Trudeau IGNORED AGAIN At G20 - Social Coach Tells What He SHOULD HAVE Done

Now, Justin Trudeau has been ignored in
some spectacular ways in the past. So he's usually prepared to react to
this in a calm kind of calculated way. But at the [inaudible] yesterday, he was ignored in such an incredible
fashion that even he couldn't keep it together. So watch him
walking in right now. So the seating chart was set
up in alphabetical order. So China was right next to Canada. But President Z of China has been
notorious Aloof towards Trudeau. So when Justin sits down, he pays him
no attention. He doesn't even look up. So Trudeau was probably expecting
this. So what does he do first? He kind of orients himself to the guy
sitting to the left of him and makes eye contact. You know what it feels like when someone's
staring at you or looking at you. You can just kind of feel that energy. Will Trudeau was hoping
that when he did this, it was actually the new
president of Brazil. His name
is Jaya air ball scenario. He was hoping that he would
turn and greet him and say hi. So it wasn't kind of sitting there
awkwardly, but it doesn't work. So what is true to do actually
physically touches his arm, which gets his attention. But the problem is GI era was
more interested in shaking
the hand to whoever was at his left. I couldn't figure
out who was sitting to his left. But this is all about social
status. Okay, look at this. Trudeau can't even act like that was
normal ticket. The look on his face, it's hard to recover from that. So the social status component is whoever
is looking for your attention and look right there, look how obvious
it is. He sees him right there. But whoever's looking for your attention
that has higher status is going to get the attention from the other person.
So if two people are coming at once, typically the person with higher
status is going to get more attention, or if they're of equal status. The person that tried to
get the attention first, so Trudeau got his attention
first, but had lower status in his, in his eyes and gyres eyes than the
guy that has left. So he turns to him. So what can you do in this instance?
Well, the way that Trudeau messed up, and I'm not sure he could control
himself, that was such a harsh denial. But look at that. Look on his face.
He's clearly shocked and he's like, oh, you ever seen those NBA players that go
for high fives and their teammates so worked up, they don't see him? Well, this is especially hard
because gyr clearly saw him, knows he got his attention first and
was so quick to turn and descend. And then the funny thing is when he
turned back around to actually shake his hand, he shakes his hand. That
immediately turns right back around. He had no interest in, in Trudeau. So the best thing that you can
do in this is first of all, he needs to realize he was snubbed
by this guy. So once that happens, don't make any effort for
some long winded conversation. So he shouldn't have made the face, but he should have waited for him to
turn back around because you can't just completely drop it, act
like it never happened. Cause that makes it look
like you're really weak. And you're just letting
people walk all over you. So the move is to have no reactions, still stay kind of oriented to the person
and then when they come back to you shake their hand. But at that
point kind of acknowledge, you realize you were snubbed and
you be the one to cut it off short. I kind of shake their hand, kind of look away maybe in a bit of a
dismissive way because that balances out the interaction equilibrium. You never want someone to feel like
they have higher status over you or feel like they can talk down to you or
make such a ridiculously bull move. Cause these guys know there's a
lot of cameras in these places. They know that everything
is being documented and
they know that everything on this, like me breaking this down, gyre knew that they were going to be
cameras on it and probably dope like me analyzing it. So that's
a very calculated move. You can't be cool with
people treating you that way. So you need to know how to come
back from something like that. Now, Trudeau was also ignored by Donald Trump
at the last [inaudible] conference, and I want to show you that
too, but before I get to it, if you want to get high
level social skills, so if something like this happened to you, you'd be confident in how you can handle
it or even more competent just going out and being around. People
are going to a work event. You want to know that you can always
act the right way and have something engaging to say, I've got a social invincibility
checklist that you can download for free. I'll put a link in the description
of this video below the video box, or you can just go to charisma
forge slash s I checklist and you can download it there. I'll go through five important tips that
you can immediately use to feel more competent around people. Now, Trump and Trudeau have had a
very interesting relationship
ever since Trump took office and if you want to see me analyze
Trudeau getting ignored by Trump was actually even worse than
this at that [inaudible]. You can click right here and
I'll walk you through it. Now.

  1. Let me know what you think about Trudeau being ignored and how he handled it. Keep it clean though, YouTube is cracking down on comments and profanity is often times filtered out.

  2. SJW PC Castro-Wannabe Trudeau is a joke around the world. Canada, save your country from this crappy people destroying your nation with massive influx of illegals all over your territory!

  3. Trudeau = Powerhouse

    Don’t mess with our drama teacher China !

    I was expecting Trudeau to pull out some lipstick and a mirror from his purse.

  4. Honestly, i never heard this kind of thing happened to any prime minister or president to any country in the world except the pm of canada.

  5. Ffs, just sit your ass down, look like you mean business, and quit looking for validation. It’s not hard. It’s actually really easy.

  6. theres not many countries that start with B

    Belize, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium….

    so the Brazil guy would rather shake hands with those guys than Canada

  7. Well he should be snubbed everyone there drinks from glasses Dumbass drinks from err ummm plastic errr ummm cardboard drinking errr ummm box type things….what an idiot!

  8. Don't worry Mr Trudeau, I'm sure everyone in this planet loves you, you're the best president I ever seen .
    Keep it up Mr Trudeau, Be proud of you self..

  9. This is the head of a state. He's not an intern or a wannabe.

    Mr. Trudeau could just as easily have ignored everyone and focussed on hai business.

    Completely un-credible advise from the post.

  10. What is truly sad is that Trudeau here represents Canada which means demolishing not only his own social status but dragging the entire country with him.

  11. Extremely bad behavior by Brazil's President/Prime Minister

    But Trudeau was seeking way too much attention. He should have stayed quiet and calm like Xi.

  12. He's sure gonna be ignored come October's election the clown and worst PM in Canadian history and he will be remembered as just that!!

  13. Trudeau is a bastard child of that demon palpatine aka soros who by the way is the biggest fund for the liberal leftist cuck such as trudeau😂😂😂😂

  14. This kinda behaviour is soo stupid when you realise those guys run the lives and millions but they can’t stop acting like kids in high school

  15. He has crossed the limit of liberalism,beside that canada needs a better n much more Influential leader to lead their country

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