president Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism they don't really oppose all forms of socialism they may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires yes yes billion percent as you watched exactly right don't forget what politics truly is it's the clever and deceptive art of using euphemisms lies emotionalism and fear-mongering in order to dupe average people into accepting and even demanding the chains of their own enslavement it enables the rulers to keep on ruling you with your approval they apply just enough force on you because too much and you'll revolt too little and the oligarchs won't be able to carry out their expensive agendas now before I continue censorship is getting ridiculous and many channels and videos have been eliminated from this platform before this channel disappears sign up to my private email list through my website and join me on bitch you gab Twitter Instagram Minds calm and all my social media sites I'll be posting content there that you won't be seeing over here there's gonna be another uncensored bit shoot exclusive in the next couple days the battle for free speech is real guys I'll leave all these links in the description and in the pin comment now if a group of your neighbors got together and decided that all the people in another neighborhood had the right to a decent job the right to quality health care the right to a complete education the right to affordable housing the right to a clean environment and the right to a secure retirement and in order to achieve these noble sounding objectives all these neighbors of yours thought it was perfectly fine to steal not only from you but also from future unborn generations they believe that because people have all these rights that other people have the implied Apple to provide for all these expensive rights there's only one thing wrong with this it's evil why because massive theft has to happen to pay for all these good sounding deeds it's called socialism the immoral redistribution of wealth by force force is involved in this equation because we're not talking about people voluntarily given to others we're talking about coercive forced by the government to run their so-called charitable organization the strange thing is that people like the young turks are blinded by the overt evil of socialism there's been quite a bit of fear-mongering about Bernie Sanders and how he has labeled himself a Democratic Socialist well in a speech that he gave today he outlined exactly what his vision is for democratic socialism and it includes the right to a decent job that pays a living wage the right to quality health care the right to a complete education the right to affordable housing the right to a clean environment and also the right to a secure retirement remember these are rights declared by politicians rights declared by socialists so they can grab the reins of power and emerge as the heroes the only problem is that they're not heroes they're villains because they seek to extract the funds for these programs by extortion declaring something to be a right automatically assumes an obligation on the part of those who will be forced to comply with the socialist agenda or men with guns will come to destroy your life The Young Turks and Bernie Sanders are advocating evil so even though there's a lot of fear-mongering going on about that sounds pretty good to me sounds good to me even though a lot of people think this sounds good it doesn't matter it's still evil now I want to go to the first clip where he explains in more detail about his vision for America like today the quest for transformative change was opposed by dig business by Wall Street by the political establishment by the Republican Party and by the conservative wing of FDR's own Democratic Party and he faced the same scare tactics then that we experience today red-baiting xenophobia racism and anti-semitism remember just like all members of Congress all members of the Senate all presidents all vice presidents all these people are employees working for the title 28 section three zero zero to 15 a federal corporation known as the United States he's a corporate employee proclaiming to be for the little guy when he's actually a part of a huge problem so he gave a lot of history in his speech it's great you should watch it we got it up on TYT dot-com and one of the piece of history was about what Reagan all the way back in 1960 said about John F Kennedy he said under the tousled boyish haircut is still old Karl Marx so the rotors have been doing this for a long time if you ever try to help anybody like Kennedy was and now Sanders is like Karl Marx trying to help people how dare you and there's your Republican Reagan versus Democrat Kennedy left versus right paradigm lie that keeps people enslaved inside the big top as they're mentally manipulated into participating in the never-ending three-ring circus and then referencing Roosevelt is either there he went on to talk about Harry Truman and Harry Truman said socialism is the epitaph that they have hurled at every advance that people have made in the last twenty years socialism is what they called Social Security socialism is will be called Social Security let's be honest guys Social Security is socialism it's a massive government-run wealth redistribution program Social Security started on August 14 1935 22 years after the creation of the Federal Reserve Social Security is the federal government openly stealing the product of the time and laboring energies from its subjects its slaves so this is the oldest trick in the book and unfortunately is not just the Republicans that are doing it now corporate Democrats are doing it against Bernie Sanders corporate Democrats actually that's a good term unfortunately youger believes the term only applies to some of the leeches in Congress when it applies to all of them left-right it doesn't matter they're all corporate leeches and most importantly the mainstream media over and over and over again helping to spread that old lie that Republicans in his service in country been spreading for a long time but if you actually try to help the average American worker get higher wages or get some sort of stability or peace of mind or health care they say socialist Karl Marx Marxist socialist Karl Marx Marxist I can't even describe how myopic this statement is there's absolutely nothing wrong with helping people and giving them a hand in life the problem is how is this gonna be accomplished under socialism it's accomplished by threats of force and violence it's me coming to your door and telling you that I'm gonna help little Suzy down the street get a pair of crutches so she can finally walk and then sticking a gun in your face and forcing you to cough up the money to fund what I call Suzy's right to walk I'm committing evil under the guise of doing good only I'm not really doing good I'm acting as a thug and I want you to condone my thuggery so oldest trick in the book absolutely well it gives the masses more power kids the masses more power right and that's something that those who are currently in power and who exploit the current power structure don't want this is a ridiculous statement the very reason there is a current corrupt power structure is because of this socialist redistribution of wealth idea if the mass is more power it doesn't empower the masses at all it robs them while the socialist oligarchs profit handsomely and accumulate power from the backs of their subjects and you know when it comes to the green New Deal Naomi Klein who wrote this piece and the intercept made such a great point they keep talking about how it can't be done it can't be done but they said the same thing about the New Deal it's not about can't be done it's about shouldn't be done because it's immoral besides a 90 trillion dollar price tag on the green New Deal would make even the most wealthy Rothschilds banker salivating this cognac anyway Bernie also says let me be absolutely clear democratic socialism to me requires achieving political and economic freedom in every community think about the absurdity of this we've already established that socialism is extortion so here's how that statement reads with the proper word replacing the word socialism Democratic extortion to me requires achieving political and economic freedom as we steal wealth by force from every community you can't achieve any kind of freedom while you're forcefully robbing people and if you're being forcefully robbed and you can't do anything to stop your attackers you're not free anyway you're a slave I'll leave the original video link in the description so you can let the young turks know what you think about their deceptive practices don't forget to join me on all my alternative media sites I'll leave those links in the description and in the pin comment for you I'll see you guys in the next heavily censored shadow band video do you guys enjoy these videos be sure to subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon give it a thumbs up and share it with everybody you know also check out over 100 hard-hitting designs in the shirt store and if you want to support more content hit me up on patreon or PayPal all those links will be in the description and in fan comment I'll see you guys in the next heavily censored shadow band video

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  2. I just now got a notification for this video! Thanks, YouTube! Your algorithm sucks, and whomever created it obviously a bias liberal.

  3. Saw a great teeth,Bernie Sanders walks into a bar yells out drinks for everyone,cheers,bottoms up people finish the drink then says,Who's paying?

  4. Just made a long comment. But I just have to add the fact that after I ALREADY thumbed up this video, the up hand was NOT blue, and I had to thumb it up AGAIN!! What else is new? Right?

  5. Like evrryone else, my need for money comes from my lack of knowledge… Work a job to get money, find it, born to wealthy parents, happy birthday you're 21 now son, here's 5 million and a farari to drive, (spelled name of car wrong), – how does one man "earn" 11 billion dollars? People with lots of money work SMART, not hard… – that last statement refers to rich people who started poor… Those who inherited wealth are seldom people that are WORTH anything… There are great people who are exceptions to this… Every rich person in this world isn't a bildergerg selfish CREAP… LIKE you I do need money… But my major focus is on KNOWLEDGE… I got locked outside the box by the government people who RULE ALL Theists… Withheld my birth certificate for over 25 years with NO WAY of obtaining it while everyone else gets theirs EASILY… That is the ONLY reason I was homeless all those years… I quit stupid shit like drugs and alcohol in February of 1980… Yet these fucks constantly place me into "programs" that are for that kind of rehab… I stayed out of trouble in this INSANE area by having a campsite in a wilderness area… Lied to EVERYONE about where I slept… At first I bought and brought with me crap from big five… I had an iPhone… Access to internet gave me access to knowledge… A few times I had to watch while hiding while law enforcement took my tent and stuff I bought… The first plant I learned about was "mule fat" … I paid over 120 dollars for tent poles… When police or someone would find them they would get stolen.. This plant replaces tent poles and is MORE useful than tent poles… Down the path to my campsite it grew higher than me as far as the eye can see… I followed instructions and made sticks for making structures… No one even saw them as something that was made… Police – gangs looking for homeless in the woods they could steal from walked right over them without looking at them twice… No MONEY for what is BETTER than what you buy in the store… So no one sees the value and leaves it alone… That TINY TINY piece of knowledge improved my quality of life a great deal and I didn't get a single dollar towards improving my life… Share? And tell people about mule fat? I can't even give my knowledge away… In their POISONED minds, nothing has "value" unless it brings them money… my skills and knowledge got better over the years… Now all I need to live without going into the city for supplies will fit under my arm… You can lose your YouTube channel… Lose your money regardless of how much you obtain… But once you gain DIRECT knowledge of nature you will have it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE… IF they succeed at gaining TOTAL control of Facebook YouTube etc… it's only a matter of time before they shut down everything else too like bitcute… Don't stop what you are doing, but spend time learning direct knowledge of nature… I need money, but I would much rather have knowledge…

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