Trump's Economy SAVES American Families!

so we were your season thanks Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone period here yeah yeah it's pretty much what you have rounders coal mining is the family tradition in these parts sauce my grandfather and then my dad my brother me Michael her dad but when the whole Obama extraction was in there it was tough that kid just get taken away and taken away because he was just doing with all the coal fire plants stuff so you looking people losing their jobs so if somebody wants to build a coal power plant they can it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're gonna be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted you know that Tommy didn't know if you would have a child like schmuck next week the next day it is scary that's kind of scary when you wake up every day you don't know what you're gonna do if you're gonna go get laid off you know get sitting down unemployment office control check because you don't have any job to go to anymore so we started talking I'm trying to figure out what to do with ourselves to try to find work and then we say thanks for living on Australia so we knew where you're on the list like he still had a job so we were lucky he wasn't laid off yet but we knew it was coming and we decided to be proactive he felt mastermind and makai and Queensland Australia you got a job there they were gonna give us $10,000 to help with their moving expenses I mean we were moving we had her work visas we I mean we knew we had to leave America was no one in here so my new thing with our that's a big move for anybody going five what well true used to in your country moved to a whole other country on work visa have to stay there for so many years before you can come back home we get side contract three-year contract so you thing about there that's said that's being for anybody do you have to figure out your own lifestyle star all up from scratch and hold another country and leave your thing you know behind but the thing is it it was worth it because look at what's going on here it was like go and live this life or live here and have nothing have everything literally everything taken from you everything was in line in order in place and we were sitting on this couch right here and we watch Trump and Melania come down that escalator and we watch that interview and we said hmm we may have a hero here that's really the way it was we were us in comes Donald Trump because he saved my job he saved my family and he saved everybody else's families right here that's in the coal mining history he brought jobs back and that's what he said he's going to do so we have him to thank for a bring child back to this part of town I said that everybody's comfortable nobody has anything to worry about Trump's in office this down here is true mega country you know we're not racist we don't punch people in the face you know I mean we love everybody and we live our present cuz he works for us somebody brought money back he brought jobs back just kept taxes so everybody is happy when people happen they don't spend money everything has changed and like those pay cuts that he had he's making like way more like he got though man he got that money back plus some it's our American dream yes we have the house we got the cars the truck we just got a boat on the way yeah so good estimator I've said we're enjoying our life like every part every person needs to I mean you want to wake up ready to go to work come home enjoy your time with your families and stuff enjoy your weekends the American dream

  1. Trump is giving tax cuts to Companies who outsource. Make some noise on that and he'll probably change it.

  2. I love your Daddy Trump…….wish he would turn his brilliance on SA. Our Communist government prefer your idiot Obama.

  3. all these assholes against coal dont realize switchn from coal to all these other power supplies will cause a massive amount of pollution to make build install the parts for other sources and the pollution will be 300 years of coal pollution in a decade and we dont know if it will be better or worse one thing we know for sure is they will destroy American coal miners families financially they'll lose jobs homes futures and everything they worked so hard for dont believe these green energy assholes its all about money and power in the political arena not daving the planet befote they stop coal stop dumpin and bury'n nuclear waste in the ground all over america and the chemicals from big oil and plastics companies it's all about MONEY AND RICH FUCKS POLITICIANS AND POWER GOD BLESS YOU COAL MINERS AND YOUR FAMILIES WE SUPPORT YA

  4. All the jobs lost for nothing. Look up the atmospheric stats. CO2 is 0.04% of the total atmosphere. 3% of the 0.04% CO2 is man made. So man made CO2 is 0.0012% of the atmosphere. Yet they claim it's able to change the climate?

  5. Truth!! Obama, pelosi and their families probably put more greenhouse gases up in our atmosphere with their taxpayer-funded junkets than any coal power plant.

  6. THAT… Is a good looking proud American couple!!
    Bless you two!
    Hope you have a big family and live the American dream!!

  7. Hey buddy you still should have come to Australia. No matter what government we have in, they won’t shut down mining like Obama did.

  8. There is more companies leaving china…just recently announced. Steel prices coming down some. My employer is not listed here, but is changing sourcing/production out of China. Much has been done locally, but like anything there is a price and challenge finding sources for certain goods.

  9. We Seriously NEED Donald Trump here in Canada! Justin Trudeau has completely been attacking our Oil and Natural Gas and Coal mines since he’s been PM. Over thousands of Oil Field workers and coal miners are no unemployed and our economy is going down the tubes. We need help

  10. MAGA. TRUMP 2020 + 2 more after 2024 because the Democrat's made TRUMP work all by himself without the Congress so Democrat's owe him two more years after he serves his full two terms.Democrats were nothing but obstructionist for last two years.

  11. I'm racist. After High School, I lived in a black area for about a year-and-a-half. I became racist in 3 days. I hated it.

  12. The green house global warming hoax A DemocRAT scam to tax Billions for there personal back account
    Global Warming with fervent heat is a fact The earth will be burned up but it will happen on Gods terms
    2 Peter 3:10
    And it is reserved for all those who rejected His Free Gift of Eternal Salvation in Jesus Christ alone
    1 Corinthians 15:1-4

  13. 0:33 Obama the job killer, the one who laughed when he said that those shovel ready jobs he touted never materialized, tries to take credit for how Trump has brought unemployment under control in this country. No doubt Obama will go down as one of America's worst Presidents, while Trump will be seen as one of the best, at least by those who love this country.

  14. I would love to see their entire video. What a great looking couple. True American Patriots!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. I can't imagine what shape our country would be in if we hadnt been blessed with PRESIDENT TRUMP. 2020.

  16. if youre freaking out about the environment liberals use and plant some veggie food yourselves

  17. Rather than trying to find ways to lower the CO2 emissions of coal without destroying jobs by effectively banning it's use, Obama decided to do the opposite and destroy the coal industry and give hand outs to companies who failed and went under not long after who pushed "green energy". Makes perfect sense right? Probably cause he profited from doing such. How many of those companies took the hand outs and just bailed with the money cash in hand? Seriously, we have ways to reduce the amount of CO2 being pumped into the air from burning coal and it sounds to me a better use of money would have been in furthering that then wasting it on "green energy" which keeps showing itself to not be as efficient or dependable yet.

  18. And get this CO2 ISN'T the major Greenhouse gas Obama lied to everyone about. Basically Greenhouse effect is caused by the Sun and how much heat it gives off and the clouds that reflect the heat back onto earth causing it to be warmer.

    But what are CLOUDS made of?? Google it and you find clouds are ALL WATER VAPOR. Water Vapor makes up anywhere from 80-95% of the atmosphere. Good luck controlling that with the oceans constantly contributing to that. CO2 makes up about 4% of the climate change gasses and out of all of that man only contributes a total of 4% of that. Also the large majority of CO2 emitted by humans are done by China and India. The US can't cut back much more on its CO2.

    In summary OBAMA & AL GORE LIED to America about climate change and AOC & the Democrats are continuing that LIE. If they can lie about something so simple what else have the Democrats lied to you about? Perhaps the KKK and Jim Crowe and racist Democrats all of which were created and continued to this day by Democrats?

  19. Dems claim to be pro middle class and pro blue collar, but in reality their policies harm blue collar workers and the middle class while giving free loaders our monies just to get their votes. Them and their elitist attitudes need to go. Vote the swamp rats out America.

  20. Please do more stories like this. America really needs to see just how much Trump has saved America and is making it great again. MAGA 2020.

  21. The only way to keep the Democratic Party from removing jobs from any state, is to never have them elected in the first place.

  22. I could really resonate with that. I'm not in the coal mining industry but when ObamaCare came into effect I was one of those who lost their job because I was going to be too expensive for the system.

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