TROM Voices: Jacque Fresco – Living to One’s Self

[♪ Tropical forest sounds ♪] [Wild animal sounds] LIVING TO ONE’S SELF
Jacque Fresco If we live to ourselves, I can assure you
we’ll die of ourselves. Because if the Russians
do nuclear testing and they dump radioactive
stuff into the sea, or the Japanese, the world’s one big place
and the air moves around and the waters move. Therefore living to yourself,
your little isolated colony, your little culture
that you want to build, your little city that you want to build, of people with like-mindedness, all of that has no basis for survival. Because in the event
of catastrophic failure you will be invaded by the minorities if they don’t have food, water,
or the wherewithal to live. You can’t find the answers by declaring a society democratic. You can only find the answers
by research and development. You can’t find the answers by putting people of high moral
character in government. You can only find the
answers by innovation, by studying the systems
and the problems, and working on methods
of alleviating those problems, not through law. Law is when you don’t have a
method of solving a problem. If people steal or hurt one another, you say “It’s against
the law to hurt somebody.” Well, if a person doesn’t
have the means to live by, he’s going to hurt somebody to get
the money or whatever they need. So, that isn’t dealing with the problem. Law is really avoiding problems. It’s just merely a proclamation on the wall saying “You: don’t do this.” You see, it doesn’t work. In the long run, you might
cause people to consider an action
before they take it. But all laws come into
existence because of scarcity. Always difficult to imagine that. When there’s scarcity of water, people will steal it, remove it, if not for themselves, for their children. All the laws in the world… But if you don’t want people to steal water,
you build a non-electric fence around the water. And that’s the way you say… You don’t need to put up a sign
“Don’t steal water.” But those people will die. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to build a fence
around our country and say “This is the greatest country in the world;
we’re gonna keep it that way.” We depend on other countries. The scientific method,
if applied socially, will work. Look, it does not attain perfection. It’s just a far better system
than any other system that we know of today. In other words, I’m not
talking about Utopian societies, where everybody is happy;
there’s no such condition. All social systems are
in a state of evolution. That is, an established society
is one that has found a way that worked for the people
in control of that society. Whereas all societies are emergent,
constantly evolving. There’s no such thing as
attaining a sane world. Sanity depends on the
acquisition of information and applying that information
to the well-being of all people and protecting the environment. That’s what I mean when
I use the word “sanity.” We live in an environment
that’s so loused up, it’s very difficult to generate
good feelings between people because they come from different places with a different value system and different needs. In the society of the future,
someone asked me, “Would everybody be
alike in your society?” Yes, in certain areas. They will
love the Earth and take care of it, stick their hands out when they meet
another person from a different culture and say “Your values
are different than mine, I’d like to learn more
about your way of thinking.” They will be the SAME in that way. They will be open to new ideas,
learn to listen to new ideas, ask relevant questions about ideas- Yes, in those areas, they will be alike. discover a new world at Subtitles by the community

  1. Awesome video, one of my favorite Jacque's "shots of awe". Worthy to reedit. Thanks guys! English and Spanish added 🙂

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