Trump Stopping Drivers Licenses For Illegal Immigrants, Coyotes Using Social Media For Smuggling

new developments in New York’s
controversial greenlight law expected to go into effect soon but might the courts
step in channel twos Michael Wooten has an update tonight Michael hey there so
the greenlight law is scheduled to go into effect just a week from tomorrow
that’s December 14th it will allow undocumented immigrants to
get driver’s licenses here in New York State and it will prohibit sharing any
of their private information with the federal government so here are the new
developments first the Trump administration has now joined this fight
and filed a brief in federal court in Albany yesterday and the Justice
Department argues that the law here in New York State has aspects that are
legally suspect possibly unconstitutional because the law
prohibits local officials from giving information about immigration status to
the feds now this is all playing out in a federal court case involving the
Rensselaer County Clerk who is suing the state he wants a federal judge to at
least temporarily block this law from going into effect again just a little
more than a week we shall see what happens at the same time there is new
blow back to what the Erie County Clerk is doing Mickey Kern’s told us yesterday
that he’s gonna put up signs just like this at all County DMV offices the signs
say if you see something say something and they have the phone number right
here for ice what exactly is Kearns asking of the
public well one person responded to him on Twitter asking Kearns can you tell me
what illegals look like to use so we don’t report an American citizen to your
ice hotline with the first sign of any illegal at the DMV be that they are not
white so Kearns facing some criticism that he is encouraging racial profiling
he told me today that that’s false that he is putting up these signs because he
was asked to do so by federal law enforcement he says they’re gonna go up
not only at the Auto bureaus but also throughout the clerk’s office there are
certain to be more developments with this greenlight law as we approach it
going into effect just a week away will of course keep you posted I’m Michael
Wooten Channel 2 News thank you at new tonight $1,000 for ride
from Eagle Pass to San Antonio that’s exactly what federal agents say a young
woman was offered via a social media ad and whether she knew or not that her
passengers were illegally in the country fox san antonio’s Yami Vernon says this
is happening more and more and Metro cities like San Antonio in this spot
San Antonio exclusive it may seem like easy money for the holiday season ads
asking for a ride or others offering a ride but what may seem easy may actually
cost you more than what you bargained for they’re posted in English Del Rio to
Lubbock but we can drop you off anywhere along the way in Spanish un conductor
privado que puede llevar take a qualcare lugar de los Estados Unidos private
driver that can take you anywhere in the US and they offer rides for money others
are looking for a ride we’ve encountered before where people have said that they
were recruited either through social media or they just answered an ad that
they saw in one of these notices doing Cottrell’s the assistant special agent
in charge of homeland security investigations in Eagle Pass this is
where Fox San Antonio uncovered the case of a young woman who answered an ad on
Craigslist to give a ride to two people for $1,000 each she’s now facing federal
charges for transporting two undocumented immigrants we’re looking at
rolling to say if we can find you know investigative leads that we can follow
up on to try to identify some of these criminal organizations so that we can
further investigations and try to go after the actual people who were running
the organization’s themselves according to the deputy chief of the Del Rio
Border Patrol sector in some cases his agents are the first to encounter the
driver and passengers one of the things that we’ve seen an uptick in is human
smuggling on the 400 Market roads egress routes leading from Del Rio and Eagle
Pass they’re putting them in the back of tractor trailers and putting them in the
trunks of vehicles in the back of open bed trucks once the person surest ‘add
the investigation is handed over to home and security investigations as HSI tells
us these smuggling organizations target anyone who’s willing to do their dirty
work even if they don’t know the passengers have no legal status in the
u.s. organization specifically because they think that they’re not going to go
to jail or just anybody in particular some students that need to make a little
bit of money you know to survive they also target people in metro areas far
away from border towns a lot of times you’ll see this in the inner cities are
the big metropolitan areas trying to take advantage of the people who are you
know low on funds for the holidays or they’re just down and out and they’re
trying to make quick cash if arrested and charged with smuggling
undocumented immigrants whether you were fooled or not you could be facing up to
ten years in federal prison if you have any tips you can call homeland security
at the number you see on the screen Jami beard hang Fox News at nine more than
52,000 people in the country without permanent authorization are in ice
custody many of them are right here in Texas overcrowded and understaffed
facilities remain a big problem at the border now a facility 3 hours west of
DFW is finding new life as an immigrant detention facility Chris Gutierrez has a
first look inside I’ll vote I as well that motion is approved unanimously a
prison that was built nearly a decade ago but never used is being repurposed
by the state are we rock and roll the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
scrapped plans to use the 35 million dollar Bluebonnet facility in 2010
Dallas ice field director Mark Moore says this is where detainees will be
processed when they arrives with us first up Bluebonnet is equipped with a
medical staff detainees will meet with them when they arrive to make sure
they’re in good health we’re able to dentist on staff gynecologist on staff
nurse practitioners nurses aren’t San Delvians registered nurses and mice and
vocational nurses those cleared to join the general population will receive
uniforms and dorm assignments the dorms have tablets with video calling
capabilities there’s also a special dorm just for women at some point we realized
we had a need for no female housing and this was a spot that the facility is
better prepared to handle a large population than overwhelmed temporary
centers closer to the border Bluebonnet has a full kitchen indoor and outdoor
recreation areas and virtual courtrooms where judges will decide if detainees
will be granted asylum permanent stay or deportation and now of course Jones
County has a nine-year investment that was sitting vacant now put to good use
officials say it represents a new era of hope for the building Kris Gutierrez NBC
5 the first detainees will start arriving a Bluebonnet next week there
are 25 dorms to house up to 1,000 people officials say there is room for
expansion if needed Emily the US attorney says that New Bedford was home
to the most violent chapter of the Latin Kings in the entire state and this
apartment building behind me was a hub of gang activity until this morning federal agents infiltrating the Latin
Kings collected these images that they say show beatings by gang members the
sale of a submachine gun and the Latin Kings cooking this north front Street
apartment building just one of a network of addresses taken over by the gang we
have seized three buildings in New Bedford that the Latin Kings were using
his trap houses to store and sell illegal narcotics stash firearms and
shoot music videos boasting about their love of violence 56 members of the Latin
King were arrested during the early morning raid called Operation thrown
down most in Massachusetts but also in Rhode Island Connecticut and New Jersey
we successfully infiltrated the organization at its highest levels
secretly recording chapter state and East Coast level meetings it led to the
arrest the head of the Latin Kings on the East
Coast Michael cachi telly dozens of guns were seized along with cash and drugs
one of the locations we also recovered two missing children a 14-year old boy
from New Bedford and a 16 year old boy from Fall River the FBI’s Boston office
calls it the biggest takedown in their history and a major blow to the Latin
Kings and anyone who tries to fill the void left by today’s arrests should know
we’re not going to tolerate those who terrorize our neighborhoods and put
innocent people at risk an tonight federal agents are still working to
track down eight members of the Latin Kings
we’re live in New Bedford Jennifer Egan WCVB NewsCenter 5
we’re clocking and tracking 261 thousand homicides in Mexico since 2009
well what why would the Mexican government government of Mexico oppose
the designation of drug cartels as terrorists why would they be against it
well for one thing they believe that they are making efforts on not just in
their security forces but in some of their domestic policies to address the
underlying problems they face with the cartels they would be embarrassed
frankly by the designation and that is a big deal to a country as with as proud
of history as Mexico has and those are all factors that drive their President
to his decisions and of course we work with our president as he makes his
decisions and we’ll implement those as appropriate
okay the border wall I want to turn to that we’re hearing that more than 100
miles of new border wall is expected to be built by the end of the year it seems
like there’s is that a realistic goal we’re hearing 80 miles of replacement
and border wall built well we’re you know some of the the most expansive
construction we’ve undertaken is going on in the Rio Grande Valley right now
it’s not just building wall it’s building an entire levee so and and that
that has never existed before there the main thing there before so all brand-new
and not just wall but as I said a full-blown levee there that’s in
addition or part of the 88 or so miles built so far
under the president’s leadership and of course you know he’s driven forward to
win court cases to get DoD money shaken loose and CBP border protection customs
Border Protection and Commissioner mark Morgan has been very aggressive in
moving this forward along with the Corps of Engineers so that’s going to continue
will be closed at the end of this year but our real goal is the end of 2020
would to be well past the 400 on our way to 500 and have more than 500 under
contract and construction you know we’re here in New York remember we’ve been
reporting on ms-13 gang violence machete attacks remember the president had angel
families in his state of the Atta State of the Union those stories were seeing
still problems with gang attacks yes and criminal criminal illegal crime but if
it seems like it’s somewhat abating the numbers are still staggering but you
know the Wall Street Journal is reporting that ice workplace immigration
enquiries quadrupled under this administration versus that close the
Obama administration can you explain that story quickly to the viewer so you
have seen various forms of enforcement go up under President Trump and it
shouldn’t be any surprise if I could just comment on your ms-13 piece you
know a few years back I was Virginia’s Attorney General and I would say then
and today the biggest violent crime threat in the Commonwealth of Virginia
and other attorneys general all around the country could have said the same
thing was ms-13 that is still a very significant criminal threat it’s one of
the points of intersection that we have a problem with with sanctuary cities who
are harboring so many of these violent vicious criminals literally harboring
from ice and and the opportunity to deport them and get them out of these
communities and country our country so that’s a major push for us the where
where immigration illegal immigration in particular affects community safety is a
priority for the president keeping people safe has always been and remains
a major priority for him whether it’s direct violence or the effects of the
EMA demmick so much of which is coming across our southern border those are the
president’s priorities in this space or to keep Americans safe ken cuccinelli
thank you so much for joining us appreciate it there with you let me know
what you think in the comment section thanks for watching like share and
subscribe as always god bless till next time please

  1. My husband works for a solar company. He has sooo many customers that can't speak any English but they're getting solar on their homes! They didn't even understand simple English that their power would be off the whole day! Hmmm. I wonder how they were able to save up for a home, save up for the down payment for solar. They live lavishly by working under the table and reaping benefits by the taxpayer!

  2. But, but…it’s such a wonderful and beautiful culture, right?
    The DMV here in California gives out voters registration cards to all the illegals with their free drivers licenses. Democrats will do ANYTHING to stay in power including destroying their own states and citizens. The illegals then use their drivers licenses to apply for SS numbers, welfare, food stamps, etc. They already get free medical now. Now they have priority over American citizens, are protected by this sanctuary state, get free everything, and laugh in our faces.

  3. Wait.. THEY get FREE dental and I don't ?? I've been working in this country, America, for 30 years and I need free dental!! it's very expensive. Can I check into this new facility in Texas??

  4. this is BS! Even citizens are not allowed this right of privacy when getting a license so why should an illegal get a license easier then a citizen?! Not right!

  5. In Phoenix, Sera Vista, and in Tucson Arizona illegal immigrants all drive around with newer car's And License Plates are ALL from
    Hello there's a lot of them through Arizona driving with paper copy licensed over there license plate.

  6. Hey, I'm an American Citizen…65 yr old – can I come to Bue Bonett and get free dental….my teeth are kinda falling out. Do I need to say I'm illegal to collect my own taxes or should I just show up and send bill to Mexico? Really, I'm serious. Vet Admin won't fix my teeth…just saying (asking).

  7. I'm not against a non citizen legal immigrant from getting a DL or social security card but it must indicate that they are just legal non citizens. Change the colors like we do for under age drivers and SS cards a different color too.
    I watched non Somalian legal residents vote. Just using their DL, SS, and a utility bill at the poll to vote. I knew they were green card holders, as some were my neighbors.
    I watched my Muslim x son in law buy an AK-15 and a 9mm hand gun. He also owned several swords and very large knives. At the time he just held a green card. But he showed the gun shop his social and DL as ID. They just ran a American background check because the next day he picked up the AK-15. Two weeks later he bought the 9mm. Every week he bought more ammo. He also has never been a hunter nor planned on hunting. He soon after optaining his green card, and bought the guns he left my daughter. I suspected he only married her to get legal status here. They met while he was here on a student visa.
    Only true legal citizens should be Allowed to buy any weapons of any kind. The system needs to change especially concerning immigrants.

  8. I did my Real ID yesterday and guess what the last question she asked me… Do you want to register to vote? they want the illegals Aliens to get drivers licenses so they can Prelude to Voter Fraud.

  9. Driving a car is a privilege not a right!  This is totally absurd, ridiculous and it has to be stopped!  Please President Trump put an end to this unconstitutional madness!  TRUMP 2020!

  10. Im glad this should of been done a long time ago and there people driving that don't have license and getting away with it


  12. Can it get any crazy, President facing impeachment for interference in another country, yet illegal can overthrow USA country jobs and housing being aided and abetted by elected officials. You can't even refer to illegals as aliens. I may be totally wrong, maybe I need to ho back to school to learn about USA constitution laws. I'm so confused.

  13. a illegal hit my car ran him down no insurance cop told me I'm wasting my time with him. His girlfriends was on welfare. razing his baby

  14. This is great cause Corrupt Democrats Allowed Criminals illegal immigrants to get driver's License to Illegal immigrants who has no Rights being in USA illegally without them being Prosecuted by Law ! AMERICANS First ! TRUMP2020

  15. Stop illegal alien getting licenses now. Th courts need to recognize the negative illegal consequences to allowing illegal aliens attaining driver licenses.

  16. Fucking right its unconstitutional.. !! You don't break and enter then expect a fucking drivers license… deport the idiots… !!!


  18. They don't have to share legal information. That is from the pit of hell. This is the way we are going to be invaded by real terrorists and they are already here. What government that ok this is the real terrorists and this nation is on its way of collapse if we the people don't get a handle on this. This promotes crime. Not only for the illegal immigrants but for otber criminals lerking in the shadows waiting to rise even more. Plus i believe they want the division, crime and overlooking crime. Then We Lose our freedom. All of this i believe play into this. Then when this nation crash not when you will be looking at a mess. If it crash people the only people that are going to being fed is the politicians. Wow to all these people here having all these babies to get a check. What are your kids going to do when #!+# hit the fan. Americans what are you leaving your children. No mater who you are you are either legal or illegal. No matter what religion color or sexual preference. Tje road we are heading down is getting darker and darker. Turn around people. I have had many dreams on these subject. No matter what God is in control

  19. Anyone assisting illegals in America should be prosecuted and punished – jail them make an example of them we don’t want to help the illegals we want to get rid of illegals

  20. The Supreme Court has ruled illegals have no Constitutional rights. That means no American Drivers License in any state. Drivers licenses are a citizen right.

  21. There are a lot of European immigrants that are invading the US also but they can blend in more because they are white. Deport all illegal immigrants no matter who they are.

  22. Trump 2020 it's the only way, so he can Finish what he has started. Anyone else in office we will become, " Goodbye U.S.A. Hello Third World Country ".

  23. As a citizen, I had to show documents proving who I am in order to get a license. How can "undocumented" people get a license?? This is discrimination against citizens. I had to get a copy of my birth certificate and have my social security card yet these people can not provide proof they are actually using their REAL name and still get a license?!?!?!

  24. GREEN LIGHT LAW IS ILLEGAL !!! Just another slap in the faces of USA CITIZENS and giving even more USA CITIZENS' RIGHTS TO illegal aliens !!! THEY DON't SPEAK OR READ ENGLISH nor plan to learn! They are helped out by few who
    speak English and of course by extra expense paid by USA CITIZENS to have USA documents/info printed in Spanish
    Language to cater to illegal aliens. (There are minimum of 21 Foreign
    Languages printed. to assist illegal aliens get welfare, food stamps, housing, etc.) Totally insane anti USA CITIZENS LAWS made up & passed without USA CITIZENS vote!!! USA CITIZENS are murdered, threatened, assaulted, robbed, identity thefts, raped, kicked out of their homes with death threats if they report illegal aliens criminal activities or locations. This is civil war
    tempered by anti USA sanctuary cities, towns, cities.religious groups, buildings, schools, organizations, businesses,
    Coyotes, smugglers, corrupted legal enforcers and politicians, etc..all playing USA GOVT/USA TAXPAYING CITIZENS like their PUPPETS WITH NO
    …All illegal aliens have them and more!! . They are above USA CITIZENS who are forced to follow USA Laws or persecuted.. All USA CITIZENS are to give their personal documented
    information to USA Federal Govt when asked!!!
    Time to put illegal aliens in their place. DEPORT! They are not USA CITIZENS– WE ARE!!! STOP THEM from taking our rights, food out our mouths, taking our jobs, destroying financial college plans for our children, taking over our businesses and laughing all the way to the bank because they thrive from the lifetime "free stuff" USA CITIZENS/"stupid Americans" are forced to pay for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤡

  25. Oh but we American citizens have to have thorough background checks if we want to get on the airplane or if we want to go to Federal Building right but they don't have to they don't have to be scrutinized held up to the same standards as the American citizens well that's bulshit

  26. Mexicans are proud for nothing and are born with trait anger but are nothing to fear. Stop doing favors for people who care only about themselves

  27. these idiots fight helluh hard for immigrants thats how hard they should fight for homeless americans and american veterans no secret

  28. California AB60 allowed illegal aliens to get a driver license. They turn the vehicle into a business…plumbing, landscaping, carpet cleaning, maid service, pet grooming, food trucks, ice cream trucks, roofing, painting, row truck, hauling service….

  29. I’m very disappointed in Trump backing down on designating cartels terrorist. He got pushback from Pompeo and other deep state thugs who cover for these murderers. Has anyone been held accountable for the dead Americans? Somebody please let me know because I can’t find anything. Our children are getting addicted to heroin and fentanyl but nobody seems to give a dam. Everyone can shout strong powerful words all day but without action they’re a joke. I had hope but unfortunately Trump has given into the same people he ran against. He’s sending more troops to the Middle East because he’s told too. He has gave up. He thinks all he has to do is run on being impeached. What is his campaign planning for 2020? A wall? We’re still getting 50K illegals a month. That’s 50 new detention centers a month we need not one. Mexico’s government or AMLO the hugger is afraid of the cartels. Mexico’s not a proud country they’re a dangerous Narco state. Good luck!


  31. Good finally. New York doing the right thing. Give them driver license. So we don't have people out there driving with out a driver license Good love it.

  32. If America deport them back to Spain they cant cross the border since thay don't respect us nd they luv to speak Spanish problem solve

  33. In Nevada. Trump hasn't done anything about the illegal alien infestation. There aren't any deportations. They work in the hotels or are getting benefits.. They get licenses to drive. I don't believe ICE exists

  34. Sanctuary cities need to go away and all mayor's and governor's need to turn yourself in, because you are saying yes for murder and rape, and breaking the law…….

  35. I couldn't believe these damn invators getting the red carpet. America doesn't understand illegals' mentality, specially Central Americans. we're spending resources not available to citizens. So, all these accommodations to make illegals' life great while waiting for hearing, is bull shit, needs to be stop NOW. Oh, by the way, while waiting, an anchor baby will arrive, at our tax dollars expense, sad, that we have to sacrifice, going with out, while non citizens invators get it all, that's unconstitutional

  36. 🚨 Any persons caught using a vehicle to traffick illegal aliens, drugs or commit other felony crimes should have their drivers licenses revoked for 18 months & indefinitely for a second offense on top of other punishments! 🚨 Driving Is A Privilege Not A Right!

  37. Don't have to share there Information that's Corruption..
    And Citizens have to Give there Personal information What in the World is going on here??

  38. A few years back in our neighboring city of New Mexico passed a law to issue illegals drivers license so that they could get insurance, So they said,,we all know it was to get a vote for the DemoRats, so there are alot of illegals out there now with drivers license thanks to Susana Martinez ex Governor of N.M I hope Trump voids them all,and keep arresting everyone that help them,We need to vote Trump in 2020 or we will be in a world of shit with the DemoRats 👀😠😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  39. That's why all these illegal murderers, rapists, gangs, and drug cartel are stealing Americans' identities! Deport all their freeloading and corn fed a$$es to their third world country! Too many Americans being killed by these murderers, gangs, and rapists! No more, Americans have had enough! Vote all these DemoRATS out of office in 2020! Sh*t these illegals are getting more medical help then Americans! Come over here and get free teeth, free births, free housing, money, and free food! I would say this is more then Americans get!

  40. The FACT that these states pushing drivers licenses to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are at the same time registering them to vote as DEMCRAPS, proves the real reason for this crap. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with them driving “safely”…the majority of them still won’t have the proper insurance nor the ability to even have a job without stealing someone else’s SS#!

    The logic doesn’t exist, they only promote LAWLESSNESS. THEY ALL NEED TO GO BACK HOME! Like yesterday already!

  41. It's not fair that these illegals get all these freebies and we-the tax payers have to pay for ours!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!

  42. I am so glad to hear that. May God bless Trump. The illegals are obvious to see they are Mexicans who look out of place and don't belong in the city or the country

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