1. No socialidm here , it is part of the plan to turn a productive portion of the nation in an unproductive bunch dependents of the tyrant wanna be handouts. Such handouts , with time, will convert into the tool to steer any desired reaction on the affected , let's say : votes ?

  2. 45 bankrupted 6 of his own businesses, and now he’s doing it to the US. But most depressing are the folks who refuse to see it

  3. Please stop calling these govenment handouts "socialism" unless the farms and equipment are being handed over to the workers and the profits are evenly distributed between those workers, it aint socialism. Its just trump covering his fat ass, and nothing more.

  4. I thought Republicans were against socialism. Look, these farmers get exactly what they voted for. Everyone knew Trump was going to be a horrible president. Instead of giving this money to farmers, Trump could put this money toward healthcare like Medicare for all.

  5. You literally couldn't make this stuff up. The GOP shows their hypocrisy and stunning lack of self-awareness on a daily basis. If someone wrote this series of events concerning Trump, as a script, it would be dismissed as unrealistic and hacky. Yet this is our reality.. sigh..

  6. Excellent title….
    Nazi = nation socialism
    Your honorable veterans gave their life to fight down in in WW2

  7. To all the mid western farmers who supported cadet bonespurs remember this,you reap what you sow. Soon you will all be welfare farming.

  8. Live by the free market,die by the free market. Brought to you by a Purdue, chicken choker to the world.

  9. Jeff, when you expound on a subject as complex as trade you show just how f**king dumb and shallow you are.

  10. Hey Nimrod, Trump's trade war is the reason employment and wages are both up and the reason Fiat Chrysler is bring 6,500 jobs to your state. Farm subsidies and support programs for farmer go back to FDR when he signed the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Do you want to take away agriculture programs and risk not having enough food on the shelves? Farming is a very risky business because it is do dependent upon the weather that it was realized a long time ago that if we wanted a successful agriculture industry in this country we better do something to protect it.

  11. Yeah, let's demonize democratic socialism by using a title like this. You're defeating the purpose, idiot.

  12. The modern way to stock grass for long without damage. Packed grass in plastic. Watch it on

  13. If you like to eat and afford food farmers is where it starts the orange stain on our democracy just doesn't care other than looking good for the camera

  14. Republican Socialism: Bail out bankers, coal miners, farmers. Give tax cuts to the rich, give subsidies to oil companies. Give Apple a pass on tariffs.😡

  15. Sort of mixed up effects of tariffs, China put a tariff on our soya beans we export
    That basically means that China is not buying American soya beans
    The way Jeff first explained was an effect of a tariff put on Chinese products by USA

  16. First off, do you think Trump cares about our family farms?
    All Trump is trying to do is keep his farming base that's running towards Bernie. Where the hell is this money coming from? Pentagon have a few more billions lying around they don't need to support our soldiers & their families? What if we kill the trade wars & tariffs & allow our farmers to do business vs taking their livelihood away & throwing pennies at them & sending them to a food bank. All of us stable genius Americans knew he'd financial destroy this country if not get us nuked

  17. Only Trump get It wrong it all cause and effect , it the same way he ran his business Wich all failed . Yes it mess the the Cause and effect up it be long time before thing get back to any thing normal were they can make a profit to pay for all the things it cost to be a farmer .

  18. Only Trump supportable give a thumbs down oh poor person you mad because we are talking about your God LoL 😂

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