they until they meet something oh yes so yes okay we're almost there we are very very close extremely close okay so we can either like point the laser at it or we can try something else but I feel like pointing the laser at it's maybe the best way of going about this it does have its own little magnet on it right if I remember correctly I think it's got its own little magnet so we go forwards a tiny bit more until the laser is just above it around here there we go good and we'll stop right there in fact actually would go a little bit further forwards because the crane is further back so we go just past all righty and then we'll go ahead and get in the crate all right this is gonna be good Oh drop the anchors there we go that's gonna look cool umm buh buh buh buh buh get on the crane please we only need the little one in the middle we don't need the my goals around it and to get into the crane you just go up here and you just get in that's it it's simple it is so simple alright turn sideways and drop it down winch down I don't know whether we have to hold it oh we do we have to hold it but it's bright it's quite quick so it's good there we go what's going down magnet is three there we go a little magnet should be on yes indeed and if we zoom all the way down here we should eventually see the thing but I don't I don't see it we might have to go down there anyway do we have like a cable length thing in here no now we call them a cable length indicator and he would be really nice so because we know how deep it is here we can literally put it down onto the floor and then jump down there with diving equipment on and then and then just just just grab it you know I don't know how far down this is I've been doing it for a while so that's how about look you know it's no any of the floor okay keep it going down long is it still doing it yeah we're good long as it's still doing it we are good how are we going still doing it has it stopped no it's still going still going good can we go down there and zoom down and see if it's there now no no oh wow it's quite deep it is very deep extremely extremely deep okay our magnets haven't made it down either look at them I mean our anchors that's our anchor right there it is very high it is very high out of the water I gotta say I mean in the water I should say is it still going I can still hear it moving but I don't know whether that means it's still going out or not hmm if it's not actually gonna reach all the way down there then we can't use this ship anyway um I don't know how long these cable lengths go to so yes okay I'm gonna go see what depth right oh the anchor is that and then and then we'll see if the cable lengths can even be that long okay so the depth is 109 I guess meters I'm assuming meters I don't really know um but I don't think we can actually reach it I feel like this can only go to a hundred and the laser is actually on the bottom of our boat and this one is way above our boat so so we've lost 20 meters already Oh ten let's give it ten yeah so so I don't think we're gonna make it unfortunately I'm gonna continue holding one for a bit and we'll see if it is actually going out a little bit further I mean I've got no indication of how long this is so I sit just stopped it's actually just stopped okay all right let's go down here I can't actually get all the way down there but it's not I don't think it's close enough I don't think it's close enough at all damn it damn it damn it damn it okay there's not much else I can do but like go down there and have a little look I've put on some diving equipment we'll just jump down and swim to the bottom okay so I did swim down there and it was too far away but at the same time I got attacked by a bunch of sharks now just to prove that I get attacked by a bunch of sharks presumably they're still here I owe I can't really see them I can't really see them but like no there was a bunch of sharks down there somewhere uh okay maybe maybe it looks like I was lying but I swear I wasn't but it didn't record for some reason but yeah well yeah we are miles away from actually grabbing game bringing it back up to the surface so with that being said let's go ahead and test the boat out against some waves and then I guess we'll test that against the tsunami and then we'll see what happens after that okay so I've started with the waves there we go it is pretty wavy let's get up there let's just get inside and cry a little bit but also deploy whatever these are BAM push it over like that I like pushing these things up I'm gonna push the other one off is that one up as well there you go good that's going spawning it – tsunami just tsunami there we go what is on there I don't know what those are if anyone knows what those things are then let me know we are getting pushed around all over oh you're getting pushed sideways okay get inside go drive drive drive yeah okay this is super cool this is super cool I like it it's quite tall and great skinny but it does deal with waves relatively well considering it does have some active stabilization but it's only sideways that's okay that seems to be working fine awesome where's the tsunami there we go to give it a good chance we're gonna go ahead and turn into the tsunami tsunami I don't know why I said that like I was singing but there you go we're gonna turn it into it and we're gonna plow straight over the top of it cuz that always seems like a good idea we're also gonna lift our anchors up because yeah why not because why not all right here we go here we go indeed I'm ready I'm ready come on come on we got this we're gonna go straight into it and straight through it gonna be great it's gonna be super cool yeah um I'd say this damn on this side we've also got like a bunch of mirroring lines I guess is what those things are on both sides which is cool we got like a little hole in here too I think that's for the thrusters they go sideways oh oh oh oh no oh we tipped over earlier as well but I think it'll I think it'll fix itself it's sending its engine back on again Oh death roll we're rolling we're okay I think it's fine I think it's completely fine it might roll over again if it's not if we're not careful try and get ourselves upright I don't know why the air intakes are start the engines come on start them it's not starting the engine again we've broken it we've somehow broken it again whatever turn it off let's go let's get out of here abandon ship the engines are not working anymore so we need to take this thing okay where's the driver's seat there it is it's this thing okay right okay ribbies on beautiful disconnect electric connectors sure okay pushes in please how does one get into the water I don't know is this thing back here is that whoa jeez Louise okay great do it ha ha and now do it yeah there we go right good now how do we get up there if we've done this I don't know what I'm doing we are wobbling around all over the place I need to get in one of these seats and then get into the pilot seat this one and then just go go go go I think I've pressed all the connectors already we're not wearing how do I release it oh why why do I always do this to myself all righty well now we're stranded yeah now you got stranded on a little island we didn't even manage to get the anchor we didn't manage to get to the fishing village we are dead our engine wouldn't start we didn't manage to use the little rip on the side I'll probably end up using this boat again but for right now I'm gonna leave this one here thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed whatever the heck this was it's a shame that I didn't manage to record the Sharks oh there's little sharks but um yeah anyway I'm gonna go ahead and leave it here thanks for watching see in the next one you're bye

  1. A boat which might be interesting for the meg hunt is this:
    It has a diving bell on it and a helipad. The bell stays attached to the boat from a winch, and lowers and raises using that. It can maneuver using propellers, and has spotlights for underwater. So far, I've taken it to 200 meters deep before I hit the seabed.

  2. ya 7:40 that was the meg hitting the bottom of the boat
    also you were basicaly running the after burnner by giving it 1.00 clutch that is to much and drains the power wen i play this ship i only give it live 0.60 clutch and it runs fine

  3. Hi frantic I have just got storm works today my first thing i made was a 30 port generator its on the workshop if your interested

  4. hey frantic i just wanted to let you know you don't have any ladders on your tug boat, your doing great keep, up the good work!

  5. Do a video about your using the Titanic and sinking it with a big tsunami instead with a lot of boats to with your friends OB and spy cake

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