Trying To Convert a Me 163 To Rockets! -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  UPDATE

all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to another Stoneworks video today I'm actually gonna be using one of endo skills creations because of the new update so this is a Messerschmitt me-262 Comet and it's it's a rocket plane it's a rocket plane so with the new update with all the new rockets maybe we can go ahead and outfit this with uh with some rockets yeah so the flight time on them was like I don't know next to nothing they didn't really fly for very long but I'm hoping that we can get this to fly for at least like 90 seconds so we'll see how that goes before we actually change anything though let's go ahead and sit down in our little seat and see if it still works oh there's the engine okay beautiful and then I guess we just we just go presumably here we go everybody ready so the minute this has a jet engine in it obviously and because that was all that was in the game at the time but now that we've got Rockets this thing could fly with a rocket it's insane it actually still works completely fine which is real nice oh it's an awesome creation you couldn't really make one of these look so good when it was smaller so it's like the perfect size as well it's just I don't know whether the small rocket boosters will actually be able to do anything with it I I don't know but we're gonna go ahead and take out the the jet engine and we're gonna replace it with a rocket pod I've never actually attempted to land this thing I don't think so we're gonna go ahead and turn ourselves around as you guys can see the engine keeps cutting if you slow down the engine cuts out and then it's like comes back on again it's very jolty very very jolty whoa okay let's land it here we go you ready you ready we're going down Mayday Mayday okay not the best landing in the world but we did land which is all right nice okay so if we have a quick look at this thing it is quite wide and I think it's quite wide because the jet engine is so big I don't know how he's managed to fit it in there to be fair it is it is a very squished plane but if we go ahead and we grab it and then we go in through it to put and just delete things as we go along we can go ahead and use it to our advantage which would be nice okay so we've delete everything except from all the fuel it has a hell of a lot of fuel in is so we're gonna go ahead and delete all of that as well because it's extra weight that we don't need we go ahead and delete all of it what I didn't realize it had this meant this many little tanks in it that's crazy what is all this how does that go oh okay that goes down so we'll delete all of the bottom as well and this might give us the opportunity to use more than one rocket I don't know whether we need more more than one rocket but I don't know what we'll see what happens here let me just grab one of these side pieces or one of these back pieces and we'll fill in this gap all the way down the back or the bottom there we go beautiful and yeah well sugar rocket in there rocket here we go this is it this is the one we're gonna go ahead and shove it in its butt there we go and the rocket fires out backwards shall we go ahead and drag it all the way forwards as far as we possibly can beautiful and then we literally just go ahead and attach this to this button instead and then that's it yeah that's it I think okay we're gonna take it off there it's got a bunch of PID controllers in it as well which aren't necessarily necessary anymore necessarily necessary alright get rid of all these things we don't need them so we really want to use this rocket to its full advantage or its full advantages I don't know how that works did this have windows it does have a windowing okay right let's spawn it in and we'll see if it can even take off I'm not sure these small rocket boosters don't appear to be very strong at the minute but I'm sure in the future they'll be all right yeah you see how slow that is yeah it's definitely not fast enough to pick this thing off the ground interesting okay so what we can do instead is we can put a whole bunch of them in there we can actually fit and at least another one right here there we go that will come out to the same point and then another one as well above it or below it sorry there you go delete those two go ahead and shove it straight on here of course it messes with the aesthetics a little bit it makes it look a little bit worse but uh yeah that's cool also in case you guys are wondering I will actually link endows video to him making this actually he was testing I think in the description down below so you guys can check out his channel as well alright here we go we're gonna go ahead and do this BAM alright cool now we just connected now we just connect this to all of these there we go beautiful and then what you want to do or what we could do why did I just do that no redo redo I just delete them accident okay right what we want to do is I want to go ahead and select this one in the middle and I want to release its burn very slowly uh or at least a little bit slower than the rest so that we have at least a little bit of a prolonged flight time if we can get it off the ground alrighty everybody ready let's go ahead and close the door go ahead and do this and off we go it's burning it's burning pull up no no we don't have enough thrust still we still don't have enough thrust and that's it that's all about thrust but you can see that the other one is still running which is nice all right cool let's go ahead and grab it again so generally these things could have been dropped from planes if they got onto that but I don't know I'm not sure I can't remember but yeah so what we need to do is we need more Rockets I I think more Rockets it's obviously not the right thing but we're gonna go anyway all right there we go okay I've deleted more than I needed to there but I'm sure that's fine we can put double them double them in double of them okay here we go this is definitely gonna get us off the ground now which is nice however we're all of them actually igniting before I hope they were do we go do all of these do these two as well and we'll have the outer ones burn a little bit slower as well here we go to just prolong our flight time just a little bit here we go 74% that seems fine as long as this one does the same there we go beautiful oh it's gonna be interesting okay off we go we've already ignited it and we are driving along come on go I've to lead my pitch I've to leave the pitch huh it's doing it by itself okay Wow oh I just found some extra room we're gonna go ahead and delete all of that there we go and then we can go from there backwards yes oh look at that we've got some big old booster right there now so we can't have the extra on but that's okay we're gonna go ahead and say that these ones are the ones to get us off the ground and then these ones right here can be the slower ones which are 75% and 75% here we go I'm sure that's gonna be fine it will only give us like a tiny bit extra flight time if that I don't know whether we'll even be able to take off but we'll try here we go let's get on top of here get inside close the canopy press the button off we go yes oh yes okay we're moving I really want to get rid of those wheels cuz they do appear to be okay you know what they're too big I feel like the wheels are too big so we're actually gonna go ahead and just have smaller wheels and leave them on instead of actually getting rid of them I'm sure that'll be fine all right three two one go wait wait those side rockets they're not igniting they're not igniting we need to go ahead and connect them to the button that's why we're so slow oh we could have had the big wheels all right doesn't matter doesn't matter we'll just we'll just use it anyway okay here we go might be a little under it with this that might be a good thing we should actually have an extra igniting rocket afterwards as well on a separate button yeah that's you probably a good idea anyway Oh bouncing liftoff come on it's not fast enough it's not fast enough still okay we're gonna go sideways instead we're gonna go a little bit sideways if we can here we go here we go yes that should allow us to pitch it up a little bit maybe nope maybe not maybe not the bigger wheels might have been a better idea yeah okay I'm making it a tiny bit ridiculous now we're literally just gonna put it put rockets or boosters everywhere we possibly can basically so we're gonna go ahead and ship some here we're gonna show some here as well there we go that should be enough to get us off the ground I'm sure okay right grab this and attach it to I wish the nodes would disappear when you're doing this because holy balls there's lots of lots of them there are lots of nodes okay right there all on full as well they were they're just all on full boost so I'm sure this will go well the bigger wheels actually point the rocket slightly up as well which is a nice thing but for right now we're not gonna have the big wheels we're just gonna go here we go come on it's actually just hard to lift it off the ground to be honest it's hard to just lift it up so what if it's pointing upwards straight away okay we're gonna go ahead and delete these okay we're gonna go down a bit there we go there we go we're automatically gonna be pointing like up now so we should take off instantly maybe possibly if I can still get into the thing cause it might be quite tall okay yeah I'm sure that's fine all right go go go yeah there we go get inside please up there we go beautiful go here we go yes kind of kind of it's not strong enough but it kind of is ah that is beautiful ah they're running they're running out they've run out they've run out we're dying we're gonna die we got a few seconds of flight time though and I'm happy with that I feel like we might need a few more rocket boosters so we put someone here there we go we're gonna go ahead and put some underneath as well right here beautiful we're literally just put your rocket boosters all over this thing again we'll have one here as well beautiful and they can't actually go even further backwards if they wanted to but but I don't really want them to so we go ahead and put one there we'll put one here those ones are gonna run out relatively quickly I wish there there was like a button to drop them off I suppose I could make that but I wish that was a lie can integrate thing and you can just throw them off as soon as they're finished but that's okay there we go we got a hell of a lot of rockets now and I think we are ready to go if we're not then we need to get ready to go right we're inside cuz da go yeah we're going we're going there's actually so much weight in the back that it's hard to fly but we are going which is beautiful oh there we go yeah it's actually so heavy in the back it pitches over backwards and we're dead again alright well I mean it didn't fly for very long in real life too so I feel like that's okay yeah I feel like that's fine I'm actually really enjoying this now I don't really know why I literally just just throwing it into the sky it's then turning around and falling out this guy again however oh they fell off the wheels fell off I didn't realize that was the mechanism like there that made them fall off oh okay they just slide out if yeah okay that makes sense that makes sense umm I guess we could make a similar mechanism for this and we need more weight in the front all less weight in the back now what happens if we go ahead and we delete like I don't know a whole trunk of these okay a whole trunk of these a whole trunk of these ones as well and these ones as well there we go and then we reconnect all of those we got loads less weight so we might be okay alrighty I think I've got all of them there so this thing is actually a lot smaller than it was now and hopefully we won't do any back flips um yeah all right okay here we go jump inside go ahead and close that up and go yes it flies normally now it flies normally now we've lost our landing gear and we are flying amazing but they are about to all fall and run out of juice except from that one on the left so that makes me think the one on the right wasn't actually ignited at all but I could be wrong the more weight you add of course the less you get out of it so if we go ahead and we delete like a few more like these ones here and then we keep the ones on the wings that's okay and then we logic which one wasn't igniting maybe it's one of these I'm not sure well done right if we grab this and then attach these ones anyway there we go one and two and then we look at it is that all of them I feel like that is all of them one of them must have just run out before the other one anyway I don't know okay not the best start it's fallen over but uh I'm sure it's okay here we go BAM there we go we're already in the air kind of yeah we're already flying yeah the ones on the wings this would be a straightaway and we're still going we are one of them on the left is running way longer than the rest of them and maybe it's on it's only old thing all right okay okay okay nope they're all literally on the same thing maybe it's just wait what is this oh there's a hole in this one yeah there's something here there's something there there we go beautiful put them back in there we go now it lasts longer as well but if we literally go ahead and we make these ones burn slower okay at like 50 okay this one at 50 as well hopefully we can still get into the sky and then these ones run longer anyway but we'll go ahead and put it down to 80 there we go and 80 on this one as well there we go and then we spot it we fly it and hopefully we can fly it for a little bit longer alright is everybody ready we're going we're going here we go we're already in the air we're already flying wheels are gone landing gear has gone some of them will start turning off now and some of them will keep running yes they give us a tiny bit more flight time in fact actually quite a lot more flight time to be fair and then we fall out the sky and die again all right I like it though that's awesome it's actually is actually really nice to do that oh yeah okay well I can't wait for a bigger bigger rockets but for now there's not much else we can do to this thing I suppose we could delete a few things or make them a little bit bigger and in fact just just as a test okay we're gonna do this okay and there we go that's that's how a little test okay you don't have to worry about it you don't you don't have to worry about it at all all right we need to get rid of that one and then we need to ignite all three of these and then hopefully we'll just take off and fly away easy-peasy right it doesn't even use the back landing gear that's so good it is yeah okay here we go everybody ready I wonder how long the flight if we were even gonna be able to take off I don't know some of them aren't ignites it no they are they are igniting I can't actually pull up I can't actually pull up with this thing okay I'm sure this is gonna help I've added a wheel I took the wheel off there and I put it in the back yeah are you ready go all right let's go sideways a little bit here we go we're gonna try and go sideways a little bit and pull up now yeah not a good idea this was not it huh Oh it's doing it kind of there's so much weight in the back it doesn't like it but that's cool how long do they even burn for they burn for a while okay so if we had them like that big throughout the entire thing okay then we would be able to fly it if the wing was further back aha all right well anyway that's four that's for another time I'm gonna go ahead and leave this here for now thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next song goodbye also check your windows channel and if leaves it down below so they yeah BAM

  1. Umm yeah..

    I really want to try Multiplayer in stormworks becos I just played it today and it was Amazing!

    So yeah anybody or even frantic
    Like friend in steam?

  2. Hey frantic can you build a MASSIVE bomber please (and when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE)

    Edit: plus (I know it’s a lot to ask) but please could I have a key to the game???

  3. 21st comment 48th like (No One Cares Yo!!)
    Excellent Vid and also
    The gameplay
    And the plane,and who builds that
    It's very nice although….
    (Network Cuts)(Vid stops at 4:15)
    I didn't watch the whole vid
    Coz I'm quick coz many work….
    (1-3 times a month I open Youtube)

  4. Bro, you have broken logics, that was detaching big wheels after reaching take-off speed. Like in real life. On his fuel, he was able to fly over 700 km, in 8 minutes (all his fuel)

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