1. What you see in front of you is the Corrupt Cabal of the EU. Not any longer , the people of Europe have seen the truth and your not it Merkel, Macron.
    LePenn, Farage, Italy, Hungry, Austria, these are the country’s that will take the Dictatorship that is the EU down.
    European Common Market, grew out of control by the Globalist. Why stop at trade only when you can control all European Governments in Brussels. How stupid do you think the people of Europe are, they would rather see Revolution than go back to the Corrupt Cabal. The French are preparing the Guillotines as we speak, the British are prepare the Gallows , 20 Hangings at one time. BBC has the Broadcast rights for every head chopped off, or every neck stretched. The game is up Macron, Merkel.


  3. And the corrupt regime are systematically bilking American taxpayers to line their own pockets. How nobel of them. Somebody tell the jackass in the WH he’s supposed to be an elephant.

  4. If it's free, you do not appreciate what you receive, if you earn it with your own sweat you will take great care of it.

  5. Medicare is for disavpbled and retirees. And we have to pay for it but hey if everyone is going to get free Medicaid and free Medicare hey that's good. Welcome to communist party.

  6. TRUMP:
    Father- Fail
    Husband- Fail
    Airlines- Fail
    Casino – Fail
    Steaks- Fail
    Vodka- Fail
    Board Game- Fail
    Travel Site – Fail
    University- Fail
    Promised Wall -Fail
    President- Fail
    Wall- Fail
    Football- Fail
    Respect for the Deceased- Fail
    Respect towards Women- Fail
    Ben Carson- OREO

  7. Republicans have been calling anything supported by progressives socialism for over a decade.  They called the US highway adopted by the federal government socialism when that was enacted, they called the free polio vaccine a socialist movement.  I'm okay with the free market capitalist idea given it's regulated so we don't have monopolies, oligopolies, and everyone pays into the basic needs like for example having an educated society and one that has perhaps health care so folks don't go bankrupt from getting sick.  Call it whatever you want but free market isn't capable of providing certain needs when bottom lines are about profit and share holders.  Capitalism isn't going to work when we have companies and individuals who are worth billions of dollars and have the money to pay off our law makers with campaign brides to enact laws that benefit them and not society as a whole. When folks have that much wealth they have power to influence. Just basic corruption that isn't a fiction in our current system of government.

  8. I bet not one person has even read any of the policies. Just trust the Fox OPINION hosts that make millions 😂 might as well believe America as a whole is perfect.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂 surprised… if you don’t support healthcare for all or a single payer at the minimum good luck with that 2 million dollar medication big pharma is selling

  10. The Democratic leaders are following Saul Alinsky’s political tactics of lies, corruption, ridicule, and immoral/unethical behavior that were learned and fully endorsed by Alinsky’s most notable followers, namely Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. These tactics are a great example of the "ends justifying the means" mentality professed by Alinsky and endorsed by Hillary and by Obama. Indeed, due to Hillary and President Obama’s training in and adherence to Alinsky’s “rules for radicals," today’s Democratic leaders follow suit and think they can engage in just about any type of immoral, criminal, or unethical behavior because this kind of conduct (“the means") can be justified due to their utopian socialist agenda (the "ends").

  11. Immoral free health care is worse than no health care? The rich will still have plenty of choices you and I will never have. Health care is a basic human right.

  12. The lady in lavender talks over the lady in red. Why do American reporters mostly talk over each other and loud!?!?

  13. Lol trump doesnt even know what socialism is. You exaggerate and lie about socialism. Canada is considered socialist country and what's the difference? See what I mean look what they are SAYING YOU DONT KNOW NOTHING. ITS YOUR OPINIONS AND YOUR WRONG. IM HERE IN CANADA YOU NEVER MENTION US. ASK US! YOU WON'T!

  14. Yeah, let the government handle health care, like Obamacare was such a great success. Obamacare Architect, Jonathan Gruber admitted to lying to us and credited our "stupidity" for it passing. I guess some Americans want to keep proving him right.

  15. Where do these a.. holes get their medical information from? England, Canada, France.Portugal, to name a few have excellent medical care for all their citizens. Being sick in America is just big bucks!

  16. No one has really painted a picture of what so called “free stuff” looks like! Get down to the real “nitty gritty” of it. Military families is a group that has a good idea of what their Healthcare is like under the Gov.! The saying that, “nothings FREE” is so true! We just commemorated the men and women who died for our Freedom…. the ultimate PRICE of Freedom. There’s no way to sustain “Quality Healthcare” under the Gov’t!!! The system would be so OVERWHELMED that there won’t be time or enough assists to cover every Citizen AND noncitizen!!!!! And again the PRICE that we the Taxpayers would be astronomical. The Gov.t has failed to care for Veterans. It becomes a Circus!!! It’s unbelievable that no one who logically opposes it is NOT getting that message out!!

  17. Trump just gave socialism to farmers . Trump received socialism for his golf courses. Trump the fraud .

  18. Let's also remind all the bible thumping ignorant dipsites that their idiot leader can't read, nor spell.

  19. Please inform yourself what countries that are socialist and considered radical look like. The king of hyperbole strikes again…morons all y’all

    Then they want free healthcare.
    That is NOT the issue.
    The issue is that when you abuse your body with seriously unhealthy behavior, you don't deserve to just get healthcare to just make up for it.
    In fact, in America, we should have some kind of a policy which benefits those who actually take CARE of themselves.

    There must be also punishments put into place for those who abuse the medical system by using it; just as abortion as birth control, as a means to keep abusing their bodies with addictions.

    This is coming from a health practitioner. 🙏

  21. G.K. Chesterton said, 100 years ago, that the problem with national health care is that the first step is to say that everyone is sick.

  22. Trump is the President not just America needs, but one that Western Civilization needs. You can already see the man is inspiring Europeans to finally stand up for themselves. The man is more than a president, he is a leader. Trump 2020

  23. None of these broads knew enough about Medicare to render an intelligient opinion. Keep your opinions to yourself, state the facts, and let me decide. I'm 70 yo and I have had straight Medicare and the Medicare Advantage which is a partnership by private health insurer providing top shelf care for an extra premium on top of the regular Medicare or alternatively being able to choose an HMO and have no premiums. Three choices. Medicare was more than adequate and the Medicare Advantage was great. I wasn't happy having to wait 3 months for a hip replacement but it wasn't the end of the world, I managed. We have a nationwide shortage of orthopedic surgeons but our middle class kids don't have a way to go to college, then med school. I have observed unbelievable waste and markups during my 50 years of being cared for which is not the fault of insurance companies (tho they are greedy too). Obamacare did not address those issues but Trump seems willing.

  24. Dems/libs are dangerous and they don't have the American citizens best interest , they are not for the freedom of speech, They don't have a conscious and they don't care about anything that they are running for.

  25. As of April 29 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10,111 times Trumpo The Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

  26. The greatest threat to the United States is not China, nor Russia, nor Iran, and not North Korea.
    It is the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  27. Rocket-Man & Rain-Man have a more stronger bond than Rain-Man & Melanie. STRANGE  He writes me notes of sweet nothing.

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