Truth About Gamigo – Archeage Unchained & Partnerships

Alright this video is probably going to be
controversial , probably going to be a tough one to sit through, I ask that if you’re a
fan of my content, if you play or are considering playing archeage unchained or any other product
under the publishing arm of gamigo, you watch this video in the entirity, don’t click off
and form an opinion early, don’t take what I say as a fact when it comes to my assertions
or things I say that are from my perspective. Just look at the raw numbers I show to you,
the conversations I show to you and then make up your own mind. This video is going to be about my experience,
from behind the scenes of working with Gamigo and more specifically, as a partner of theirs
with affiliate marketting to promote the new released archeage unchained. Spoiler alert, it’s not good and I’m not happy. I’ll warn you, this video is really long,
it’s really dense, it’s not very entertaining but it is interesting if you want to see gamigo
behind closed doors and the ongoings of what happens as a content creator working with
this company. I can only speak for myself and no other youtuber,
but this is my experience and I hope you all watch until the end and hear me out, look
at the raw numbers and let me know what you think. The intention of this video is to put into
the public the wrongdoing I have been subjected to as a partner of gamigo and to seek rightful
compensation for my work. Now this story starts when I created my youtube
channel and it was just for fun, make some bdo content as that was the game I played. I started in the middle of april and immediately
loved it. I was already on my way out of the door in
BDO though and decided to try other games and make content on those, all within the
mmorpg genre. On May 17th I went and made a 2019 first impressions
video for archeage the original legacy game. On June 5th I was contacted by an employee
of gamigo via email, offering me an affiliate deal, basically I sign a contract and am given
a link, people who create an account through that link are tied to me and any time they
spend money in the game, I get a cut of it. Of course with this being the original archeage,
it literally made me no money at all, not a single penny. I made those videos originally of archeage,
I knew the deal was not going to make me anything because let’s be honest, who in 2019 doesn’t
already have an archeage account or even wants to play it? So I made content the same way I always make
content, I just said what I thought with no mind to if it would make me money or not and
made content on what I wanted to make content on. I was critical but fair of archeage I feel. Fast forward to archeage unchained being announced,
I was aware that it was coming from behind the scenes info in a way that I knew they
had big news planned for august, just from what was said when I informed the gamigo contact
I wouldn’t be making archeage content anymore. I knew they had a big announcement but not
what it was about. When they announced archeage unchained on
august 19th, I was excited just like everyone else. Then on august 30th they revealed the founders
packs and this is where the story really starts in truth. On August 30th, the founders packs came up
on the archeage unchained website for pre-purchase. Of course I knew I had a big opporunity here,
I was poised in a position where archeage isn’t a massive mainstream game, I already
have a couple videos highly ranked on youtube search about the game and I have an affiliate
contract entitling me to 50% of any purchase made via my link and then 50% of any in-game
micro transactions also for anyone who is tied to me, awesome opportunity right? So on august 30th, I contacted my gamigo affiliate
manager on skype and asked for my tracking link asap so I could do a review of the founder’s
packs and start as early as I could on making content for the game. Bear in mind I’ve been doing youtube at this
point for …. 3 months tops, I’m making zero money, I have no job, I’m seeing this as a
big deal. My contact on skype sends me over an affiliate
link for archeage unchained, obviously it has to be different to my original one because
that was for the free to play version of the game. Here is the link, the conversation, as you
can see, the link has this section, utm_source=kiratv right, which is me of course. I used this link initially from august 30th
upon the publication of this founder’s pack reveal video and continued to use it, in that
unaltered form until september 9th when I attached it to, which if you’re unaware,
is a website that allows you to shorten links and luckily for me in this case, also tracks
outgoing traffic sources on it. So I had about 9 or 10 days of untracked data
on my first affiliate link. After that as you can see from the data on
bitly, not a lot of clicks guys. 126 total from september 10th to september
23rd there is a few clicks after this and that’s because , again, luckily for me, I
didn’t remove this link from every youtube video when I got a new one sent to me which
is great because it was needed in this case as evidence. So this link was left up in 1 video and got
a couple clicks afterwards. On September 23rd at 9 14 am, I was contacted
on skype by my gamigo contact and given a new link. Here it is, as you can see, it’s for archeage
unchained again but this time the link says utm source 729. So as for what utm source actually is, basically
it’s a way to attribute a keyword or phrase to a link to specifically track data from
that source. So they’re using that utm source to see specifically
how many people go to the link and purchase the game, specifically my link that they give
me. So at this point, knowing enough about web
development as it’s a career I tried to pursue in a previous life before my health went to
total shit, I knew that them giving me a new link with a new source was weird. I of course brought this up and said basically
why am I getting a new link, what is it for, how is it different and if my old link wouldn’t
work anymore. I was assured it has a direct bond with my
current affiliate ID and that it was just a more efficient way of tracking the data. He recommends that I swap to this new link,
assured me nothing was lost and at this point also notice that on september 23rd, I asked
for my personal copy of archeage unchained to be sent over. Bear in mind at this point, the game’s release
date was september 30th and I had asked multiple times for my personal free copy of the game
to be sent over to me so I was ready. Of course on the 23rd of september I was already
aware that the game had been delayed until october 15th but at this stage I had been
asking already for weeks for the game code to be sent over, as well as had been asking
for weeks for me to be updated on any revenue generated because I wanted to know if it was
even working. So let’s just real quick talk about what a
breach of contract is. When you sign a contract, you are expected
to adhere to what is within that contract to a reasonable standard. Within this contract it states that gamigo
will send me a report of earnings at the end of each month. I had this contract signed with them since
june 5th and to the date of september 23rd I had received precisely zero reports. Which is of course a breach of contract in
my eyes. So let’s just look at all the times I asked
for my revenue to be looked into, bear in mind I’m totally at this point asking for
the guy to look into it independent of an actual full report just to see if it’s working
at all, I ask on september 10th for an update, they tell me they’re currently migrating the
backend system and will inform me as soon as they’re finished and can send me the numbers. I ask for him to speak to his colleague who
has emailed me telling me I was to be given a personal copy of the game aswell as copies
of archeage unchained to giveaway to my followers. No reply, left me on read which skype still
has read receipts, I see him read the message and never reply. I message again on september 21st, asking
for an update on the packages, so 11 days later, I ask about the packages to giveaway,
my personal copy of the game and an update on my sales. I get left on read again. September 23rd is when I get a reply, not
answering any of my questions that he left on read, but giving me that new link I talked
about a little bit earlier, the 3rd link I’ve received to date and this is the first one
with the utm source 729. I get told the media test has been delayed,
his colleague will contact me wiith dates and the migration is still affecting their
systems, so far that’s since september 4th that they talk about this migration not allowing
him to see reports on my sales. Skip forward, september 30th, I ask if the
system is working yet and he says yes, I ask for an affiliate report on my sales since
it has now been a calendar month of me knowing I’ve made sales and therefor should get a
report as per the contract. He says yes, he will send it to me soon. I then ask again for the packages I was supposed
to be getting to giveaway and my personal copies. He leaves me on read. October 1st, I ask for an update, he leaves
me on read. October 2nd , I’m starting to get frustrated
here, I ask again and tell him how long I’ve been waiting and he says he has been very
busy and will get back to me that afternoon. Of course, he doesn’t ever do that. October 7th now, so 5 days later he replies
and tells me there will be an update tomorrow on october 8th for my affiliate sales. This update, this report he says, is literally
just him typing a number on skype, no actual sales data, no verifiable information, just
a guy typing a number on skype. At this point he tells me I’ve sold $1202.72
usd in sales. That means anyone who clicked my link and
bought the game, that amount would go to the sales number, this is not my cut of revenue,
actual overal sales made via my link. So based on that number, I’d get roughly a
third of it due to vat, payment charges etc from my original cut of 50%, so again, 1202
usd would equal about 400 dollars in my pocket. I ask him how many copies I have actually
sold, he says he would estimate about 30-40 based on that number. So again, he’s estimating something that anyone
who works with databases and web development can tell you it would take him seconds or
minutes to check this information. I also verify that now all those people who
bought the game via my link are linked to my account and therefor if they spend aany
money on cash shop, I also get my 50% cut of that. Which again, turns into like 30% roughly. He confirms that and tells me that at the
end of that month, so the end of october, he would create an invoice. I ask again about my copy of the game, at
this point I’ve literally given up on getting copies to giveaway, I decided to just out
of my own pocket buy some to give to people because this was beyond a joke even getting
what I was contractually obliged to let alone getting anything extra. He asks for my email I give it over, I get
told I’ll get an email tomorrow so october 9th. So basically on october 9th I got an email
from his colleague, here it is. By the way missing in this story is emails
to this person who confirmed my previous links were both fine and working for affiliate sales
aswell as told me about these giveaaway copies and never actually materialised at all. So this person sends me another tracking link. Just for the record since starting with being
a partner of gamigo this means I’ve had 4 links, 1 for the original archeage which is
totally understandable to swap that, then 3 for archeage unchained in the space of a
month and a half. This link had a bunch more stuff on the end
and a utm source of 729 the same as the previous one. Again I asked why the change , I get told
it’s the same but they just had to modify the link. Again I’m confused by this, I’ve spoke to
some web developers and none of them seem to have a reason why anyone would have to
change my affiliate link 3 times in the course of 90 days. This made me very uncomfortable because to
this point they have had me change 3 times, told me they’ve been having issues migrating
the backend of the website and can’t actually get any reports which I just don’t see as
being possible. As I said, I’d worked on websites, I’ve seen
databases and tracking links, I know at least a little about this stuff and that’s enough
to know that all of this was mega sketchy, but at this point what can I do about it,
nothing has really been given to me concrete to kick up a fuss besides their missed deadlines,
over and over again and the initial breach of contract from not sending me reports at
all. Again back to the skype logs, at this point,
october 10th I’m messaging asking again for my pesonal copy of the game as name reservations
are about to start and I still don’t have it, to which surprisingly I actually did get
sent the personal use key on my emails from his colleague that night at 8 40 pm on the
11th. Now back to skype and the revenue stuff which
is really what prompted this video. At this point it’s october 29th, the game
has been out for 14 days, it’s the end of the month, I asked for a firm date on when
the revenue report will be sent to me. I get told monday, which from this date means
the 4th of november. Come the 4th of november, I message him and
ask where the report is, he asks for my email yet again, I give it over, tells me he will
send it over to me today by 4-5 pm. Which not gonna lie guys, being the realist
I am, I knew was a lie. Not a single time during this multiple month
long period had they given me a date and actually stuck to it. So 4-5 pm rolls around, no report, surprise
surprise. Even sent over a message, to which I got left
on read , as usual. Next day, I got told it will be over in a
few hours. And low and behold here is the report. He sends it to my email, he sends me the number
I would make and what I’m owed on skype, which is 533 dollars usd. Now I want you guys to imagine my surprise
here when you know he told me basically an entire month ago I had made 400 odd dollars
that in a whole month and over 80k video views, I had made 100 dollars on this affiliate. I knew this was false, for a fact, before
even looking into all the evidence I had or the proof, I knew this was a false number,
by a large margin. I said basically as much to him and was admittedly
maybe a little abrasive towards the guy. I basically said how does it make sense that
it was 1202 in sales a month ago and has gone up 300 dollars since, to which he said it
totally makes sense, spoiler alert, it don’t. He then goes on to explain to me how I’m wrong
and that views don’t equal sales, which is one of the most redundant things anyone has
ever said to me because it actually does. 40k views obviously doesn’t equal 40k sales,
that’s blatantly obvious despite him wanting to hammer that home to me. But 40k views also doesn’t translate to 300
dollars either and 40k was from a single video. He then explains to me that I will understand
better with time how views and sales work, again, spoiler alert, I do understand since
I do have other affiliate links, such as with exitlag which we will talk about soon. I said it’s dodgy that my link was changed
3 times and now they’re coming at me with this ridiculously low number, to which he
disagrees. Tells me they can investigate and have no
desire in stealing from partners, also tells me he would be happy to cancel the partnership
since I have no trust…Which again, not to be a broken record but spoiler alert, I shouldn’t
have any trust in them since we’re about to see they are not worthy of trusting. He then goes on to say some stuff that doesn’t
need to be talked about since it’s irrelevent, asks me to invoice them for the amount which
I absolutely will not do as I know legally that means I am accepting that amount to be
correct which I’m not doing, that amount is definitely not correct. I then send him a huge list of my own evidence
I collected and some questions which he reads and ignores. He replies the next day, november 5th and
tells me to wait for the investigation. So at this point guys, I’m basically looking
at this spreadsheet he sent over to me and figuring out that I can factually prove it’s
incorrect if he confirms what I suspect that this box saying, sign ups, means clicks on
the link. Because little does he know, I have
links on all my links from now on, so I can track usage. So this is saying, 1586 dollars revenue sold,
334 link clicks. I ask him repeatedly to confirm whaat sign
ups means and he is very evasive as you can see here. Basically doesn’t want to answer the question,
tells me that they’re not revenue related metrics which again, I’m not a business development
manager like my friend here on skype, but I know that link clicks is definitely a metric
that is revenue related since you can use amount of links clicked v amount of affiliates
sold pretty reliably with a decent enough data size. I do it all the time with my other affiliate,
exitlag and it’s almost 100% of the time within a few percentage variance. That’s how data works. He doesn’t think I need to know though and
after about an hour of him leaving me on read, ignoring my questions and evading it by telling
me I don’t need to know, he does confirm sign ups means people who clicked the link. Now this is where it gets real interesting
guys because his system says 334 clicks. My links say 4345. Notice a bit of a gap there? So basically at this point when I press him,
he tells me I’m being inconvenient which I of course disagree with, he then tells me
that me being inconvenient is a pre requirement of our partnership apparently, also insinuates
I’m not being polite in all this and again insists that I don’t know what I’m talking
about because revenue is made prior to a game’s launch even though that’s nothing I even said. I then got told the investigation would be
finished tomorrow, so november 6th. Which I messaged him on, he ignored the message
and never replied of course, standard operating procedure at this point. August 7th rolls around, I get a reply and
here we go. This is the conclustion of the investigation. They found 82 more sales, with a gross revenue
of $3044 usd. Which they still need to validate and extract
the costs to make the revenue share, which would be something around 1k usd, then sum
up with the previous amount of 500ish usd from the original revenue report. Now you may think the story ends here and
that I got what I’m owed right? I don’t think so. And that’s why I’m making this video, that’s
why I’m publicly outing this situation and why I’m asking for people too look objectively
at the facts, the numbers and the story and make up their own mind. I’m not going to say now that gamigo is still
100% missing numbers, still 100% oweing me more money, but I am of the opinion that what
they’re saying still doesn’t make sense at all and let’s examine why. Also at this point, I have had it with the
whole situation, I don’t need this stress in my life, or this anxiety of my literal
livelihood and months of work being fucked with , I think I worked hard and did a great
job promoting archeage and I did so in my own way, with criticisms, concerns, facts
and tried to remain unbias yet hype because I was into the game a lot. I never sold this game purely as a way to
make money that’s not what I do. Go back and watch the videos I was always
as fair as II could be and called out any issues I had with the game that even put people
off of buying when I had an incentive to just talk the game up for sales. Despite this, I had literally hundreds of
comments , private discord messages, public discord messages, saying that they bought
the game because of me. I made this company money, I should be fairly
compensated for that and I don’t believe this current number reflects that. So here we go, let’s look at how I view the
data and numbers and how it doesn’t make sense. Go back to october 8th. The report I was sent. 17 copies sold, $1586 dollars gross revenue. Now november 8th, 82 copies sold, $3044 gross
revenue. Does anyone see a problem with these numbers
here or is it just me? Also take into account that for them, 334
clicks like a month out from release, generated 1586 dollars revenue and I just want to say
that of my 4000 plus clicks, only 126 of them are included in gamigo’s spreadsheet here
as I believe the error they had was they tracked only the original kiratv utm source links
and not 729 links. Just like I think they’ve misplaced a large
chunk of the 729 tracking and sales. So 334 clicks sold 1586 dollars worth, 126
of those are tracked via my links. Those clicks and sales were from august 30th
until september 23rd. After this, you expect me to believe that
4000 odd link clicks generated 3k usd? It doesn’t statistically make sense. Especially when you consider people generally
buy a game closer to release date than further away. So over a month prior to launch 1.5k, on release,
if you look at this tracking data, almost 3k link clicks in the launch window
of a few days prior and a few days after which if you remember, the game wasn’t out on steam
yet so people would still have been purchasing from that link. It doesn’t make sense at all from the numbers
perspective, neither times. This time more so.
If it’s just me, that’s fine, I’ll make an apology video and forget this ever happened. But for me, I’m not really a numbers guy,
I’m awful at math and I wouldn’t consider myself extremely business savvy because I
haven’t proven I am yet. The thing I do understand though is numbers
don’t lie. So if you’re working out the average a customer
paid for something when there’s 3 packs of them and you just get an overall number, you
just do the average of the three numbers and just times the number of sales by that, so
in this case, 26 dollar pack, 50 dollar pack, 80 dollar pack, average of 53 dollars. So basically what I’m saying here is if 17
people bought the game, some people will buy the top pack, some will buy the middle, some
will buy the bottom, so just on an average they’ll even out to be roughly in the middle. Do that with the original number of 17 copies
sold ant 1586 dollars revenue, so 17 times by 53, that’s 901 dollars. Which leave 685 dollars of in-game spending
over 17 accounts in the days since launch. Makes sense right? Now if you do the same thing for 82 copies
sold, that’s 4346 dollars…Which is more than the actual overall revenue by 42%. That’s just in the sales of the game. Now if 17 accounts sold was 685 dollars of
in-game revenue, how come the 82 copies sold is lower than the average of the box prices
and also lower than the in-game spending? That to me, doesn’t make any sense at all,
even in the slightest. They’re also at this point not giving me the
data anymore for how many people clicked the link. Which is also super sketchy for me. So am I to believe that they messed up the
first time and missed an aditional 2x of sales somewhere and that’s all they missed, that
they’re legit this time? So I’m to believe that the first time was
a mistake and this time it all makes sense when something is very clearly off with the
numbers? I just don’t guys, that’s just me though,
I hope you make your own deduction here. What I want to say at this point is that I
know people get mad at people on youtube when they make money for some reason. People are going to say, wow you’re complaining
over making 1500 dollars, that’s so much money, etc etc…The thing is guys, I worked on this
for multiple months, sold hundreds of copies of this game or at least I think I did despite
what they’re saying, I put in weeks of effort making videos, more content than almost any
other content creator covering archeage unchained, this is way less than minimum wage. So please, this money wasn’t made at your
expense, it literally cost you nothing and I need to eat too. At this point, I want to just outline what a
good affiliate looks like and what gamigo did. Exitlag, I’ve been working with them for longer
than gamigo. They’re a small brazilian company with less
than 30 employees that run a gaming vpn service. Their website, I literally log on and it has
an interface that shows me exactly how much I’ve earned, that is updates minute to minute,
exactly how many signups I’ve had, exactly how many clicks on the link, exactly how many
subscriptions, the subscription dates and times…I can look at the data and it is within
a few percentage variance day to day in terms of clicks versus registrations versus sales. It’s data correlation, I can estimate how
much I’ll make off the numbers due to the histoory of those numbers. Then look at how gamigo does things. I get a contract to do something, I do it
for months with no updates, they fuck the numbers up once, send me the numbers literally
in a google docs spreadsheet where he had input the numbers manually, with no formulas,
no export from a database showing the numbers haven’t been edited and won’t show me the
data I can actually verify IE the link clicks which they claim doesn’t mean anything and
yet proved that they were either incompetent in missing literally thousands of dollars
of sales or doing something else which I have no comment on. All of this is verifiable fact, it’s truth,
I have the skype logs, the emails, the spreadsheets, the link data. At this stage people are going to think maybe
I’m being greedy and just upset I didn’t make more money. Let me just tell you guys, I make from youtube,
less money per month than you guys would make in a part time minimum wage job. The 1.5k usd they’re telling me I’m owed here
is basically like 8 months of what I make on youtube from ad revenue because I don’t
put ads on my videos except the first 1 add, I can choose to put up to like 15 ads on a
video , I put 1 single ad. Always have done, to not inconvenience you
guys because I want people to watch and enjoy my content. I turn down sponsored content and affiliate
deals with companies I wouldn’t personally use or endorse because I want to be known
as not a sell out, not in it for the money at your expense and to be trusted. So for me to turn down 1.5k usd is a huge
punch in the gut and a huge hinderance on my career on youtube and this video is also
massively risky in and of itself and could result in a lot of negative things I won’t
get into. The thing is, I think I’m owed much more money
than that, I saw the numbers the first time and gut feeling with no data knew it was wrong
and was proved right, I’m looking at the numbers the 2nd time and despite them being much higher,
I have that same feeling. I just want to be paid what I’m owed, for
the in my opinion, great work I did as a partner to this company. My parents, my friends all told me to just
take the money and that I can’t win here, I will tell you what I told them. My prinicples are worth more to me than $1500
usd, I’d rather get nothing than less that I am owed and I feel it is my duty to out
a company that has proven time and time again, in my opinion, that they are incompetent on
so many levels. You have all seen it with archeage unchained
as a game, every day a new bug, every day a new non answer, a new PR spin, a new “no
eta as of yet”. The game I sold in my videos, the game I was
hyped for is a shell of what it should have been, the company in charge is, in my opinion,
not worthy of your trust or your respect and I hope that my video today shows that. Look at the numbers, the raw numbers I’ve
provided and the numbers they’ve provided and ask yourself if it makes any sense at
all. That I can have over 12x as many clicks on
the affiliate link, at a time where people would be much more likely to purchase the
game due to the clicks being immediately prior to and during release compared to that of
literal months before and ask how 12x the amount of clicks can amount to 2x the amount
of revenue. On top of that, how does 17 people buying
the game acrue almost the same revenue on average for ingame spending but 82 equals
less revenue than actual sales on average from the previous amount? Objectively from a numbers stand point it
does not make sense at all. Some people are going to point out how I only
gave gamigo under a working week to solve this and get back to me with a solution and
point to that as being rash. Understand that I’ve been asking for revenue
reports for months, they got it wrong once already and now are telling me this is definitely
correct, what would giving them more time accomplish at this point when they’ve already
proved that they couldn’t get it right the first time? I ask how exitlag, a company with less than
30 employees can have a UI which shows me exactly what I need to know and yet a company
the size of gamigo with 200-500 emplyees according to linkedin can’t even get me data themselves
as employees as the company. How crazy is it that I can’t see their system
and the business development managers are telling me they can’t see it either? Does that sound like numbers you can trust
in a partnership? Giving them more time wouldn’t serve anything,
they’ve had more than enough time and now the only recourse I have is to inform the
public of how they conduct business. Please don’t get me twisted here. Affiliates like this is how I can make a living
and it being a large lump sum of money is how youtube works when you’re at my level. I’ve been working on this contract and partnership
for multiple months and I think I’m owed much much more than 1500 usd, I know it sounds
like a ton of money when I’m talking about much more than 1500 and people typically hate
on youtubers for making money but that lump sum would be there to see my through like
half a year of slow and much less than minimum wage youtube revenue. These big payouts like once or twice a year
are what I have to work towards and gamigo in my opinion not paying me what I worked
for is massively effecting my channel, my life and my content. Look at the upload schedule and notice I haven’t
even been able to upload recently due to having to deal with this, the stress and anxiety
of it all. This is literally my livelihood guys. Thanks for watching, sorry the video is so
long. Let me know what you think, I hope you guys
don’t think less of me for this.

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  7. they scammed the community, got us hyped for Archeage with no p2w, a dream come true… and then after all bought it, well what then ? they dont get anymore money, so why spend anymore ? just let it die again?!

  8. What a lot of bollox.
    Both me and my friend got a refund though since we had issues and support was like w/e 🙂 hope it didn’t affect your earning (have yet to see the whole vid, if you ever get earning, pls no spoilers)

    Join us on RDR2 instead 😉

  9. I feel like Hanlon's Razor is the appropriate way to treat this incident. Especially considering the atrocious launch and how it was handled. You should still be compensated properly, but it's going to be difficult if their database didn't register people coming in from your link properly. It's gonna have to be settled in court if incompetence is the reason.

  10. Is it money for every affiliate click? Or per actual purchase? Because I know personally I often click referral links but more often than not I do not buy anything. I use it to check prices and the website but often the purchase comes later at some point when I've decided to purchase and usually that happens through a google search of the game.

  11. a bitly link doesnt mean its a sell, its a click, your just beiing dumb lol. ofcourse all the sales where in the first few videos. oehh 40k virews… must have sold 40k.. thats facts.. numbers brah.. >.>

  12. Ya OK But we love AA for the last 5 years and we the ppl of AA don't give a shit about who runs it its your problem and not the ppl that play it trio gamigo or Microsoft

  13. Basically they are saying that for your payment there's… no ETA.
    Sorry I shouldn't be making jokes but I'm still sore about the stream.
    I'm worried. I really enjoy the game but this company is slowly going high in my rankings of "Companies That I Hate That Ruin Games I Love" up there with the king Nexon.
    I'm pretty goddamn sure I bought the game via your link, I wish there was some way for me to confirm.

    Don't get stuck on this, though. Keep growing, keep working. Either keep making content and monetizing in other ways (patreon, livestreams, etc) or spread to other games, but don't get hung on these asses paying up. Don't let up the fight but don't let it monopolize your energy and work time. Stay strong!

  14. Hey Kira,

    I think the explanation lies in the cookies aspect. With the first tracking, it seems you were using a standard Analytics tracking which has a 30 days attribution cookie for your referral but the second one seems to be working with a third party affiliate system which most likely has a 1 day or 7 days or whatever pixel.

    This is the only way this could explain what happened from a technical point of view, otherwise, they are simply lying about the numbers.
    I would incline towards the first option because most people who will purchase in-game items, the chances are they will buy other things more and more over time, so because of both numbers being lower than the first 30 days cookie, it seems your attribution cookie changed to a less time frame.
    You should look into your contract and see if this is mentioned in there. You should also not waste your time with Skype or DM. It is not a formal request.
    Use an email to request this information because they are legally required to provide it to you as it is data they store about you, under GDPR law (as they are registered in Germany).

    Another possible reason could be refunds…
    I have got my refund on both my in-game purchase and the actual game under false advertisement and not delivering a final product.

    I hope this helps.

  15. Hmmm you maybe shouldnt have shat all over the game at the end it sounds a tad sour grapes.

    Hope this gets sorted for you anyway.

  16. This game was super hyped because it wasn't p2w and AA is a great game. This company has fumbled the ball multiple times and continues to be incompetent with handling shit. The release of servers during launch, the exploits, the bugs, and the compensation they can't even get right. Clearly gamingo isn't capable of publishing a game…

  17. Huh the issue you have with them really mirrors their capability when I sent a support ticket on the 3rd of October with a possible chance to refund the silver founder's pack so I could get myself the big one since an actual upgrade was not possible for whatever reason.
    Funny enough I received a reply yesterday on the 8th of november, if the issue I was having (???) still persists or was already solved, I mean yyyyyyeah, was not really an issue but rather a favour but meh, I already ditched the game to the deepest trash bin I found.
    I really had high hopes for the game, but gamigo failed me once again, what a surprise 😀

  18. Dude, don´t excuse yourself that you want to get paid for your work. You generated them revenue and they have a contractual obligation to pay you your share, period. But yeah that whole story sounds exactly like gamigo operates, completely incompetent. In Germany (i am german) many Publishers are organized in a union. This union is called Game (, Gamigo is a member there. If they don´t pay you I would file an official complain there at: game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche e.V , Friedrichstraße 165, D-10117 Berlin.

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