True for You but Not for Me

Is there such a thing as truth? Or is everything, including truth, a statement
of personal opinion or preference? In other words, is truth relative? For our purposes here, let’s put aside the
science angle. Yes, you can sit on a couch and not appear
to be moving, but since the earth, at the equator, is rotating at 1100 miles per hour,
you are, from that perspective, moving —and very fast. I’m not talking about that kind of relative. Let’s confine ourselves to the more everyday
questions of truth. Like, does it exist? Once, the answer to this question was obvious—usually
confined to late-night discussions in college dorm rooms. But no longer. Truth is going through a tough time. A white woman feels black and represents herself
to be so. She rises in the leadership ranks of the NAACP
until her fiction is exposed. She refuses to go quietly, however. She feels black, and so she is black. A 69 year-old man in the Netherlands petitions
the court to legally change his age to 49 because that’s how he feels. And, of course, seemingly on a daily basis,
men (and more and more boys), with all the chromosomes and body parts that make them
distinctly male, declare themselves to be female; and women (and more and more girls)
likewise declare themselves to be male. They feel they are one sex or the other; therefore,
they are that sex. And we must accept that, regardless of what
the truth is. In a viral video, a 5-foot, 9-inch American
Caucasian male asks students at the University of Washington to acknowledge that he’s Chinese,
or six-foot-five, or a woman. Some hesitate, but no one will tell him what
he’s saying is not true – that he’s not what he says he is. That would be “mean”—and “intolerant.” This “true for you, but not for me” relativism
is disconcerting because it requires the acceptance of obvious contradictions, denial of reality,
and common sense. Rather than adjusting our lives to the truth,
the truth has to adjust itself to us. But it’s very difficult to live this way,
not to mention it being highly impractical. We rely on mind-independent universal truths
in order to think clearly, to navigate life. Otherwise, we quickly get lost. There must be some things that just are—things
that are true. This way points North for everybody, no matter
what anyone happens to prefer or sincerely believe. So, what is truth? At its root, truth is a match-up with reality. A story, a statement, or belief is only true
if it lines up with what’s real. It’s like a socket wrench fitting perfectly
onto a bolt. Reality is the truth-maker; reality makes
something true. To say “the earth is flat” or “the moon
is made of green cheese” is false. Why? Because it doesn’t match up with reality. Until quite recently, the purpose of all education
in large part was the pursuit of truth. The motto of Harvard University, for example,
is “veritas,” Latin for “truth.” No more. Anyone who says education should be about
the pursuit of truth is immediately shot down with the comeback: “Whose truth?” Increasingly, people speak of “my truth,”
or say “it’s true for me,” or “your reality”—as though truth is merely a matter
of opinion or perspective. At the 2018 Golden Globe awards, Oprah Winfrey
famously said that “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Now, you can have your experience or your
perspective. But there is no such thing as “your truth”
or “my truth.” There is only the truth—that which is true
for everyone. As Wall Street Journal writer Byron Tau noted,
“Oprah employed a phrase that I’ve noticed a lot of other celebrities using these days:
‘your truth’ instead of ‘the truth.’” But, he added, “’your truth’ undermines
the idea of shared common facts.” And here’s another problem with “your
truth”: If “your truth” is truth, anyone who doesn’t hold that truth must be wrong. This sounds a lot like narcissism. And it’s intellectual bullying. “Believe ‘my truth’—or else.” Not exactly a positive, pro-truth message. Yeah, truth is going through a tough time. So let’s review: Truth can’t be relative. If it is relative, it’s not truth. To say “there is no truth for all people”
is to declare a truth for all people. In effect, you’re saying, “It’s true
that there is no truth!” And to declare that both your and my opinions
are true even if they contradict one another is to speak nonsense. Truth isn’t opinion or preference. It’s not subjective or relative. It is inescapable because reality is inescapable. No amount of double-talk will change that. And that’s the truth. I’m Paul Copan, author of True for You,
But Not for Me, for Prager University.

  1. I enjoy this video. While it holds many of the conservative beliefs(that I also agree with), while mainting a very down-the-middle political statement. It is using the new political enviroment as an example, to create an enlightening and fascinating lecture. I love when these videos come out, they are so pleasent and relaxing. Thank you, prager university.

  2. Truth is gone, because we let people who have no morals, tell us what's right and wrong, what is moral and isn't. And now we're SUFFERING for it.

  3. YouTube however believes in relativity of truth, so I guess I would hold my breath until this video is taken down or demonized

  4. Rudyard Kipling's poem, The Gods of the Copybook Headings. …with horror and slaughter return to explain it again.

  5. Ok calm down. No one is claiming to be a different sex. What many people are claiming is that they are a different gender. Gender is a social construct. Gender (unlike sex) is not an observable truth but rather something society and individual decides for themself. Some truth is observable (for example global warming is an observable phenomenon) some truth is decided (for example it can be truth for a person that god exists based on their opinion not on any observable fact). The whole term that truth is under siege is absurd. The truth is under siege only from ignorant people deciding what is scientific fact they want to believe and what not. Truth in general is expanding with greater individual diversity. So calm down no one is attacking observable truth.

  6. Letting the entire world on social media to see how much less rich and less attractive they are than many others was a mistake. This led to mass butt hurt. Instead of acceptance, people are choosing to tear down others.

  7. I very much agree with this message, but I thought this channel was religious. Isn't the idea of subjective truth the entire concept that keeps religions relevant? Pushing this ideology out would undermine that.

  8. Great video and solid points, however it's contradictory coming from a channel that's pro-Christianity.
    "The way, the truth, and the life". Sound familiar? Bit narcissistic, no?

    No religion can claim itself to be the absolute truth and ultimately it comes down to faith, not an unfalsifiable truth.

  9. "Truth", as in "correct knowledge", can never be, due to the Münchausen trilemma and the inherent subjectivity of the human experience (see: transcendental idealism), truly acquired, and is hence subjective by its nature. However, we can make certain assumptions based on reason and empirical evidence, such as the assumption that the Christian god is nonexistent.

  10. The dutch emiel ratelband case was a way for him to mock this whole topic. He wasn’t seriously lowering his age, he was making a point.

  11. This whole video was talking about how your beliefs aren't the truth and how the truth is inescapable and immovable.
    Then they show an Ad for A Religious organization….
    I wanted to change my opinion about you Prager U, I really, really did.

  12. THANK YOU!

    My Dad uses the term, "your truth" and it irritates me as "My bad," does to him. There is no "Your/My/His/Their Truth." There is the truth and opinion (which could be seen as, "your interpretation of the truth"). That's it.

  13. Surely if they left belive in personal truths, they should accept us believing in God because it's our truth.

    But of course, the hypocrisy of the left means "your truth" is only allowed for them. We are not allowed our truths, we have to abide by their truths because, in reality, the "Your truth" thing is merely a self-defense mechanism to protect them from themselves. Not something offered to the political opposition.

    Obviously, there's true and false, right and wrong. But only when it suits them. When it doesn't they just change reality to fit what they want.

  14. People open your eyes Prager is part of the establishment….why bring up the globe rotating????? Stop listening to this BS and see the subtle hints that they are telling you, they really literally are telling you we lie do not believe us but you still do.

  15. It’s sad that videos like this have to be made. What’s next? The sun is hot. The ice is cold. Dark is night. Light is day. What has happened to our countries that basic concepts have become ambiguous! It’s sad. Keep up the great work!

  16. well technically truth is based on perception for instance if u ask five blind men to touch an elephant they will each give u a different response
    but we can compile different perceptions to form a bigger picture I'd argue something can only be called truth if it can be recreated tho somethings can't be observed by some for example blind people or people who r unable to see spirits who form the majority just because u lack the ability to perceive something doesn't mean it isn't true

    another example complicated math etc to some one who isn't good at math it's all non sence.

  17. To be honest. Emile Ratelband is an idiot. Ignore him please, most people do that.
    That whole thing about changing his age was stunt, which didn't work by the way, the judge laughed him off stage.

  18. oprah winfrewy is a dangerous person who is watched by millions and gives credence to quacks like the anti-vaxers, Dr.Phil, ect…. She is a bad person even though she tries to do good she is very harmful to society because of her influence and the people she praised and pushed on others who are quacks, frauds, and charlatans.

  19. I felt today only when i started searching for unbiased Indian history books. History is also biased and one sided like this. we are made to believe what is told and taught to us.
    A lie becomes truth when repeated 100 times. This is what is happening around us.

  20. I’m always amazed at the behavior from conservatives when shielded by the anonymity of the internet. Insults, anger, vitriol, hatred… still with the audacity to claim to be the party of morals, ethics, reason, and logic. We all knew trump was an asshole before he got elected, but the way that conservatives have embraced the worst elements of his personality was a real surprise. The more crude and disgusting he gets, the nastier and more boorish his MAGA rally crowds become. Complete hypocrites to the core.

  21. For me, several truths can exist, but that shows that the reality we live in it's complex. A simple way of explaining these discrepancies in these "several different truths" is the" six blind men and the elephant tale". The problem i believe that is happening is that weak, dumb, lazy people dont want to be bothered with learning the complexity of the world, and because of this they are happy with having simple answers for complex questions. When a complex question arrives and someone adresses it with a different answer…they can't stand that their answer is not validated and they snap with anger and resentment. A question with no right answer can mean that sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing to gain another. An example is working or trading…you have to sacrifice your time, effort and talent to gain favour from others, and also…you have to make the right decision and research the reputation of that work/deal, otherwise you could be scammed of your hard work…

  22. "There is no such thing as "your truth" or "my truth", there is only "The Truth."
    Thank you for this statement, I would think about this for days 😌

  23. Prager makes soo much sense but the at the core, you should know everyone in these videos are Republicans or conservatives who are trying to sway minds.

  24. The longer you live in your own personal fary tale, the harder "Real Reality" is gonna hit you in the face.
    Guy at the Zoo thinks the Tigers are talking to him telepathically. He decides to climb into the enclosure and befriend them.
    His truth,.. is that the tigers want to help him transcend to a higher plain of existence.
    The "REAL TRUTH" is that they promptly attack, kill, dismember, and eat him.
    I saw about how a young couple hiked across the middle east to show how our perspective of the world was wrong and that people are good and evil doesn't exist unless you acknowledge it.
    They where robbed and killed and the woman was…. well, many unspeakable things done to her.
    The point is, YOU'RE truth doesn't trump REALITY.
    Your perspective doesn't change the laws of nature or physics.
    I personally believe that Truth was given to us buy our heavenly creator and is displayed through his word and in nature, something you cant see trapped in a concrete box ,…aka "The City."
    In short, people need to grow up and stop thinking it's ok to touch the hot stove.

  25. If truth doesn't exist, then why should people pay to go to college to learn? All they have to do is believe hard enough.

  26. He mentioned Harvard lol. The school with a 36,000,000,000 dollar endowment. With only 6,000 students. There's some more truth for ya.

  27. Why is what you are trying to tell everybody is truth is objective and the truth that other people are telling you is truth is subjective?

  28. ‘Let’s put aside the science angle’

    No, science and rationality is all we have, I agree with the rest of the sentiment in this video though

  29. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." – Isaiah 5:20

    Hundred of years ago people knew that truth isn't relative. But the modern society is just creating this absurd "relative truth" and destroying what we call commom sense.

    We don't confront ideas as greek would do in porsuit of wisdom, now we just accept each other's personal truths… Modern society is becoming a sac of wimps and morons…

  30. Finding out someone is trans is still a turnoff to me for intimate relationships.
    Sure I may still be their friend, it’s just that I’m not attracted to trans people sexually.

  31. I take solace in the fact that the radical leftists will ultimately get a reality check, because you can't deny reality for very long. However, I'm shocked that with media complicity, the current leftist denial of reality insanity is gaining steam. This is unbelievable to observe. It would be amusing if it weren't so damaging to our society.

    Even if this just passes as a "phase," we will still have lost most of a generation to this nonsense, with chilling consequences down the road I fear.

    I hope I'm wrong about this.

  32. Relativism asserts itself until we have a fender bender. Then reality and facts will have the last word in court.

  33. Says the Channel that preaches the existence of god 🙄.

    Trans people are a bit like adopted children. We all know that they aren’t biologically what they claim but they can be for sake of social interaction.

    Would you think it appropriate to constantly tell an adopted child that “Hey those aren’t your REAL parents! Quit living in a fantasy world.”

    I’m guessing not. There will still be circumstances where that fact remains important. But it doesn’t have to be forcibly held against them.

  34. “It’s true for me” was a counter argument made by Bill O’Reily about God.

    Please let the irony of this sink in.

  35. This years hunting season is going to be a little bit tricky, Deer and Elk have learned to self identify on the fly,.

  36. I had a teacher I debated on why black people shouldn't have black only things (like BET or black only graduations) at the end she said "your points are valid, I just don't agree with them"

  37. Scientific truth is different with social concept's truth.

    You contradict and confuse me a bit.

    Reality of scientific cam be tested "objevtively". What you discuss here is social but comparing it with scienctific reality.

  38. What a surprise that the biggest liars on the internet bitch about truth for five minutes.

    Oh, and George Orwell was a socialist.

  39. Truth is when you kill the middleman of a paedophile ring while in a high security prison on suicide watch and tell the corrupt coroner to act dumb just to save your ass.

  40. This video is extremely dangerous, typical of conservatives to start justifying their hypocritical and misinformed opinion because of their background.

  41. “They feel they are one sex or the other, therefore they are that sex. And we must accept that regardless of what the truth is.”

    …..a little…anti-trans in my…you’re saying that it not true that you’re transsexual because you were born male, or female….even though..there is now surgeries to change your sex..

    Even if, you strongly have a feeling deep inside your bones. Something that’s just telling you, that you were born in the wrong body.

    What he said, just makes it sound like being transgender is a choice someone makes, because they want a change or something.

    If we believe that it’s true, we can make it true with enough will, and determination

  42. 0:33 What are you talking about? Philosophers have been debating about the nature of truth and existence for thousands of years.

  43. “Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right.

    This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, YOU move.”
    ―     J. Michael Straczynski,   Civil War: The Amazing Spider-Man

  44. Let them weirdos view themselves however they want to – it's not like anyone else can change their minds anyways… Rather, the real question we should be asking ourselves: is challenging another person's self-concept going to cause them to attack me out of some twisted version of self-defense? 😛

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