1. Trump is a devilworshipping bisexual, there's probably some she males and the rabbit gang tattooed guy in Trump's apartment tower in New York City, that's the way that he likes it.

  2. Don't be fooled, most Americans do not trust Trump. The problem isn't just Trump, but the Republican party. Rather than solve endemic capitalist problems of disproportionate taxation, Republicans have been actively seeking to privatize anything of American culture sustainability. Trump's supporters are dead beats (Tea Party racists). Stop doing business with language flunkies who believe they possess freedom to speak nonsense! Expect Democrats to solve the problem, and demand that they do!

  3. "squeeze their neck" until they gasp for life. Their 40 year plan is to destroy America. Let's return the favor, with immediacy.

  4. who r u trump why u treatenning iran who gave u rights to destroy iran stop gaming with world no one affraid with u trump u r enemy of muslims soonly america destroy u r self

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