Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About “Socialism”: A Closer Look

It seems like President Trump
is freaking out about the Democrats
running for president. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ Trump spoke this morning
to religious leaders at the National
Prayer Breakfast. It’s always
a slightly awkward situation for a president
who’s been married three times, paid hush money to a porn star, and has probably, at best,
skimmed the Bible. “And as you all know,
God set a fire to a bush so he could collect
the insurance money and build a casino. It was smart.
It was a smart move.” For example, Trump mentioned the
problem of human trafficking, and here is his expert diagnosis
on what’s causing it. -Together we will
end the “scorj” of modern-day slavery that,
because of the Internet, is at levels
that nobody can believe. The Internet came along,
and some good things happened, but some very bad things
happened. -Oh, really, Dr. Science?
That’s your expert opinion? The Internet came along,
and some good things happened, and some bad things happened? One of the good things
about the Internet is you can Google how to
pronounce the word “scourge.” -Scorj. [ Laughter ] -Trump then laid out
what I guess you could say is his thesis statement
for America, the thing that makes
our country great. Reagan called it
the shining city on a hill, and Obama said
America is a place where you can write
your own destiny. And now here are
President Trump’s thoughts on what makes America great. -America’s potential
is unlimited because our extraordinary people are just something
that is number one. -Soaring words.
Just soaring words. He’s like a guy on a date
getting lines fed to him through an ear piece,
and the feed cut out. “You have beautiful eyes,
and your…nose. Well, I mean, you know,
it’s your nose, but it’s, uh… You got a real great honker.” Trump was trying to live up
to the theme of unity he set out in his State of
the Union address Tuesday. As we all know,
he’s incapable of that. Trump always needs something
to scare people about, and in his speech on Tuesday,
he landed on a new target, warning that Democrats
would turn America
into a socialist country, and it prompted
a few scattered reactions from Republicans
in the audience. -Here in the United States,
we are alarmed by the new calls to adopt
socialism in our country. [ Scattered boos ] -Well, guys, you did it. You
stopped socialism by booing it. It reminds me of
Ronald Reagan’s famous line — “Mr. Gorbachev, boo this wall.” At least they’re making real
proposals like Medicare for all. You guys stole
your best political argument from Statler and Waldorf. -Boo!
-Boo! -And then… [ Cheers and applause ] Then, of course, the camera
caught the reaction of self-described Democratic
socialist Bernie Sanders after Trump vowed
to stop socialism from taking root in America. -America was founded
on liberty and independence, and not government coercion,
domination, and control. We are born free,
and we will stay free. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -So, turns out Statler
was in the audience. I mean, that is —
That’s a real — [ Cheers and applause ]
Classic Bernie face there. That’s the face Bernie makes when he finds out the restaurant
charges for bread. “Bread is supposed to be free!
Breadicare for all!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I hope you’re applauding
for the writer who told me “Breadicare for all”
wouldn’t work. [ Laughter ] And then yesterday
in an interview on CNBC, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin
doubled down on Trump’s line about socialism,
although the way he said it left some people
scratching their heads. -The good news is, the U.S.
economy is doing terrific. We continue to have
very strong jobs numbers. I think you’ve just begun to see
the beginning of tax reform. I think you’re going to
see that kick in a lot again. And as the President
talked about last night, his economic program is working. We’re not going back
to socialism. -Now, when he says “going back,”
he’s probably referring to President Obama,
who was many things, but he was not a socialist. I mean, first of all,
look at the way he dresses now. He looks like
a high-powered sports agent. “LeBron, baby!
You’re, uh…crushin’ it.” The minute
he left the White House, he got cast in a recurring role
on “Ballers.” [ Laughter ] And yet…while he was whining
about socialism in public, Trump was also claiming
in private that he had predicted the success of one of
the most famous self-described Democratic socialists
of the new Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Trump met news anchors
hours before his speech and claimed
that he was among the first to spot her political talent and said he had predicted
her primary upset last year. Trump said he knew Ocasio-Cortez
had “it,” meaning star power. Oh, really? You predicted
that one of the most charismatic and Internet-famous politicians
in the country had star power? I wonder who else
he brags about. “You know who I think
is going places? Tom Hanks.” [ Laughter ] Trump thinks he’s good
at spotting star power because he thinks
he has star power, but when people say Trump has
“it,” that’s not what they mean. “I’m sorry,
but it looks like you have it. And, um… it has gone
straight to your brain.” Scaremongering about socialism might have worked
a few years ago, but it’s lost its punch now
that Republicans have used it over, and over, and over again. Just take last year’s
midterm elections. Trump went to Wisconsin,
a state he won in 2016, to campaign against Democratic
Senator Tammy Baldwin, and he tried to warn the crowd
that Baldwin would support
socialized medicine, although he claimed he was
trying to be nice about it. -Leah’s radical far-left
opponent is Tammy Baldwin… [ Audience boos ] …who wants a socialist
takeover of healthcare. [ Audience boos ] You know, I’m trying
to say that very nicely. I’m trying to —
See, normally I’d scream, “They want
a socialist takeover!” Now I say,
“Wants a socialist takeover.” I’m trying to be nice. -It’s so jarring
when he tells people he’s pretending to be nice. It’s like if Robert De Niro
looked into the camera halfway through a movie
and said, “I’m not really in the mafia.
I’m pretending. None of this is real.” [ Laughter and applause ] And the attack didn’t work. Baldwin ended up winning
her race by 10 points, but if you thought
billionaire Donald Trump would be the
least effective messenger against the supposed dangers
of socialized medicine, you’d be wrong. Because on Tuesday,
Fox Business News actually found someone
who was even worse at it — “Duck Dynasty” star
Phil Robertson. Fox had him on for some reason,
and instead of asking him about something
he’s qualified to talk about, like duck calls or how to dress if you want to blend
into a marsh, they asked him
about healthcare policy, and he ended up
going on an insane rant about Senator Kamala Harris’
proposal to eliminate
private health insurance. Even the Fox anchor
who invited him on was flustered by how crazy
his answers were. -We have been given, contrary
to what Kamala Harris said — She says, “Elect me,
and everything’s free. Look, everybody can have
their own healthcare. The government’s going to
finance the whole thing.” What I’m saying is that, Kamala,
I already have healthcare. It’s given to me by God.
Eternal healthcare. I’m guaranteed to be raised
from the dead. I have life and immortality given to me by God
through Jesus Christ. -But people get sick on Earth
in human form, so would you advise — -The temporary reprieve
is not worth it. -The anchor actually had to say, “People get sick on Earth
in human form.” [ Laughter ] I mean, I’m assuming —
I’m assuming after you have to say that
to a guest, your next stop is at your
producer’s office to say, “Maybe no more woods people?” Also, it’s so crazy
seeing a guy say that with a stock ticker
underneath him. “Did you get
any stock tips today?” “No, but I heard Phil
Robertson’s gonna live forever.” And, by the way, lest you think Fox sought out the opinion
of a regular guy, Hillbilly Gandalf here
reportedly has a net worth of $15 million, plus an extra 38 cents
if he ever combs out his beard. “Ooh!” [ Laughter ] And yet somehow the fever dream
got weirder from there because Robertson went on to
claim that people don’t need healthcare at all
and that he was living proof. -I’m telling her, I have eternal
healthcare, and it’s free. Doctors can give you
a little temporary reprieve, but they cannot save you
from physical death. The doctors who treat you,
they die, too. Jesus — -But you’re not dismissing
that we need — people need healthcare, right? It’s just who pays — -I didn’t have healthcare
for 50 years. -Well, you look great. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] The reason they’re all freaking
out about Medicare for all is because they know it
makes basic sense to people. Most people don’t care
whether it’s called socialism or capitalism or whatever. They just know it’s inherently
unfair for mega-billionaires to hoard their wealth
while millions of Americans
don’t even have healthcare. Ocasio-Cortez made that point
in an interview recently, and a Fox News guest
mocked her for it. -A system that allows
billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people
are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access
to public health is wrong. -She’s saying, Mark,
that basically she doesn’t want
the kind of poverty that leads to lack of healthcare
to exist… when people are, you know,
allowed to have billions of dollars
and be fat cats, essentially. -Well, first of all, I mean the
fact is ringworm isn’t deadly. I mean, people get ringworm —
It’s like foot fungus. -“We know ringworm isn’t deadly.
For some people, it’s jewelry.” [ Laughter ] “Will you take this ring
and be my swamp bride? I’m never gonna die. You can be on my health
insurance. I get it from Jesus!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, there is a reason, a reason these guys are freaking out
about Medicare for all and why most Democrats running
for President are for it. It makes basic sense to people.
Everyone deserves healthcare. For one very simple reason,
and that is… -People get sick on Earth
in human form. -This has been “A Closer Look.”

  1. I love Seth but please get off Obama's dick, he was another democrat with republican tendencies, so please spare us the BS.

  2. If you keep making fun of Bernie he may win as you winded trump to run for presidency in the first place. But the difference would be. This time someone genuine might win. Keep it up seth.

  3. I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face – but AMERICA HAS THE HIGHEST PER CAPITA PUBLIC SPENDING ON HEALTHCARE THAN ANY OTHER NATION!!!!!. You already have socialised healthcare in many forms. This is not some great boogey man that you have no familiarity with.

  4. I was talking with an American neighbour and to have a blanket coverage all over the US isn't simple. He explained to me a lot of health care is financed state by state and the high taxing states like Massachusetts and California have very good health care but some southern states are really bad the states just haven't got the revenue. Providing health care for 300 million people would be expensive and when you add the biggest army or Defense how you Americans call it you need to double your budget and as far as I know, the US has a debt problem now what is growing.

  5. We want socialism, it is the only way that everyone can live fairly, with equality and protection from corporate autocrats and despots such as trump. There is NOTHING wrong with free universal healthcare, free education and not being exploited by greedy, destructive corporations. Why is that so bad? People have been brainwashed by the right to believe that universal equality is a bad thing, because those at the top are psychopaths and do not want others to be equal. They want power over others and will trample over our rights to get it.

  6. And what is wrong with a "socialist takeover of healthcare" exactly? Does he not want everyone to have access to medication and healthcare and the chance to live NOT based on how much money you have? These despots and psychopaths do not want other people to live, unless they have money. If you don't have money then you do not deserve to live, according to them. The NHS in Britain is a perfect example of how free healthcare works, it may have its flaws, but at least everyone has the chance to LIVE not based on how much they earn.

  7. People should learn from Seth he make a good point he a very smart man. THE MISSISSIPPI MAN. F–K RED

  8. I love how he gets so angry so easily. Doesn’t take much for that man. His blood pressure must be through the roof.

  9. The bloke's a liar and a crook …. Bankrupt …. A zero credit rating ….. A guy with a small nudger, and a hair cut, styled by Shredded Wheat ….

  10. This is a perfect example why most people regard the u.s. as a joke. This idiot wouldn't get airtime on local radio anywhere else in the world.

  11. I live in Scotland with NHS. I have never had to pay for a thing medical related. We even have nhs dental where you pay minimum prices. We also have free higher education (uni) and tax free income of £12500. If you want to call it socialism then fair enough but why do you care?!!

  12. Seth, look… I'm a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled, praise Jesus, Bible thumping kind of Christian. However, most of us are not like Phil. He has a valid point about eternal life with God, for believers, but we understand the right now body needs doctors. I just mean to say that we aren't all radical, weirdo, aimless ranting, swamp beard, simple-minded, narrow-focus, sciencedeniers who go "off road" every time the evil media asks us a question we can't bend toward the Gospel. The problem facing a lot of Christians interviewed on TV is that they mix their good intentions to witness or minister with the answers to a reasonable, direct question. I point to Pete Butigieg as a great example of a reasonable Christian who refuses to compromise his faith, but still responds with intelligence. Please believe that we are not all "swamp things" for Jesus.

    Also, you should have a spin-off show, called "A Closer Look". Look into Christianity as a subculture, and expose the real people who believe Jesus is God. I think it will be a pleasant surprise. It may simultaneously be a disturbing revelation (clever, right?).

  13. Okay but it's there wealth why should you punish someone because there rich it sounds like to me your just pissed because someone ain't whipping your ass for you listen nothings free in life not even freedom someone has to pay for it someone has to earn it

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  17. Being a Canadian, watching this you think how FUBAR'd is the US that they have political debates and commentaries about what should be a basic human right in an industrialized country.

  18. Phil Robertson is a welfare queen! He received $6.2M in subsidies from State of Louisiana for Dynasty. He didn't complain about socialism then.

  19. aoc meant to say hookworm. ringworm is not even a worm. its a fungus that makes rings of damage on a dog's coat. the know nothing crowd can now stop talking.

  20. Alabama isn't having a problem with the common fungus ring worm which he correctly identified as non- life threatening. They have a problem with hook worm which is life threatening.

  21. Completely agree that far too many don't know the definition of socialism. Just as scary…those railing against it don't know the definition of capitalism either. A purely capitalist society is every bit as scary as communism.

  22. Dream Administration
    Bernie Sanders – Barbara Lee or Stacy Abrams
    President – Vice President

    Cynthia McKinney
    UN Ambassador

    Attorney General

    Tulsi Gabbard
    Sec of State

    Homeland Security

    Marianne Williamson

    Health & Human Services



    Veterans' Affairs

    Winona LaDuke



    Gabe Klein

    David Benac

    Pete Buttigieg

    Someone like Joan Ling
    Housing & Urban Development

    Someone like Cynthia Brown

  23. Human trafficking a result of human greed, cruelty and stupidity. Three things Trump is all too familiar with.

  24. Hamburgerler couldn’t spell socialism. He barely can say any words right. Kind of 😆 45 is a muppet.

  25. The Duck Dynasty guy's answer for health care is the best ever – according to him, when a liberal gets sick, let Kamala give him Gov't health care. When a Republican voter gets sick, given his guaranteed place in heaven, just gather 'round and let us all say a prayer. No need to waste tax dollars on saving his soul here on Earth, just give him a gentle nod and send him off to his eternal place of peace with God. All problems solved. Why didn't we think of that before? I guess evolution still works – some people just don't want to evolve, in which case let us not stand in their way and allow them to go extinct.

  26. Trump uses the word socialism as fear tactics, while bringing us fascism day after day after day. A Vote for a Democrat is a vote against fascism!

  27. We have socialized medicine. We just don't give it to working people, who pay for it. Medicare, Medicaid are socialized medicine.

  28. I was really hoping you'd follow up the "I'm really sorry, but…you have it-" line up with, "and it has staying power"… lol

  29. It's obvious Trump is senile. He's lost his short term memory. When he begins a sentence, he usually forgets what he was going to say before he gets to the end.

  30. I can't believe we are where we are these days. Bill Robertson. 15 million?
    These people are scary. They are really scary.

  31. Well since our Military is what socialism, and what is the Police and Fire Departments once again Socialism, and when you need a new Stadiums for Sports teams is yes Socialism, and companies that move to another state and ask for money to do so is yes socialism, and not forget all these corporations like big oil and big Pharma and the Military-industrial complex so this country is full of Socialism as long as your already rich

  32. What Trump traffics in is "emotionally potent over simplification" STFU you ignoramus. Such a shame he's conditioned his flying monkeys to buy into his and republicans' scheme to rifle the treasury disproportionately. Did you get your couple hundred bucks to keep quiet? Its the reason for the existence of republicans. Over budget by a trillion dollars? Cavorting with hookers? So gullible. If you don't love America, leave it.

  33. "A socialist takeover of healthcare," like our Veterans have had since 1930. Dept. of Veterans Affairs is the 2nd largest funded US department after Dept. of Defense, which is a huge waste of taxpayer money and not as important as healthcare for all.

  34. Why would trumpet say anything about John Lewis ? He's a hero ! Congressman Cummings subpoenaed Jared's and his daughters communications and private email and text messages ! That's going to be interesting ! Guess what's next ? The relay ! It's coming and the more you keep doing it and avoiding to deal with this situation the worse it's gonna be when it comes out and longer your prison sentence will be ! My girlfriend is in Italy ! Aww wish I could be there ! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔one day !

  35. 2:32 why is pelosi behind him. i can't stand drumpf but for a representative of a government to suggest, even a change to the government their supposed to represent is treason. Nothing that is being pushed as socialist that can't be done in a direct democracy.

  36. I like when Trump talks about modern slavery when one of his pals Kim is the biggest slave dealer of the world !!! Two millions north Koreans are working abroad and their payments are going directly at the administration while their family are held hostages back in their country !!!! Most of them are working on shipyards and constructing business . Has this anything to do with with the "fantastic deal " that recently was singed ?????

  37. People get sick on earth in human form. that was awesome Neil!! You dumb duck dynasty SOB! Think of others who need healthcare! You were extra lucky in life with that stupid reality show.

  38. I think, gulp, I'm a socialist..
    low income senior
    subsidized housing
    food stamps
    and very social
    And oh a Dem
    The New definition : Democratic socialism. providing basic care to those who need it, provided NOT by a dictator, fascist, communist male leader.

  39. Drumph in case you're wondering fire fighter's, street, highway and bridge maintenance, water and sewer services, police, libraries, schools etc. all brought to you by socialism.

  40. Harris is not opposed to private health care. She wants to put forward a system that folk who can't afford private health insurance can recieve so that no one has to weigh the options of health care v.s. cost. Everyone knows we need a healthcare reform, so why not try her idea or literally anyone's idea who has a plan for healthcare that covers everyone?!

  41. The temporary reprieve is 100% worth it. My little sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was 9, if it were not for medicaid and free health insurance her life would've been cut short. She went through two and a half years of chemo and she has been off it for a year now. She will be turning 13 in April 2020, and if you believe in a god, believe me that those prayers worked, but not without the help of medicine, health-care, and science.

  42. I've reached the limit…. listening to Comrad Trump speak is getting generating a feeling of illness in me, I don't know how much longer I can listen to him, I think I will have to tune him out, & just rely on the reports that journalist's provide, the very sound of his voice cancels my desire, Even ability to eat, or keep what I have eaten down in my stomach, he is more of a sickening piece of filth than I first thought


  44. Seth, do you have a different set of writers for Closer Look than, "Let's get to the newssssss"? CL is much better.

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