Trump supporters DEVASTATED to learn Alaska is 'Socialist Hellhole'!

so Republicans all over the country having to learn the truth about Alaska and his devastating their hurt their lashing out they're angry they're seeking therapy because Andrew yang is telling them the truth about Alaska and they don't like hearing it they don't want to hear it because the last guy is the one state in the Union that gives money free money back to its own citizens and what Alaska's doing is somewhat similar to what Andrew yang is proposing in terms of his universal basic income which Republicans decry as socialism and free money well it just so happens that a red state in the United States of America has been giving away free money to his own citizens for decades and oh yeah it works oops it works it's effective it's the right thing to do so let's jump in here and let's talk about it the Alaska Permanent Fund much like the Andrew yang freedom dividend the Alaska Permanent Fund is a constitutionally established Permanent Fund managed by a state-owned corporation the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation state owned Oh God Almighty that sounds like communism and socialism too we can't have that I'll go on so this has been in effect since 1976 it has all been put together by Republicans Republican governor Republic voters Republican legislators made all this happen at the end of 2016 the fund was worth nearly fifty five billion dollars and has been funded by oil revenues okay let's think about that for a minute oil revenues now I've heard a lot of Republicans say well with respect to this issue they said well Alaska has oil well so what as if the lower 48 has no resources as if the lower 48 has no oil okay well what's your point yeah last got oil what we're looking at here is in principle form of a wealth redistribution that's what the Republican governor and Republican legislature did they said we're going to take that oil revenue and we're going to redistribute the wealth to the people that doesn't sound like Republican values does it well I'm going to tell you right now it is Republican values it's libertarian it's Republican it is the right thing to do it is the right thing in principle to do for the citizens it was supported by Thomas Paine it has been supported by Republicans libertarians throughout history and you've got all these hyperventilating overreacting Republicans who are brainwashed and programmed to believe that the government cannot give you anything we can't have that because that's free stuff we can't have that that's wrong no dummy that's your money that is your resources being given back to you that you own that is yours because that oil is coming out of the ground out of public ground owned by the federal government which is owned by you the people so what's going on in Alaska is the right thing in principle it's Republican it's about freedom and that's what Andrew yang is advocating now I'm going to go down here we're going to look at some of the numbers of the Alaska fund the Alaska fund is a yearly payout it's not a monthly payout now many critics are going to point to that and they're going to say well it's once a year every month again drew gangwon-do that's fine the other you know if we can work through this this is not about copying the Alaska model or about word but it in principle the Alaska model is very much lucky at what Andrew yang is proposing I'm going to show you here the numbers they're very good this Alaska fund is always paid out quite well at the end of the year for its citizens in two thousand eight two thousand sixty nine dollars plus twelve hundred dollars from Sarah Palin she gave the Alaskans an extra twelve hundred we go through 2009 1312 hundred two thousand eleven eleven hundred 2012 2013 not very good eight hundred nine hundred and went back up to eighteen hundred and two thousand now this is interesting twenty sixteen seventeen eighteen the numbers were very good dividend was as made to be two thousand dollars and twenty three hundred and twenty seven hundred dollars but it was reduced by Governor Walker reduced by legislative action reduced by legislative action came out to one thousand eleven hundred sixteen hundred well last year sixteen hundred is still really good it looks like the government stepped in stole some of the money I don't know the full story with that I know they had an election and they got a new guy in there I'm not sure what's going on with that I know Alaskans are not in favor of dipping into the fund it's dealing it I do believe this might happen because the government of fun is part of the state operating budget so the legislature probably dipped in said oh we're running a deficit we need some money that's beside the point look this is worked it's a small state there's not a lot of people up there they may talk about resources but the GDP of Alaska is very small compared to the lower 48 well last I saw well so so goddam what have you looked around you you live in the lower 48 of the United States where there are vast resources asked all reserves that are being pumped out of the ground why is it that Alaskans deserve a piece of that pie but you don't explain that to me you can't Alaska has had a model of universal basic income that works that is effective and can be replicated by Andrew yang in his program now it's a once a year program enter and yang once there once a month honestly I'd I've said this on my Twitter if Andrew yang puts through a universal basic income of two hundred dollars a month that's still better than nothing even if he can't get a thousand a month maybe two hundred a month would be amazing I mean any amount it is an amazing thing I'm what he's trying to do share the resources of this country with the American people that's it and that's what the Alaskans did that's what the Republicans up there did they said hey we're going to share some of those resources with our people and you call that socialism you call a welfare district redistribution no that's called being part of a co-op and a co-owner in the resources as a citizen you need to get past the brainwashing the Republican Party down here in the lower 48 doesn't want you to have anything it will give you little crumbs a little tax break that doesn't matter he'll beans and and a big tax break for the rich in the corporation's now no that's not how it works we need to share the wealth with the people you call welfare degree distribution called socialism whatever you hell you want the Alaskan people did it and they are Republicans and it worked it has worked beautifully and they loved it up there that is a very nice little refund little cash infusion at the end every year for those citizens and they've had some pretty good years 2015 $2,000 2014 1800 last year 1600 that's something I'm you're looking at about $100 on average a month extra just to live in there obviously the cost of living is more but that's not an issue we got to deal with down here in lower 48 if everybody got an extra hundred bucks every month down here in the United States a lower 48 that go a long way I would help pay your electric bill help a phone bill I'd be a nice little cash infusion there's no reason why we couldn't do that right now now what yang was doing more aggressive is more it's a larger program that's fine we can do that too we can do a thousand a month too so I wanted to make this point I mean the Republicans come out against this you need to blow your heads out of your butts and you need to look at this closely and say oh wait a minute Alaska's doing it oops they're Republican oops has been working for 30 years Wow my arguments don't really hold a lot a whole lot of water against a universal basic income this thing works now people point to the the little studies they've done in a finland or wherever they did a study for three months and said universe basically gun doesn't working though the study just used people out of work or used examples that weren't representative of the whole population who cares about the dumb little studies we have a study we could look up it up here at alaska that's worked for decades that's what you ought to be looking at wow i'm ten minutes into video already thank you for listening be sure to subscribe leave a comment like and share your help keeps kids videos out there your actions do matter thank you for watching

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  2. I’m all for ubi but I don’t understand why people who are in low income housing are excluded. In the Bay Area rent is $2k per room and I pay $732 for a room I share the house with 2 others. I pay the same that many people pay for a 2 bedroom home. Cost of living is also high and minimum wage is only $12 so $15 jobs are normal but still not enough

  3. Umm, it’s oil tax which Alaska provides…
    The same thing yang wants to do with tech money to give us all $1000 a month….

  4. Driverless trucks are coming. We need to think ahead and act now. UBI 🔑 to help PEOPLE transition:

  5. Dear Americans

    Go ahead, vote for the guy with the loud voice who hates minorities, threatens to improson his opponents, doesn't give a fuck about democracy, and claims he alone can fix everthing. What could possibly go wrong?
    Good Luck

    —The people of Germany

  6. Trump voters hostile to Republicans for being Republicans.

    We just get worse every day. Even Sarah Palin wasn't this deranged.

  7. People need to wake up to the reality that our old money system will fail in the world we are creating. Monopolies upon monopolies, the free market is rigged and crooked now. It’s a winner takes all economy. Even if you knew a millionaire, there is little help they can give you. The greatest minds of the world Agree on a UBI because the world is changing. It will be hard for normal people to get jobs in this new advance world we are making. Embrace the positive change, if our government does not recognize the change, they are either too slow, too corrupt or both. It’s not free money, it’s the right investment the government should make! Invest in your most valuable asset, your people!!! It will push our country to the #1 spot again. Millions and millions of families will be freed to innovate and flourish and make our country beyond great! Think about it people! Yang 2020 is the best candidate, do your own research and figure out the truth. Secure the bag!!!

  8. The same state that Sarah Palin was the governor of. Yes, that same Sarah Palin.

    I guess she too was a socialist.

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