1. The thing is no one is pitching socialism but democratic socialism for healthcare and education. Foxnews loves to use socialism as a buzz word and compare to Venezuela who has many problems. Once again, there is no one pitching for a socialist government in the US. People need to watch cspan.

  2. Democratic Party got desperate and have to retort to college students, who have no experience in the world and want socialism. The professors are even worse being grown people and not knowing squat about socialism and its failures

  3. Young people are the main idiots who want socialism and I'm not too worried about it because young people like to scream about politics but not many of them actually vote, certainly not enough to elect someone like Bernie.

  4. *England forces America under hard control *
    *America becomes independent *
    *Democrats want to go back to hard control *


  5. I don't understand this at all, why would you want to be a socialist country?? Make people more lazier??

  6. They're right, though. If they don't want people to find socialism so appealing, then they better crack down on the outrageous windfalls getting soaked up by corporate America. You have to acknowledge that something drives people to socialism, and it's not because of the places we're getting it right with capitalism. It's because of where we're getting it wrong. I still think bailing out the automotive and banking industries was one of the most disgustingly socialist things we could have ever done. Nothing screams socialism more than big gov't stepping in to mitigate which businesses fail and which succeed. In a truly free enterprise, that would never happen.

  7. America was intentionally designed not to be a social democracy. It doesn't matter how many people support the commie bullshit as long as our constitution stands. Individual rights come first in this country. Democrats need to fuck off or they're going to put themselves in a very bad position on all fronts.

  8. What a bunch of bullshit. I hate socialism more than most. However you cant argue for capitalism while pointing to Walmart. You cant argue for capitalism and defend massive layoffs and low wages. Not when there is such a deep relationship between corporations and government. These corporations abuse their power over government to control the market and squash competition. This isnt pure capitalism. Fuck socialism and communism though.

  9. you should be worried when the Democratic Party isn't clapping at "American will never be a Socialist country" and ESPECIALLY " We are born free and we will stay free "

  10. Sure what do you need socialism for when you can simply get money from banks and dont pay back!

  11. The " extreme " left in America is more like sweden, norway and finland.

    So all that fear wont work this time

  12. I crawled over hands and knees to escape the terrors of Free market Capitalism. Says the Socialist in a Socialist country.

    Said no one ever.

  13. Capitalism is what happens when free enterprise is abused. Take Nikola Tesla for example, he came to America to provide free electricity with the intent of provoding the country with a stable infrastructure because he came from a socialist country, and experienced it first hand..yet Edison snuffed him out so he could profit off of energy

  14. If Socialism can kill shouldnt it be killed.
    If it Robs those from thair lively hood shouldnt we rob it.
    If it shuts down every thing that Americans have worked for shouldnt we shut it down.

  15. PLEASE Google this "UNITED STATES VS. DENMARK, IN 17 CHARTS by Demos." Please take the time to read the entire article and study the charts. Don't let the rich lie to you. You will see that DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM or SOCIAL DEMOCRACY is the most successful model of Government the masses can have as Denmark does better than us in all quality of life statistics. It is different than regular Socialism because Social Democracy combines free market capitalism with strong successful social programs for us ordinary folk. Trump and these politicians serving the rich don't want you to cut into the profits that's why the media and these crony capitalists in Washington are lying to you.

  16. He knows history will repeat itself. Trump is turning america more and more into a feudalist country. Sooner or later ppl will come for them. And he knows it. Scared chicken.

  17. After what socialists have done to Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. why the hell would any American want to try socialism? It boggles the mind.

  18. Now is good time ban FREEEFREEEEEE FREEEEE STUFFS FREEE for alls such as welfrrrrreeeeefare, FRRRREEE DACA…freeeekilling babies fundings.., these are the KKKommunist/ Socialism free stuffs.

  19. Gosh he's one of the best interviewers on fox.He didn't say a word and let them haggle it out on

  20. And the problem with some millenials is that they're too busy playing with their IPhones and their Play Stations.

  21. The problem with Democrats and their support for socialism is they can't seem to see past their asshole.

  22. 1950s 1960s 1970s highest tax rates ever also the biggest redistribution of wealth. It was the years that made us the biggest superpower on earth. Is there a correlation? Maybe. The GI bill and massive spending on infrastructure paid for by the higher taxes was definitely behind those decades of growth. Something to think about. BTW the USA loves soft socialism, so let's not kid ourselves completely. I mean what do people think Social Security is, it's in the name. Lets just be honest whether you agree w me or not. It's ok if you dont agree w me, I'm ok w that.

  23. The thing about Trump is:  When the truth does not serve Trump well he has no problem lying directly to all of us, and this speech was crafted to serve Trump well.

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