Trump will fight Democrats on Socialism. They must fight on a Fair & Moral Economy.

welcome to politics done right I am your host eggs better store Williams this is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics this is the program that will encourage you to make sure government becomes We the People whether you are liberal conservative or otherwise you get to air your point of view remember you can also send me a tweet to EG de RT o wi ll IES that is at a virtual william let us engage it is politics done right well folks welcome to one more addition of politics and read a mcdowell is your host like you so kindly for being a product show we are going to have a great show for you today you know eight a look let me tell you things are getting serious things are getting serious and the misinformation is coming to you live not here of course we are here to break that misinformation that's coming and I tell you what my dear brothers and sisters we have first of all before I even get into the show I want to tell you something I want to tell you something you know I was watching I was watching the news today and something interested occur right guess what happened it turns it turns out that I started to see on a be on CBS a little thing at the CBS website then I I notice it showed up as well on the ABC website and guess what that story was and by the way we're talking to you you know the headline to the stir but I'm going to get into that in a minute but I just saw this on the news and I wanted to kind of bring you up to speed on how the misinformation engine works and it is so very important that we understand what is going on here because if we don't what happens is they win not only do they win they get it out I saw this story and I thought this is kind of strange because the way they headlined it is they said all their issues with generic drugs why would they be talking about generic drugs just in these times now generic drugs has been a thing for a whole long time right you are in generic drugs most people are on generic drugs but you know what medicare-for-all in there on the horizon with a whole lot of fight of course that's what it's gonna take but with medicare-for-all on the horizon these guys are starting to see oh my god we have to somehow corner the market everybody's going to generics because why the hell pay for these high-priced drugs that cost next to nothing to make who you paid for with your taxes most of the times why should you pay over price thing I'm an overpriced value for that no it makes absolutely no sense so here is how it works people and I want you to understand this well they don't the people don't put out new the way news comes out now right especially through the mainstream media etcetera even through news channels because if if the corporate state if the corporations are able to use the mainstream media who many trust in other words if they are able to use ABC News CBS News NBC News to go ahead and tell a story you look at that story as it being news and valid and if you do that they are in effect using the news networks as commercials to do two things they mean the competition and to prop themselves up so what happened here this is what I'm talking about they are now coming out with stories about people who got hurt from generic drugs they are talking about people who got hurt from generic drugs now my question to you is is first of all is that news that people get hurt from taking drugs remember that very expensive pain-killing drug called Vioxx remember that was a drug put out that wasn't the generic drug that was a drug that was put out there and many people got sick in fact I think it if I remember correctly one of the side effects of it was to cause heart conditions as well so there you don't hear them talking about that as being an issue right the fact is that drugs whether generic or otherwise some of them always turn out to be one that create issues that causes damage don't ever believe that that isn't the case and what they're doing right now is they're trying to pollute the space because we're moving towards generic drugs drugs that are no longer on patent in order to keep their profits high what they want to do is they want to scare people into believing that somehow there is an issue with generic drugs do not fall for it and also make sure when you go to the doctor's you are prescribed generic drugs if there is a problem with the drugs we need to start having the government take care of that and don't think that somehow because a drug is officially not generic or cause a whole lot of money that it is successful you take a look at the and thickest efficacy of many of the drugs out there what they'll tell you is oh the taking this drug that the lifespan of the person is about on average is about 30 days more kill me get rid of me welcome aboard Daniel addo welcome aboard Michael Redmond and anybody else that I've missed go ahead and get rid of me I do not need another 30 days to live I do not need another three or four months to live if I'm going to die why spend all why put my family's fortune or my family's money's at risk for a few more days a few more weeks or four more months let's have a good wonderful day of goodbyes the evil within this medical system never ceases to amaze me and what I call an anti complicity of the mainstream media and the complicity of the parties always get to me so here again when you watch TV news and you watch stories that you look at that you can say ah this is going to have an effect on product a it will make product a more successful and product B it puts its negative spin on product B be careful because that is what this new story that and you'll see it I think you're going to see it on the mainstream I think you're going to see it on a loop today because that's how they work remember the name of the partnership for for help for America's health care future the partnership for America's health care future is an organization designed to prevent Americans from getting very good effective low-cost single-payer medicare-for-all health care they are and they are firing on all cylinders and they have unlimited money your money that you pay for the expensive drugs that you pay for the hospitals that you pay all those things that you overpay for you're using that money to continue to miss inform you so what I want to tell you people is this please do not fall for the con it is a con please do not fall for the con we can't allow ourselves to fall for the con okay getting into the program what is the program about today the program is called that's not the program anyhow the program is called Trump will fight Democrats on socialism they must fight on a fear and moral economy again Trump wants to change a conversation Trump wants the conversation to be on socialism we will be fools if we allow the conversation to be that on some label that is not what we fight it on why I don't care what you believe you fight it on they must fight on a fair and moral economy they're Democrats and progressives must fight the 22 election from the county level to the state level to the national level on their terms let Trump bloviate on socialism versus capitalism they must talk about making the economy fear and morale why am I doing this topic today why am I in God's name doing this topic today when yesterday I did a topic on socialism verse democratic socialism versus capitalism versus what Elizabeth Warren is doing and how she is doing it which is perfectly so I am doing it that way because I think it is imperative that this issue is not allowed to flourish catalyzed in people's minds Democrats and progressives running for office four cities four cities the counties the states the federal representation must fight on their terms they must not allow Trump and Republicans to dictate the narrative it is not about socialism versus capitalism I repeat it is not about socialism versus capitalism at all let's not fall for the Kahn let me tell you what it's about tell the American people what it will mean to elect them into office be specific and tell them how you will do it progressives must stay on the offensive let conservative politicians defend the tax cut scam let them defend the tariffs let them defend the environmental destruction let them defend the world political turmoil do not do not at any time allow them to force you on the defensive because it is the policy since wrought rather it there it's a policy since Ronald Reagan for which we have the results of now that need defending we are seeing the results of Reaganomics we are seeing the results of voodoo economics as stated by George Herbert Walker Bush we are seeing the effects of trickle-down economics we are seeing the effect of supply-side economics that is what we're seeing today all the distortion within the markets all the transfer of wealth from the people to the view that is the results of Reaganomics that is the result the ultimate result to capitalism on steroids don't even argue about it anymore that is what we have been living in under and we must force them to defend that we are not on the defensive here so when Donald Trump says socialism you say fear and moral economy requires that we do Medicare for all there and just economy requires that we do family leave fair and just economy requires that we pay off student debt that is really a loan to corporations who need an educated supply of people and they are trying to get it on the cheap as states cut budgets remember this as States has cut budgets people have had to pick up on the price of education boat more tax dollars elsewhere as well as people themselves so in effect the raw material that these corporations need as opposed to investing themselves in it they believe in socialism for corporations socialism for corporations and how is the socialism for corporations because your pain you are paying to educate the people that they must have if they want to build a car shouldn't they educate those people who are going to build a car and then the profits then can be spent or let out equitably no that's not what they want they want you to invest in everything that they need from you but they have you believe in they have you believe in that they are doing you a favor they are doing you absolutely no favor that that capital is sitting down at his pool collecting on the appreciation of the stocks and the dividends of the stock sitting down while you work that is his income that is his wealth your work let's make sure during the 2020 elections not to bite your tongues not to go back there and and and retract not to sit back there and feel like you're asking for something or begging for something you are not you're taking back what is yours you're taking back what was stolen you are taking back what was legally buy because your politicians have been bought for so long they have legally created structures to literally rub you let's get the narrative straight they must defend it when they talk about terrorists to make allow folks to make more product in America a tariff isn't a penalty on the country selling selling stuff to you how do you think Donald Trump is helping to reduce not little rather not reduce helping to not make his budget explode more than it's exploding right now tariffs and what our tariffs taxes that gets who pay you do you pay the tariffs when they charge a tariff on aluminum you pay a higher price in cars and that higher price is a tax that then goes into the Treasury and when that goes into the Treasury that offsets the monies that went that that tax cut scam that went to the rich people that's what it offsets folks I need you to understand exactly how things work in this country you need to understand that is right I wrote the book as I see it class warfare the only resort to right-wing doom because most people don't understand these concepts and what we do is we lay it out in a manner that's easily understood because most people don't get it because again nope there's no value in teaching this to you that's why in your high school curriculum you don't really learn as far as how things really work they don't want you to know the reason why they took away civics is they don't want you to know that government is we the people they want you to think that government is government those bad people know if you still had civics you would know government is we the people and if government isn't working right we the people put people in there that will make sure and ensure that it works right we have to get it right people we have to start understanding it is our responsibility it is our responsibility to understand what is going on in this place and we don't the reality is we don't but we must if we don't do that then they will continue they will continue the pilfer and I know you hear me talk about the pill for the pill for the pilfer how true is that are they really pilfering us are they really being bad to us the answer to that is a categorical yes and it is our responsibility it is on us to teach ourselves now for the blog of the week I didn't write the blog of the week it was written by Walter G Maas a professor of emeritus of history at Eastern Michigan University and a contributor to history network history news network and I you know as I was reading trying to contemplate on what's the best subject to cover today the drug thing came later the drug that that's probably something that I probably covered pretty soon the theft that occurs in the in the job domain what I want to do is take you to this subject he has a great article that he wrote and I looked at that article and I'm like I couldn't have done any better but hey before I forget guess what guys the cups are in the cups are in politics done right mugs or in go to store calm slant I'll rather store that rather store that politics done right comm store that politics done right calm get yourself the let's let's get our Posse together our Posse is gonna be together we're gonna start having these zoom video meetings where we can drink or coffee out of our politics done right cup and talk learn together and do things but folks do you know what time it is Sarris curious it's time for the weekly blog post okay the title of the blog post is capitalism socialism how about just the fair and moral economy and that's where I got the title for my show today a fair and moral economy and I told you this article was really written by a wall to Deemas and what I want to do is I want to deconstruct the article because the article does I mean it touches a subject very well he says as follows and again he's a professor emeritus of at Eastern Michigan if I'm not mistaken I actually saw this guy I think actually visited us at the the lone star college Center for what is it Center for I forgot the name of the Center but I think I think I saw him in person if I remember correctly but anyway it goes as follows in early 2019 Donald Trump warned against socialism promises unity but it delivers hatred and it delivers division socialism promises a better future but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past that never fails it always happens socialism is a sad and discredited ideology noted in the total ignorance of history and human nature so says Donald associate though says Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan his campaign claimed that Bernie Sanders has already won the debate in the Democratic primary because every candidate is embracing his brand of socialism but in February and March of 2019 numerous candidates such as beta O'Rourke Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren and John Hickenlooper scramble to answer whether they favored capitalism or socialism if I were any of them I would simply say I am for a fair and moral economy call it what you will politics is too full of labeling my rationale for such a statement is that capitalism and socialism have too much historical baggage and you know what Elizabeth Warren taught me something and it took me about six months to get or from the time that she created the accountable the accountable kept accountability in capitalism her she has a new act that she wants to call accountable capitalism Act and you know what I did in that thing and I read it to you yesterday is I broke that down I broke down her accountable capitalism Act and showed you all the pieces that she wants she wants to have workers on the on the board of directors she also wants to have a fat you know there's a whole lot of things list of things right and then I started to deconstruct what she was looking at workers on the board hmm that somehow is I've compromised that somehow looks sort of like a cooperative right of course the co-operative the ownership also goes to the employees but if you have workers on the board then you can have stock options that make the workers poor I mean there's a whole lot of so what I saw her doing is she wasn't going to fall for the socialism trap in effect she listened to what must had to say and what did MA say that you should answer you should answer the call very simply and says I am for fear and moral economy call it what you will politics is to fill of labeling and what she did is she just says what I'm gonna do for you and guess what if you like it vote for me and anybody who reads it loves it because it makes sense socialism and socialists have long been scare words Converse conservatives have hurled at opponents Social Security social is Medicare socialist in the 1960s when Medicare was being debated the American Medical Association had a leading actor speak out against it on a record entitled Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine hahahaha Bernie Sanders might admit to being a democratic so but his critics like to ignore the difference between this type of socialism common in Europe and the kind that existed in the u.s. in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics the USSR or in modern Venezuela in his State of the Union speech President Trump claimed that Venezuelan socialist policies have turned that nation from being the wealthiest in South America into a state of abject poverty and despair and that in the United States we are alarmed by the new calls to adopt socialism in our country America was founded on liberty and independence not government coercion domination and control we are born free and we will stay free tonight we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country what he should have added to that is America will never be a socialist country for the people but it will continue to maintain corporate socialism where corporations are supported by all the people all the taxes are collected so that we can funnel them to the corporate state that is where we need to go and that's what I'm telling people that when I tell you we don't go from the defensive now we go on the offensive America currently is a socialist state for the corporation's period punto final america repeat that folks America is a socialist state for the corporations as it is run right now when the tax the tax cut scam was effective they transferred your money to the corporations when they pass laws concerning the environment they transferred laws they made sure the corporation was kept hold when they try to create international treaties they are allowing you to pay if you if for some reason you have passed a law that that corporation says infringes on them being able to make a profit then they can extract that profit from the taxpayer in that vicinity Social Policy for corporations and this is why I tell you we have to understand it you should go get my book class war I mean as I see it class warfare the only resort to right-wing doom we lay out a whole lot of this of how these corporations use all kinds of laws from the patent system to many other system to do what screw you extract from you because you know what they are the ones that are preeminent continuing with his post there have also been the periodic depictions of greedy capitalists eg the 1987 film Wall Street and I quoted that in a couple of my Bloods before in which Michael Douglas character gorkon Gordon Gekko proclaims greed in all forms agreed in all of its forms greed for life for money for love knowledge has market as marked the upward surge of mankind the rapacity of corporations such as Wells Fargo's that created fake accounts and Purdue pharmacy that put money making before health and sparked the opioid crisis and the present incarnation of ugly capitalism the author of the art of the deal and our current president Donald Trump hey think about this earlier I started the program with the drug companies remember I told you about the drug companies and what they were doing the drug companies somehow are trying to tell you that generics are no good there they can be dangerous tatatatatada a table and here in America we have corporations that have created the opioid epidemic because they want to sell more drugs they've created all sort of ills within society in order to sell back to society here we have a company that got you hooked on opioids and now they want to create a new drug that takes you off of opioids so it gets you hooked and then we charge you to get you off capitalism at its best capitalism at its best but I don't want politicians talking about capitalism or our socialism I want them talking about how are they going to do things for you tell the people what's wrong tell the people that the drug companies are screwing them they don't have to say that that is corporate socialism and then tell them how they're going to solve it you don't have to tell them that is democratic socialism for the people you just tell them what you want them to do what you're going to do for them that's all you got to do nothing else one of the main problems with unrestrained capitalism is as sociologist Daniel Bell in the cultural contradictions of capitalism's 20th anniversary edition indicated is that it has no moral or transcendental ethic and I spoke to you about that yesterday capitalism has no soul capitalism cares nothing about humanity and in fact capitalism is a detriment because it grows at all costs devour and whatever it must devour to keep that standard think all grow in growing growth profit ok that is by design by definition there's no two ways about it if everything that I just said is true then by definition it has no soul no ethics no moral and the fact that you have evangelicals invested in those who believe this is inordinate and those who believe absolute unfettered capitalism and accepting accept in any form of social values for people tells you the corruption that is the religious right the corruption that is the corrupted nests that is the Evangelic amove meant those preachers are nothing more than they're doing nothing more than what I would call the devil's work assuming there is a devil you know I'm not I'm a humanist I don't believe in all that stuff but they do based on their own beliefs they are doing the devil's work based on their own belief most of the churches today supporting conservative ideology are actually supporting what they claim the devil is all about remember that people it is essential that those of you understand that had Jesus been here Jesus would have done exactly what he did in the in the central part ARC were he not down all the tables including those of the Pharisees who constantly preach oh we love you their Lord but they do nothing remember that story that that Jesus told when he went as a poor person somebody went as a poor person to a home and they turned him away he was hungry they turned him away he was this they turned him away and then Jesus came and said oh Jesus what took you so long or something like that I forget that this was in my Sunday school days I don't remember the stories exactly and then jesus said I've been here three different times and each time you turn me away welcome to them deviant the evangelical movement Jesus would recognize them quite well Jesus would recognize them very very very well and I'm not blaming you the Pew because you have a you have a Shepherd and the Sheep has a tendency to follow the Shepherd that's just how those things function and your Shepherd has been leading you astray it's time for that Shepherd to go it's time for you to take control it's time to you to take on your own morality it's time for you to do the right thing because what I'm telling you is what these guys under the name of God is they're doing and I'm not talking about the good religious folks now what I'm talking about those people those people who don't see the bad in Donald Trump those people who don't understand that the the racism to sexism the homophobia all these are the phobias of that man who condone it and in condoning it makes it a part of their own being but we continue there was one period in US history that attempted to provide the moral ethic that capitalism ignored the Progressive Era between 1890 and 1914 one historian character the progressive movement of the tire of that time as an attempt to limit the socially destructive affective effects of morally unhindered capitalism to extract from those capitalist markets the tasks they had demonstratively bungled to counterbalance the markets optimizing social effects with a counter calculus of the public weal in other words public well-being this movement did not attempt to overthrow our replace capitalism but to constrain and supplement it in order to ensure that it served the public good welcome aboard Elizabeth Warren but I have a message for all of those who read this right capitalism as I define it once you do those changes it's no longer capitalism it is free enterprise it's no longer capitalism in fact well we'll go there some other time I don't want to kind of miss the trend here although progressivism succeeded in some ways it's forward momentum was stalled by World War One and 12 years of Republican presidents from early 1921 to early 1933 the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt 1933 to 1945 and his New Deal economic and social policies renewed the progressive effort despite abs and flows in the continued advancement of progressive economics after World War two the US State Department in 2001 still declared that though the United States is often described as a capitalist economy it is perhaps better described as a mixed economy with government playing an important role along with private enterprise and that's a true statement made during the George Bush administration very important statement to further such a mixed economy Pulitzer prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz in his new book people power and profits progressive capitalism for an age of this content recommends progressive capitalism in an interview he explained that he believes in a market economy but also in government regulation and his term suggests that like the progressives of the Progressive Era he believes that our economy should recognize a moral or transcendental ethic seeking the common good such a goal has also been recommended by Pope Francis who has criticized modern-day capitalism as unjust at its root of course it's unjust at its root it's an evil economic system it is just one step ahead of youtl ISM and slavery it's just that the slaves don't realize they're slaves right now because it's antiseptic slavery we were all part of it antiseptic slavery you still have the Masters on top we just give you a little bit more and give you the semblance of freedom again what we give you the semblance of freedom what is it folks the semblance of freedom you think you're free brother do you really think you're free let me tell you about freedom I digress from the blog post from the young man let me tell you about freedom the fact that I couldn't develop one click because Amazon under Jeff Bezos has already had already panted until it this it hurt my freedom I designed it myself but I couldn't use it the fact that a former cannot plant a seed that grows from his ground that put by his hand that ain't freedom the fact that you can actually do how should I explain this the fact that you can be forced if you tell if you if you own a piece of land until a company I don't want you through this land and it's not an absolute necessity for the survival of a country and a corporation can go to a judge and say judge I want to go through there and the judge says yes you want to talk about freedom we can go on and on and on about your semblance of freedom the fact that a woman that that the political sphere in Georgia and I don't remember the other state is attempting to take away a woman's right to her own body were an eleven-year-old who somehow has a induced miscarriage can be thrown into jail forever you want to talk about freedom there is nothing that equates capitalism with freedom nothing in fact it is closer to slavery than it is freedom just a benign form and for anyone who wants to argue with me with regards to me attempting there was a person a call a few a few days ago who got in he got irate at me I am demeaning all the black folk in America who were realists laves and your skins were torn to pieces from the whip etc etc etc you want me to tell you what's the worst kind of flip a silly way brothers and sisters welcome aboard Daniel s in on own face on a youtube let me just tell you guys hi everybody let me tell you something guys this is important this is very important I know what well I don't know because I never lived it like I told the young man neither he nor I know could possibly know what that type of slavery was where they put it if you do something wrong they split you apart they whipped I mean it was nasty or whatever that's bad that was slavery but that's was one form of slavery that was an arcane physical time facility where slavery you can have is when your mind is enslaved and most Americans Minds we are enslaved right now and you know why we are enslaved because we were indoctrinated from birth via the power manifesto to think that some system that we have is divine and we must do it this way and a way that we must do it is that way that came from the top from a few that says this is how it's done and until and until we decide to use our own brains enslave it on get it unchain the brain and start to ask questions why why is it that it is this way why porque porque si si no tiene que estar si doesn't have to be this way so we continue now a fair and moral economy however is easy to defend while still having historical roots you're against it what do you want an unfair and immoral economy in President Harry Truman's 1949 State of the Union address he declared every segment of our population and every individual has a right to expect from our government a fair deal as part of such a deal he proposed universal health insurance we must spare no effort to raise the general level of health in this country in a nation as rich as ours it is a shock in fact that tens of millions lack adequate medical care we are short of doctors hospitals nurses we must remedy those shortages moreover we need and we must have without further delay a system of prepaid medical insurance which will enable every American to afford good medical care that is from whom you know how long ago that was from Harry Truman nineteen forty nine seventy years ago and the corporatocracy the evil within the evil within the system continues to hammer Americans off of what is Dooley there's a conservative coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats however blocked such health insurance and many other aspects of Truman's proposed fair deal you notice it a coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats that is what we're talking about people that is what we're talking about people I love what you're saying there Daniel D we must decolonize our minds I love that D colonize your mind repeat that again people D colonize your mind thank you brother that's a good one very good one a moral economy also has worthwhile precedents one of capitalism's earliest heroes Adam Smith taught moral philosophy in Glasgow and his the theory of Moral Sentiments 1759 provided the groundwork for his later more famous The Wealth of Nations 1776 however right or wrong his ideas might be one cannot claim that Schmitt was indifferent to a moral economy and I never read Smith the truth of the matter is I don't want to read Smith I thought about ok let me go ahead and enlighten myself and read Smith and I'm like wait a minute I'm living I am living the economy that these guys put together I am living it we know it's wrong I don't need to know its origins I know what it's doing today is wrong I know it hurts people if you care about people you want an economy that served them all and you know we had a caller that called in and he said Egbert Allah you will never get to convince Americans to leave what they have right now you will never get Americans to somehow become more more more more fair in their beliefs more moral in their beliefs relative to the economy and I'm like what are you talking about he said because things are not bad enough you remember I tell you the semblance of doing well I tell you something that doctor professor Richard Wolfe said once this is when I fell in love with what he was teaching it was called capitalism capitalism what was it the denied the capitalism hits the fan and what he said is he said he pointed out the semblance of prosperity during the Reagan era right and I try to understand you know it's like ok yeah things were really going well and then Clinton came and they kind of zoomed up zoomed up even more right and then we started looking at charts and I don't know if you guys recall when I was in college it wasn't easy to get a credit card right you had to have a job you didn't get large enlarge credit card balances I mean credit card limits all of that sort of stuff I remember getting my first card very small limited cetera etcetera etcetera anyhow during the Reaganomics time deregulations and all of that and you started getting all kind of mails offering you all kind of deals for credit cards hell I finance Willie's computer software company Mike company on credit cards right there over a hundred and something thousand dollars on credit cards at nineteen twenty twenty-one percent that's how I formed my company because banks laughed at me even though my druggie friend got his forty thousand dollars for the loan back in the 80s I got zero they laughed at me that's another story and that's another dynamics within our supposedly capitalist free-market system that well that's another story but anyhow Richard Wolfe says take a look at where America's Simba our semblance of wealth came from semblance of prosperity well there was a time when we didn't carry a lot of credit personally but suddenly as our wages stagnated the powers that be still wanted money circulating they still wanted people buying stuff so how do they get you to buy stuff how do they get you to buy stuff they give you credit they keep giving you credit and credit and you keep buying and if you're buying stuff the economy is circulating more factories are being built because they got to build more cars even though you don't own the car you you borrow the money from the bank to do the car and you keep borrowing and you keep borrowing and what it means is two things happen you either stop accumulating your wealth because as soon as you accumulate wealth you're throwing it out to somebody else the banker or simply you go into negative cash flow default and that is a simple that was a semblance of prosperity that we had our wages stayed stagnant but our credit increased an increase so what is showed on the screen and I remember dropping my my face my mouth just fell when you saw those lines diverge as your income and wages stayed stagnant that line of credit just kept growing and growing and growing and growing it kept on growing and you know why because that was another way to rip you off I own you when I talk about don't get mad when I call it slavery when I talk about slavery I mean it as you all and all and Oh to somebody else it you become an indentured servant a slave without the ownership rights and property and that is what occurred so continuing more recently in 2016 Bernie Sanders gave a talk he gave a talk in Rome entitled the urgency of a moral economy reflections on the 25th anniversary of Saint ASIMO's Anna's in response I devoted a substantial essay to the talk thus only a brief recap of its main points or needed here so says the the person who wrote this and he said as follows first Sanders noted that the Catholic Church's social teachings stretching back to the first modern encyclical about the industrial economy rerum Novarum 1891 to send testy most honest to Pope Francis in spurn environmental encyclical laudato SL have grappled with the challenges of the market economy there are few places in modern thought that rival the depth and insight of the Church's moral teachings on the market economy Sanders also claimed that Pope Francis in his 2013 a pasta listing exhortation evangelii gaudium stated plainly and powerfully that the role of wealth and resources in a moral economy must be that of servant and not master church people do you hear that isn't that something jesus also said or implied I ended my essay by writing that one of Sanders most important contributions might have been leading us to re-examine the question how moral is our economy now three years later some of the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential nomination such as Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are suggesting that our present trumpian economy which favors the rich furthers inequality and the spoils our environment in unfair and is unfair and immoral any questions folks on fear and immoral in his new book people power and profits and in other places Joseph Stiglitz indicates that our present economy is not only failing American citizens it's failing the planet and that means it's failing future generations but he not only dams the present trumpian economic approach but also suggests various more ethical solutions all the present democratic candidates need to do the same they don't have to answer whether or not they favor capitalism or socialism they just have to tell Americans what they intend to do to make their lives better nothing less nothing more repeat in nothing less nothing more folks the telephone number we're up to 48 minutes so that telephone number is six four six seven one six five eight one two again that number is six four six seven one six five eight one two let me get some of these messages here let me see we have here let me take today I'm going to take some of you guys on Facebook I mean I on YouTube from Gaylord hello Egbert oh hello Gayle hello Daniel s on on on YouTube and then I'm going to come to the Facebook folk amen thank you very much Daniel s and then let's see Daniel s s capitalism was built on the financialization and privatization of slavery that is something a lot of people don't understand and and and when I mentioned that you know when Richard Wolff talked about slavery being an economic system and that capitalism was just the another form I before I heard Richard Walker say that I was talking about capitalism being an antiseptic form of slavery well he kind of tied the knots between capitalism feudalism slavery as well as socialism communism and Marxism which is a transition so yeah he did that on one of the programs that I had Daniel s says yes we must decolonize her mind that is absolutely true and Gaylor then says bravo or restream but yeah there's a restream but I don't quite know how it works yet restream has that thing that they are just instituting so I got to spend some time to learn some of this but boy am i busy with all these other things okay we also have Daniel saying I feel you and he says indeed so he's concurrent nice synchronicity thank you my my friend Gail Lloyd and so forth so look guys before I get to the Facebook folks I need to remind you guys that this is a this show is an independent completely independent and not only independent but progressive show that needs your support I'd love for you to go ahead and go to or yo n comm so that's politics done right anybody who's subscribing the subscription is a coffee a month come on dollar ninety-nine a month as little as a dollar ninety-nine but you can give more we have all kinds of different options there but the idea here brothers and sisters is to keep this stuff alive we're all over the place we interview all kind of folks check it out just check out politics then right comm see the work that we do I go to like better thought Willie's comm that is where I do my blog in and my writing and check out my books all my books are available to you free of charge for all subscribers to read online as I see it class warfare the only resort to right-wing doom a lot of the stuff that I talked about economically is in that book please check it out support independent media a slash politics done right the other book that I have is that I'm writing this book currently it's called how to make American utopia I'm Way behind I written two chapters they are already online I'm working on chapter three I want to have that online soon I keep telling you guys that slap me around if you will because I am late but there's so much happening there's so much that I'm doing but that book has every chapter that I write goes online right away now the other one here is I lost a whole lot of weight and reason I lost a whole lot of weight is because my blood pressure got after 240 over 140 and I wasn't doing too well well I am now I learned how to take it off a while several years back and keep oh and this book kind of illustrates what I said say no to snake oils weight loss don't believe it you got to do the work and that's what I do so check that out as well at lose weight and be fit now all those both the book I lose weight and be fit now and as I see it you can subscribe to us and get get it online or also you can of course go to and get these books so that is lose weight and be fit now and the other one is as I see it class warfare the only resorts right wing do and guess what the cup is out my cup is out so folks please go ahead and go to store that politics run right comm store that politics done right that calm and get yourself the politics done right cup we have t-shirts and swags a lot of other swags there again all of that is real a lot your pain that that price to support politics than right you paint that price to ensure that I can go to DC to ensure that I can go to Philly I'm going to fill in a couple months with on networks Netroots nation where we're going to be talking to all the the pot that the progressive politicians the progressive activists and all these guys are going to be out there so we you know it's expensive and that that is how we survive so what I do is I ask you to do that I'm also going to be forming the posse pretty soon a posse up I want to have like my my 200 top supporters in this posse and you know we'll have all kinds of things put together I haven't had that yet I'd like to say I liked my thousand supporters but right now I you know right now I'd like to get a whole lot more patrons I'd love to get to a thousand patrons this year you guys can help me quite well anyhow folks the telephone number six four six seven one six five eight one two again that number is six four six seven one six five eight one two let me go to my wonder my wonderful people on let's see my wonderful folk on Facebook too I don't see anybody on periscope to answer any questions too but let's go to see what we have here bear with me you know me in this bang here coming down to you right now here we go that's not it where we go right here los comentários a cyclist comentários voy a comenzar responder a me gente a me gente quiero hablar con me gente let's see how do I get okay I sit down already oh wow Daniel let go and Michael seasick I must cause you guys to blow a fuse today my brothers and my sisters because you guys have been active there but I'm just trying to get to the right one here let's see if that's it I think that maybe that's it I found it I think I found it I think I found here we go Michael Rodman you know what is funny Trump was one of the biggest beneficiaries of socialism Michael reddening you are a very smart do to recognize that and that's called corporate socialism Daniel addo just got here hey brother Daniel Daniel is my conservative buddy I love Daniel but Daniel just loved to get under my skin it's a good thing like Berto is such an expert on this health care stuff I am NOT an expert but I read and not only and when I don't know something I ask and then I come and I tell you and if there's something that you guys stumped me on guess what I do again I ask and then I go ahead and I respond that's all okay Daniel addo but let's ignore a democratic extremists and unhinge transgender shoot in a school oh and let's also fail to address the crisis on the border hell while we are at it let's focus exclusively on health care and ignore Democratic presidential candidates calling for Jaylyn gun owners oh I won't use that word but anyhow Daniel Daniel Daniel I'm going to answer that one all right Mike see Zach the con is by the lies of the left and even the New York Times said the left lied about the tax cuts no they did not the tax cuts was a fraud the tax cut most of the money went to the wealthy that's and that is a mathematical fact and when they said most of that money was going to be the corporations that got the tax breaks would have created jobs and do all these things with it most of it went back exactly where we said it would go and that was go as tax returns or rather as but stock buybacks come on SESAC this this you can't hide from the numbers they're out there yeah you can check the SCC you can check all these things you come on SESAC don't lose your credibility brother okay I still love you but don't lose your credibility okay Daniel it's not about socialism versus capitalism says the guy who practically everyday rails against capitalism you bet I am railing against capitalism I am I don't want the politicians to because I am not running for anything I don't have to convince everybody by 2020 that capitalism is a failure Elizabeth Warren does not have the time between now and 2020 to convince enough people that capitalism is a failure so she has to concentrate on what she's going to do for them that is what I mean sir and that's if I didn't explain that at all well do accept my most sincere apologies okay better to gets to decide what is equitable no I don't get to decide what is equitable we get to decide what is equitable let's see Elsa near Toledo I will gladly pay more for my Chinese crap if it means puttin America in a better position in the future with trade with China and what points are we willing to make sacrifices again you see you see how you guys think you are willing to make a sacrifice for your outcome and you are wanting to force me to make a sacrifice for something you don't like right but if I do something the converse I get trouble from you it makes no sense from YouTube it's obvious that the mainstream media is subordinate to neoliberal capitalism and those of us that have been in Latin America know that New York Times is just the State Department of oh wow I lose this that Daniel Daniel you are you are very politically were Daniel you better be joined our Posse you better join the posse buddy go to and calm so that's politics all right we need you in a posture because I love folks who can see between the lines absolutely so Daniel okay let's see Mike Caesar the FDA has been restricting drugs that are now cures for decades killing millions of people because that's restriction isn't that what you say oh boy oh boy let's see Daniel in New York says in New York Times Adele or basically just the PR department for new liberals yeah especially in Central America near liberal extraction especially in Central America in Fitness so you know I have spoken about that a whole lot Daniel where I've told people that the reason why we must not allow Venezuela to be successful is America will not allow us a successful democratic socialist state sitting on top of a mountain or an ocean of oil and yes agree that Joe that let's see Joe Biden represents the incremental ISM and I'm afraid it's too late for that you're so right read my article attic Berta Woolies calm on incrementalism I go to Egbert Ottawa least calm and just do a scan on incrementalism you'll see the several articles I've written about that my friend okay sorry Bernie Scandinavia is no socialist paradise after all okay let me tell you something that you have to understand CSEC when we start to show America what is going on throughout the rest of the world we have all these authors that come out of the woodwork to somehow the mean or make it look less the fact that the matter is you don't see those people flocking to the United States and when they hear about our health care system when they hear about our educational system and what it costs they've stay put or they stay within the European Union as bad as they have the European Union is kind of smart right they let us fight the wars they let us spend all the money on the crap like war machines and all of that and they kind of see they make believe that they're subservient to us what they really mean is they just let us go off and protect protect them quote unquote protect them and they live they live you know there's something that Carter said recently is that you know while we are fighting wars China is building stuff all over the world get in goodwill do you think China is doing that to build goodwill yes they're doing it to build goodwill are they building it because their benevolent no they're not but they're building it to keep influence we better learn that and unfortunately we don't have people that are asking the right questions we don't have people ask the right questions folks I really appreciate having you guys here with me we are at the end of the show for questions that I didn't get or for anybody that I didn't wreck Paul Baker welcome aboard Paul I didn't see you in the room thank you for showing up let's see who else Mike C sack I see some new new names in there okay great great we're at the end of the show I need to do my ask one more time if you're joining us just now please remember this is a progressive show a progressive independent show that needs your support please go and support us at slash politics done right again that is PA Treo ENCOM slash politics done right make sure that we stay alive it's imperative that we do likewise we have anybody who subscribe to our network anybody who subscribes and is cheap is a cup of coffee it among cheap you subscribe to us all our books you can read online and also if you want we can set you up with ad free scan and that sort of a thing but we do need your support I really need to get up to several thousands of these guys we're not there we're not even close yet but you can help us by spreading the word whether you're as conservative or Democrat Republican or in Arcis or whatever you know that this is your show you know you have a voice I have some regulars here like Mike C second Daniel ed Oh Dave nobody has ever attempted to run these guys off who have diametrically opposed and views and I do but I love to have them because why they keep me on my toes as well there's nothing wrong with good dialog respectful dialogue and I would I love having my conservatives liberals progressives and everybody with us but we got to go now my name is Eggbert Otto Willie's this is politics done right and you know how I in this baby I am what out welcome to politics done right I am your host accept all Williams this is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics this is the program that will encourage you to make sure government become We the People whether you are liberal conservative or otherwise you get to air your point of view remember you can also send me a tweet to eg ve RT o wi ll IES that is at a virtual Willie let us engage it is politics done right

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